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<calher>OrangeShark: Thanks, it works now. But ERROR: no reader available for post: "posts/foo.sxml"
<OrangeShark>calher: I believe that means you need to put sxml-reader in the list of readers for the site
<OrangeShark>calher: ya, I get the error if I don't include "sxml-reader" in the list of readers for the site config
<calher>OrangeShark: It says sxml-reader is unbound.
<OrangeShark>sxml-reader should be in (haunt reader) be sure to put that in use-modules
<calher> (haunt reader skribe sxml-reader))
<OrangeShark>it should be (use-modules (haunt reader) (haunt reader skribe))
<OrangeShark>(haunt reader) is a module as well as (haunt reader skribe)
<calher>(haunt reader sxml)?
<OrangeShark>sxml-reader is found in the (haunt reader) module
<OrangeShark>(haunt reader) comes with two simple readers, sxml-reader and html-reader
<calher>OrangeShark: I still don't understand "Scheme Procedure: <sahntuehouSNhuethou>"...
<OrangeShark>calher: you can remove (haunt reader sxml-reader), that not an actual module
<calher>OrangeShark: So builtin readers are treated differently than added ones like Skribe. That's dumb; Sussman said that there should be no difference between created functions and builtin functions. Oh well... I'm so tired, so irritable...
<OrangeShark>calher: that is just the module import system for guile, haunt could have placed sxml-reader in its own module
<calher>I do just (haunt reader) and it complains that the reader for skribe is not there. I do both (haunt reader) and (haunt reader skribe) and then it complains that sxml is not here.
<OrangeShark>skribe and texinfo are builtin to haunt as well
<OrangeShark>you need to have both (haunt reader) and (haunt reader skribe)
<calher>OrangeShark: builtin? but (haunt reader skribe))
<OrangeShark>the tutorial just shows skribe, if you include (haunt reader) you can now read sxml
<OrangeShark>the example config on this page has more readers
<calher>OrangeShark: -->
<OrangeShark>you forgot to include skribe-reader in the list of #:readers
<OrangeShark>the tutorial needs a bit of work, maybe I will see if I can work on it
<lfam>Can anybody access our cgit interface?
<retroj>lfam: this? yes
<lfam>retroj: Huh. For me, it tries to redirect to https and then fails.
<lfam>retroj: Do you see our repo on that page?
<lfam>I see dhcp.git, gnunet.git, guix-artwork.git, and maintenance.git
<lfam>guix.git is absent
<lfam>Here it is, if you can load it:
<OrangeShark>lfam: I get a secure connection failed message
<lfam>I wonder if they enabled HSTS by accident
<retroj>lfam: same here
<retroj>i can load it with the direct link
<retroj>but it didn't appear in the contents of the link i gave
<lfam>retroj, OrangeShark: FYI I filed a bug report:
<mckinley>Wondering if anyone has tried to package Maven yet
<mckinley>I've started, and found it be a bit more difficult than I initially thought
<lfam>mckinley: There has been some discussion, try searching the guix-devel archives.
<davexunit>OrangeShark: thanks for giving haunt support. much appreciated.
<davexunit>(and yes, the tutorial (and everything else) could use some work. patches very much welcome.)
<OrangeShark>no problem davexunit
<calher>davexunit: I aim to use Haunt to generate <>.
<davexunit>calher: neat! I'm going through a pretty large life transition at the moment so my capacity to write/support code right now is almost nil, but I'm glad to see that there are others that know the basics of haunt that can jump in.
<eus>Hi! Finally I managed to install Guix from USB disk with "guix pull" after about 30 hours.
<sneek>Welcome back eus, you have 1 message.
<sneek>eus, quiliro says: is full of spam now
<eus>Logging in to Gnome, I think something is wrong with the font.
<eus>The time at the center top of the screen shows "Sun 10<big white square>08". The <big white square> is supposed to be a blinking colon, isn't it?
<eus>Also, firing up Terminal from the list of available apps, I see that there is a big space between "gui" and "x". That also happens when I type "exit". The spacing between "exi" and "t" is way too big.
<eus>Any suggestion as to how to solve this appearance problem?
<iyzsong>eus: I think install font-dejavu should fix that.
<eus>iyzsong: Thanks. Let me try.
<eus>iyzsong: Should I install the font as "root" or as an ordinary user that currently I am logged in as?
