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<emyles>okay, thanks, (guile!=emacs)
<civodul>yeah Guile/Scheme files have the ".scm" extension
<ng0>@INC for perl5 is site_perl , not vendor_perl in guix
<ng0>that's why my package kept failing to execute
<ng0>i don't know of a way to extend this and I don't want to change the perl package as it is rather important by note in the package, so I'll adjust my own package to site_perl
<ng0>so I still have the problem... one of the two modules: in gentoo path is: /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/Net/PSYC/ with a in Net/ , in guix it becomes lib/perl5/site_perl/5.22.1/Net/PSYC/ with in the folder Net/. ... i tried vendor_perl already today instead of site_perl , keeps failing with a message that shows that this is not in @INC
<ng0>the error
<ng0>eh.. is -I optional in perl?
<ng0>#!/gnu/store/abgjh1qaxd5fmg24d4wl3p1q8naskz4p-perl-5.22.1/bin/perl -I/usr/depot/lib/perl5 -w
<ng0> -Idirectory specify @INC/#include directory (several -I's allowed)
<ng0>so... this needs to be fixed.
<ng0>or am I wrong about this in perl?
<ng0>nope, correct. I told the developer about it, for now I'll fix it the quick way in guix.
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<ng0>hmm.. I'm reading this and I try to understand how the substitue append works, even after looking at the bittorrent.scm . no good happens this early in the morning, so Ileave it, but I want to do for a perl package to replace all already fixed files to append an -I/path/to/lib/ .. example shebang: #!/gnu/store/abgjh1qaxd5fmg24d4wl3p1q8naskz4p-perl-5.22.1/bin/perl
<ng0>-I../lib/perlxt/ -I/usr/depot/lib/perlxt -w where I want to add this additional -I/our/path ebtween the last -I and -w
<OriansJ>and 48 minutes of pain and troubleshooting to find, the problem was exactly a single digit, 0 instead of 1 >.<
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<ng0>hello civodul. okay, today I will spent with figuring out how this subsitute append works. packaging a first perl package was good enough yesterday, now i just need to append the @INC
<civodul>usually Perl packages are relatively simple with perl-build-system
<ng0>it builds, was finished yesterday. it does not need to be build, just copied. but the problem are binaries where I need to attach the -I/where/the/lib/is
<ng0>i read this patch yester, 12884, but did not get it at 3AM .. which is to no surprise
<ng0>so when I finish this, there's a native psyc client on guix. though I'm not sure if psycion is up to date, but the package includes all kinds of other software, most recently a minimal tor monitor
<ng0>why is out aria2 not fetched from the upstream repo?
<ng0> (upstream) vs
<ng0>ACTION is busy elsewhere, but I'll change it this week and try if there was a reason for the differing repo.
<ng0>i think I understand now how to this specific substitute works
<ng0>I forgot yesterday that // are comments
<ng0>it was 3 / 3.30 AM .. so not a good time to try to actually understand
<ng0_>and it must happen before 'check or whereever the shebang is replaced for the first time
<jlicht>Hello guix!
<jlicht>civodul: I have a patch for node, which I can send later today
<emyles>Hello, trying to set up offloading but get "failed to obtain load" of build server and "hook reply is `postpone'", the only thing in the system log is "spurious SIGPOLL", any ideas what could be wrong?
