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<ng0>the line break in libmicrohttpd at our side is not logical. description doesn't have it
<ng0>ha. found something in the dropbear thread.
<ng0>i don't understand this.. i added the dropbear service to the testvm, added a line in gnu/system/vm.scm to enable port forwarding, and i still can't ssh into the vm
<lostcoffee>hey guys! I'm trying to dual-boot and so I installed with guix system init --no-grub, hoping that debian's automatic grub configuration would detect guix and add a grub menu entry. However, that's not happening. Should I just make an entry manually?
<lostcoffee>(also I noticed that the installation didn't make a /boot directory. Is that a problem?)
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<lostcoffee>after looking around in system.scm, I think that /boot is not created and populated when --no-grub is specified (reference: ), which would explain why os-prober didn't find anything
<jamesrichardson>I just install guixsd on a box. Wondering if there is NFS or OpenAFS support.
<jamesrichardson>Otherwise looks very interesting.
<jamesrichardson>guess I need to learn scheme.
<jamesrichardson>Is there a how to anywhere that describes to dual boot guixsd with another distro (preferably Debian)?
<jamesrichardson>I would like to be able to share /home and /gnu/store.
<jmd>jamesrichardson: I think sharing /gnu/store is not possible
<jmd>Sharing /home might also be problematic if the two guixes have different localstatedir
<jamesrichardson>hmm, might just have to keep things completely seperate until I lean more about guix.
<jamesrichardson>OpenAFS seems not to be packaged yet (I couldn't find anything). Don't see nfs either.
<jmd>Strangely enough, I'm working on NFS right now.
<jamesrichardson>I would offer to help (still can I guess). Just learning about guix. I need to learn scheme.
<brendyn>I would like to package my first program, praat, but there is an issue. praat's source is simply in a github and there doesn't seem to be a tarball, only binaries, so it seems I need to build from the repo
<lime_>Installing GUIXSd as a host OS on bare metal
<lime_>Is that sensible?
<brendyn>Except I tried it and I couldn't get it to work just yet
<lime_>Functional for daily use?
<brendyn>Seems it requires the hard drive to be formatted in a particular way
<lime_>I can do that
<brendyn>lime_: I think is not that ready no. It is only ready if you wish to dive in and test it and be willing to have things break
<brendyn>For example, I believe we don't even have an openssh daemon configuration yet
<brendyn>Personally I would do it, yes
<lime_>Oh I'm more than willing to submit bugreports
<lime_>Even write patches
<brendyn>Sweet, then get started. I'm still a noob myself
<lime_>Then we can noob together
<brendyn>lime_: qemu-system-x86_64 -m 512M -usb -enable-kvm -net nic,vlan=1 -net user,vlan=1 guixsd-usb-install-0.11.0.x86_64-linux
<lime_>On bare metal
<lime_>I have a laptop I use to test OSs on
<brendyn>Then do it!!!
<brendyn>Go go go!
<lime_>Well, I'm still 150 miles from home
<brendyn>use dd to write it to a USB drive
<lime_>I've done 300 so far today
<brendyn>Where on Earth are you?
<lime_>Shetland -> Dundee
<brendyn>No idea where that is
<lime_>I was on the northern Isles
<lime_>15 hour ferry
<lime_>And I live north east of the lowlands
<brendyn>Hmm, seems the qemu command still doesn't get me proper network access
<lime_>-net e100e
<brendyn>as an additional option?
<lime_>You need to set a driver to emulate
<brendyn>invalid parameter
<lime_>-device TYPE,netdev=NAME
<lime_>So -device e1000e,netdev=failcake0
<lime_>Should work
<brendyn>qemu-system-x86_64: -device e1000e,netdev=failcake0: 'e1000e' is not a valid device model name
<brendyn>qemu-system-x86_64: -device e1000,netdev=failcake0: Property 'e1000.netdev' can't find value 'failcake0'
<brendyn>Does failcake need to be my parent os's device?
