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<nckx>ACTION failed :-(
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<ng0>I'll post my ghc 8.0.1 progress today on our list. I think someone else with a selfinterest in using ghc should work on this. maybe someone who originally pacakged it for guix or fixed the old ncurses problem before. just to know, there's an additional problem with ncurses added on top of that now.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<ng0>which package is 'opengl' for us?
<civodul>ng0: i think it's mesa
<civodul>"opengl" is the spec, "mesa" is the implementation, IIUC :-)
<ng0> we almost have the dependecy graph needed for krita, thanks to all the recent kde packages. I'm doing the last remaining ones.
<civodul>nice !
<civodul>that's the picture editing program, right?
<ng0>yes. just some dependencies are missing.
<ng0>I'm doing opencolorio right now.
<civodul>BTW, did someone eventually push the GHC packages that you submitted a while back?
<ng0>oh boy. ...
<ng0>no it's still work in progress
<ng0>I got some feedback, I'll apply it, but darcs is still failing
<ng0>*i applied it
<civodul>as long as it's not lost, we're fine :-)
<civodul>iyzsong: did you try running GNOME as zh_CN.utf8 or similar?
<civodul>GNOME's Cantarell lacks glyphs for Asian languages
<civodul>and i wonder if GNOME tries to pick another font in that case
<ng0>I'm just distracting myself from setting up a system from a git checkout because I can't get a writable system vm to test the theoretical functional gnunet-service .. i wished it was easier.
<iyzsong>yes, I did tried and iirc it works fine under zh_CN.
<civodul>iyzsong: oh right, i just added e.g., (list font-adobe-source-han-sans "jp") to 'packages', and then i can use ja_JP
<civodul>and what console font do you use?
<ng0>console as in tty?
<ng0>this is where we need one of the new unicode tty's and not the one we use by default
<civodul>i don't think so, our console is already Unicode capable
<iyzsong>AFAIK, the linux console can only use font which supports limit characters (256).
<ng0>but not the fonts. the fonts are limited with the old console.
<ng0>someone recently added one of the 'newer' (it's not so new, but well) tty 'replacements'
<civodul>oh you're right
<civodul>yeah, kmscon should be able to do that
<civodul>really a shame that the Linux console is so Western-centric after all this time
<civodul>i know that the Hurd console written ca. 2002 doesn't have this limitation
<civodul>one can dynamically load new glyphs into it
<ng0>you know how it is with privilege, you don't see it as a problem if it doesn't affect you. probably one of the reasons .
<ng0>or just pure ignorance.
<civodul>yeah :-/
<brendyn>ACTION wonders how Arch packages this font..... curl http://.../ | bash
<ng0>what font?
<brendyn>Right. I'm trying to build a complete end user friendly distro out of Guix. So I think "ok, so people should be able to change keyboard layouts, right? basic feature" GDM? nope. SDDM? Sorta. In theory it can load xkb layouts
<quigonjinn>In my arm-none-eabi module, there is a non-puclic package that builds gcc --without-headers. The newlib package builds with this bootstrap gcc. And then gcc is built again on top of newlib. Is my approach compiant with guix, or am I missing something?
<brendyn>What would you name this font?
<brendyn>Do we follow debian font names?
<ng0>twcns-fonts ? adapt to the scheme of fonts.scm
<ng0>would be good to check if guix download can do idn names.
<brendyn>What's that
<brendyn>I'm trying to download this script and it's ad 40MiB unknown file size
<brendyn>You have no idea how stupid taiwanese sites are
<brendyn>Probably you need to install flash to download it, who knows
<brendyn>What is special about that link?
<ng0>it could be that some browsers/agents/downloaders can't use it. if the domain was idn (uses non-latin chars) it would be a problem. this could work.
<brendyn>oh, you mean the chinese characters
<ng0>yep- if this is the only source we need to fix the downloader it just failed.
<brendyn>Well, basically we are not going to use that link, because it's stupid
<ng0>maybe it is fedora or debian or gentoo hosted, you could take a look at alternative sources
<brendyn>Yeah, someone put it on github
<brendyn>Hmm nope the files are different
<civodul>quigonjinn: i think so
<civodul>quigonjinn: did you look at (gnu packages cross-base)?
