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<Sleep_Walker>how I wish to have ccache support in guix
<myglc2>davexunit: used OpenSCAD for 2 projects, highly recommended.
<sapientech>hi all, wanting to make an environment with python2 instead of python3. looks like (build-system python-build-system) uses (default-python) which is python3
<sapientech>in guix buid-system python.scm, there is an option for (default-python2), which is what I would like to use instead
<sapientech>i managed to make this work by copying all these procedures into a build script (some where private so i couldn't access them), but this seems pretty hacky
<sapientech>was wondering if there is a straightforward way to do something like (build-system python2-build-system)
<Sleep_Walker>I miss command `tree', does anyone know what package it is?
<Sleep_Walker>or - do we have it at all?
<efraim>apparently its in a package called tree, in admin.scm
<Sleep_Walker>efraim: thanks, I must be blind or something
<Sleep_Walker>btw. it is runtime dependency of password-store
<Sleep_Walker>yet not specified in package
<Sleep_Walker>oh, it _is_ there
<Sleep_Walker>so why it wasn't installed?
<Sleep_Walker>propagated-input maybe?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>civodul, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>civodul, jlicht says: the first command (installing hello) and then running it only works if someone has set up their guix properly (by setting PATH)
<sneek>civodul, jlicht says: so it might lead to people 'installing' guix, and then trying the examples they saw on the front page (which won't work)
<civodul>sneek: later tell jlicht good point; they would get a message about setting PATH though
<civodul>zsh has 1 test failure on core-updates:
<fps>hmm, is there possibly a race somewhere in the "guix build" commands? i do several ones in parallel and sometimes one gets hung with:
<fps>waiting for locks or build slots...
<ng0>email just got a bit less frustrating with switching to notmuch :) i can finally catch up and sort
<efraim>the guix install instructions only instruct you to create 10 guixbuild users
<ng0>so good in sorting, i can even take on reviewing more :)
<civodul>fps: it's not a race, on the contrary: the daemon centralizes everything, and so one client "wins" over the others (the others wait until the thing is built)
<ng0>i think what got my first attention of Guix was the 0.8.2 release email.. i just found this through this new gained structure :)
<fps>civodul: ok. got ya
<efraim>I first heard about Guix through Phoronix with 0.8.2 or 0.8.3
<ng0>I'm also skipping through about 6000 emails the next days to tag them, so if I find any inspiration what could be added to the docs through questions which stand out, i'll write messages
<ng0>there's one already:
<ng0>do we have a policy on how to choose the installed documentation formats?
<ng0>if not, i'll open a bug (seems the most obvious place for me for thing which should be done)
<efraim>not pdf :)
<ng0>it was a question civodul asked at the end of "[PATCH] gnu: unison: Add "doc" output." "maybe we should have..."
<ng0>about not pdf... i have the lispf4 still as work in progress. it needs to get fixed. revisiting it now, i would if not already done so move the docs to :doc as they include lots of big pdfs, scans etc
<efraim>then that shouldn't be a problem. PDFs generally take a lot of space, that and the texlive dependancy, is I think why people don't like them too much
<efraim>and they're hard to read from the terminal
<ng0>that's not really true
<ng0>there's a tty reader
<ng0>completely independent of X
<ng0>but yes, the size is problematic.
<Sleep_Walker>1] in which package can I find `git send-email'?
<Sleep_Walker>2] is there tool which can solve this question generically?
<Sleep_Walker>(file list of not installed packages)
<ng0>not yet.. I'd loveto have something like e-file (pfl) for guix, but it requires a database available, like for e-file.
<ng0>i mean e-file requires that, which is gentoo specific.
<ng0>the send-email output
<Sleep_Walker>well, that was tricky
<Sleep_Walker>ng0: thanks!
<ng0>I'm about to add something to the contributing doc, but the example is too long, at least for the pdf generated output
<ng0>should i break the line or (...)