<brendyn>wifi card i guess
<lime_>export $failcake0=wlan0
<brendyn>linux has been getting crazier these recent years. It used to be wlan0 and eth0, now its wlp4s0 and enp5s0f2
<lime_>Oh I create symlinks
<lime_>But I've used *BSD for years where they use the driver name
<lime_>em0 for the e1000e series
<brendyn>It seems i need to define the device beforehand
<lime_>iwm0 for my Intel card
<lime_>Go on
<brendyn>netdev is the virtual device in the vm, not my host os's device
<brendyn>so I need to define it somehow
<brendyn>"The netdev is the name of a previously defined -netdev. The virtual network device will be associated with this network backend. "
<brendyn>...or not
<brendyn>so i need -netdev
<brendyn>But I link talking to people :/
<lime_>I know
<lime_>Me too :)
<brendyn>*sigh*, I need to reboot since I updated linux
<brendyn>Actually, I have literally no friends that even use GNU/Linux
<lime_>Which Linux you use?
<lime_>I use devuan
<lime_>Linux-libre except for one driver
<lime_>I study ethical hacking at university so most of my friends run Linux
<lime_>I am going to write a driver for this WiFi card when I get GUIXSd up
<brendyn>I think Stallman is right, if we do not have the stuborness to look at the license agreement and say "no, this is unacceptable", then we will simply fail. As a matter of consistency, if you need one proprietary program, you'll accept more under similar circumstances
<lime_>I agree with that
<brendyn>Is it difficult to write a wifi card driver? I've never even learn C before. I have two 3 wifi cards here I can't use
<lime_>Not hard at all, for basic functionality
<brendyn>Soon, I am going to go and talk to people in the Education Department and advocate for replacing Windows with Trisquel
<lime_>My uni uses FOSS for the bootloaders which reflashes windows daily
<lime_>I don't use uni systems
<brendyn>reflashes windows???
<brendyn>The entire system resets its self?
<lime_>We make malware and botnets
<brendyn>scuze me?
<brendyn>Oh, you mean that kind of "hacking"
<lime_>Maybe a free software society at uni wouldn't go a miss
<lime_>Grey hat
<brendyn>ethical hatters
<lime_>My lecturer is decidedly blackhat
<brendyn>What does he do?
<lime_>Shuts down restaurants payment system if bad service
<lime_>Or just because...
<brendyn>devuan is fully libre?
<lime_>Uni has a terribly insecure registry system so he printed of the details
<lime_>Of every student
<brendyn>My Uni had lots of usernames and passwords taken
<lime_>As debian release can be full libre so can devuan
<brendyn>Sure, just means fsf won't list it. no worries
<brendyn>Do you agree that Triquel is the best choice for me to recommend in schools?
<brendyn>I think GuixSD is The Future, but not now of course
<lime_>There is a fork which is full libre
<lime_>Which is listed
<lime_>I think FOSS is the future, not everyone agrees and our job to make it easier
<lime_>The inconvenience is slowing the movement
<lime_>I have a high bug tolerance :P
<brendyn>What is that supposed to mean?
<lime_>It means I've spoken to people who would use a FOSS OS if it worked with no effort
<brendyn>Yes well, I think that is pathetic
<lime_>It's the advocates job to reduce effort
<brendyn>Also, I think the pronunciation of Guix is silly
<brendyn>I preferr to say it like gwix
<lime_>I just say the letters
<brendyn>This is why we can't beat Bill Gates
<brendyn>Awkward things that turn people off
<lime_>I have no interest in competition if I'm honest
<lime_>I'm interested in technology and I like to be able to see what's breaking
<brendyn>You should try and break GNUnet
<lime_>Yes I saw this
<brendyn>Looks interesting. Hard to understand
<lime_>I was thinking of implementing a file sync client with it, similar to bittorent sync
<lime_>Should do for a networking project :P
<brendyn>That's what I want too but I have no idea
<brendyn>I want to create a distributed Library to hold all scientific papers and books etc
<lime_>There is a thing on tor where you point it a paper and it downloads it through the paygate
<lime_>You know how github sucks?
