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<civodul> is in a bad shape, time to spawn 'guix publish' everyone
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<bavier`>I just joined the eoma68 campaign:
<bavier`>I hope we can get GuixSD supported for it
<paroneayea>heya sturm
<paroneayea>cool to have you in here btw :)
<sturm>hi paroneayea!
<catern>hmm, I'm having some trouble using the ubuntu font from the font-ubuntu package... it's not listed by fc-list... any idea what's wrong?
<rekado>catern: have you tried “fc-cache -f” to rebuild the cache?
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<rekado>new version of GIMP has been released
<efraim>the 2.9 series is their development branch iirc
<efraim>how do I put more than 1 substitute url?
<alezost>catern: if it's not on GuixSD and fontconfig is not installed with Guix, you need to tell fc-cache to search inside "~/.guix-profile/share/fonts"
<alezost>catern: or just install fontconfig with guix and try what rekado said
<efraim>--substitute-urls={subA,subB} only checks the last one, like --sub-urls=subA --sub-url=subB
<sturm>question about luks encrypting my hard drive - do I need both a "mapped-device" and a "file-system" block? I think I do, but not sure what this would look like.
<sturm>do they both go inside "file-systems"?
<sturm>or does "mapped-device" live at the top-level of "operating-system"?
<catern>rekado: hey, that worked! thanks!
<efraim>sneek: welcome back
<efraim>sneek: what is the cake?
<sneek>Someone once said the cake is a lie
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<sturm>Looks like I need to use (mapped-devices (mapped-device ...)). Seems my config is not quite right though as I'm getting an error:
<efraim>sturm: i'm going to guess (type luks-device-mapping) is wrong, but I have no experience with it
<sturm>ah of course, needs to be a list of devices, not just a single device. This seems to work: (mapped-devices (list (mapped-device ...)))
<sturm>thanks for the suggestion efraim
<sturm>yay, seem to be successfully installing onto a second machine based on substitutes running on first :)
<sturm>paroneayea: Just found your post from 6 months back about your experiences installing GuixSD and encryption. Are you still running non-encrypted /root and encrypted /home?
<jlicht>hello guix!
<sturm>hi jlicht!
<rekado>I use an encrypted /home and non-encrypted root. But I'm not automatically mounting /home. I do this manually on boot.
<rekado>Now that I have libreboot I'll move to a fully encrypted disk.
<sturm>rekado: that sounds like a good move with Libreboot
<efraim>guix on debian, should i install pavucontrol from debian or from guix?
<rekado>efraim: do you use debian's pulseaudio daemon?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<catonano>hello guix
<catonano>is there any plan about Rust in Guix ?
<jlicht>catonano: there was some work done it earlier, and I had a try at it as well
<jlicht>if you want to have a look, I mostly emulated the nixos approach of packaging rust
<catonano>the Nix approach ?
<jlicht>as in, the actual steps that nix took to package rust ;-)
<catonano>ok. Yes I'd like to take a look. Not now, though. Probably tonight
<catonano>where is it ?
<jlicht>pushing it right now ;-)
<jlicht>it would need some polishing, as I stashed my work and started to work on npm related stuff
<catonano>I'll do my best. Possibly I'll ask you for enlightment ;-)
<jlicht>, the wip-rust branch
<jlicht>apologies for the mess, and I recommend having a look at the build recipe nix has for rust
<jlicht>tl;dr: if we want to have a nice and reproducible rust compiler (the binary itself), we need to bootstrap it from back when it was written OCaml
<efraim>rekado: I think I use both, which is about as long as i've been having audio issues
<efraim>is it our ocaml package that needs help?
<jlicht>efraim: afaik, not really. As long as it is able to properly compile the ancient version of the rust compiler, we're good
<efraim>i mean i think its been broken for quite a while
<jlicht>For me, rust (or OCaml) or not a priority right now
<catonano>jlicht: I'm back. Ok, I'll take a look. As for reading the Nix recipe, I have a hard time readign their language. I don't even understand when a function is being declared (means of abstraction) and when it is being called (means of combination)
<catonano>In fact I had tried with Nix some time ago and I gave up
<catonano>Scheme is way more readable, to me
<catonano>As for the Rust compiler, we'll see
<paroneayea>davexunit: civodul: rekado: would any of you be interested in representing guix on a podcast?
<davexunit>paroneayea: I would normally say "yes", but I am on a bit of a hiatus right now.
<paroneayea>davexunit: good to know
<davexunit>hopefully civodul or rekado will be interested.
<davexunit>I hope to get back to guix hacking once I sort out some real world things.
<wingo>how do i git tag -s on guix? i seem to just have gpg2
<wingo>so i get error: cannot run gpg: No such file or directory
<wingo>apparently "guix environment --ad-hoc gpg@1.4"
<efraim>you could use gpg2, we haven't applied the patch yet to have gpg2 also provide a `gpg` binary
<wingo>yeah i think i have gpg2 in my normal env
<civodul>paroneayea: why not :-)
<civodul>or rekado, davexunit, paroneayea
<catern>is there a single package I can install that pulls in the rest of the GNU toolchain? i.e. autotools, gcc, etc., like build-essential on debian. I don't like seeing all these different packages in my list of installed packages
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<alezost>catern: no, you should install "gcc-toolchain" instead of "gcc", but the rest (autoconf, automake, make, etc.) you also need to install
<catern>OK. another question, is there a way in Emacs to get functionality similar to running 'guix environment' in my shell?
