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<baconicsynergy>okay, so ive been having some problems finishing up my install
<baconicsynergy>if i have separate boot var and home partitions, do i need to create /mnt/{boot,var,home} directories and mount them?
<baconicsynergy>or should i only mount root and configure everything through config.scm?
<baconicsynergy>maybe i should set up dependencies?
<baconicsynergy>grr im so close
<baconicsynergy>i failed to download ntp
<baconicsynergy>ERROR: In procedure getaddrinfo: name or service not known
<jmd>Somewhere I read that guix cant be installed on the raspberry pi. Is this simply due to the limited disk space or is there another reason?
<phant0mas>jmd: the first rpi is armv6 which is not supported from guix
<Acou_Bass>phant0mas: how about the 3?
<phant0mas>Acou_Bass: rpi 2 and 3 can use guix
<phant0mas>I am using guix on my rpi2
<phant0mas>but I suggest adding a heatsink
<phant0mas>because it can get hot
<Acou_Bass>phant0mas: thats good to know, i didnt think guix supported arm at all
<Acou_Bass>mostly because of the free software-only nature, i figured the rPi's had too many proprietary driver requirements
<Acou_Bass>i might give it a blast at some point, my Pi is a server, i can imagine guix being an amazing server OS :P
<phant0mas>Acou_Bass: the package manager supports i686, x86_64, arm7 and up and mips
<phant0mas>guixsd only supports i686 and x86_64
<Acou_Bass>ahh, i meant the distro guixSD not just the package manager ;D
<Acou_Bass>raspbian works just fine for me right now, but it never hurts to try others
<Acou_Bass>maybe ill try nixOS, i think they support the pi's xD
<ng0>nix ocervs a range of platforms, could be that rpi is covered
<sturm>Hi folks
<sturm>Just installing GuixSD for the first time, which is exciting.
<sturm>Only thing is that it seems to have been compiling various bits of webkitgtk for about 8 hours now, which is more than I'd expect for a single package (on a not-yet-Librebooted X200 wih 4G ram).
<ng0>that is because we should keep binary substitutes for the release candidate versions very long, but sometimes we fail in that regard.
<ng0>this will possibly get fixed in the future. at least with the new server for hydra and more space
<iyzsong>sturm: oh, welcome! have you finish the install?
<sturm>ng0, thanks, I'm not fussed about having to wait for the compilation, just started to suspect it might be going around in circles on webkitgtk.
<sturm>iyzsong, not yet, looking forward to it though!
<sturm>nice touch to have the info manual up on the second virtual console!
<ng0>webkit-gtk is big, so that it is not there anymore for the release is bad
<sturm>ng0, ok good to know - yeah I ran into a "402 Gone" for NetworkManager, so had to use "--fallback"
<ng0>someone on the list mentioned this couple of days ago
<ng0>it could be that you just have to restart the connection in some cases
<sturm>("had to", as in that's all I could think of to try - not that I really know much about it!)
<ng0>with herd ncsd restart or what it was
<sturm>I did try restarting the machine a few times, if that has a similar effect
<sturm>402 Gone seems quite specific though
<iyzsong>I think it's unstable to compile things in the live media.. it's more safe to install a minimal version, and then add other pieces after reboot.
<ng0>but the expectation should be that we have enough to provision more than this
<sturm>iyzsong, for what it's worth, I'm running the 0.10.0 installer from USB stick
<sturm>(I don't know if that's the same thing)
<iyzsong>sturm: yes, it's the latest installer. I mean a minimal os config, without GNOME, xfce, etc.
<sturm>iyzsong, ah I see
<sturm>iyzsong, I'll try that next time
<sturm>anyway, gives me a greater appreciation for what goes into a modern web browser!
<ng0>most of them are just too big
<sturm>there's a phenomenal amount of code
<calher>davexunit: Haunt:
<calher>ACTION $ guix pull
<calher>ACTION updated GNU Guix successfully deployed under `/home/cal/.config/guix/latest'
<calher>ACTION guix package -i haunt
<calher>Hm... it was already at the latest version. I guess Haunt is broken and sucks.
<pmikkelsen>Hello, I am having some troubles writing a package. I fetch the sources using git, but how do i calculate the sha256 sum of that?
<lfam>sneek: later tell pmikkelsen: Check out the desired commit, remove the '.git/' directory, and then use `guix hash --recursive`
<sneek>Got it.
<OrangeShark>calher, looks like a locale issue
<OrangeShark>have you set GUIX_LOCPATH?