<lime_>Do you know of a FOSS alternative other than self hosting
<brendyn>How does github sucks?
<lime_>Closed source
<brendyn>I thought this was funny
<lime_>On the bus back
<lime_>ETA on the hacking 100 minutes
<rekado_>brendyn: you can use git-fetch instead of url-fetch.
<rekado_>we have lots of packages in Guix that didn’t have a proper release.
<brendyn>rekado_: will that always pull the latest git,or will it be static for a particular revision ?
<rekado_>brendyn: you need to provide a commit hash.
<rekado_>so it will be only fetching the given version.
<lime_>Is there a telnet daemon?
<rekado_>mark_weaver: I’ve just pushed two commits to “gtk-im-modules”, which requires a rebuild of both GTK+ packages. Can we build this separately? It’s for making input methods actually work with all GTK applications.
<wingo>one day i will try for guixsd
<lime_>I guess I could test it on my Zen
<lime_>*xen server
<wingo>nixos also has an install procedure for amazon's cloud stuff
<wingo>somehow managing vm instances is never a problem i have had, but always wanted
<wingo>i should be happy with the problems i do have ;)
<lime_>Always strive for better
<lime_>how to enable gnome as default on boot?
<ng0> can someone suggest to me where else I could make changes to enable host < - > vm network like the 'default' with qemu VMs?
<brendyn>How do I figure out the hash of my package when it is a git revision?
<ng0>do you have the git revision already saved?
<ng0>cd .git/; rm -rf .git; cd ..; guix hash -r .git
<ng0>my irc client is minimal... need to write again
<ng0>cd $yourrepo.git/; rm -rf .git; cd ..; guix hash -r $yourgitrepo.git
<brendyn>My Guix is still broken. having trouble fixing it
<brendyn>I get substitute: warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<ng0>it is fifo based, so i forget that echo command wants to interpret $ and i need to escape them
<brendyn>So I should keep .gitignore?
<ng0>for svn, you delete the .svn dir
<ng0>Ithink we need this in the documentation. I had these questions the first times too
<ng0>and if it's there, it needs to be in a better place
<ng0>:me afk
<brendyn>ng0: I'm currently working on a package by reading the manual. It could save me time if you have a quick look
<ng0>meremeber thisisno mud
<ng0>i could.. i onlyneed to work on a bug report. can you upload a patch somewhere
<brendyn>I don't have a patch because I haven't figured out how to work on guix yet, so I just made a .scm file
<ng0>that's okay
<brendyn>I ran guix build -f praat.scm; and it says `package' is undefined
<ng0>revision 1 needs to be revision "1" i think
<ng0>also you need to define a name field
<ng0>lint will also complaint about missing home-page, license, description and synopsis :)
<brendyn>patience my friend
<brendyn>Maybe I can look at some other packages to steal from
<ng0>I know, sorry. I just pointed out what I saw. here is a recent one, not commited: you can also grep for "let revision" in gnu/packages of the checkout
<ng0>actually... there is a mistake in my package I only spotted now.
<brendyn>I assume there are separate git repos for Guix and Guix packages?
<ng0>no, it is all the same
<ng0>weird, the mistake is already fixed locally. maybe mailman is weird
<ng0>super weird. it is indeed a ";" mailman added
<ng0>this: (url "";) would be wrong.
<brendyn>So... where on Earch should I add praat. It is software for linguistics
<brendyn>Seems your indenting is a little different to mine
<ng0>gnu/packages/language.scm orgrep for applications you know which are similar
<ng0>if there is nothing fitting, you could always create a new module like gnu/packages/linguistics.scm
<ng0>but as far as I know there should be something already
<brendyn>Why not just have a file for each package
<ng0>a quick search for "lingu" gave me result which make me assume this is the first linguistics software aside from what is in language.scm
<brendyn>Actually, this package isn't even in gentoo
<brendyn>what is native-inputs vs inputs/
<ng0>do you come from gentoo? then I could explain in comparison to ebuilds
<brendyn>Nope, I'm on parabola
<ng0>though i don`t even know if depend and rdepend behave remotely similar to native-inputs
<ng0>native-inputs are at build time and are build for the architecture the build host has, inputs are other... i think there were so many threads about that I just put inputs under 'runtime'
<ng0>someone else could give a far more complete explanation, this is just for me to distiguish them a bit
<brendyn>I'm using this as a reference
<ng0>catonano: I'm moving the tests bug report on today at current guix gnunet-svn, fyi
<ng0>pkg-config is one of those native-inputs
<ng0>is there no version number release tarball?