<ng0>I got it almost fixed, now i'm trying different ways to actually get the patching to run... this went from failing to this version which is complaining about syntax: (%modify-phases phases* (alist-cons-before (quote patch-source-shebangs) (quote patch-shebang-add-inc) (lambda* (substitute* (quote ("cgi/psycpager" "contrib/makenoise" "contrib/keefchat" "contrib/MovableTypeBlog/plugins/" "bin/psycsyncd"
<ng0>"bin/psycauth" "bin/psycplay" "bin/syslog2psyc" "bin/psycfilemonitor" "bin/remotor" "bin/psyclink" "bin/psycion" "bin/psycwake" "bin/psycfileshare" "bin/psyccat" "bin/psycmsg" "bin/psycmp3" "bin/psycusers" "bin/psycsendfile" "bin/psycnotify" "bin/psycctrl" "bin/psyccmd" "bin/psyclisten" "hooks/dpa2psyc" "examples/recvtest" "examples/sendtest")) ("#!/usr/bin/perl -I../lib/perlxt/ -I/usr/depot/lib/perlxt -w"
<ng0>("#!/usr/bin/perl -I../lib/perlxt/ -I/usr/depot/lib/perlxt -I../lib/perl5/vendor_perl/"))))))
<ng0>I just realized I forgot the -w at the end, but that's not the mistake
<tuxracer68>hi to all i am linux user since long time ago but really new to guixsd and i feel me like a real beginner now
<tuxracer68>need help to configure boot loader grub
<ng0>you set it up in the config.scm .. what's your exact problem :)?
<tuxracer68>my proble is i have to set entrys for additional 5 other distros
<ng0>oh... hm. I can't answer that one, better wait for someone else.
<tuxracer68>my provisoric way ist to add guixsd entry to ubuntu grub.cfg by hand and execute grub-update in ubuntu but that is not a really good solution lol
<tuxracer68>because it not works
<tuxracer68>if i do update grub i loose the by hand editet grub.cfg
<tuxracer68>so i have ether entry for guixsd after system reconfigure or i have all other entrys after update-grub in ubuntu
<tuxracer68>and if i do only the entry from gux in the ubuntu config and reinstall grub i have all entrys but not without re config each time i to reconfigure
<ecraven>there should really be a way to add custom grub.cfg entries to config.scm
<ecraven>if there isn't already :)
<tuxracer68>the way in all other linuxes is to add custom entrys in /etc/grub/anithing custom bla
<tuxracer68>but this in guixsd not exists
<tuxracer68>also i miss the commands from grub but grub is installed
<tuxracer68>i could do my grub.cfg handlings from within my other linuxes, but this is not in my opinion
<ecraven>tuxracer68: in guixsd, I guess the "correct" way would be to add something to config.scm, but that "something" does not exist, as far as I can tell
<tuxracer68>ok so the only way i can comfortable keep my entrys is to do it either from one of my other distros and add guixsd ther because os-prober cant find guixsd because the location of kernel image is not in standart path
<tuxracer68>ok i can life with it if it must be
<tuxracer68>other problem
<tuxracer68>add a additional filesystem in config.scm i have problems to do so
<tuxracer68>something in my syntax is incorrect, but i cant figure it out
<roelj>tuxracer68: I think you could add menu entries in GRUB by adding them as 'menu-entries' in the 'grub-configuration' field of your OS configuration.
<ecraven>roelj: great, that looks correct!
<roelj>So (menu-entry (label "Ubuntu") (linux "<the line that Ubuntu uses that starts with linux>") (initrd "initrd line") ...)
<roelj>It's on page 150 of the manual.
<roelj>Or 7.2.12 GRUB Configuration
<ecraven>tuxracer68: can you paste that part of your config somewhere online?
<ecraven>tuxracer68: ->
<roelj>ecraven: Thanks for that link.
<ecraven>sorry I didn't see that before when looking at grub.scm
<ecraven>I'm still having trouble finding configuration options :-/
<tuxracer68>ok i will take a look at that after
<ecraven>would be interesting to have an automatically-generated config.scm that includes a full tree of all settings
<roelj>That would be awesome
<tuxracer68>now first my maybe simpler problem
<ecraven>tuxracer68: what is your current configuration for the filesystems?
<tuxracer68>only / bcause my additional entrys not work so i send what i wanna do
<tuxracer68> (file-systems (cons (file-system
<tuxracer68> (device "guixsd")
<tuxracer68> (title 'label)
<tuxracer68> (mount-point "/")
<tuxracer68> (type "ext4"))
<tuxracer68> (file-system
<tuxracer68> (device "daten")
<tuxracer68> (title 'label)
<tuxracer68> (mount-point "/daten")
<tuxracer68> (type "jfs"))
<tuxracer68> %base-file-systems))
<ecraven>tuxracer68: please don't paste in here, use one of the public web paste bins
<ecraven>does the guix kernel support jfs out of the box? the rest seems ok to me
<tuxracer68>can you tell me what how and wher i can use paste bin i dont know this$
<ecraven>google "paste bin"
<tuxracer68>yes i can mount it by hand
<ecraven>what kind of error do you get?