<iyzsong>eus: install it as the login user, or system-wide using the 'packages' field in the os config.
<iyzsong>you can check it using the 'fc-list' command from fontconfig.
<sturm>Yay, install completed. :)
<sturm>Seems to falling back to Window Maker, rather than starting Gnome or XFCE
<sturm>Is `guix pull`, then `guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm` the appropriate first commands to run to bring a new system up-to-date?
<iyzsong>sturm: yep, that's right :-)
<iyzsong>currently, Window Maker is hardcoded as fallback session of slim, when no session choosed (F1 when login).
<sturm>great, thanks iyzsong!
<vincele>hello guixers, I'm wondering if there's a way to try guixsd in a qemu VM without installing anything on the current distro, I'm going through the docs, and ML archives, but so far have not found that recipe. Thanks
<cbaines>vincele, This part of the docs looks relevant
<vincele>cbaines, thanks, I had seen that but it is assuming one already have installed guix on the current distro, which is what I was trying to avoid...
<vincele>In fact it would be cool if there was an image of the current version distributed alongside of the usb and binary installs...
<random-nick>vincele: you can just use the usb installer in qemu
<vincele>random-nick, uh ? I assumed that was not possible, but I'll have to look harder...
<random-nick>you can't use it as a cdrom in qemu, because it doesn't have isofs but you can use it as a second virtual hard disk in qemu
<sturm>iyzsong, yay, Gnome started up after doing the update. Thanks for your help.
<sturm>Given the docs, I assume there must be some keen Dvorak users. What approach are you using to set the keyboard layout? (Usually use Gnome Input Sources, but the list is unpopulated)
<iyzsong>sturm: the list is empty? iirc the '...' button works for me.
<iyzsong>also, you can make a '~/.xsession' script with 'setxkbmap dvorak' and end with 'exec $1' (to run the choosed slim session).
<sturm>Oh, right - I didn't realise that. Click "...", then "Other".
<sturm>iyzsong, thanks again!
<iyzsong>sturm: you're welcome :-)
<sturm>iyzsong, I had a play around to find setxkbmap, but didn't seem to show up on my path after installing libxkbfile. Maybe a restart would have helped.
<sturm>tried a new terminal
<iyzsong>it's provided by the 'setxkbmap' package, not 'libxkbfile'.
<iyzsong>no need to reboot.
<sturm>so it is, thank yang
<sturm>so it is, thanks iyzsong
<iyzsong>cool :-)
<sturm>(sorry yang, not you!)
<iyzsong>ACTION go out for dinner
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<ecidiulf>trying to build guix, it makes it all the way to GUILEC guix/test.go before failing. there are two errors during build. one error early on when it tries to download something but does not have network access, and another relating to missing interface module (charting) are the earlier errors the cause of failure or is maybe some test silently failing?
<ng0>guix during the bootstrap process needs to download 2 guile binaries
<ng0>it's explained in the manual, I'll paste the link once my browser opened
<ng0> i think this page
<ng0>see also this thread for some more words on the bootstrapping :)
<ecidiulf>thanks ng0
<ng0>assuming you build guix from source and not a software with the guix binary
<ng0>maybe it would help to see the exact error messages
<ng0>if you are able to paste them somewhere
<ng0>I'll be afk again. maybe someone else can help
<ecidiulf>ng0 it's probably something with my chroot build setup it's always causing obscure issues with basically everything
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<amacoderr>hi, when is 0.10 going out of beta?
<jmd>amacoderr: Presumably when the limitations listed at have been fixed.
<amacoderr>jmd: thanks
<jmd>When will there be guix for the power8 ?
<efraim>When someone bootstraps it
<efraim>If its anything like aarch64 it'll need a patch against isl-0.11.1
<lfam>Is it expected that I can use copy-recursively in a package definition even though (guix build utils) is not imported? Is it propagated by some other module?
<lfam>I'm checking the added modules in this patch, and I can build the package after removing (guix build utils) and the others:
<pmikkelsen>Hey, is it possible to dualboot with Windows from guixsd? I don't see any options in the documentation
<sneek>Welcome back pmikkelsen, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>pmikkelsen, lfam says: Check out the desired commit, remove the '.git/' directory, and then use `guix hash --recursive`
<sneek>pmikkelsen, alezost says: alternatively you can just "guix build" this package with any hash, and it will fail telling you the proper hash
<lfam>pmikkelsen: Be careful taking hashes from failed builds as suggested by alezost. It's better to download the file outside of Guix and calculate the hash that way.