<ng0>it is okay if there is not, you just have to comment a reason
<catonano>ng0: thank you.
<ng0>these are requests and features I should document in my packaging process for secushare.. so they get some use in upstream (guix) documentation at some point. I will try to build with a core dump phase now.
<catonano>ok, thanks again
<ng0>now only to figure out how I enable core dump in guix in the make check phase..
<ng0>is it as simple as prepending the core dump command before the make?
<brendyn>so native-inputs are makedepends?
<brendyn>and what's the difference between "boost" and ,boost
<brendyn>This is is where using lisp makes everything hard... How do I move a file?
<ng0>what do you mean by moving a file?
<ng0>sorry i can't help with the other questions
<brendyn>ng0: The build process requires cp makefiles/makefile.defs.linux.pulse ./makefile.defs
<brendyn>and then I need to run make
<efraim>From (guix utils) there should be the (copy-file predicate
<efraim>So you'd need to add a phase probably before 'configure
<brendyn>Apparently there is no configure phase
<efraim>Then you can replace the configure phase
<efraim>I can't help too much now, I'm on my phone and with the kids
<brendyn>Some packages use (arguments `(... and others use (arguments '(...
<davexunit>` is quasiquote, ' is quote
<davexunit>quote is appropriate when there is nothing to evaluate within the form
<davexunit>quasiquote is appropriate when there is an expression that needs to be evaluated within using unquote
<davexunit>the shorthand for unquote is ,
<brendyn>, isn't used
<davexunit>using quasiquote without unquoting is equivalent to just using quote
<davexunit>`(1 2 3) and '(1 2 3) are equivalent lists
<davexunit>`(1 2 ,(+ 3 4)) and '(1 2 (+ 3 4)) are very different
<brendyn>I'm having trouble figuring out what to put in (arguments ...)
<brendyn>To run cp makefiles/makefile.defs.linux.alsa makefile.defs; make
<davexunit>you're trying to remove the configure phase?
<davexunit>there's lots of examples of this
<ng0>okay this wasn't so obvious as i thought.. how would set ulimit -c unlimited before make check? system* did not work... create a bashscript in a phase and execute it?
<davexunit>ng0: doesn't ulimit require root?
<brendyn>ok, well I guess I'll find those examples somhow
<ng0>great. so i can not fully debug gnunet build....
<davexunit>brendyn: search for 'modify-phases'
<davexunit>your arguments field will look something like `(#:phases (modifiy-phases %standard-phases (delete 'configure) (add-before 'make 'copy-makefile (lambda _ ...))))
<brendyn>Hmm... emacs is indenting in a silly way
<jmd>brendyn: Define "silly"
<brendyn> `(#:tests? #f
<brendyn> #:phases
<jmd>Ahh yes. I noticed that too.
<ng0>i really need to debug this.. i know this hasn't been tried before and I can't reproduce the fail on other systems I have, so I welcome suggestions on how to maiplulate whatever is needed to achieve what I want
<jmd>But I think that is something to discuss on #emacs or #guile and not on #guix.
<brendyn>Ok. I'm still drowning in the deep end here using emacs
<davexunit>if you use the guix emacs stuff it will fix those indentation issues
<brendyn>I'm still figuring out how to install that
<davexunit>actually, I just use a code snippet
<davexunit>one sec and I will share
<davexunit>evaluate that and it should be fixed
<brendyn>... sort of
<brendyn> (modify-phases
<davexunit>mark_weaver wrote this hack quite some time ago
<brendyn> %standard-phases
<brendyn> (delete 'configure)
<davexunit>%standard-phases should be on the same line as modify-phases
<davexunit>the indentation rule for it specifies that indentation should happen after the first argument
<davexunit>see .dir-locals.el for that and other indentation rules
<catonano>ng0: you might want to write on the mailing list about this
<ng0>doesn't the guixbuild user in the environment have some kind of .bashrc where I can set this value?
