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<ng0> hello 2.10 out /gnu/store/zy5aanymkq37l91yhq0xa6rddv1skl6s-hello-2.10
<ng0> wooh :)
<ng0>now to shut down the vm and see if I can announce it to be finished.
<ng0>damn. still takes too long. well I can build hello world :)
<adfeno>How do I pass an argument to the python "build" phase?
<adfeno>I tried using "#:rest", "#:args", "'()", but got no luck.
<lfam>I am reviewing this patch:
<lfam>I'm wondering about the use of the word "lobbying" in the description. Does that word have some special meaning for computer networking?
<ng0>I don't know either. it sounded logical in the context of this being a dependency for 0ad which has a 'lobby' feature...
<lfam>ng0: Oh, I was thinking about network packets. But that is like a game lobby where players wait for the game to begin, right?
<lfam>Although enet is not a game, so I'm confused :)
<ng0>yeah... it makes no sense. you can cross the word out if you find it in no network/packages use
<adfeno>Still trying to find a way to pass an option to the "build" phase of the Python build system.
<lfam>I also want to change the synopsis to "Network communication layer on top of UDP". All network protocols aim to be thin, simple and robust :)
<adfeno>lfam: Agree. :)
<lfam>They may not remain thin and simple, but everything begins that way. And of course robustness is always desired
<lfam>adfeno: Did you send a patch to guix-devel about the Python build phase thing?
<ng0>it's okay with me.
<adfeno>lfam: This new one, not yet.
<adfeno>I have solved most of my previous issues.
<adfeno>(Two of them I worked around, three got solved).
<adfeno>Now I have this one.
<lfam>adfeno: In the past, I have replaced the Python build phase with something like (system* "python" "" "my-build-flag")
<lfam>But having #:make-flags for Python would be nice
<lfam>ng0: For enet, should pkg-config be a native-input instead? That's the normal place for pkg-config, since usually it's used to build
<ng0>right, it should be
<adfeno>Seeing "guix/build/python-build-system.scm" I see that there are two "build"-related definitions.
<adfeno>One is "build" and other is "python-build".
<ng0>thanks for pushing the patches
<ksjogo>Does someone know how one can remove the gloss effect in the xfwm title bar?
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<amz3`>héllo guix aka. the savior ;)
<janneke>hi amz3`!
<jmd>From a service definition, how can I get the config of a dependent service?
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<yuehan81>hi, I am having trouble with adding ntp-service under operating-system
<yuehan81>I guess that #:ntp needs the name for the ntp package?
<yuehan81>I always get unbound variable ntp when reconfiguring my system with guix
<yuehan81>can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
<janneke>yuehan81: does looking at the definition of %desktop-services, in gnu/services/desktop.scm help?
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<ng0>apparently it works
<ng0_x>seems like port 6697 with epic5 is tricky. I'll have to work on this
<ng0>I think our ircii has also no ssl support, right?
<trolllord>nope. 6697 works there
<trolllord>epic5 is based on ircii.. what's this magic.
<trolllord>based on it, broken ssl.
<adfeno>Hi, how can I be sure that every recipe I make respects Guix's file system hierarchy/tree?
<adfeno>Sorry, not the recipe, but the deravations that come from it.
<iyzsong>it's basically the same with debian/arch/etc, with '$out/usr/*' -> '$out/*'.
<adfeno>Does "/usr/share/doc" go to "/doc"? Or must it be "/share/doc"?
<iyzsong>it should be '/share/doc'.
<adfeno>Oh... :)
<adfeno>I have seem some texts saying that "/etc" and "configuration files" must be dealt specially, but I still don't understand why and how to do so.
<adfeno>↑ (this is a second question) :)
<iyzsong>if it's for root to be run, you can write 'service' for it. for normal users, usually not need.
<iyzsong>ah, on GuixSD, /etc is managed by system configuration, usually you don't edit any file there.
<adfeno>Seeing examples using `grep -r 'to store'`; and `grep -r '/etc'`, I see some examples.
<adfeno>But can I allow a derivative to write to "/etc"?
<iyzsong>so, to configure the behaviour of system-level applications, you should write 'services', which can launch the application with a specified config file, or put a managed (symlink to store) file into /etc.
<adfeno>↑ (Allow... that is, if they where made to do so)
<iyzsong>no, a derivation can only output to a directory, which is /gnu/store/xxxx
<adfeno>Yes, yes, indeed, I forgot to use "$out/etc"
<iyzsong>yeah, it can put any file under its $out.
