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<dvc>Did some one say no more patches to core-updates earlier?
<dvc>Icecat 45 requires -DSQLITE_ENABLE_DBSTAT_VTAB in sqlite
<bavier>dvc: that's been noted
<bavier>dvc: we'll need to apply that to core-updates eventually
<bavier>dvc: I'm currently rebuilding icecat's inputs
<bavier>dvc: I just see you're patch on guix-devel. same as I have locally
<kete>icecat quit working for me in parabola. it would keep freezing after I went back to tor browser for a while and returned to icecat. I haven't installed a browser in guixsd yet.
<dvc>bavier: doing the same... xD
<dvc>this is one of the reasons I'm not using guixsd yet
<dvc>I tried icecat 38, but gtk2 looks like crap on my HIDPI screen...
<mark_weaver>dvc: have you tried epiphany?
<mark_weaver>oh, a beta release of IceCat 45 is out, nice.
<dvc>mark_weaver: nope, not yet. thanks!
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<brendyn>Thanks to Marius Bakke for fixing my patch. Atleast I got it onto the mailing list :p. I suppose someone can review it?
<gixer_>hey guys... anyone knows about guixSD ?
<gixer_>I wonder about guixSD root password - how to change it. su won't work.
<gixer_>Ah OK ... wont work in xterm only...
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jmd>Ca va?
<gixer_>bien sur
<gixer_>guix is kewl
<jmd>Corse it is - just come outa the frerdg.
<balduin>thanks :-)
<gixer_>bitmessage cannot find openssl in guix
<gixer_> not found with std py function
<civodul>gixer_: is this a package of yours?
<gixer_>no Im just a user
<gixer_>itz a py proggy
<gixer_>I put the py src below ~ and ran from src
<gixer_>that usually works in most distros
<gixer_>there is no package for bitmessage yet
<gixer_>pyBitmessage from github
<gixer_>I run guixSD
<gixer_>freshly updated
<alezost>gixer_: GuixSD doesn't have /usr, I think that may be why this thing doesn't work
<gixer_>quite possible
<kalashkash>Hi everyone!
<gixer_>I put the path into src where I found the lib but it did not help
<kalashkash>excuse me. Someone know how do i run the guix system in a minor runlevel? (... I need reset the root password T_T )
<gixer_>u mean guixSD ?
<kalashkash>I saw this
<kalashkash>but says "RUNLEVELS DO NOT WORK YET! Do not use them! Ignore this section! "
<jmd>kalashkash: Yes. There is no such concept (yet).
<kalashkash>ammm... ok
<kalashkash>and... how could I reset the password root?
<jmd>I suggest you mount the disk from a system where you are root and edit it from there.
<kalashkash>jmd: thanks! I will try it!
<gixman>back ...
<gixman>yes u'll be root if u switch ALT-F3 or so
<jmd>gixman: ???
<gixman>yup on fresh guixSD
<kalashkash>gixman: I set the root password , but i forget it!
<gixman>well then itz no help
<gixman>can u change /etc/passwd from a foreign Linux ?
<jmd>gixman: File a bug! "Add reset root password button to login screen" !
<gixman>OK but how do you do it ? edit /etc/passwd ?
<jmd>gixman: /etc/shadow I presume.
<brendyn>Does anyone know much about configuring systems for network logins like school computers? or where I can learn more about that?
<gixman>u mean a "hacker school" ? lawl
<jmd>brendyn: Unfortunately the necessary services are currently missing from Guix
<brendyn>Tomorrow I'm going to the Education Department office and explain to them that we need to switch to GNU/Linux. But I'm not sure how to setup GNU/Linux in schools. Clearly it's been done
<jmd>brendyn: Hmm. Will you be able to offer a bribe larger than Microsoft's?
<brendyn>Presumably we can save money by switching?
<gixman>if u succeed, Microsoft will send a hitman adter you
<brendyn>Bring it on
<brendyn>I will kill the hitman
<brendyn>then steal their BMW
<jmd>I don't know. But from what I have read, as soon as MS hears that a school is thinking about dropping windows, they offer them money to keep it.