<ng0>it does not require root... at least I was able as a normal user to execute it
<ng0>I will look at the sauce for examples on how to activate this in the build
<davexunit>ng0: sounds like you are trying to overcomplicate things again.
<davexunit>is the problem that you need a parent process to run ulimit and then spawn a child process?
<davexunit>because otherwise the ulimit wouldn't take effect?
<ng0>the only information I have so far was the comment provided in the link on mantis
<davexunit>"The ulimit utility shall set or report the file-size writing limit imposed on files written by the shell and its child processes"
<ng0>This happens if GNUNET_snprintf() is called with a buffer that is too small. If you enable core dumps, you should get one, and then please obtain the stack trace (gdb test-binary core-file => bt full). That'll help me find what went wrong.
<davexunit>I wouldn't recommend doing this debugging in a package build
<ng0>the question then will be, can I reproduce the guixbuilder limitation when I do a user build..
<brendyn>/home/b/software/guix/src/gnu/packages/linguistics.scm:52:6: error: invalid field specifier
<lostcoffee>jamesrichardson: read the logs, I'm also trying to dual boot debian. I haven't gotten it to boot yet, but was helpful for trying to share my /home
<ng0>to me it seems impossible to debug and develop on guixsd like for example on gentoo.. it's just too different
<brendyn>One package has ("gtk+-2" ,gtk+-2), another has ("gtk" ,gtk+-2). Is that a mistake?
<davexunit>ng0: I do it all the time.
<dvc_>brendyn: No it's just bad style ;-)
<ng0>with developing I mean building gnunet svn checkout like I can do on gentoo, without the use of my build recipe
<ng0>it requires rethinking what you know.. it would be *very* good to have a section in the manual on this
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, janneke says: with latest mcron, last night rottlog rotated /var/log/messages for me
<davexunit>I build software the usual way frequently
<davexunit>'./configure && make', just like normal
<dvc_>after running guix environment PACKAGENAME?
<davexunit>usually yes
<davexunit>or some guix environment command
<davexunit>which is a hell of a lot easier than tracking down the dependencies on any other distro
<ng0>I was more refering to... well on gentoo I can add a system group.. in guixsd I am working on a system-service for that
<ng0>and patching the shebangs.. etc
<brendyn>Ok this is what I have so far. It's still broken
<dvc_>that's what I do too... sometimes it would be nice if you could easily run phases
<davexunit>phases aren't a first-class thing
<davexunit>the gnu-build-system has a phases argument
<davexunit>other build systems might not
<davexunit>trivial-build-system is one
<dvc_>yeah, I'll get back to work =P
<davexunit>but something like that would be useful sometimes
<davexunit>although ultimately I think that upstream software needs to be fixed
<davexunit>so that their build systems don't assume things
<davexunit>guile, guix, software that I write, etc. works everywhere because it doesn't make assumptions about where binaries are and stuff like that
<ng0>hm.. well for another software I ran into the blocker that I need rust. which is why I started using NixOS, to start packaging this software there, and to be able to build it, what I currently have stopped in guix.
<davexunit>well that's just because we don't have a rust package.
<davexunit>which is an entirely different problem.
<dvc_>Someone published one at some point
<ng0>so the way to make sure stuff builds is to fix assumptions about locations
<dvc_>I think the problem was that bootstrapping from binaries is frowned upon
<ng0>well i took the first rust package... worked on it.. gave up, posted it, and then someone else started to work on it some more
<ng0>we need to do this for rust though, and the todo should be to fix this.
<dvc_>I'd like that too, but I've got other priorities at the moment...