<quigonjinn>civodul: I did. I am inheriting cross-base definitions except for libc. I just don't see an intermediate gcc there.
<ng0>nevertheless this is a bug in the downloader. or wget. or upstream. the only problem is this in there i think
<ng0>nevertheless this is a bug in the downloader. or wget. or upstream. the only problem is this `1q` in there i think
<brendyn>Apparently debian says this is a "nonfree" font, whatever that is supposed to mean
<ng0>do you have a link to the license?
<quigonjinn>civodul: probably because cross-libc can be build with the native gcc?
<brendyn>Maybe this
<brendyn>Maybe they put it in non-free because they can't read chinese, haha
<ng0>someone else will have to read the license, I don't want to comment because I'm not good with licneses.
<brendyn>The first one seems free
<civodul>quigonjinn: i think (cross-gcc "arm-none-eabi") returns a bare-bones cross-compiler already, no?
<civodul>what are you trying to achieve?
<civodul>ISTR that we already have bare-bones ARM cross-compilers if that's what you're after
<civodul>but maybe i'm overlooking something
<quigonjinn>civodul: I want gcc to be compiled against newlib, which is the libc used in arm bare metal.
<quigonjinn>civodul: and newlib must be compiled with arm-none-eabi-gcc. I may be missing something as well
<quigonjinn>civodul: the answer to your question is yes. it returns a bare-bones cross-compiler already. I am just adding config flags and a patch to that.
<civodul>so you can do: ./pre-inst-env guix build -e '(begin (use-modules(gnu packages cross-base)) (cross-gcc "arm-none-eabi"))' -n
<civodul>but you first need to add a case for "arm-eabi" in 'glibc-dynamic-linker'
<brendyn>So these seem like two different versions of the same font, but under different licenses. is CC BY ND ok?
<quigonjinn>civodul: I did add a case in 'glibc-dynamic-linker'. Bare cross-gcc builds, as does newlib on top of it. Cross-gcc(final) with newlib support builds on top of newlib. I am unsure if this bare cross-gcc is needed. With my current knowledge i conclude it is.
<civodul>quigonjinn: if that doesn't work for you, i'd suggest emailing help-guix for further debugging
<rsriniva>hello! just finished a from scratch install of guix sd 0.11 on my desktop machine and have a couple of questions
<jmd>rsriniva: viz?
<rsriniva>just RTFM and can't figure out how to enable remote SSH into the desktop
<rsriniva>running GNOME desktop with the desktop.scm config
<jmd>You want to enable a ssh daemon?
<rsriniva>also want to enable network-manager instead of wicd. installed the NM pkg but again, can't figure out how to enable the service
<rsriniva>BTW - total scheme noob. i am still trying to understand the module concept
<jmd>I've never done either of those things myself, but it would involve putting the appropriate services in /etc/config.scm and then running guix system reconfigure
<jmd>rsriniva: You did look at ?
<rsriniva>also, i see the NTP service startup at boot but when i login to the gnome session it defaults to London. i have the correct setting in config.scm
<rsriniva>jmd: yes. many times. wish the doc had a sample snippet. i put (gnu services networking) at the top of use module and cons'd lsh-service
<rsriniva>it complained of duplicate declaration of networking service
<rsriniva>jmd: can you post a copy of your config.scm file?
<jmd>Not now - I'm not on my Guix machine ATM. And anyway I don't run a ssh daemon.
<jmd>You could try the dropbear daemon. It is simpler and there is an example in the manual.
<jmd>... and yes, I agree that the manual leaves much to be desired in this area.
<rsriniva>jmd: thanks.
<rsriniva>is there a metapackage that i can install to get a full blown GNOME 3.20 vanilla env - I see many things missing in the GNOME setup
<rsriniva>can't logout, can't change date time in control center etc
<jmd>I found that too. I think there are some issues with the gnome desktop currently.
<davexunit>rsriniva: send patches, please.
<davexunit>or report the issues. everything is a WIP.
