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<ijp>I presume you've all seen flatpak
<paroneayea>rekado: glad it helped :D
<kete>I'm having an error while trying to use duplicity. "Cleanup of temporary directory /tmp/duplicity-LJ4LUT-tempdir failed - this is probably a bug."
<kete>The date reset to 1969, again. Maybe that's the problem.
<davexunit>ijp: yeah, it's pretty "meh"
<kete>How do we use an old kernel? I installed 4.1
<efraim>"guix build: error: build failed: cloning builder process: Invalid argument" any idea what I'm missing? something in the kernel I assume?
<rekado>kete: in the operating-system configuration you have to add a kernel field like this: (kernel linux-libre-4.1)
<rekado>somewhere near the top you’ll need (use-package-modules linux)