<ng0>i try my user build now.. see if i can reproduce guixbuilder problems. but how do you deal with shebangs, davexunit? write them in a way that they are changed to local paths when configure is run?
<ng0>i think that's what automake, autoconf, libtool are there for when your system uses them.
<dvc_>If a project has multiple licenses in it's root directory, does the package need a comment, or is it the default assumption when we have a list of licenses?
<brendyn>Ok this is my latest error: guix build praat; guix build: warning: failed to load '(linguistics)': ERROR: no code for module (linguistics) guix build: error: praat: unknown package
<ng0>Iknow we have issues with gnutls.. and it is a core package.. and before I patch something I'd like to ask. we do we build it without dane support?
<ng0>i noticed this the first time i build gnunet last year on guix
<lostcoffee>brendyn: what module are you trying to import there?
<brendyn>I'm just stabbing in the dark trying to figure out what is needed
<lostcoffee>haha I'll stab in the dark with you
<lostcoffee>brendyn: ok, my best guess is that you have your file somewhere that guix build can
<lostcoffee>can't find it?
<brendyn>It can find it :)
<brendyn>I mean, how else could it know about "linguistics"
<brendyn>since I defined that in the file
<lostcoffee>oh, good point
<brendyn>Crap. I did guix package -i guix, which resulted in guix being *downgraded*, and now guix just segfaults
<dvc_>do we have any pam experts that could help me with the sddm issue? =)
<ng0>brendyn, is this a guix checkout or some local thing (I do both but primarily i do packages in the master of guix)
<brendyn>Dunno I feel like Everything is broken
<brendyn>I rolled back, but there is still the complaints about locales despite installing them
<brendyn>For some reason, even when I run guix as root, it refers to my user b
<dvc_>pam's my bitch now. Finally getting that debug output! =P
<brendyn>Ok I rebooted and the locale stuff seems to work now
<civodul>brendyn: typical locale problems are explained at (but maybe you found out already)
<brendyn>civodul: I think that works now :) I've been stuck for a few hours now trying to make my first package. Can you help?
<civodul>brendyn: if you have specific questions sure :-) otherwise i hope helps!
<brendyn>civodul: Well I feel like I've basicaly made the package but It errors when I try to load it sayind 'failed to load (linguistics)'
<ng0>what are the exact steps to reproduce this, brendyn
<civodul>can you copy/paste the command, output, and the file?
<lfam>Do we want to try updating OpenSSL in this core-updates cycle?
<civodul>lfam: why not!
<brendyn>1 sec
<efraim>what could go wrong with it? ;)
<lfam>We might as well! The current release series will only be supported through the end of this year
<lfam>I mean, the release series that we currently package
<efraim>wow, they're dropping everything pre-1.1.0?
<lfam>They are keeping 1.0.2
<lfam>Should we try for 1.1.0? Or just 1.0.2?
<efraim>package all the things!
<lfam>I'm not packaging both versions :)
<efraim>lets try 1.1.0 for everything and fall back to 1.0.2 if something breaks?
<ng0>guix environment is a cool feature for building software and not poluting a profile :)
<lfam>efraim: That sounds like a good plan
<brendyn>that is linguistics.scm. put it in a place with GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=path/
<brendyn>then run guix build praat
<brendyn>-> error
<ng0>while we are at tls.scm ... is there something about gnutls dane feature why it was not packagfed so far?
<civodul>brendyn: the file must be named gnu/packages/linguistics.scm to match the module name
<efraim>isn't it a relatively new feature? like last few years?
<civodul>brendyn: see
<ng0>efraim: dane?
<ng0>i don't know.. but I will try to bring it into core-updates if there's no blocking of other packages.
<brendyn>Great, now it runs, and we get a proper scheme error!
<efraim>going back to the beginning of 2014 it looks like it was mostly bumped in version number
<efraim>so likely no one missed it so far
<brendyn>ok so I had to add #:use-module (gnu packages version-control)
<efraim>i'm more than 24 hours in on `guix refresh -t xorg', this really wasn't a great idea for all of 13 packages
<brendyn>Seems the server is overloaded?