<ng0>breaking makes more sense
<civodul>so, this is core-updates bug-fix day! choose your package:
<civodul>ACTION looks at dico & vlc
<fps>hmm, how does one clone from
<fps>ah, got it. was just a little hidden
<fps>hmm, the running instructions are a bit unclear
<fps>i have cuirass checked out, but there's no like there would be in the guix repo after building
<fps>it needs automake and other things i suppose
<fps>guix environment guix gives me autoreconf and automake. so i did autoreconf and automake --add-missing. but now configure errors out
<fps>oh welll
<fps>i'll wait until the docs are a bit updated instead of guessing arounf
<civodul>fps: "autoreconf" is enough
<civodul>maybe you should post the configure error you get though, because docs won't be updated magically if nobody knows what the problem is :-)
<fps>and then:
<fps>fps@guix ~/cuirass [env]$ GUILE_LOAD_PATH=$GUILE_LOAD_PATH:/home/fps/guix/ ./configure
<fps>was about missing guix module :)
<fps>here's another one, though:
<fps>configure: error: required guile module not found: (sqlite3)
<fps>i'll figure it out later. still at work :(
<fps>would be nice, if there was a cuirass guix package definition included :)
<civodul>fps: oh sorry, i though you were talking about guix itself
<civodul>you need to install guile-sqlite3 i suppose
<civodul>mthl is not here right now, maybe you could ping'em on the list
<Sleep_Walker>I've got frequently `504 Gateway Time-out' when accessing build logs on hydra - shouldn't be there bigger timeout value? (I guess it is expected to got slow responses in such cases...)
<civodul>Sleep_Walker: the rationale was that if Hydra cannot reply within ten seconds (!), then we'd rather not overload it further
<civodul>you should access logs on though
<civodul>with luck, they'll already be cached
<Sleep_Walker>good to know, thanks
<civodul>"guix build --log-file foo" directs you to the mirror nowadays
<Sleep_Walker>hm, I must have different hash then
<Sleep_Walker>it seems to work only with installed packages
<civodul>no, it checks for local and then remote build logs
<civodul>but sometimes there are no logs, of course
<davexunit>does anyone have recommendations for caldav server software?
<davexunit>maybe something is already packaged in guix? :)
<davexunit>I see "radicale"
<civodul>no idea!
<davexunit>I'm going to give this radicale program a shot
<myglc2`>Can I repeat '(bootloader (grub-configuration (device "/dev/sdX")))' in my system config to install the boot loader on multiple HD?
<civodul>myglc2`: no, only one of them is taken into account
<davexunit>I am happy to report that the radicale works well
<davexunit>the radicale package*
<civodul>davexunit: good!
<civodul>we should probably add a service for that
<davexunit>civodul: yeah, would be nice.
<davexunit>my server right now is a debian + guix setup, so I can't take advantage of guixsd services.
<davexunit>some day...
<roelj>How long does it normally take to compile qt-everywhere?
<civodul>ages, approximately
<roelj>I guess I'm at approximately 1% then
<myglc2`>civodul: thanks, so... how to have a copy of boot loader on each RAID drive? Manual dd?
<civodul>myglc2`: i'm not familiar with this use case, you should probably explain on the mailing list
<civodul>RAID support is brand new
<myglc2`>civodul: OK thanks.
<lukeshu>I just found elogind
<lukeshu>With Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, I'm working on a project called "notsystemd" that has pretty much the same goals as elogind, but more than just logind.
<lukeshu>i.e., also being able to use say, timesyncd, or systemd-nspawn, outside of a systemd environment.
<Gottox>lukeshu: we're searching for such a thing for void linux.
<lukeshu>Gottox: I would be very pleased if it found use outside of just Parabola!
<lukeshu>It's still not quite ready yet, but hopefully will be soon.
<Gottox>is it an arch fork?
<lukeshu>Gottox: yes, it is an FSF-endorsed Arch fork
<lukeshu>Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to the developers of a similar project.
<ng0>should I ask at notmuch or at emacs channels/lists about how to save inline patches displayed in notmuch to a file?
<ng0>1 inline patch was always okay for me or 2, but 16 means the end of my inline copy&paste+corrections system
<lukeshu>ng0: I think 'v' saves to a file? I use wanderlust, but I think that it's a generic keybinding from the common mime-view-mode, but #emacs would be a better place to ask.
<ng0>the problem with notmuch threads are, it's all one buffer.
<ng0>okay, thanks
<ng0>i can imagine a notmuch search and then pipe the individual messages init *.patch but there has to be something else.
<ng0>and as notmuch isjust a reader, "v" does not work.
<ng0>looks like the answer is to write a script which does this.
<ng0>i think Ifound something in the notmuch archive.
<ng0>but it did not work… grm
<ng0>i have a minimal workaround: tag messages as guix-patch-review-$number and then work with that to save to file.