<brendyn>Then reinstall the firmware on the BMW's computer
<brendyn>Well, india has some success
<gixman>hey there is another commercial brand "GUIX" we need a new name anyway
<jmd>It doesn't matter to MS that it costs MS money to subsidize the school - that comes out of their marketing budget. They know that for every $1 they pay to a school, the each child will pay $1000 in 10-15 years time.
<brendyn>Does it actually need to be changed?
<alezost>gixman: we know about it, and we don't think we need a new name
<gixman>why not rename guix to gix ?
<alezost>gixman: if you think it's worth, you can send a mail to
<jmd>Or to how it is pronounced: "giix"
<gixman>there are at least 4 viable pronounciations of guix but only one for gix
<gixman>only the French would say "giix"
<jmd>brendyn: I have heard that in isolated cases some schools have switched to free software. Those cases have staff who care about the education of the children rather than making $$ -- unfortunately such cases are rare.
<gixman>often schools have a central policy
<brendyn>I feel nervous, like I won't be able to explain it well to them even though it's straight forward.
<gixman>tell them NSA is behind microtheft
<brendyn>are they?
<jmd>If you are going to present a case for switching, then I think you should make that case on idealogical grounds rather than fiscal ones. Otherwise your case will be completely void, as soon as MS or Apple sends they're rep along.
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<gixman>there can be no doubt
<brendyn>Should I print off articles?
<gixman>hi Schwinge
<gixman>yes much material on semi-legal MS practises
<gixman>brendyn, ure from NL ?
<gixman>Aussies are under Yankee thumb
<jmd>NSW, WA, SA, NT, QLD, TAS, VIC or TAS?
<gixman>u will not be allowed to ever break free from U.S. servitude
<jmd>brendyn: Nice.
<brendyn>Stallman came here in 2010 but I never saw him
<jmd>I like the north coast.
<brendyn>People just found his Emacs routine funny but nothing came of it
<gixman>unless RMS is ure secretry of edu u have no chance
<jmd>where they grow the Opium.
<gixman>emacs: replaces IF with 4+ keystrokes ... LOL
<brendyn>Sure, try not to steal the opium. Some of the varieties just outright kill you
<gixman>in emacs u can type "IF" using 4 hotkeys LOL
<civodul>ACTION has a fix for \\o/
<gixman>just use stallmans speech as a text at the ministry
<kalashkash>I'm using emacs to IRC now =O!
<jmd>Anyway there can't be more than about 3 schools in TAS.
<gixman>emacs breaks in my fresh guixSD
<gixman>not working
<jmd>And that means about 20 kids
<jmd>... with 25 heads between them.
<gixman>at school we had PET and Apple //
<jmd>gixman: Don't tell me ... you were they teacher's pet, because you brought her an apple each day.
<gixman>fuck why is emace broken in pristine guixSD ?
<civodul>gixman: what do you mean?
<gixman> emacs Uncaught exception: Throw to key system-error with args ("load-thunk-from-memory" "~A" ("No such file or directory") (2))Threads explicit registering is not previously enabled
<jmd>how often is regenerated?
<gixman>no idea
<civodul>jmd: normally once a day
<civodul>gixman: this looks like guile-emacs rather than emacs, no?
<kalashkash>i have used emacs in guix without problems...
<gixman>how to run pure emacs ?
<civodul>gixman: guile-emacs is not ready for prime time, and possibly buggy and all
<kalashkash>guile-emacs is experimental, no?
<gixman>non-guile-emacs ? how to get it ?
<civodul>gixman: paroneay` may be able to help you, if you want to hack on guile-emacs
<gixman>I want the x_GUI emacs
<kalashkash>guix package -i emacs ?
<civodul>if you just want to use it, use plain Emacs :-)
<gixman>I thought I did that
<jmd>What is guile-emacs ?
<OrangeShark>jmd: guile-emacs is replacing the elisp VM with guile VM
<gixman>a kewlk thx. now emacs works.
<kalashkash>guile would be fastest than elisp
<davexunit>elisp on guile, that is.
<kalashkash>and guile has multithread implemented
<jmd>OrangeShark: Oh wow! What to the emacs old timers think of that?