<tuxracer68>problem is a system reconfigure give me syntax error
<ecraven>ah, sorry, that's the problem
<ecraven>use cons* instead of cons
<tuxracer68>moment please i paste exact error
<ecraven>(cons a b) is correct, you have (cons a b c) there
<ecraven>tuxracer68: no need, that's the error
<roelj>tuxracer68: You can use
<roelj>tuxracer68: In the future :)
<tuxracer68>dont understand this
<ecraven>why you must use cons* instead of cons?
<tuxracer68>can i remove the cons in filesystems? i have only let it in because it was there
<ecraven>no, cons is there to prepend one thing to a list
<ecraven>(cons a b) prepends a to list b)
<tuxracer68>and i thought it is needed
<ecraven>it is needed
<ecraven>you can do (cons* (file-system ...) (file-system ...) %base-file-systems)
<ecraven>or (cons (file-system ...) (cons (file-system ...) %base-file-systems))
<tuxracer68>ok have done and now maybe it works
<tuxracer68>no more error
<ng0>is this what guix really uses for perl @INC ? I'm trying to leave out the version now, but it seems not very portable: /gnu/store/abgjh1qaxd5fmg24d4wl3p1q8naskz4p-perl-5.22.1/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.22.1 /gnu/store/abgjh1qaxd5fmg24d4wl3p1q8naskz4p-perl-5.22.1/lib/perl5/5.22.1
<ecraven>ng0: you should never ever enter that yourself anywhere :)
<ecraven>it should be set automatically by guix for all perl packages
<ng0>but I don't use the perl build system with a cpan package.
<ng0>this package I am doing is mostly copy file
<ng0>only the @INC fails
<ng0>I don't enter the full store path obviously
<ecraven>hm.. I don't know enough about perl in guixsd to know what is supposed to set @INC correctly
<ecraven>but any update will change that hash, so you should not hard-code it yourself anywhere
<ng0>i can't tell either from the perl in perl.scm
<ng0>read, i don't write store :)
<ng0>it's part of the finalized output
<ng0>outdated since it was yesterday:
<ng0>talking with the dev now how to fix it.
<ng0>well the error tells us guix sets @INC among others to the version
<ecraven>how did you install net::psyc?
<civodul>ng0: probably you need to use the 'wrap-program' procedure to wrap 'psycion' such that it sees a correct PERL5LIB
<civodul>there are examples of that in other packages
<civodul>and perl-build-system does that automatically, i think
<ng0>I semi use perl-build-system .. I adjust it to work for my use.
<ng0>I can paste the full package
<ng0>I'll adjust it one more time and then I'll paste it
<civodul>ACTION goes afk for a while, ttyl!
<ng0>civodul: thanks, one phase from gettext.scm was enough to solve it for me.
<ng0>dev asks: what's the reason for the wrapper?
<ng0>I can't answer this,I just have to point people to the source for some questions..
<davexunit>good morning, #guix
<ecraven>hey :)
<civodul>moin, davexunit!
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<cmhobbs>hello, folks
<cmhobbs>last time i ran guix was on wheezy on a fresh install and used guix solely for package management (used apt only for security fixes and the like)
<cmhobbs>i've got jessie on my rig now but it's been running for a few months, so i have a lot of packages installed via apt
<cmhobbs>if i install guix again and start using it for packages, will it conflict with what i've already got installed or will it take precedence?
<cmhobbs>also is guixsd just the package manager with the linux kernel? if so, how are you handling hardware compatibility?
<bavier>cmhobbs: guixsd uses linux-libre
<bavier>do you need to re-install guix, or could you just use your current guix to upgrade to the latest?