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<fps>jmd: the network service is duplicate because the desktop-service includes one, too
<fps>jmd: so you'll have to remove the wicd service from the list of services desktop-service gives you
<fps>and then append the networkmanager service
<fps>that was for rsnriva :)
<fps>sneek: later tell rsrnivia: remove the wicd service from the list %desktop-services gives you and add the networkmanager service
<fps>sneek: cookie :)
<jmd>fps: You told sneek to tell the wrong nick
<fps>jmd: thanks :)
<fps>sneek: later tell rsriniva: remove the wicd service from the list %desktop-services gives you and add the networkmanager service
<sneek>Will do.
<fps>weird nick :)
<rsriniva>thanks fps, sneek, jmd and davexunit for your comments
<sneek>Welcome back rsriniva, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>rsriniva, fps says: remove the wicd service from the list %desktop-services gives you and add the networkmanager service
<sneek>rsriniva, fps says: remove the wicd service from the list %desktop-services gives you and add the networkmanager service
<rsriniva>gee thanks sneek
<rsriniva>sneek: moron question- where is %desktop-services defined?
<jmd>rsriniva: sneek is a bot.
<rsriniva>jmd: :-)
<rsriniva>jmd: should i be git cloning somebody's nice pile of scm files and then reconfigure after customizing it?
<rsriniva>also, everytime i reconfigure, it re-downloads the whole deps package tree again? is this behavior as expected?
<jmd>It'll only download what it needs to.
<rsriniva>hmm..i changed only the services and added swap
<sankey1>i wanted to package tahoe-lafs, so i started looking up the missing dependencies
<sankey1>the list is quite long :(
<sankey1>python-foolscap python-zfec python-openssl python-nevow python-pycryptopp libcrypto++9 libstdc++6 txtorcon txsocksx txi2p Parsley zope.interface zope.event repoze.sphinx.autointerface
<sankey1>where do i begin :)
<civodul>sankey1: good question :-)
<civodul>hopefully "guix import pypi" will help a lot
<civodul>note that libstdc++ is already there (part of gcc)
<civodul>zope as well
<civodul>repoze too
<civodul>not that bad i think :-)
<sankey1>oh, i must not have finished cleaning up that list
<sankey1>good to know about the pypi importer
<ng0>is there a package providing libsdl2 already? search brings up just ghc-sdl
<civodul>"guix package -s sdl2" :-)
<ng0>ouch. too obvious
<ng0>okay, then i only need to package the optional nvidia-texture-tools and I can start with packaging 0ad itself.
<ng0>licensing... well i'm primarily doing it for myself, but if we can distribute it, i'll send the patch.
<ng0>gentoo says
<ng0>GPL-2 LGPL-2.1 MIT CC-BY-SA-3.0 ZLIB
<ng0>there might be more, i've read the source once.
<ng0>is cc-by-sa in version 3.0 okay for guix?
<davexunit>odd to find source code using that license
<lfam>ng0: We do have cc-by-sa3.0 in 'guix/licenses.scm'
<ng0>cool. okay
<lfam>I don't know what that license says, but I assume that it's okay if we have a license variable for it
<janneke>ACTION has cuirass+guix now working also as a ci system tracking the git repo of a guix package
<lfam>janneke: That's cool :)
<janneke>lfam: only a small patch needed to cuirass
<lfam>I hope you will send it to mthl
<janneke>of course!
<janneke>it's the perfect ci setup
<lfam>I think you shluld make a blog post or something :)
<janneke>commits to guix bumping a package's released or git-tagged updates, building its vm, and development commits being automagically built and tested for you
<janneke>yeahh...i stopped writing blog posts in 2009
<janneke>or paused ... ;-)
<lfam>Heh, okay. I might pick your brain about how to get started with Cuirass next week. My desire for a blog post is 99% selfish ;)
<janneke>sure -- i'd be happy to share what i have even if i haven't cleaned it up yet
<janneke>ACTION goes afk for a bit
<ng0>davexunit, the cc is for some graphic parts in 0ad i think.
<csanchez>how do I install current-guix package? From package-management.scm I seem to understand package name would be guix@0.11.0+, but does not seem to work
<paroneayea>having a hard time figuring out what made guix package --upgrade --keep-going fail
<paroneayea>it would be nice if there were a more exacting "here are the toplevel packages that are in your profile that we couldn't upgrade"
<paroneayea>instead of sorting through the output trying to find which ones it was and which are dependencies
<paroneayea>well, turns out it was libreoffice which caused all that ;)
<civodul>csanchez: guix package -e '((@ (gnu packages package-management) current-guix))'
<ng0>people are weird.