<OrangeShark>guile supports elisp as well as other languages that can be implemented
<kalashkash>theoretically you could make scheme extensions to emacs
<gixman>how to run guix inside emacs now ?
<civodul>gixman: M-x guix-newest-available-packages
<OrangeShark>I think I saw someone running guile-wm, written in scheme, in guile-emacs
<civodul>gixman: more details at
<OrangeShark>jmd: I think reactions are sort of mixed, some are fine with what what works now and others are excited about possible benefits
<gixman>thx , civodul
<gixman>works kewl
<jmd>OrangeShark: And apart from the obvious one of reducing the maintenance, what are the benefits?
<OrangeShark>guile should be a lot faster, especially with a lot of recent improvements
<davexunit>yeah guile has become a pretty efficient machine, and advancements like native compilation will continue to make it faster.
<civodul>hmm is 'make check' broken or is it just me?
<gixman>broken here too
<jmd>Who broke it?
<jmd> is so difficult to understand.
<civodul>M-x guix-hydra FTW! :-)
<davexunit>ACTION just discovers this
<davexunit>I am still so ignorant of all the emacs goodies we have
<davexunit>yet I use emacs for nearly everything
<civodul>oh my guix-daemon had a libgcrypt version mismatch, which is why nearly everything failed
<civodul>a followup to a libgcrypt upgrade in my profile
<gixman>I only started to "use" emacs today
<paroneayea>gixman: whee! get ready for a lifetime of fun
<paroneayea>gixman: let me immediately kill your productivity by informing you of M-x tetris :)
<brendyn>gixman: I had that same error before but that was with guile-emacs I think
<gixman>yes especially when typing a python "if" using 4 or more emacs-hotkeys ... very productive ... lawl
<gixman>brendyn yes the normal emacs works OK
<paroneayea>I think M-x guix-hydra-* is the first time I *needed* helm's M-x support :)
<rekado_>gixman: I need two keys for typing "if" (without the quotes)
<gixman>rekado_ why don't ya use the hotkeys ?? many more keystrokes ! makes ure KBD: happy !
<jmd>rekado_: `I' followed by `F' (both unshifted).
<civodul>there are tests/{hackage,cpan}.scm failure, presumably related to URL changes
<gixman>yes. but emacs offers advanced hotkeys so the wear on the I and F key will be reduced !!! ;-)
<paroneayea>I should update guix's guile-for-guile-emacs package to use the rebased branch I did in guile's main git repo...
<jmd>gixman: Well to spread the wear, the keyboard should be remapped to a random pattern after each keystroke.
<gixman>exactly. nice add-on for emacs ...
<rekado_>paroneayea: yes, please!
<jmd>I don't understand why aegis fails to build on hydra. Can anyone see the proximate reason?
<kalashkash>hail hydra!?
<gixman>I for one can not. =o
<brendyn>jmd: Most of the Emacs old timers are pessimistic about guile. You can see it on Emacs mailing lists
<gixman>typing "if" in emacs is for dummies. real pythonics use the 4-stroke-sequence offered by emacs instead to show their superiroity
<brendyn>Some of the*
<gixman>I used to hate emacs cuz no one understands it, but everyone can use "Textpad"
<kalashkash>i love emacs
<gixman>emacs is like vi or edlin
<kalashkash>i use this for everything
<jmd>Working in emacs buffers? I never saw the point.
<kalashkash>i easy one you understand it
<gixman>emacs is unpredictable
<gixman>if I run guix in emacs why are there no real buttons like I saw on a screenshot ?
<cehteh> ... mhm i think i should work on that once for all,
<gixman>luks is kewl
<kalashkash>gixman: If you want undertand emacs, "Mastering Emacs" is a good book for start
<gixman>well at least emacs is a better info reader than Konsole
<wingo>upgrading an old guix, i keep getting
<wingo>substitute: guix substitute: warning: ACL for archive imports seems to be uninitialized, substitutes may be unavailable
<wingo>how do i fix that, i wonder
<Sleep_Walker>import hydra key?
