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<sapientech>jlicht: and you did fc-cache ~/.guix-profile --force
<sapientech>just want to make sure we are doing the same thing :)
<jlicht>sapientech: I did
<sapientech>huh strange :(
<sapientech>i also did guix package -i fontconfig, just to not make it a dependency
<sapientech>there is also --really-force, which erases all caches first
<jlicht>sapientech: my money is on some arcane interaction with the host system
<jlicht>I'll just have to make due with the inferior nimbus monospaced font for now ;-)
<sapientech>jlicht: sorry you're having trouble, maybe someone more knowledgable can help when they're free
<sapientech>btw guys, im getting broken pipe issues with ./pre-inst-env guix build hello
<jlicht>sapientech, how to you 'activate' your guix stuff? I have something like `source "$HOME/.guix-profile/etc/profile"` in my ~/.{bash_,}profile file
<jlicht>*how do you
<sapientech>jlicht: i actually don't source it, probably should... i put my exports in bash_profile
<myglc2>jlicht: Running on GuixSD, '~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf' contains <fontconfig><dir>/run/current-system/profile/share/fonts</dir></fontconfig>
<jlicht>sapientech, myglc2: I will take your tips and info into account when I look into this again, tyvm
<lfam>Phew. I rebuilt my GuixSD system with the glibc / locale change suggested in <>, and all the locale-related things that used to "just work" are "just working" again :)
<sneek>Welcome back lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, rekado says: Normally, updates to icedtea must also include updates to drops.
<lfam>rekado: Okay, I will push the icedtea updates
<sapientech>lfam: sweet looking forward to installing the new icedtea.
<lfam>sapientech: I just pushed it. Go wild :)
<lfam>sapientech: I really only update the icedtea packages in response to security advisories. Feel free to pay more attention to it than me :)
<sapientech>lfam: will do, just getting around to doing some android dev on guix
<lfam>Oh cool! I wish I had more control over my phone. If I could actually control the operating system it ran, I'd be thrilled.
<sapientech>having trouble with ./pre-inst-env:
<sapientech>would like to get this figured out to upload some new packages
<lfam>sapientech: ERROR: missing interface for module (gnutls)
<lfam>Is there an http -> https redirection happening?
<lfam>The package source code fetcher will only make gnutls available for https URLs, so such redirections cause failures.
<lfam>Oh, I see that you are building 'hello'. So, it's something else
<sapientech>right, good to know though for my own packages
<lfam>Wild guess, but did you do `./configure --localstatedir=/var`?
<lfam>Also "guix substitute: warning: ACL for archive imports seems to be uninitialized, substitutes may be unavailable"
<lfam>That's probably the crux of the problem
<lfam>Typically, you will have a file '/etc/guix/acl' that contains the public keys of the substitutes servers you have authorized
<lfam>Does that exist for you?
<lfam>Do you have a system-wide Guix installation, or just this one in '~/Dev/guix'?
<lfam>sapientech ^
<sapientech>hey sorry was just putting scraps in my compost. i have a system wide guix,
<lfam>Okay, so you should have '/etc/guix/acl'.
<sapientech>lfam: and yes i do have /etc/guix/acl
<lfam>And your localstatedir is probably at '/var/guix'
<sapientech>how do i check that?
<lfam>Is there anything there? :)
<sapientech>yeah, a bunch of stuff
<sapientech>daemon-socket, profiles etc
<lfam>Okay, when you built Guix from the Git checkout at ~/Dev/guix, did you do `./configure --localstatedir=/var`?
<lfam>If not, I would redo the configure with that argument
<lfam>It will make your system Guix and your dev Guix share the store and associated metadata which is found in the localstatedir
<sapientech>ah cool will do that now
<sapientech>clutch, one sec
<lfam>If you didn't pass that argument, I believe it defaults to /usr/local/var
<sapientech>something to add to the manual ;)
<sapientech>:) *
<lfam>Yes... it's a bit unclear.
<sapientech>lfam: working, thanks for your help
<lfam>Great, happy hacking
<sapientech>getting a bunch of tabulation lint errors, im guessing this is a space/tabs issue?