<adfeno>Hm... I see. :)
<adfeno>Another quick question (unrelated to Guix): Do you use Skribilo or Lout for making documents?
<iyzsong>no :-)
<adfeno>I asked because I'm experiencing a strange error with Lout.
<adfeno>It seems that either Skribilo made the Lout document wrongly; I forgot something; or Lout has a bug.
<ng0>someone should start guix hackathons.. and later do hackathons specifically to produce services, because our package / service ratio is sad.
<adfeno>Indeed... :)
<adfeno>I guess that Brazilians should also make more Guix hackathons. :)
<ng0>the git and gnunet service are still happening.. though I have some appointments upcoming and might be delayed to get them to the list.
<adfeno>ACTION looks at lxo (online), d4n1 (which isn't here), and other Brazilians. :)
<snape>it would be great to have a way to know who's working on which project (in that case, service)
<adfeno>I once tried installing gnunet, but it seems that gnunet-gns-proxy wasn't available.
<adfeno>snape: This would require commits from those on the repository.
<adfeno>Or, at least, on a testing repository.
<jmd`>(match x ((what . _) what)) should be the same as (car x) shouldn't it?
<sneek>jmd`, you have 7 messages.
<sneek>jmd`, lfam says: I just built a fresh checkout of Guix and passed the test suite. Did you figure out your build failure?
<sneek>jmd`, mark_weaver says: I didn't use an installer. I ran 'guix system init' from Guix running on top of another system, long ago, and later removed all remnants of the old system.
<sneek>jmd`, mark_weaver says: in my case, the old system was a hand-built system based on Cross [GNU/]Linux from Scratch.
<sneek>jmd`, mark_weaver says: creation of an installer is blocked on getting 'guix system vm' working on mips64el, which is blocked on getting qemu to work on mips64el. we may also need a different kernel config for whatever mips machine qemu emulates.
<sneek>jmd`, mark_weaver says: although perhaps it would be worthwhile to create an installer without qemu, using 'guix system init', with some of the steps being done manually.
<sneek>jmd`, kete` says: Yes, Gnome doesn't provide a logout button, but I found out how to log out by running gnome-session-quit. lfam also showed me to make a logout button appear.
<sneek>jmd`, mark_weaver says: fwiw, my preferred way of getting pi from guile is (acos -1)
<ng0>a thing I thought about would be like a annual meeting in some affordable location, or specific for continents. and then we could set some deadlines etc what to work on in the next year, exchange experience and well you know have some 'offline' connection
<adfeno>ng0: That's great!: )
<ng0>is someone interested in finishing namazu? I'm not sure where I got stuck, I post the patches later today
<snape>for example, is there anyone working on the bind service?
<adfeno>Why do some recipes in "gnu/packages/python.scm" have "--root" set to "/"? Isn't "/" too risky? (Because it would be writting to "/" directly?)
<jmd`>snape: bind as in dns you mean?
<snape>it is
<snape>jmd`: yes
<jmd`>I'm not aware of anyone working on it.
<snape>jmd`, I was wondering. Is there a way to use bind without the service?
<jmd`>I'm sure there is a way you could kludge it.
<snape>That's what you did when you were packaging it I guess
<dvc>getting somewhere with booting guixsd on arm... kernel requires cgroups and fails to start a bunch of services. spent a while trying to figure out why uboot wasn't reading the ext4 fs properly. the e2fsprogs version on archlinux adds 64bit as a flag now or something like that
<ng0>do you want to update e2fsprogs and while you are at it add -lib ? I recently tried updating it.
<dvc>ah and I'm using a bunch of hacks, like copying the archlinux arm dts files our kernel doesn't support this yet...
<dvc>ng0: not right now... :)
<ng0>but do you plan to do it at some point? then I could delete my branch
<dvc>maybe, but at the moment I'm working on other stuff - and till the mips problem is solved it's just more stuff that won't get into master anytime soon :)
<ng0>ok, i take that as a yes. I'm looking to get to the point of branches zero so to say, to focus on my primary packages and work outside of guix.
<dvc>ng0: I'm really hoping you'll package inox :)
<ng0>kakasi patches are out. there are some further packages needed for namazu, but it's 2 steps towards namazu.