<rekado_>wingo: guix archive --import < /path/to/hydras.key
<rekado_>I think
<cehteh>gixman: the point is to boot from grub into a luks encrypted system, grub can handle luks since some time
<wingo>ACTION tries
<rekado_>I second kalashkash's suggestion: "Mastering Emacs" is a good starting point. (The manual is very dense.)
<gixman>cete yes the calamares ARCH installer does it handily in python
<wingo>rekado_: --authorize you mean?
<rekado_>wingo: oh, yes.
<rekado_>(--import is for importing store items)
<wingo>sorry for the silly questions, i get nervous around all this pubkey stuff
<wingo>ok that is working now, thank you rekado_ :)
<gixman>hey Clinton has stepped down over wikileaks !!! Trump is POTUS now !
<jmd>IMO the real problem with emacs is that it is almost impossible to use over a terminal.
<gixman>also mc does not work in emacs
<rekado_>gixman: dired is an alternative. But you could also use M-x ansi-term and use mc inside of the shell.
<davexunit>jmd: I use emacs in a terminal frequently. what's wrong with it?
<davexunit>I consider the terminal UI a big feature.
<gixman>ansi-term ... mc not looking good either .... nah ....
<jmd>Well most of the keys don't work.
<rekado_>jmd: I'm using it in a terminal emulator sometimes. Depends a lot on the emulator.
<davexunit>yeah that's just a terminal emulator issue
<rekado_>e.g. whether Alt is swallowed and you need to use ESC.
<davexunit>you can configure your terminal emulator accordingly
<jmd>Many of them cannot be configurerd "accordingly".
<gixman>I see
<gixman>configuration gives me dandruff
<davexunit>I connect to emacs in a screen session when I work from home and it works quite well.
<davexunit>I prefer the full gtk ui, but it works well enough to get stuff done.
<jmd>For example I find frequently that M-f and M-b change the case of characters or something wierd.
<jmd>True, one can get stuff done. But one can also get stuff done in vi - and that doesn't behave different when connecting over a terminal.
<davexunit>I'm not interested in a vi vs. emacs argument, sorry.
<jmd>davexunit: That's fine. So then why did you ask me the question?
<gixman>the programmer of vi will burn in hell for his deeds.
<jmd>rms describes using vi as a "penance".
<rekado_>gixman: please keep your language on this channel constructive.
<rekado_>ACTION goes afk
<gixman>will be back later. bye
<bavier>too many oops moments with me lately
<bavier>efraim: I accidentaly pushed you bambam patch
<bavier>it would be nice to go back and address the comments alex had
<efraim>I was more worried if I got the #t-s wrong
<paroneayea>oops goops
<bavier>efraim: yeah, the #t-s are fine
<paroneayea>oop goops I guess
<bavier>efraim: I was wondering though: is the binary wrapping necessary? I thought python-build-system handled that already?
<bavier>efraim: guix/build/python-build-system.scm:83
<kalashkash>I have a question... the guix package manager doesn't install the dependencies again for each new program you install, or if?
<kete>gix_, sup
<gix_>ya itz me again, gixman
<gix_>is there a cheat sheet how to convert python pgms to guix, given that guixSD does not have a /usr dir ?
<janneke>gix_: i don't understand; python programs run in windows too, which also has no /usr dir?
<sneek>janneke, you have 1 message.
<sneek>janneke, daviid says: I compiled guile-gnome against 2.1.3 and FI, I did run the g-iddle-add.scm snipset tests ( - which runs test-4 per default) which still segfault, but after 35 min (compared to the 3 to 4 min using 2.0.12)
<gix_>thats true.
<gix_>take as an example. it cannot find the openssl lib "" with the "established" method...
<gix_>I added the path manually ("/gnu/store/....") but to no avail
<janneke>gix_ did you add $profile/lib (where profile has openssl) to LD_LIBRARY_PATH?
<janneke>not sure if that's needed though
<davexunit>let's not advocate that as a solution, please.
<gix_>I don't think so, janneke
<janneke>gix_: ignore me, davexunit knows TRW
<davexunit>LD_LIBRARY_PATH helps in a pinch as a *temporary* hack
<davexunit>you need to patch the software to load the precise library
<davexunit>using the absolute file name in the store
<davexunit>AFAICT there is no pybitmessage package in guix
<gix_>I'll try absolute filename
<davexunit>but maybe lives in a package I don't know about?