<sapientech>hi all, i have an interesting issue that ive been trying to parse. trying to get a solid build for kivy, and it looks like its having trouble finding sdl stuff
<sapientech> (backtrace)
<sapientech>however when i do: pkg-config --cflags sdl2, i get:
<sapientech>-D_REENTRANT -I/gnu/store/9r4cn1rl7spf1gmj8cnm9qq3i3iych4w-sdl2-2.0.4/include/SDL2
<bavier>sapientech: are you asking about the GLES error or about the SDL missing components?
<sapientech>kivy.scm :
<sapientech>bavier: yes, well im not sure if they are related, but more particularly sdl components
<sapientech>but the gles error is also something im trying to figure out
<bavier>sapientech: are you using sdl-union?
<sapientech>bavier: i am not, doesn't show up with guix package -A sdl-union
<bavier>sapientech: it's a function in (gnu packages sdl)
<bavier>there are various examples of it's use in the guix tree, e.g. gnu/packages/games.scm
<sapientech>oh interesting, let me check that out
<ng0>as our commits start usually very standardized (gnu:,doc:, etc) I could even automate this extraction with just a few lines :)
<sapientech>bavier: okay i see a few instances where people just use "sdl" (sdl-union) and others "sdl" (sdl-union (list sdl-pkgs...)
<bavier>sapientech: yup. so it looks like kivy needs sdl, mixer, ttf, and image
<sapientech>cool, one moment
<sapientech>getting same error with ("sdl-union" ,(sdl-union (list sdl sdl2 sdl-image sdl2-image sdl-mixer sdl2-mixer sdl-ttf sdl2-ttf)))
<sapientech>bavier: ^
<bavier>sapientech: does it work with just the "sdl2" packages? presumably it only wants a single version of the libraries
<sapientech>believe i've done that, let me try again to confirm...
<sapientech>yes that also does not work. wondering whether it has to do with the way i configured python2.7
<sapientech>(the way i configured it in kivy.scm)
<davexunit>sapientech: you do not want to mix sdl 1 and 2
<davexunit>applications either support one or the other
<sapientech>davexunit: thanks for info, i originally had just sdl2, but then added sdl when that didnt work
<davexunit>what did you think it could accomplish?
<davexunit>how could an application use both SDLs?
<sapientech>well in the log it says: sdl2 missing sub library sdl-mixer for example, so i was thinking, hmm wonder why its asking for sdl-mixer not sdl2-mixer
<sapientech>davexunit: ^
<ng0>started the review building.. got thison the dep. graph. is there a new release of it or is it not available on hydra atm?
<ng0>substituter-failed /gnu/store/afbyqf4xqp09mc16y2a7yvfnlkdnrpjz-perl-devel-symdump-2.14 0 hash mismatch in downloaded path `/gnu/store/afbyqf4xqp09mc16y2a7yvfnlkdnrpjz-perl-devel-symdump-2.14': expected 0219596b189ae2ccea660909d7735211c2581ebd65afb2c2bc51b00045852185, got 1a8df0f0120eb0bcb959566979c1209545830f9f9cd8c9a9ef1356e1aa57835f
<ng0>2.17 is out
<ng0>and 2.14 no longer in "other releases" .. idk if that means it is gone poof for ever
<jlicht>hiya guix
<sneek>jlicht, you have 1 message.
<sneek>jlicht, civodul says: good point; they would get a message about setting PATH though
<ng0>no, seems to be available on 1 cpan mirror.
<ng0>no.. this 16 packages bundle of perl packages is too much perl for me, someone with more perl knowledge needs to review this
<bavier>ng0: I might take a look at it
<bavier>I've been offline for a while, but I'll have some time to review patches this weekend
<ng0>thanks :) i just tried and i can't do it at this moment. i'll fix one dependency which i found to be outdated.
<ng0>that's the one: Today 11:19 [23/23] Danny Milosavljev... [PATCH v4 00/16] Add missing dependencies of Spamassassin (guix-patch guix::patch:review guix::patch:review:01 g$
<ng0>i might also be that due to one of its dependencies it is not reproducible. One has to try --rounds=2 again once all the package problems are fixed
<lfam>mark_weaver: commit ae46cd0e (gnu: gd: Update to 2.2.3 [fixes CVE-2016-6207]) causes libgd to fail to build on x86_64. I'm going to revert it on master and merge the reversion into core-updates in a few minutes if I hear no objections.
<sneek>Welcome back lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, ng0 says: thanks for merging gmime :)
<ng0>also i think the 15 patches would not be dependent on each other so much when they followed what's written in perl.scm - please add new modules in alphabetic order.
<catonano>Hello Guix
<sneek>Welcome back catonano, you have 1 message.