<ng0>yeah, i need to do this for myself, inox.
<ng0>i get work in progress packages out now, and today or next week I'll set deadlines for myself for certain projects. i can't really tell when inox will be ready. I guess i have 1/4 of it done.
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<rekado>ng0: I’m opposed to the concept of deadlines. But meeting regular seems useful.
<adfeno>Yep.. Deadlines is something risky to have.
<adfeno>Specially since we don't have contractual obligations to anyone.
<ng0>depends. for me it could help to focus more on one thing at a time.
<ng0>i wasn't suggesting for mandatory ones.
<adfeno>If someone would be hired by an organization to package free/libre software for Guix, then that would be a different story, as I explained to j-r/JamesRichardson sometime ago.
<jmd`>"Deadlines are wonderful things. I love the whooshing noises they make as they go by." (Douglas Adams)
<rekado>ng0: not very dead then, eh?
<rekado>trying to update julia to 0.5.0 but there are so many changes each time… it’s no fun.
<retroj>anybody have a way to install git-annex?
<amz3`>is it possible to retrieve the location path of particular package from command line?
<amz3`>my problem is the following, I have guile bindings of wiredtiger, but they don't work on guix because guix puts .so files in a particular directory that guile doesn't know about
<jmd`>amz3`: What do you mean by "location path" ?
<amz3`>I think the common way to fix that issue, is that given and autoconf/automake build, inject the location of the library inside the scheme file
<amz3`>jmd`: for instance: /gnu/store/ijh8sbkr3xn9sdbxj5rv3vzfk589pn7p-profile/lib/
<amz3`>or the absolute filepath
<jmd`>sure guix build <pkg>
<jmd`>But if GUILE_LOAD_PATH is set to your profile, then you don't need that.
<amz3`>what I want to do is call this command from guile and use its output in a dynamic-link*
<rekado>amz3`: this doesn’t look good. Hardcoding the value during configuration is common and seems much better than shelling out to Guix to find a path to a library.
<amz3`>jmd`: GUILE_LOAD_PATH is for guile module, I want to dynamic-link with a shared library
<amz3`>rekado: yes, but I don't have autoconf
<jmd`>LD_LIBRARY_PATH does that doesn't it?
<rekado>amz3`: it doesn’t need to be autoconf. You could also do this manually with a placeholder, detect the library location another way, and then replace the placeholder with the full path. It’s better to not rely on users having Guix installed to detect an alternative location.
<rekado>bleh, looks like julia 0.5.0 needs its own custom LLVM :(
<amz3`>I will hardcode guix path in my lib for now
<amz3`>other people can work around it somehow
<amz3`>I just need to (catch)!
<dvc>ng0: probably meant goal. setting goals and sheduling time is important otherwise I wouldn't get anything done... and meeting or not meeting the deadline is secondary. the other problem is that in packaging software you can't forsee the difficulties - so estimations can be way off...
<adfeno>I agree on setting schedules
<dvc>like I just realized I need to package agetty to be able to login to guixsd over serial - since mingetty and kmscon don't seem to support it :/
<adfeno>I also do so.
<adfeno>But I think that the word "deadline" is more "serious".
<ng0>we can probably have 0ad soon, only blocker is 'nvidia-texture-tools' i'm trying to package. dvc: yes. some 'orientation' with some variable so that you don't get lost
<Petter>ng0: Cool!
<Petter>I tried it a few years ago. It didn't perform well with a lot of units in play, but they've likely fixed that by now.
<Akko_Teru>(Hi everyone, I still love Guix, Guile, and Emacs, and think Wingo and Ludo are awesome :)
<ng0> /me waits 25 minutes now for guix gc.. cronjob would be useful.
<brendyn>ng0: I did that a minute ago because I had 0 bytes free space
<brendyn>I was like "Is this even working 0.o"
<brendyn>Unfortunately it removes lots of things I use. I suppose I need to make a profile just to dump lots of dependencies in that I use
<ng0>i should really set a cronjob for guix gc... freeing 25,844,277,248 bytes + 39,191,924,736 bytes took rilly, rilly long.
<brendyn>ng0: Are you on GuixSD?
<brendyn>Ok. 25GiB is huge
<brendyn>How big is a base install with Gnome?
<ng0>that was just 2 machines I freed, 64 GB, about ~3 weeks of builds I think.