<gix_>no not yet... maybe I start working on it ...
<davexunit>gix_: which package is not working?
<gix_>pyBitmessage has no package yet. it can be run from py source
<gix_>usually,. that is
<davexunit>I don't know how it works in python land, but good build systems will let you specify the location of libraries
<davexunit>./configure --with-openssl=/gnu/store/...
<davexunit>that kind of stuff
<ng0>see my patch for pybitmessage...
<ng0>packaged and works, it is only waiting for review
<gix_>pyBM has a function to locate the lib path across diostros but it cannot handle the /gbu/store.... business
<ng0>again, it works.
<davexunit>sounds like they reinvented a wheel poorly
<ng0> /me back to writing
<gix_>pyBM is not at all yet prepared for guix . I am the first user under guix I believe
<davexunit>gix_: not according to ng0
<davexunit>ng0: could you share a link to the patch?
<ng0>it should be in the 'these are all my wip packages' thread
<ng0>one moment
<gix_>in dev ml ?
<ng0>this is why email does not work. things drown.. they just drown.
<davexunit>just not.
<davexunit>email is fine
<gix_>switch to bitmessage and be happy ever after .... ;-)
<ng0>the amount of reviewers is not fine.
<davexunit>that has nothing to do with email
<ng0>bitmessage sucks in sorting etc too
<gix_>except when run via thunderbird
<gix_>or the upcoming Ruby GUI
<gix_>called " BMW-GUI "
<ng0>well okay, email is not the problem because email never intended to implement sorting and management. but the main reason is we have about 32 regular contributors and only ~3 regular reviewers
<davexunit>sure, we need more reviewers. that will come with time.
<gix_>reviewers of guixSD ?
<davexunit>this is a volunteer effort.
<ng0> there you go
<gix_>r u David Thompson ?
<gix_>thanks mate !
<davexunit>yes, why?
<efraim>bavier: I tried it without wrapping the binary and it couldn't find pygame
<gix_>I read ure blog post
<davexunit>ah, cool!
<gix_>I like Ruby a lot...
<ng0>if you are only interested in pybitmessage:
<gix_>my favourite in fact
<gix_>thanks I will work on the pyBM stuff and see to it thge other users will have quick access via a fork
<buenouanq>Attempting to install guixsd right now and stuck on partitioning (I always just use to let Debian do this for me). Will GRUB make its own partition when it installs, or do I have to explicitly give it one? Should I have swap partition? How big and what format should these be?
<gix_>bueno : prepare a ext4-fs partition with MS-DOS partn type,. do not use GPT-partn type !! saves 30 minutes of ure time
<civodul>buenouanq: GRUB does not create partitions by itself, but see
<ng0>what's broken about pybitmessage? for me it works on guixsd...
<buenouanq>maybe I should just use the partitions left over from Debian?
<gix_>the man fails to mention that GPT partn type is unsupported by the GRUB used
<gix_>afaik - when used with USB hard disk
<ng0>after yelling at pybitmessage for much too long I got it running and what I linked is what's been running now, functional
<gix_>wow cool
<gix_>but no BM about it to the chan ?
<civodul>gix_: GRUB can deal with GPT just fine
<ng0>i don't know what you mean
<gix_>GRUB trying to install over USB2-hard-disk gave me error msg. with MS-DOS partn type I succeeded right away. I know that grub handles gpt on native disks, though
<gix_>ng0 did you succeed to run standard pyBM v.0.6.1 from source without modification of pyBM ?
<ng0>well read the patch.. sorry I don't have much time today in explaining it. if you have specific questions please comment-reply the patch email
<gix_>fine, thanks.
<ng0>the patch is what resulted from no, i can't run it
<gix_>I Guess I can work it out with your info. thx
<efraim>ng0: your patches are high on my todo list
<gix_>I see.
<ng0>ok, thanks. it's appreciated. sorry for being a bit opiniated on email flow, i'm just focused on getting things done. exhausted and tired from thinking.