<sapientech>im just using whatever paredit defaults to...
<sapientech>tabulation isn't explained in the manual, and no real infos online
<adqm>hi all; i'm interested to test guixsd on my machine. following the instructions at, the "guix system init" call fails with "grub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of 'unionfs'.". am i missing something obvious here?
<adqm>trying to run grub-install directly also fails with the same error
<sapientech>btw, figured out tabulation issues, pretty obvious...
<schwa`>Has any tried installing Guix on OS X?
<cbaines>Morning all :)
<cbaines>I'm having a bit of fun trying to build a package
<cbaines>I'm getting a crash quite far down in Guix. Its probably something I've done wrong, but its quite hard to work out...
<cbaines>../guix/guix/packages.scm:833:12: In procedure thunk:
<cbaines>../guix/guix/packages.scm:833:12: Throw to key `match-error' with args `("match" "no matching pattern" ())'.
<rekado>what does guix/guix/packages.scm look like?
<rekado>(oh, it’s *our* guix/packages.scm file)
<cbaines>Yep, its guix/packages.scm from guix-0.11.0
<rekado>this means that whatever was passed to “package->bag” really is no package object.
<cbaines>from looking at the backtrace, it may be coming from origin->derivation, where it passes in something relating to guile
<cbaines>I can't actually see that in the backtrace, but this line 1155 is in that function:
<cbaines>In ../guix/guix/packages.scm:
<cbaines> 1155:5 5 (#<procedure 595bf00 at ../guix/guix/packages.scm:1155:5 (state)> #<build-daemon 256.15 588fb40>)
<cbaines>If I'm reading the exception right, guile-for-build in the origin record may be the empty list, which is why package->bag is tripping up
<rekado>what command did you use to trigger this error?
<cbaines>I'm calling the package-derivation function
<cbaines>(not using the cli)
<cbaines>I've modified the environment I'm working in, so that I'm using Guix from the git repository
<cbaines>This is the uri of the origin which has patch-guile as () mirror://gnu/bash/bash-4.3.tar.gz
<cbaines>I'm now printing out the value of patch-guile in origin->derivation, and its sometimes #f, sometimes a package record, and sometimes ()
<cbaines>It appears to be () for a few packages also
<cbaines>bootstrap-origin is the only function that I can see which sets patch-guile, and logging there shows that it always sets it to a package...
<cbaines>I'm running out of ideas in terms of finding out where the value of patch-guile is going wrong...
<cbaines>I'm also becoming less confident that this is my mistake, as it feels more like a bug in Guix
<cbaines>I've switched back to using guix-0.10.0 for now, as that does not seem to have the issue
<brian|lfs>not good can't even ping anythign with a valid ip using guixsd in virtualbox
<rekado>cbaines: could you please write an email to the mailing list with steps to reproduce this?
<rekado>brian|lfs: try restarting the nscd service.
<brian|lfs>I got networking going now
<brian|lfs>strange it was a nat issue I'm in bridged mode now
<brian|lfs>cool system installing
<brian|lfs>well going to sleep didn't realzie the installer don't support gpt lol
<brian|lfs>I figured everyone used GPT this day and age
<Petter>I use GPT
<jlicht>hey there
<piyo>hey! gpt! hey now.
<jlicht>sapientech: I fixed my font issues. Somehow, a guix package -u emacs did the trick.
<jlicht>'When in doubt, upgrade' is a nice policy when you can easily roll back upgrades :-)
<df_>getting this trying to run gdb installed via guix:
<df_>only posssibly relevant thing I can find on the net is:
<df_>strace shows it doing this just before the error:
<df_>open("/home/ben/.guix-profile/lib/guile/2.2/ccache/ice-9/eval.go", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = 7
<jlicht>df_: I just `guix environment --pure --ad-hoc gdb`, and just got a gdb prompt
<jlicht>(after executing gdb, of course)
<df_>possibly because I have guile-next installed?
<df_>hmm, still get the error using guix environment as above
<df_>yup, removed guile-next and it works
<df_>but should guix environment have excluded that?
<jlicht>df_: did you add pure to the environment invocation?