<brendyn>ng0: Now try guix gc --optimize
<ng0>is hydra a bit broken atm? I get a wrong hash directly after cnnecting to it.
<amz3`>brendyn: it's huge because ng0 does a lot of builds...
<amz3`>I'm trying to create a package for a librari via inherit
<amz3`>I get an error: Unbound variable: phases
<amz3`>here is the package
<amz3`>it's a guix.scm (I will just include it in my repository for the time being)
<brendyn>amz3`: I don't think #:phases should be in parenthesis
<brendyn>or should it?
<ng0> /dev/sda4 909G 115G 749G 14% / that's not as small as it gets, just gnome will probably be smaller.
<brendyn>Dunno. What is phases?
<brendyn>ACTION is tired and needs to sleep
<amz3`>typofix s/boud/bound
<amz3`>I found my way
<jmd`>I need to run a few commands before make-fork-exec-constructor runs. How can I acheive that?
<adfeno>jmd "make-fork-exec-constructor" is a phase?
<jmd`>adfeno: No. I don't think so.
<ng0>lfam (?): kensington from gentoo just pointed me to the way how to build in ssl into gloox. updated patch incoming soon.
<ng0>but i think gnutls cancels openssl/libressl out in this process.
<Zer0Pings>GnuTLS is far better and faassttt
<adfeno>Which package provides "/etc/mime-types"?
<ng0>by the looks of it a service should do this.
<adfeno>Problem is which? I'm not using GuixSD, only Guix.
<ng0>I don't know. someone else has to answer.
<adfeno>OK then, don't worry. :)
<adfeno>I was just tinkering.
<ng0>if I had portage packaged and my pfl package was fully functional, I could just query that database ;D
<ng0>we should really have somethinglike that.
<alezost>adfeno: I think this is provided by 'mime-types' which is not packaged: <>
<adfeno>I did `grep -r 'etc/mime-types'` in the root of Guix's VCS and found nothing.
<ng0>looks simple enough:
<adfeno>OK, I'll package it then.
<ng0>if against myexpectations of this dead simple package you should require gentoo specific explanations, message me.
<ng0>looks just like copy-file.
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<adfeno>ng0: OK. :)
<alezost>adfeno: note that it will be put in "/gnu/store/.../etc" not in "/etc", dunno how useful it will be
<adfeno>There's a package that needs it.
<ng0>also tell me here if you message me... my client has no concept of anything beyond text and i don't monitor the top directory
<ng0>this blasted vm problem..., damnit, ping.
<alezost>ng0: btw why do use such a simple client? (I assume it is either "ii" or "sic" that you packaged)
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<ng0>ii. because I stopped being bothered about irc. ... I mainly use telnet for psyced - hope we can fix the ongoing attacks soon at
<ng0>I'll probably write an wrapper or own irc client later.. or a new native psyc client, but I have other tasks on my list first.
<alezost>ok, I was just wondering why you still use your client if you complain about it from time to time :-)
<ng0>well, it works.
<adfeno>alezost: It's not Firefox, the package which needs mime.types in my case is Python Nevow.
<ng0>adfeno: you'll probably need to write a very short service (or add it to another service) which symlinks the mime file to /etc
<alezost>adfeno: ok, you'll probably need to do some tweaks for this package to make it find that mime.types file
<ng0>or this.
<alezost>services are only for GuixSD, but adfeno uses just Guix
<adfeno>I think I'll focus on what I'm currently doing, then write the MIME types service later.
<adfeno>alezost: And I think alezost has a point.
<ng0>oh, i did not remember adfeno uses just guix.
<ng0>what's the usual IP scheme for the qemu vms? just use what your host uses?
<ng0>or this 10.etc
<ng0>obviously the 192.x was wrong.
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<ng0>isn't there a simple, short explanation how to get outbound connection with guix system vm? i feel like i'm wasting time on something which should be better documented.
<ng0> we could mention this in contact ?
<ng0>because previously whoever was connecting to freenode via tor had no tor connection.
<quigonjinn>How should a user's permissions to usb be setup in guixsd? Should i look into eudev?
<catern>hey #guix, if I wrote some privileged-daemon/unprivileged daemon replacements for setuid programs, might we use them in GuixSD?
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<catonano>can the daemon be configured to use my home folder as a temp folder to build stuff, rather than what it currently uses ?
<rekado>catonano: start the daemon in an environment where TMPDIR is set to a temp directory in your home directory.
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