<gix_>yes, no objections, mate
<efraim>I understand, and I haven't been doing great about reviewing for quite a while
<ng0>I'd try to review more myself, but I'm preparing the packaging of a software which then will be released one day with NixOS and GuixSD based live system images... currently the preparation is a one person task, the others are spending more time on the code and discussion
<davexunit>hmm our mysql service is severely lacking
<davexunit>no customization at all
<civodul>surely intentionally made this way to give people an incentive to contribute :-)
<gix_>smart strategy ...
<davexunit>I see several things that need fixin'
<gix_>mysql is for the web people ...
<gix_>If I was a web man my nick would sound like that... ;-)
<gix_>I assume that guix will soon be the package manager of the world !
<davexunit>I only noticed these things because I found myself needing to get a second mysql server running on my system and was looking at the guixsd service for details
<gix_>I think that serious researchers will sooner or later bump into guixSD as the real deal ... guix is picking up steam right now ...
<davexunit>one can hope
<gix_>in the free net guix has some presence not to be overlooked...
<ng0>preparing a live system release around a couple of pre-installed applications with just GuixSD and NixOS requires significantly less work than to maintain a Gentoo variant or debian variant :)
<gix_>you know, it would be interesting to have more prominent info on those warnings that guix throws about clashes or "arbitrary" packg selections... but I guess that info is quite researchable.
<efraim>tried to write native-inputs, wrote naive-inputs
<bavier>efraim: bambam works for me without the extra wrap-binary phase
<bavier>maybe there was something else missing when you tried it
<gix_>notwithstanding the fact that some natives are naive, some say...
<bavier>currently it ends up with two levels of wrappers, both of which are the same
<gix_>gix is for guix --- what "lite" is for "light"
<gix_>"x" can replace a triple character overhead, such as "cks" : "gix" versus "gicks"
<gix_>thx, I 'll be back later
<wingo>wtf :)
<buenouanq>what is the proper timezone format? Example file has Europe/Berlin can I just do like, US/Denver or whatever?
<lfam>That's a question I have also wondered about
<lfam>How can I learn what is an acceptable string?
<lfam>Timezone string, that is
<lfam>Bonus points if you can figure out how to get that information without going to the web :) I'd love to know
<janneke>lfam: tzdata?
<lfam>tzdata, which is woefully out of date on the master branch :/
<ng0>create a list of this which can be used in the guix system config?
<janneke>lfam: well, Berlin is still where it used to be a decade ago
<lfam>IIRC, a notable problem with our old tzdata is Egypt
<janneke>ng0: find /gnu/store/m5j8k9c7qhxhv3ddzrkdk1q36kvkji43-tcl-8.6.4/lib/tcl8.6/tzdata/
<janneke>huh, tcl? hmm
<janneke>ah, locatedb is not updated...hmm
<lfam>Hm, we should replace that
<janneke>(cd /gnu/store/25nd85lsiqgf3mvvkhidb3yxq78m1vcq-tzdata-2015g/share/zoneinfo && find .)
<bavier>re tzdata, I think appropriate strings correspond to directories/files in /gnu/store/...-tzdata-.../share/zoneinfo
<doncatnip>o/ is there a proper guide as to how to properly get "guix import nix" running on guixsd ? always encountering an unexpected EOF
<lfam>doncatnip: Did you read the documentation in the manual, 6.5 Invoking guix import? My understanding is that you need a working Nix installation to use that importer, although I'm not sure
<lfam>At least, the manual says "This relies on the nix-instantiate command of Nix."
<doncatnip>yes i did .. i installed nix and i downloaded the package
<lfam>I don't know if that works without a full Nix installation
<doncatnip>there are no details as to how to proceed in the manual
<lfam>I think that importer is relatively un-loved
<lfam>It doesn't see much use, since it can only import the most basic parts of the package. It won't handle any "unusual" parts of the Nix package expression
<doncatnip>a shame, might be handy to get a starting point for new packages
<lfam>If it works, it can definitely provide a starting point: name, hash, version, etc
<lfam>But not the difficult stuff
<lfam>And the difficult stuff is what takes 99% of the effort :)
<doncatnip>devs are lazy, thats why we are devs, no ? :p any 1% is appreciated
<lfam>Yes, but are you lazy enough to figure out how to use the Nix importer? ;)
<lfam>There is probably some discussion on the mailing lists guix-devel and help-guix. I would search the archives
<doncatnip>nope hence why im asking here :D but ohwell, was worth a try
<doncatnip>follow up question: anyone tried to package qtox yet ?