<efraim>you can create your own meta-package that pulls in all of those things, gnome and xfce are both examples of metapackages
<davexunit>catern: not currently, but I really want such a feature, too.
<efraim>gnupg-2.1.14 changes the tests to use scheme and includes a custom scheme interpreter gpgscm
<efraim>it get more fun, our libgcrypt, libgpg-error and libassuan are too old to build it
<janneke>davexunit: i'm running emacs inside a named `development' profile
<janneke>that way i can install packages into development and have emacs pick them up
<davexunit>janneke: neat
<coffee_master>i have a question
<coffee_master>is it possible to use guixSD? or too-unstable? The website says that it's not production-ready but maybe it is stable enough to use it
<janneke>coffee_master: fwiw, i switched to GuixSD a month ago and am quite happy with it, it's not as polished as Debian, but then again, you get GuixSD and not Debian ;-)
<coffee_master>janneke, thanks for anwser, i will install then and try, but a loooooong manual to read : )
<janneke>coffee_master: i installed Guix on a Debian Jessie in january, and worked to move/add everything I needed for myself and my clients to Guix
<janneke>when everything I really needed was coming from Guix, I switched
<coffee_master>janneke, some advices about what to read first?
<sankey>does guix or its infrastructure have any concept of a "package maintainer" role?
<davexunit>sankey: no
<efraim>we try to package the software as it is distributed from upstream so there's not a lot of maintanence, everyone has packages that they feel more or less comfortable around
<janneke>coffee_master: depends on what you want to do
<janneke>coffee_master: the manual isn't that large, and a good read imho
<janneke>ACTION 's constitution isn't built for these times
<phant0mas>hey janneke could you rebase your mingw work on core-updates-next and try again? :-)
<janneke>hey phant0mas, i haven't touched mingw in about a month, what's core-updates and core-updates-next, exactly?
<janneke>i mean, when are they targetted to get merged, do you know?
<efraim>core-updates as soon as possible, before hydra went down we were hoping for within a week
<efraim>core-updates-next is the next branch of core-updates so we can throw patches somewhere
<phant0mas>janneke: ^
<janneke>efraim: thanks
<janneke>does merging core-updates imply a release, or does core-updates just serve to take the hit of a world-rebuild only once in a while?
<bavier`>janneke: the latter
<janneke>i'm trying to package mono; with #tests? #f it's trivial...
<janneke>finding which tests to disable (and *how*) is seriously eating into my time
<nully>FYI: Hydra should be back up :3
<nully>the disks should be slightly faster
<nully>mark_weaver: i can add more space -- i think only 100G was added -- i'll pop in another 200G after this meeting i'm in
<nully>(shoudl be live iirc)
<efraim>web interface is still down but I can ping hydra
<lfam>nully: Awesome :)
<lfam>wingo: You can also set the Git configuration option gpg.program to 'gpg2'
<lfam>BTW, feel free to comment on the 'Install gpg2 as gpg' guix-devel thread. I didn't push the change because I felt there was not a strong consensus in favor of the change, which could break many people's PGP setups. The breakage would be trivial to fix, but it would still be annoying.
<lfam>BTW, feel free to comment on the 'Install gpg2 as gpg' guix-devel thread. I didn't push the change because I felt there was not a strong consensus in favor of the change, which could break many people's PGP setups. The breakage would be trivial to fix, but it would still be annoying.
<lfam>And perhaps dangerous, considering how many scripts I see that do not check return values
<efraim>I thought the consensus was to go ahead
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<wingo>lfam: tx :)
<ng0> advertisment is silly. this is my new profile picture in the limited places where i can have one. involuntary GNU energydrink
<ng0>i noticed we don't have ( ), or am I wrong?
<ng0>more precise, the nsgmls binary
<lfam>avoine: Thanks for the link!
<sankey>when i edit a guix package using guix edit <package>, i then have to copy the changed file into a separate guix clone on my local disk before committing
<sankey>is this the expected workflow?
<sankey>i suppose it's actually not too crazy, i'm literally wining about running a single command :)
<alezost>sankey: "guix edit" just opens a file with the package definition (which is placed in the store in your case, I think). If you run "./pre-inst-env guix edit", it will open a scheme file from your git checkout
<sankey>ahh, that makes more sense
<lfam>Huh, I wonder why my substitutes mirror is giving me 502 Bad Gateway errors while is still working as expected
<lfam>Could it be that if I requested something that did not have cached, it would also return 502? Could that be the explanation?
<sankey>fwiw, i'm also getting 502 on for many subtitutes but not all
<lfam>sankey: Okay, that's too bad, but at least it indicates that my server is not misconfigured. Those 502'd substitutes must the things the mirror does not have
<lfam>Looking forward to getting running again
<lfam>I don't know why my mirror lacks some of these things, though.