<jlicht>just double checking
<df_>yes, just reinstalled guile-next and ran again to check
<jlicht>df_: then this is the end of the line for my debug-foo. Maybe you could use gdb from an entirely separate profile?
<df_>sure, it's not a major problem but I guess it is a bug somewhere
<catonano>I can't lint any package because make-session in module gnutls isn't reachable. Am I the only one ?
<jlicht>catonano: I had this problem a while ago as well. Did you try rebuilding your source tree?
<jlicht>I recall `make clean-go` being relevant for me if I'm not mistaken
<jlicht>and I think I did the rebuild in a `guix environment --pure --container guix`
<catonano>jlicht: I'll try right now. Just one moment
<catonano>no, it didn't fix it
<catonano>well, I posted on the help mailing list. When and if anyone runs into this or has news, that post can be a reference
<jlicht>catonano: and might lead you somehwere
<rekado>occasionally these things happen to me on my workstation in the office where I still don’t use GuixSD. I usually fix this by installing gnutls into my profile and source $profile/etc/profile.
<catonano>jlicht: ok, Ludo suugested guile -c '(use-modules (gnutls))' and that resulted in ERROR: no code for module (gnutls)
<catonano>rekado: it doesn't work
<catonano>ok I need some time to read better
<catonano>jlicht: thanks
<ng0>hi, where do we place
<ng0>where do we place "make check" usually in the phases chain?
<ng0>after make install?
<alezost>ng0: according to %standard-phases from (guix build gnu-build-system), 'check' is placed between 'build' and 'install'
<ng0>hrm. okay
<ng0>then i know the reason for failure
<ng0>i'll have a fixed gnunet-svn package ready soon.
<ng0>ie: i don't believe it's upstream issues
<ng0>done. fixed gnunet-svn
<ng0>i'll fix gnunet once the release is out, the tests run again
<ng0>for completeness, i'll fix up gnunet with all optional settings i found over the last year i worked on it and publish the wip in the thread
<catonano>jlicht: now it's working. don't understand
<ng0>4 out of 59 tests failed. I'll investigate and fix that, then the patch gets posted
<catonano>ng0: thanks. I would have started building your gnnet-svn package right now
<catonano>ng0: as I wrote already I want to try it but today this gnutls issue came up
<ng0>the current pcakge visible on the list will not succeed. I'll either have it today or tomorrow fixed. afterwards the optional parts will follow, minus the ones which are marked "experimental" upstream
<ng0>i findit easier to work with this in guix then in gentoo.. the package definition there is much longer
<ng0>but i also had almost a year work on this in gentoo
<ng0>guix is also more precise and specific.. failed when i forgot a switch with the gnurl update, in gentoo i pushed it without the new one at first because it did build succesfully
<catonano>ng0: I'm looking forward to try gnunet. Thanks for your work
<ng0>there's one transition i need to make.. figure out a way to fix the dependency on sudo OR setup as root to install with gnss or what it was. I need to do gnunet service and then figure out if it's really necessary or if we just can continue to skip this
<catonano>ng0: sorry, I don't know what you're talking about. Dependency on sudo ? Skip this ?
<ng0>not important, you'll either understand when you read README in svn/gnunet/ or disregard as unimportant.
<catonano>ng0: ok
<ng0>how do i recursive find a file?
<ng0>i only know the root, not the dir
<ng0>not in guix, as in the tool find
<ng0>man find .. okay, i have it
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<sapientech>hi everyone, someone can email the dev group without an account yeah?
<sapientech>also, icecat is crashing after install, anyone having similar issues?
<catonano>sapientech: I used icecat for a whie but it crashed a bit too often for my tastes. Sometimes it kept crashing continuosly, as soon as I relaunched it, it crashed instantly. I had to close the tabs, in ordert to make it settle
<catonano>I moved back to Firefox
<sapientech>catonano: yeah i think that is what is going on, its complaining about open tabs
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<ng0>what is the size limit for files you can append to send to lists? I have the feeling my last email hit this.. but it wasn't that big.. email did not arrive, hours later
<pmikkelsen>Hi guix
<pmikkelsen>Does anyone know about running guix on gnu/hurd?