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<sapientech>pmikkelsen: someone in this years gsoc is working on guixsd w hurd
<pmikkelsen>sapientech: I read something about that, but do you know how much progress there has been done, because as far as i understand, it is not something done easily
<sapientech>pmikkelsen: i am personally not privy to the project, but there are definitly people on this irc who are
<pmikkelsen>oh, okay
<pmikkelsen>sapientech: but thanks anyways
<sapientech>jlicht: hey thats great to hear! nice to know that trick if i run into issues at some point :)
<sapientech>lfam: ran into an icedtea config issue with paxd-libre:
<sapientech>pmikkelsen: no prob, i personally think the project is cool, so ill do some research as well and get back to you :)
<catonano>ok, it seems I solved the gnutls issue for good.
<catonano>I had a Fedora guile installed I didn't remember about
<catonano>now the "failed to install locale" dance started again
<catonano>no, it's not the Fedora guile. It works if I'm inside the "guix environment guix" environment. It doesn't work if I'm outside of it
<brian|lfs>hmm so is there something I need to add to the to use gpt partitions
<sankey>i'm trying to add python-notmuch (python bindings for notmuch library), but the only available source is one which contains bindings under the bindings/python subdirectory
<sankey>is there a way i can still use the python-build-system but provide a subdirectory to use?
<sankey>for reference, here is what the notmuch source tree looks like:;a=tree
<lfam>sankey: What goes wrong?
<sankey>lfam: i haven't tried anything yet, i'm just not sure how to begin since the top level source directory does not at all look like a python package
<sankey>if i were to just create a package using a notmuch source tarball and the python-build-system, i suspect it will fail
<lfam>sankey: I would try it and see what happens :) Also, maybe other distros have a package you could refer to if there are problems.
<lfam>Obviously, I don't have any specific advice :)
<lfam>sneek: later tell ng0: I thought you might be interested in this statement from a Mozilla developer: <>
<sneek>Will do.
<lfam>sneek: later tell ng0: "Our primary goal is to un-fork the Tor Browser."
<sneek>Got it.
<lfam>sneek: botsnack
<sankey>just as i expected:
<sankey>ERROR: In procedure scm-error:
<sankey>ERROR: no found
<sankey>somehow i need to tell guix that the python package is in a subdirectory
<efraim>sankey: add a chdir phase before the build phase
<climjark>hello all1
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<noodlespoodles>ng0 test for ii functionality...
<ng0>why is the description for dwm so incredible long beyond what we allow for lint?
<ng0>lfam: well obviozusly sneek did not do their job
<ng0>i'll read the log on now
<ng0> "Our primary goal is to un-fork the Tor Browser." where is this quote from?
<ng0>oh, un-fork, not unfork
<ng0>i searched and found no results on the page
<ng0>i'll read it some more
<ng0>this indeed is interesting
<xd1le>not sure if you found it but it's #1 on hn rn if you haven't
<xd1le>ng0: ^
<ng0>i don't read hn
<ng0>i have better ways to waste my time
<ng0>thanks lfam for pointing me directly to the post :)
<ng0>sneek, you are broken
<ng0> why is this so long?
<ng0>i very much dislike the description being as long as the functional lines of code.. i'll fix it now
<ng0>hm.. what guix command does list the dependencies of a package again?
<ng0>i want to move something and i know there was a command to list the depending packages which would be rebuild
<ng0>ah, update
<ng0>i meant
<efraim>guix refresh -l foo
<ng0>can someone spot why module gnu packages suckless is needed in gnu services desktop ?
<ng0>good. then I have to make an additional patch
<emyles>hi, I am trying to modify the eigen package using snippets to modify a CMakeLists.txt like this: However, when I build with "guix build -S eigen-dev" the changes are not applied. Is there something wrong with my package definition?
<efraim>you might need to add escapes for the some of the () characters
<efraim>I would try (("ei_add_test(gmres)") as (("ei_add_test\\\\(gmres\\\\)")
<ng0>ACTION is done for todays patches
<ng0>have a nice weekend o/
<emyles>thanks that did it
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<ng0>i do not understand how to find out who added st .. git blame doesn't do it
<ng0>git bisect then?
<ng0>the webview does not even list it
<ng0>i guess 2013 was different and the git log of it just does not start then
<ng0>the file suckless goes back to 2013 or something.
<ng0>ah.. it used to be dwm.scm
<ng0>turns out that previous copyrights haven't been honored too, with the move from dwm.scm to suckless.scm
<ng0>i'll fix that in the update of my moving patches
<sankey>does this make any sense:
<sankey>% ldd /gnu/store/j0ij8rpmm85955advfsffkvv2lsjqamm-glibc-2.22/lib/
<sankey> (0xb7700000)
<sankey> => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/ (0xb7516000)
<sankey> /lib/ (0xb7703000)
<sankey>libresolv is linked against the libc on my system (debian) rather than the one in the store
<ng0>is sleep_walker's current email the @gnu or the ?
<sankey>nevermind, it works after I ran guix environment <package which uses glibc>
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<Sleep_Walker>sneek: later tell ng0 @gnu is prefered for this project, thanks
<Sleep_Walker>sneek: botsnack
<paroneayea>quandry: I don't have time to play games because of deadlines right now, but intense deadlines make me want to play games
<paroneayea>luckily, the game I really want to package has turned out to be pretty hard to do :)
<pmikkelsen>paroneayea: Does that game happen to be 0ad :p
<paroneayea>pmikkelsen: nah it's dungeon crawl stone woup
<paroneayea>not woup
<pmikkelsen>oh okay
<pmikkelsen>I tried to package 0ad some days ago, what a mess...
<paroneayea>really complex makefiles which are supposed to "just work", but don't seem to
<pmikkelsen>yeah, in 0ad there is a script that acts kinda like a configure script, but it also unpacks and tries to build spidermonkey, which fails