<civodul>ACTION just stumbled upon
<brendyn>civodul: I have set GUIX_LOCPATH but I keep on getting the locale issues
<lfam>ng0: I looked at the build log of the gnutls package on the master branch. GnuTLS's libdane is not built because it needs libunbound, which is not packaged
<ng0>I'm aware it needs unbound. so this is not packaged.. okay. thanks for looking into it :)
<jmd>How can I force a package to be rebuilt?
<efraim>so you can see the build log?
<efraim>jmd ^
<jmd>preferable yes.
<jmd>How does guix deal with stuff that has to be read/written from /var ?
<efraim>you can see the build log from the already build package with `guix build foo --log-file --no-grafts'
<efraim>for /var, normally it needs to be passed a flag at configure time to use it
<divansantana>can't wait to try and hopefully switch to guix. Just a matter of finding time. The documentation, from what I've looked at so far, is really great too. Nice work all :)
<divansantana>A lazyweb question... I'm guessing one can get mdadm raid0 with two ssds installed and working with guixsd so far?
<divansantana>I think LVM isn't yet supported, but I don't need that for my case.
<jmd>efraim: Yes. so what should that value be?
<jmd>but packages in general cannot/shouldnot write to /var
<jmd>whereas using something like (string-append %outputs "out") "/var") would mean this directory would get written at run time.
<davexunit>divansantana: someone recently sent some patches regarding mdadm support. I don't remember if they made it into guix itself and if it works for your case. so, I guess just give it a whirl and see how it goes. :)
<ng0>that's just out/var , not /var
<efraim>what package do I want if i want opengl support?
<jmd>Where are the docs for substitute* ?
<twotwenty>hello :) I am trying to install guix to my devuan installation currently when I do guix -i hello i get
<twotwenty>"substitute: warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument"
<twotwenty>then the installation starts
<efraim>its a harmless error
<divansantana>davexunit: cool :) Thanks
<civodul>jmd: docstring in (guix build utils) :-)
<civodul>twotwenty: see
<jmd>civodul: Thanks
<civodul>anyone knows what the next step is for ?
<dvc>Need some help with guile... Can someone explain to me why adding the -s flag to the shebang in gexp->script causes a kernel panic when trying to build a vm?
<quigonjinn>How is it reccommended to deploy user configuration files in home folder,using guix?
<quigonjinn>for examples .emacs .git etc, perhaps from a git repository.
<jlicht>quigonjinn: I just have a git repo with dotfiles, and a (propagated-inputs) entry for stow :-)
<dvc>ah don't need an -s flag, read some confusing documentation...
<quigonjinn>jlicht: is there any example of propagated-inputs usage with stow, to achieve that functionality?
<jlicht>quigonjinn: Well, I just messed around a bit, and my current setup is not really usable for other people. I would recommend to just start using something simple (like stow + your very own dotfiles git repo).
<jmd>In the store, the mode of the the .so files for mit-krb5 is 444
<jmd>Is that correct?
<quigonjinn>jlicht: i'm already using stow with a script in a git repo, to manage my dotfiles. I am trying to integrate it to guix, somehow.
<civodul>anyone here has the /var/guix/gcroots/profiles issue described at ?
<civodul>i'd like to use them as a REPL :-)
<wingo>civodul: i do :)
<civodul>wingo: looking at the C++ code i found out that this link had been unused for some time
<civodul>so profiles cannot disappear, everything's fine :-)
<jmd>Somebody advised be earlier this week to put my fully qualified domain name in the "host-name" field in /etc/config.scm Was that the correct advice?
<civodul>i don't think so
<jmd>It seemed strange to me. So where should I specify the domain name?
<lostcoffee>If I do guix system init and it installs grub, will it make my debian partition unbootable?
<jmd>lostcoffee: No. But I don't think it automatically puts in a menuentry for other systems.
<lostcoffee>i.e. I'd have to make a grub entry for debian in order to boot back into it?
<jmd>Or you could just boot manually from grub.