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<ng0>I'm pretty sure nix originally is jiddisch
<ng0>or might be.
<ng0>oh. really german
<ng0>1780-90; < German: variant of nichts nothing
<jlicht>this is getting ridicilous: `(define public node-babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy'
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<efraim>I have my aarch64 bootstrap tarballs, now I need to trim down the isl patch from 1.2MB to a minimum of necessary changes
<efraim>autoreconf -vfi made a ton of changes, all to add aarch64 support
<efraim>the patch is 30k lines
<ng0>We have no arm64 support yet, only armhf. So I don't need to include that aspect in building firefox, do I?
<efraim>i wouldn't worry about it at this point
<ng0>ok, so i guessed right. thanks
<civodul>efraim: oh?!
<efraim>15 hours of compiling :)
<civodul>and it actually worked? :-)
<efraim>i still have to stick it in my arm64 boards
<civodul>maybe you can test the binaries with QEMU
<efraim>and my patch against isl is just autoreconf, i'm trimming it down now to just adding aarch64
<efraim>I should try that, that'll be a fun test to bring my machine to its knees :)
<wingo>are there aarch64 server boards now?
<phant0mas_>efraim: nicely done :-)
<efraim>phant0mas_: I'm about to bump your patch on the mailinglist, that was a big help
<ng0>it feels stupid to use guix in a bash script to get a name - hash list of languages.. but you have to start somewhere
<civodul>"This change to the Cygwin library, previously available under the GNU General Public License, opens up a variety of commercial opportunities for companies to use the newest Cygwin versions in their products."
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<rekado>ng0: what do you mean by “name - hash list of languages”?
<ng0>I'm writing a script based on
<rekado>for most things you could probably also just use Guile directly
<ng0>still learning guile, so a shell script in bash using the guix binary in the end is good for a start
<ng0>you can always rewrite later
<rekado>why would you need to use Guix in there?
<ng0>"based on" was wrong
<ng0>I want to automate the process of guix download $xpi-uri so that the results can be put into corresponding packages
<rekado>FWIW I find it easiest to learn things by just doing them and failing.
<ng0>me too, but for now I want to use bash. the weather is just not very friendly for continuing with learning by doing
<ng0>i think a practical approach could also be to extend guix download.. guix mozilla-download $product to get all languages and the hashes of the individual files of a mozilla product.
<ng0>that script would be useful for icecat too, it's just lang: en at the moment?
<rekado>I don’t think we should extend Guix for a particular product. That’s what Guile can be used for, using Guix as a library.
<ng0>I wonder, can this be done at package runtime, or do we need to have static hashes?
<ng0>eh.. buildtime
<ng0>before buildtime i mean
<ng0>batch downloading works.. but the hashes
<ng0>it could be a function in the firefox/whatever.scm, which then gets called in the firefox package
<ng0>but otoh, having someone who checks the shasums and not just a script would be prefered.
<ng0>but the iso languages are so many.
<ng0>for 45.2.0esr: ach af an ar as ast az be bg bn-BD bn-IN br bs ca cs cy da de dsb el en-GB en-US en-ZA eo es-AR es-CL es-ES es-MX et eu fa ff fi fr fy-NL ga-IE gd gl gn gu-IN he hi-IN hr hsb hu hy-AM id is it ja kk km kn ko lij lt lv mai mk ml mr ms nb-NO nl nn-NO or pa-IN pl pt-BR pt-PT rm ro ru si sk sl son sq sr sv-SE ta te th tr uk uz vi xh zh-CN zh-TW
<ng0>oh. it's much easier. there's a dir which i have not spotted in public view, this one:
<ng0>things are so much easier with everything in one dir and not the folder tree view one level above that one
<ng0>temporarily, as a local solution, this could be a one line wget + run guix hash on that afterwards script, or a curl with range + guix download on the cat of that.
<ng0>and i thinx guile would be shorter and smarter.
<ng0>on extending. it does not have to be product specific, just an understanding of urls like wget does:[a-zA-Z.-].xpi should (theoretically) work in wget
<ng0>oh. no wildcards in http supported. grml
<phant0mas>efraim: when we get the all good from civodul, I will push the cross-gcc patch to core-updates-next
<efraim>I pared my isl patch down to just the aarch64 changes, now have to build out to the bootstrap tarballs again :(
<efraim>its not the end of the world, I still need to free up my external hdd for the arm64 boards and actually install an OS on them, so I have some more prep to do
<ng0>i dislike this solution with wget -r, many cd's, rm's, and a final for f in... guix hash
<ng0>but it works.
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<efraim>in my isl patch I left in code for big-endian aarch64
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<yoosty>Hi civodul!
<yoosty>question regarding your E-mail and "The problem is that these files are included in the manual, so it would seem awkward IMO to give the section name here."
<yoosty>not sure I understand that.. would a URI be more appropriate or is there some logic error that I'm not seeing?
<yoosty>also, that one-liner seems pretty useful, would that be appropriate in the manual somewhere? (e.g. guix.html#Using-the-Configuration-System )
<civodul>hi yoosty!
<civodul>yoosty: what i meant is that i make the (optimistic) assumption that people read the manual
<civodul>in that case, they see the example configuration inlined and surrounded with explanations
<civodul>it would be awkward, while you're reading "Using the Configuration System", to see a comment say "See 'Using the Configuration System'", wouldn't it? :-)
<civodul>no mention of Guix at
<civodul>davexunit: what have you been doing? ;-)
<ng0>o_O i just built a software which only functions in gdb and segfaults outside of it
<orbea>i hate that, build debugging symbols just to find it only segfaults outside of gdb...
<sankey>if i specify guix package --no-substitutes , does it make sense that the script will still update the list of substitutes?
<civodul>sankey: no, that would be a bug
<GreySunshine>will GuixSD run in virtual machine?
<Steap>Hum, I cannot push on ssh:// , is this a known issue?
<rekado>phant0mas: do you happen to have an idea about why my arm cross-compiler isn’t quite working?
<rekado>was there something obvious?
<rekado>I looked at the changes to the AVR toolchain for inspiration, but nothing seems to apply.
<phant0mas>rekado: nothing obvious unfortunately
<phant0mas>but I think it's time I try again :-)
<phant0mas>btw why where you using the svn sources?
<rekado>phant0mas: I first thought that the reason why my binaries didn’t work was because I didn’t use the exact same version of the toolchain.
<rekado>it’s also a good way for me to *see* whether the binary will work or not.
<rekado>some binaries are bit for bit the same.
<rekado>others (those that don’t work) are not.
<ozzloy>sneek later tell thomasd yeah! i'm a big fan of steven pinker
<rekado> returns 504, "Gateway Time-out" for
<rekado>never mind, works now.
<ng0>rendering the the full graph with full dependencies of libreoffice and their dependencies brings cairo to its limits. I was curious about the limits.
<lfam>Annoying thing: Bugs were just disclosed in the version of libarchive on core-updates (3.2.0):