<lfam>I don't know if anyone has dual booted alongside Windows. It would be interesting to know if it's possible
<pmikkelsen>ifam: i used your approach for finding the hash. And okay, i just wanted to hear if some og you had done it. I need Windows for my school.. :p
<lfam>pmikkelsen: Unfortunately I've never dual-booted *anything*, so I have no idea how to start
<lfam>BTW my name doesn't start with an i ;)
<pmikkelsen>lfam: is it a l? ;)
<lfam>Yes :) This time my IRC window lit up to notify me
<pmikkelsen>Haha sorry :) by the way I am new to guix, but so far everything has been going smooth!
<lfam>pmikkelsen: Welcome :) And please let us know what's not smooth!
<pmikkelsen>lfam: thanks! And well, only the dualboot thing ;)
<lfam>pmikkelsen: People *do* dual boot with other GNU / Linux systems. You might get some good advice if you ask on
<pmikkelsen>lfam: thanks, i'll try that later
<ng0>howdy. make pdf-local does not work, how do I generate a pdf of the content in the doc dir?
<lfam>FYI, I have a WIP package of an alternative Let's Encrypt client:
<lfam>Perhaps people will want to test it
<lfam>Well, looks like I broke the package between making it build and cleaning it up. Fixed:
<efraim>libreboot machines with their separate grub.cfg i believe makes it easier to dualboot
<ng0>or something which I could look at for spotting a mistake in what I wrote into the documentation
<ng0>on the .texi side it looks okay
<ng0>I'm not so familar with rendering .texi to pdf
<lfam>ng0: What goes wrong?
<ng0>I don't know how to render the documentation, that's all
<lfam>Try `make doc/guix.pdf`
<lfam>It doesn't work for me because I don't have a tex-to-pdf tool in my environment. But, I think it's the right command
<ng0>ah.. i think i don't have tex here, that's what fails
<ng0>so i need to install that first
<efraim>`guix environment guix' should pull something in
<efraim>mmm, may pull something in
<lfam>efraim: That's what I tried, but it doesn't provide the right tool
<efraim>i noticed it also seemed to be missing help2man
<ng0>is texlive a basic component for building the base system of guix or an assumed desktop (gnome) system? if so, it is gone from hydra, at least from the status I got through package, which is why some people might've been complaining about building so long when setting up guixsd
<lfam>ng0: Do you mean texlive-texmf?
<ng0>possibly, because I can't look at what it was, texlive-texmf finished building
<lfam>ng0: We don't serve substitutes of texlive-texmf because it is ~4 GiB and we simply don't have the capacity for that. Building it requires --fallback
<ng0>i see. okay
<lfam>Between the source and the built output, it uses 6.3 GiB on my machine
<lfam>ng0: I sent a message to guix-devel
<ng0>which one? after the one I did sent?
<lfam>ng0: I didn't receive any mail from you about texlive yet
<ng0>idid not sent a mailabout texlive
<ng0>sothen we are talking about different subjects
<lfam>About the Git snapshot revision numbers?
<lfam>I think for that, the code sample should be updated to include a revision variable
<ng0>I changed a bit in the documentary and wanted to test it
<ng0>i haveprepared a patc
<lfam>Ah, I use `make doc/guix.html` to test changes for the docs
<lfam>I like the HTML version better :p
<ng0>but we should maybe also mention that revision != revision expression of for example svn sources
<ng0>or something
<ng0>people will figure it out eventually
<rekado>I only build the info docs and view them with “C-u C-h i filename”
<lfam>I think that, in context, it will be clear enough.
<lfam>rekado: As a non-Emacs user, I can sense how much better it is to do this in Emacs :) One day I will learn
<ng0>i can not check if my insert into the @copyright was right. from syntax I guess it is. I'll send the patch
<paroneayea>ACTION has like, 5 in-progress guix packages right now :P
<paroneayea>each of them in the last 20%, which as we all know is 80% of the work :)
<rekado>I have an almost working virt-manager
<rekado>last stage: wrap executables in GI_TYPELIB_PATH.
<kristofer>I'm still trying to sort out some cmake -rpath voodoo
<kristofer>it buils fine, but can't find libboost_* during validation, so the linker must not be getting the proper paths to boost.