<cmhobbs>when i get a new server here in the office, i may roll with guixsd on it but i'd like to just install the package manager on my primary machine at the moment
<cmhobbs>i have not yet installed guix
<cmhobbs>when i upgraded to jessie, i did a clean install
<cmhobbs>so i lost guix
<cmhobbs>had some trouble installing it again and just used apt
<cmhobbs>but i'd like to give it another shot
<cmhobbs>i have a lot of things installed through apt that i'd have to uninstall and then install through guix, i think
<bavier>cmhobbs: things from your guix profile will take precedence
<cmhobbs>so i could theoretically leave all these apt packages installed and just start from scratch with guix
<cmhobbs>and clean up later?
<cmhobbs>one last question: how do i do system-wide installs of packages? i may end up using the package manager on my servers for the time being
<cmhobbs>until i can put guixsd on bare metal
<cmhobbs>also, thanks for all the help!
<bavier>cmhobbs: system-wide packages are easy with guixsd, you just declare them in the 'packages' field of the system config
<bavier>on top of debian should also be possible
<cmhobbs>thanks again
<cmhobbs>i appreciate the help
<cmhobbs>time to get guix re-installed :D
<ng0>depends... for me it's the other way around, / comes before stuff in $guix-profile on gentoo.. or at least that's what I thought when doing which $binary
<ng0>but my guix on gentoo is in stages of fixing, so nvm me. it works, but needs to get fixed.
<ng0>what's the maximum length for the local hostname setting? I just tried it and (not guix specific) it's too long with ~127 characters
<ng0>around 60 or so, aha
<lfam>civodul: I'm about to update curl on core-updates-next. Should I revert the libxslt and expat changes on that branch? Those changes have been made on core-updates.
<lfam>I guess that question doesn't need an answer now. We can address it later
<civodul>lfam: yes, you could do that
<civodul>i think it's even ok if you rebase that branch, for this time
<civodul>so you could remove the offending commits instead of reverting them
<lfam>Rebase it on what? I'm lost in the maze ;)
<civodul>i mean rewrite the history to remove the commits that update libxslt and expat
<civodul>well, whichever way you prefer :-)
<lfam>Ah, yes. Drop those commits in an interactive rebase
<lfam>I will try that now
<civodul>lfam: BTW, could you look at the opendht patch when you have time?
<civodul>it seems the issues you reported have been addressed, but i'd rather let you check
<civodul>ACTION has to go
<lfam>sneek: later tell civodul: There's an open issue with msgpack, one of the opendht dependencies
<sneek>Got it.
<lfam>sneek: later tell civodul: I'm not able to push a "forced-update" to Savannah, so I will `revert` instead of `rebase -i`.
<sneek>Got it.
<mthl>lfam: You can delete the branch and recreate it with the same name
<lfam>mthl: Oh! I just pushed the reversions. Do you think I should delete the branch and re-push a rebased version instead?
<mthl>lfam: It looks cleaner in the Git history, but it is not mandatory IMO.
<lfam>sneek: later tell civodul: mthl pointed out that I could delete core-updates-next and then push the rebased branch to Savannah, so I did that.
<sneek>Will do.
<lfam>Is it acceptable to provide an absolute path to a C library's headers? For example, could we replace '#:include <zlib.h>' with '#:include "/gnu/store/...-zlib/include/zlib.h"'?
<lfam>The package in question is msgpack, discussed on guix-devel. Looking for advice so we can continue packaging Ring :)
<bavier>lfam: would that be an installed header?
<lfam>bavier: I don't understand what you mean
<bavier>lfam: would the patched header be installed to the store?
<lfam>I will check now
<lfam>bavier: Yes, the header is installed in msgpack's store directory.
<lfam>Msgpack can find <zlib.h> at build time, but the store item does not have a reference to zlib once it is built.
<bavier>lfam: could you patch the pc file instead?