<ng0>wrng chan
<ng0>more positive talk :) i find it exciting how there's now work towards a maybe-colony on mars is happening.. first the moon, then the mars
<ng0>gra.. wrong chan
<ng0>this is what happens when you use ii
<janneke>ng0: much more entertaining than my occasional `xb' or so ;-)
<janneke>C-x b runs the command switch-to-buffer, which is an interactive
<janneke>compiled Lisp function in `window.el'.
<ng0>ah, okay
<ng0>would be cool to have an webrtc supporting browser in the future in guix. currently i use nixos for that.
<cehteh>Scheme Procedure: ntp-service [#:ntp ntp] [#:name-service %ntp-servers]
<cehteh>.. is that 'name-service' a typo?
<cehteh>from the docs
<davexunit>someone already brought it up
<davexunit>probably fixed in master
<ng0> part of 0ad data is licensed with this.. do i need to remove these parts?
<davexunit>ng0: no
<davexunit>data files aren't much of a concern
<ng0>okay, thanks. i gave up on nvidia-toolkit thing as it is highly optional. i'll continue working on it but the only dependency i need now is the enet i send earlier.
<ng0>it is versioned '0.0.20-alpha .. do we keep the 'alpha' part?
<cehteh>oops vm's without ntp are fun ..
<ng0>do the wxwidgets include wxgtk?
<ng0>I only see gtk+ in the dependencies, no mention of wxgtk explicitly
<janneke>ACTION tries to build GNU hello from git, using guix
<janneke>./bootstrap is 1012 lines of bash :-(
<ng0>motivating comments by other packagers on 0ad: \\# rebuild premake again... this is the most stupid build system
<ng0>question: if something is proven to work with libressl, can't we just defualt to building that application with libressl instead? for opensmtpd i did it because it is upstream dependency. for gloox i know it must work with libressl as drop in replacement for openssl.
<kyamashita>ng0: I didn't know we had libressl packaged!
<civodul>ng0: i think we should be consistent, so for now that would mean using OpenSSL
<ng0>why when we are flexible with the model guix offers? building opensmtpd with libressl makes sense. rebuilding everything with libressl and patching the failing packages will be a long work. we can move slowly towards this while we are still at 40k packages.
<kyamashita>ng0: Surely you mean 4k packages?!
<ng0>i mean it is less work when there are still not so many packages.
<ng0>phonecall, i'll have to be afk for a while.
<kyamashita>ng0: Alright.
<kyamashita>What is the plan for using LibreSSL vs OpenSSL in Guix?
<civodul>i think there's no plan, but proposals would be welcome :-)
<kyamashita>Deciding between SSL libraries on a technical basis is beyond me as of right now. At most, I deal with license incompatibilities.
<kyamashita>Of course, I have a bias towards GNU software. It has served me well. :)
<kyamashita>Our Lynx web browser doesn't successfully link to GnuTLS...
<kyamashita>I see GnuTLS detected in the configure phase and "-lgnutls" in the build phase, but running "lynx --version" doesn't mention GnuTLS.
<efraim>I'm partial to links, not that it addresses the problem
<kyamashita>efraim: But links links to OpenSSL! ;)
<kyamashita>I wonder if lynx has an OpenSSL exception, too.
<kyamashita>It does! Let's see if it can support SSL using OpenSSL...
<kyamashita>Even worse luck... lynx doesn't even see OpenSSL.
<ng0>there is a more or less big amount of work involved in libressl compability, i don't know how much distros upstream, so maybe we have to repeat the cycle others did already. some applications justwork, some need to be patched. I will add a note for myself and write to the mailinglist, civodul.
<ng0>for 'the plan'
<ng0>gloox or what it was called failed in a funny way for one gnutls test with both libressl and openssl builds. I suppose it will work as tests succeeded, but we'll only know when complains get in in the form of bugreports :)
<ng0>well, openssl enabled build had 1 more failure than libressl. i think those are outputs i can ignore.. maybe some test which wanted to phone a random server