<lfam>There is some recent Tox work on guix-devel
<lfam>It's waiting for review IIRC
<lfam>Feel free :)
<buenouanq>Still having trouble with it installing GRUB - I don't understand what my partitions are supposed to look like.
<doncatnip>i needed a tiny bios boot partition to make it work
<buenouanq>work with GPT?
<doncatnip>mh gajim package broken ? AssertionError: Keys must match
<doncatnip>buenouanq, no GPT for me
<doncatnip>buenouanq, seems i use gpt afterall Disklabel type: gpt .. been a while since i created it and i didnt knowingly use gpt labels to setup the bios boot partition
<doncatnip>it "Just Worked" using cfdisk
<civodul>doncatnip: re Nix importer, has hopefully everything that needs to be said on this topic :-)
<doncatnip>civodul, it doesn't .. i have installed nix from the guix repo, downloaded the latest package definitions, setup the mentioned NIX_REMOTE environment, and used guix import nix /path/to/package/definitions package and got the EOF error
<doncatnip>but i give up - as lfam said it doesn't seem to be worth it
<civodul>doncatnip: it might be that the package doesn't exist under that name in Nixpkgs
<civodul>the convention there is often camelCase
<doncatnip>yea i thought so too but nope
<buenouanq>how do I set my whole new beautiful guixsd system to use dvorak from boot?
<kete>ACTION anticipates the answer....
<janneke> (services
<janneke> (cons*
<janneke> (bluetooth-service)
<janneke> (console-keymap-service "dvorak")
<janneke> ;; TODO: package dvorak-control
<janneke>i would appreciate someone filling in the TODO bit
<janneke>it's beyond me why setting dvorak is so easy, changing caps/control is such a fight, always
<buenouanq>moving control was going to be my next question
<janneke>everyone has this issue...*sigh*
<buenouanq>Doing both of these on Debian through /etc/default/keyboard was always very easy and straightforward.
<buenouanq>I imagine this might work here too - But would go against the Guix way.
<doncatnip>would be nice if we were able to setup proper keyboard layouts for X when slim starts too .. so cumbersome to type in my password with the antiquated querty
<doncatnip>couldnt figure out how to make it read .xsession before actually logging in
<doncatnip>or something similar
<kete>Colemak/en-latin9 remaps Caps Lock to backspace and is more ergonomic than Dvorak.
<alezost>janneke: you can use your own keymap file like this: (console-keymap-service (local-file "/path/to/your/")))
<alezost>^^^ that's what I do
<doncatnip>kete, nah .. neo is the ultimate layout :p
<kete>I use .Xmodmap to remap some keys.
<kete>doncatnip, I know there is something better but not as supported.
<doncatnip>console maps are included in most distros, just not guixsd :(
<janneke>alezost: ... thanks...but i'd like a recipe in the manual; why would everyone need to make their own custom caps/ctrl switch keymap file?
<alezost>doncatnip: what do you mean? console maps are included
<doncatnip>you can write XKBVARIANT="neo" in a fresh install
<buenouanq>ok, so if I want to enact these changes without going through the entire reinstall from a flash drive thing, how do I? do I just change my /etc/config.scm and run guix system init /etc/config.scm / or what?
<lfam>`guix system reconfigure`
<alezost>janneke: well, not everyone – I don't need it :-)
<buenouanq>yes, thank you
<doncatnip>alezost, meant neo specific keymaps are included, at least for the console
<buenouanq>basically this seems like the greatest thing ever - forgive my uninformed questions as I try to wrap my head around this
<janneke>alezost: sure, i'm exaggerating...only one in 4 of dvorak/querty users will want to change caps/control
<alezost>doncatnip: "neo" keymap is not a part of kbd package
<kete>are we supposed to leave /etc/config.scm alone and reconfigure from /root/config.scm or something like that?