<bavier>we've done that with some other packages
<lfam>bavier: Patch the 'Libs' and 'Cflags' lines of
<bavier>there's no mention of libz in, but I'm assuming that's a bug
<bavier>lfam: correct
<lfam>Yes, I think that zlib is so ubiquitous that the authors of msgpack never considered this
<bavier>I think technically libz -L and -l would go in Libs.private
<bavier>but the include flag would definitely go in Cflags
<bavier>we do something similar in the hwloc package
<lfam>Grepping for Libs.private, I noticed a dead link to a bug report on in the leptonica package. Too bad...
<wingo>so, ignorant user question :) if i have a .ttf file, how do i install it in guix? just copy to ~/.fonts/ ?
<bavier>wingo: IIRC in the past I've just `fc-cache ~/.guix-profile`
<wingo>this looks pretty great:
<wingo>separated by license! v thoughtful of them.
<lfam>That would be a nice addition :)
<lfam>Some of them seem to have a restriction on the name of the font: "No Modified Version of the Font Software may use the Reserved Font Name". I don't understand it fully
<wingo>that is still guix-friendly, no?
<lfam>I have no idea :)
<ng0>wiht noto family being around 200 MB, the other fonts must be small
<efraim>the "reserved font name" could be similar to "you can fork openssl but you can't use openssl as part of the fork's name" part of the openssl license
<davexunit>or similar to the mozilla trademark policy
<lfam>I finally carried out my GuixSD fantasy of reinstalling a system having only backed-up /home. Hooray :)
<lfam>Now that system has 100G for the store, and I can finish my gnome-maps package
<efraim>new texlive release, i mirrored part of it here
<davexunit>ACTION might be having an ld-wrapper issue but not sure
<lfam>efraim: Are you going to update the package?
<efraim>i haven't decided yet
<efraim>i don't think I can test it well enough and I don't know it well enough ATM to try and break it into smaller pieces
<lfam>Looks like Andreas does most of the texlive maintenance
<davexunit>okay, ldwrapper is not the issue
<davexunit>hoo boy this is a weird linker error
<davexunit>the ld call wants to link crti.o and crtn.o, which cannot be found. if I specify the absolute file name for each then it works.
<davexunit>but now where the hell does the build system make this mistake...
<kori>davexunit: yo did you see me question
<kori>Did you have to do anything extra to get gnome tweak tool working?
<kori>Also, the GNOME integration plugin
<kori>Do you use icecat?
<davexunit>kori: tweak tool for some reason doesn't list icon themes nor shell themes if you install them in your profile, despite my environment variables being configured accordingly.
<kori>Damn. .
<kori>How did you customize gnome then!
<davexunit>not that bad. someone just needs to fix it.
<davexunit>as a quick hack I just symlinked ~/.themes and ~/.icons to the relevant directories in my profile
<kori>My gnome is a bit broken
<davexunit>gnome is a work in progress
<davexunit>it works enough for me, but the screen never locks and stuff.
<davexunit>plenty of work to be done to make everything work smoothly.
<emyles>trying to build a package I am working on but it fails to download texlive. Why does it think it needs texlive?
<emyles>guix substitute: error: download from '' failed: 410, "Gone"
<davexunit>emyles: because the dependency graph contains a reference to texlive
<davexunit>not sure what kind of a response you were looking for
<davexunit>not many details
<emyles>here is the package .scm:
<emyles>I am wondering where in the dependency graph texlive appears.
<davexunit>emyles: you can use 'guix graph' to analyze the dependency graph
<davexunit>see the manual for how to use it.
<emyles>cool thanks
<emyles>or rather: cool, thanks!
<ng0>I sent the perl finished state to the list before making it a patch, can someone skip over it and check for potential things which could be wroten shorter?
<jlicht>hi guix!
<jlicht>is it possible to have the `patch-shebang' phase patch files other than the default?
<jlicht>right now, it only patches files such as those found in the bin/sbin dir
<ng0>for one package, or in general?
<jlicht>ng0: just for one package. (node, in this case)
<ng0>you can override what phases do
<ng0>I'm not sure how to use what the patch-shebang does though
<ng0>so maybe look at the function itself and try to expand that?
<jlicht>ng0: that makes sense, although it is not as elegant as I'd hoped it would be
<ng0>maybe it's possible in another way..