<sneek>catonano, jlicht says: that I started using paroneayea's json module. I'll update my repo to reflect soon
<catonano>jlicht: yes, thank you. I managed to run your recursive npm importer for the first time
<civodul>ACTION tries to come up with a cleaner demo video
<jlicht>catonano: Hi! Currently, modules that can't be imported for one of many reasons are just skipped by the importer
<jlicht>and, as some people pointed out, it might be the case that the importer 'imports' a package multiple times
<catonano>jlicht: yes, I read.
<jlicht>civodul: what was your setup for recording the demo video?
<civodul>crappy setup!
<civodul>yesterday i tried obs, but i didn't managed to get much out of it
<civodul>today i used ffmpeg directly
<civodul>and then avidemux to edit the video, although that one sucks too
<civodul>any recommendations? :-)
<jlicht>I have _zero_ experience with any kind of recording or video editing software
<civodul>same for me
<civodul>well, 0.01 now :-)
<civodul>here's a new one:
<civodul>without cheating with PATH :-)
<lfam>I don't know much about free video editors, but there is openshot-qt, which was packaged by Jookia:
<civodul>ok, should look into it
<jlicht>civodul: I like demo2 :-)
<civodul>jlicht: cool, thanks for checking :-)
<civodul>mark_weaver: could you copy it to
<jlicht>It would somehow still be nice to convey what you want to do
<civodul>yeah, it's very rough
<civodul>or raw
<jlicht>"Lets install package `hello`" or something along those lines, in ugly green semitransparent letters :P
<civodul>that could work :-)
<civodul>someone more competent with video would need to help though
<civodul>but i figured that even as-is, it's better than what's currently on the front page
<sapientech>update on sdl2: i realized that kivy looks for sdl2 in /usr/include, which wouldn't be available if i used guix sdl2
<sapientech>so i installed sdl2 with pacman, to see if kivy would find them. with a system wide python build, they were found
<sapientech>however, they are not found when i do guix package -f kivy.scm
<sapientech>1. is it correct that guix should not know about /usr/include?
<lfam>sapientech: Yes, that's correct.
<sapientech>lfam: yeah that seemed correct. adding /usr/include to include path however, should work right?
<bavier>sapientech: is there any configure options to have kivy pick up sdl2 from pkg-config?
<sapientech>bavier: ah, good question, let me see
<sapientech>obviously the solution is getting kivy to find guix sdl2 without the include path, but for the time being, going to check this
<lfam>sapientech: Adding it to the include path in the Guix package definition? No, that won't work. '/usr' is not available when building Guix packages.
<lfam>But it can happen at run-time, although I'd consider it a bug. It breaks the promise of deterministic and stable package builds.
<lfam>Because, what happens in '/usr' is not accounted for by Guix
<sapientech>lfam: not in the package definition, but a system wide include path
<sapientech>lfam: doesn't adding items to the system path affect guix?
<lfam>So, your program might break when, for example, Debian makes some incompatible change to sdl2.
<sapientech>and only environment --pure will get rid of them
<sapientech>lfam: note that this isn't a long term solution, just trying to identify if this is the problem
<bavier>sapientech: builds don't see anything but what's in the store for declared inputs, and a few other files
<lfam>Actually, only --container will really hide '/usr'. --pure just clears your environment, but the '/usr' directory is still accessible
<lfam>sapientech: Yes, I've done that while debugging packages. If the packages honor the environment variable in question, they will indeed be able to follow it to '/usr'
<lfam>Or, not the package, but the binary that the package creates
<sapientech>lfam: roger, but if the package needs something in /usr to compile, that work work correct?
<lfam>By "compile", do you mean you are running `make` by hand, or do you mean `guix build foo`?
<lfam>The former will work, the latter will not
<sapientech>lfam: sorry for not being clear, guix build, not by hand. thanks so much for the info, going to see if to have kivy get sdl2 from pkg-config
<lfam>When doing `guix build`, all the action happens in a chroot that Guix populates only with what you put in the package definition. Things like '/usr' won't be accessible unless the chroot can be broken
<lfam>Which would be an exceptional case
<sapientech>is there a way to pass environmental variables to a build in guix? if i am able to pass KIVY_SDL2_PATH, then kivy will work
<sapientech>lfam: i don't think it would work since thats like adding an include path to the guix package definition
<lfam>sapientech: Sure, grep in 'gnu/packages' for 'setenv'
<sapientech>oh, sick, one sec