<alezost>kete: you can reconfigure from any file you want
<janneke>someone should start making laptops with a more sensible keyboard...symmetric control and alt for example
<doncatnip>i guess not, doesnt change the fact that arch and gentoo comes with it (not sure about deb, but i'd guess they have it too)
<alezost>kete: I don't have neither /etc/config.scm, nor /root/config.scm
<kete>does reconfigure require root?
<lfam>Yes, but you can do some of the work unprivileged with `guix system build`
<doncatnip>janneke, and grid layout .. lets do a kickstarter ? ;)
<kete>good to know—I'm also reading the manual
<janneke>doncatnip: yeah
<doncatnip>actually had to build my own keyboard and now i cant type on anything else anymore :(
<lfam>Oops :)
<buenouanq>doncatnip: I'm building a planck right now.
<doncatnip>interesting, thats a new one to me
<doncatnip>mine is kinda similar to ergodox, just fewer keys
<janneke>doncatnip: i used for quite some years but it's not convenient with a laptop
<buenouanq>ergodox and the like are beautiful
<doncatnip>janneke, gotta sell your soul in order to be able to affort a maltron though, no ?
<buenouanq>but I like the simplicity of the 40% ortholinear planck
<janneke>doncatnip: nope, only money and learn a 3rd keyboard layout
<doncatnip>janneke, jk .. yea i meant the money . it always seemed pretty expensive
<doncatnip>although i guess my custom one wasn't much cheaper in the end
<janneke>it's a lot of money, i own two of them
<janneke>if you consider how much i use[d] them...more than my car or anything else...
<doncatnip>oh man
<doncatnip>right ... you used them more than your car .. i've read "more expensive than my car"
<doncatnip>your wrist will certainly thank you for it :)
<lfam>ACTION works on icedtea-6 security update
<lfam>It requires a some adjustments to our packaging. Hopefully not too much
<lfam>The file 'patches/openjdk/6799141-split_out_versions.patch' no longer exists in the icedtea code, and nothing seems to have replaced it. So that substitution goes away
<civodul>uh is down :-/
<civodul>lfam: thanks for working on it!
<paroneayea>civodul: it is??
<paroneayea>I'm on it right now..
<civodul>paroneayea: it's back!
<civodul>or was it me?
<civodul>who knows
<paroneayea>civodul: must have been an evil spy agency trying to MITM you! #conspiracyparty
<civodul>definitely something like that :-)
<paroneayea>boy oh boy
<paroneayea>if I make pubstrate configured by plain old scheme
<paroneayea>writing a guix service might just be *too* easy :)
<civodul>yup, like for mcron :-)
<lfam>icedtea builds, and builds, and builds... :)
<civodul>the other day i did 'guix package -u' and ended up building LibreOffice, which i only noticed a couple of hours later :-)
<lfam>Might as well rename --do-not-upgrade to --do-not-upgrade-libreoffice
<lfam>Or, --wait-to-upgrade-libreoffice-until-i-am-asleep
<civodul>for me it's usually --do-not-upgrade=texlive
<civodul>but that actually completed just fine, as surprising as it may sound
<civodul>i had enough disk space :-)
<lfam>It's only a few terabytes, right? ;)
<paroneayea>let's add --impatient
<lfam>`guix package -u . --cores=4 --except-libreoffice-use-1-core
<paroneayea>stops mid-build when something takes longer than 20 minutes ;)
<lfam>I've wished for CTRL-C to allow the current build to finish and then terminate the process. Another CTRL-C would kill it entirely
<lfam>When I'm halfway through something like libreoffice
<civodul>would be nice
<lfam>I guess I need to take my stereo system offline to add a swap partition to test mark_weaver's hibernation code
<lfam>Hard to convince myself to do this ;)
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<doncatnip>wth is going on here .. i try to define a new package in gtk.scm ... but as soon as i write any sort of package definition even if its only 3 simple lines it complains about all sorts of errors in other packages such as ERROR: Unbound variable: gnu-make in avr
<doncatnip>i must be missing something