<ng0>other people might know more
<ng0>i'm just getting back into it all
<ng0>i imagine guile to be that flexible to just take the function, call the function and expand it without rewritting it, but this goesbeyond what I can do at the moment.
<ng0>this was unnecessary repetition i just noticed.
<ng0>"there must be an easier way"
<jlicht>magical function rewriting goes beyond my current guile expertise
<ng0>yeah.. I'm working my way up there as well with the goal I have set :)
<davexunit>jlicht: it's trivial to replace phases
<davexunit>or add a new phase that patches what you'd like
<ng0>but extending phases?
<davexunit>you need to *replace* it
<davexunit>or add a new one
<davexunit>I guess I don't know what you mean by extending
<ng0>ah. okay, that's what i do too. so no magix available.
<davexunit>you certainly shouldn't mutate anything
<jlicht>davexunit: I'll add a new one then :-)
<ng0>i think jlicht wants to take patch-shebang and extend what it does
<davexunit>patch-shebang is a procedure
<davexunit>I think y'all are confusing several things, but I can't really tell.
<ng0>very likely that I'm confusing things
<jlicht>I want the patch_shebangS phase to patch a file that is not on any of the paths currently searched by patch_shebangS
<davexunit>okay, so add a new phase that patches what you want
<davexunit>though I do question the necessity of this
<davexunit>where are binaries being installed to besides /bin and /sbin?
<ng0>packagning emacs-ebuild-mode .. "Major modes for various formats used by the GNU meta distribution Gentoo" is in the file a line length of 89... what would be a way to express this shorter?
<jlicht>npm-cli.js (the actual npm script) is located at lib/node_modules/npm/bin/npm-cli.js
<davexunit>ng0: wrap the string
<jlicht>wrt the root of the installed node package
<ng0>eh, sorry. synopsis. shouldn't this be very short?
<davexunit>ng0: now that I read it: "GNU meta distribution Gentoo" what?
<ng0>idk.. it's gnu linux and bsd
<davexunit>sounds inaccurate
<davexunit>it's not a GNU project
<davexunit>among other things
<davexunit>Major modes for Gentoo ebuilds
<ng0>ah right.. I'm confused in how to describe/name distributions rn
<davexunit>Major modes for Gentoo package files
<ng0>package files, eclasses and openrc scripts. a bit sad they did not split off the openrc mode.
<ng0>but a search will also use the description and not the synopsis, and i got it covered there
<ng0>would've been GNU when I had writen the GNU Linux distribution bla
<ng0>this way it was just plai nweird.
<rekado_>"GNU Linux distribution" is also misleading. Should be "GNU distribution" or "GNU+Linux distribution", because otherwise it sounds like "Linux" were a GNU project.
<ng0>iavoided the dash i usually use, but you are right
<ng0>probably too tiredfor some details today :)
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<cmhobbs>i keep getting this with guix commands.. any ideas? warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<cmhobbs>otherwise things appear to be working
<davexunit>cmhobbs: the manual has a section that explains the locales situation
<cmhobbs>ok, thanks
<cmhobbs>davexunit: saw your talk with chris webber from lp2016 yesterday. great job!
<cmhobbs>at least i thin kthat was you
<cmhobbs>think that*
<cmhobbs>i can't type
<ng0>i have the same problem with my experimental guix on gentoo although i followed the manual at that point.
<cmhobbs>so much code today. brain is mush
<ng0>might be my weird locale mix, but setting the locale to eg en_US did not fix it at the first try
<ng0>i mightÄve fixed something along the way. now it works
<cmhobbs>also, is there a reason why guix things aren't in (m)elpa?
<cmhobbs>or are they and i'm just dumb?
<ng0>guix things?
<cmhobbs>technical terminology :D
<cmhobbs>emacs packages for guix
<ng0>would it make sense to have them there if they come with guix itself (if I am not wrong)?
<cmhobbs>ACTION shrugs
<cmhobbs>that's just the first place i looked for them
<ng0>sorry, my bad. they don't.. that's guixsd i thought of.
<ng0>or maybe i am wrong.