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<lfam>How can I set TMPDIR on GuixSD?
<Sleep_Walker>for daemon?
<Sleep_Walker>it would be nice if the service take this as configuration option
<Sleep_Walker>I'd add TMPDIR to the list around the gnu/services/base.scm:977
<ecraven>does guixsd provide a method to set authorized_keys for users in the system configuration?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<ecraven>civodul: do you perchance know whether guixsd provides any method of setting authorized_keys for users in the system configuration?
<ecraven>hey janneke
<civodul>ecraven: it doesn't yet, but this has been discussed before
<civodul>davexunit had an idea, and it Wouldn't Be Hardâ„¢
<ecraven>civodul: I've looked at the nixos files, what they do might be usable
<ecraven>davexunit: ping
<ecraven>I'd like to try adding this, if no-one else has done it or wants to do it :)
<ecraven>:-/ also, rxvt-unicode-terminfo should be a separate output of rxvt-unicode, so that on a server you can install only the terminfo and don't need all of Xorg
<ecraven>can one output of a package depend on another?
<ecraven>if I run guix package -i emacs as a user and then as root, shouldn't the second run just link the already-installed package from the store?
<janneke>ecraven: if both profiles point to the same guix tree, yes
<ecraven>I installed guixsd, then ran guix pull as root.. they should point to the same tree, right?
<janneke>ecraven: i'm not sure, what does ~/.config/guix/latest point to?
<alezost>ecraven: you can check if "~/.config/guix/latest" is the same link for both root and user
<ecraven>the user has no .config/guix at all
<ecraven>only root has that
<alezost>ecraven: then run "guix pull" as user
<ecraven>hm.. so the packages in operating-system (in config.scm) are just built, but not actually installed for any user, not even root?
<alezost>ecraven: they are installed in a system profile: /var/guix/profiles/system/profile
<civodul>ecraven: yes, a package's output can be specified as another package's input
<ecraven>civodul: great :)
<ecraven>alezost: can I "enter" a system profile, to see what things look like inside?
<alezost>ecraven: yes, do you mean from the cli or emacs interface?
<civodul>M-x guix-system-generations :-)
<ecraven>I haven't started using emacs for guix yet
<alezost>ecraven: like this: guix package --list-installed --profile=/var/guix/profiles/system/profile
<ecraven>I meant enter a shell that has all the binaries and things from that profile
<alezost>ecraven: all these binaries should be available by default, check your $PATH
<alezost>it should contain /run/current-system/profile/bin
<ecraven>tramp fails opening /ssh:ecraven@ :-/ this should work out of the box, right?
<civodul>works for me! :-)
<civodul>how does it fail?
<civodul>does the target machine run GuixSD?
<civodul>ACTION tries
<ecraven>I can log in on the command line, just tramp fails
<civodul>yeah works for me
<ecraven>ah, port is #2222, not :2222, it seems
<civodul>could you check Tramp's log?
<ecraven>still no luck, Wrong method specification for `ssh'
<ecraven>I'll try again later :)
<civodul>what does the *tramp/scp ...* buffer read?
<ecraven>I'm running ssh, not scp. that buffer is empty :-/
<civodul>you've configured Tramp to use the non-default method?
<ecraven>no, I'm explicitly typing /ssh:... :) I'll try without that
<civodul>both work for me
<civodul>so, what does the *tramp/ssh ...* buffer read?
<ecraven>it's empty
<ecraven>in a package, is there an argument to prevent running configure? dstat only has a Makefile, no configure
<civodul>it's possible to remove/modify/replace the 'configure' phase
<civodul>see 'gnu-build-system' at for an overview of the build phases
<civodul>efraim: please stop changing core packages in core-updates, it's supposed to be frozen :-)
<ecraven>civodul: thanks :)
<ecraven>would anyone be kind enough to have a quick look at this package, it builds ok with --rounds 3 and also seems to work fine :)
<ecraven>also, just fyi, I keep getting this warning: Directory '/gnu/store/f4ac94zrljzd99sil6dwzwh7l4skmhb1-xdg-mime-database/share/mime/packages' does not exist!
<ecraven>(unrelated to that package, it was there before)
<civodul>ecraven: looks good!
<civodul>there are tiny cosmetic issues that 'guix lint' probably reports, but otherwise it's fine
<ecraven>ok, I'll fix these, then I'll try to submit it?
<civodul>you can also check
<ecraven>yes, I'll follow that :)
<civodul>but it seems you're on the right track anyway :-)
<ecraven>should it go with other packages into one file, or into its own file?
<civodul>maybe (gnu packages admin)?
<civodul>or (gnu packages linux) if it relies on Linux (the kernel) interfaces/syscalls
<ecraven>civodul: lint says nex/packages/dstat.scm:12:12: dstat-0.7.3: the source file name should contain the package name, but the uri obviously contains the package name? any idea what that is about?
<ecraven>I think it works on other systems, based on python
<civodul>ecraven: the base name of the source is "v0.9.3.tar.gz", hence the warning
<ecraven>ah, unfortunately I cannot change this?
<civodul>you can changed it by adding a 'file-name' field
<ecraven>perfect, all lint warnings fixed :) thank you!
<civodul>yw :-)
<ecraven>civodul: so, I've checked guix size and guix refresh --list-dependents too, now should I submit a patch against an existing file, or just send this one to the mailing list?
<efraim>civodul: sorry, I won't push any more to core :)
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<ecraven>there's no pull request setup, right? I need to send it to the ML?
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<efraim>qttools bundles clucene's headers
<civodul>ecraven: please send a patch to the list, as per
<civodul>hopefully someone will review/apply quickly!
<ecraven>civodul: thank you very much for the help, sent :)
<ecraven>nice, if things work this well, I'll try php next :D
<ng0>hm.. I get the same error about XML file in GuixSD, not just guix on top of gentoo.
<ng0> after a guix pull and system reconfigure
<ng0>did this even come through, the last messages? I wasn't logged in.
<efraim>we got error about xml on guixsd, not just guix on gentoo, a paste and then then brb
<ng0>okay :)
<civodul>ecraven: cool! re php, maybe davexunit (or was it someone else?) has the beginning of a recipe
<ng0>and frequently there's also . should I post to the bugs list about this to track it, or is the problem just a minor one?
<ecraven>civodul: there is one on github that should work, I hope I'll have some time to work on it monday or tuesday
<ecraven>I'd like to add a php-fpm service too, and make it work with nginx
<ng0>so I thought I'm adding some more applications before I start working on system services etc, I started to work something out for hiawatha and stagit yesterday, essentially to be able to be my own example case and replace gentoo on the server with guixsd. after those it only needs services I need to write.. I guess no one is working on hiawatha and I don't do unnecessary work with that?
<rodion>I did this little package
<rodion>my first
<rodion>I sent it to the list
<rodion>is there anyone willing to do the review?
<ng0>was it just now in the last 30 minutes, or earlier?
<rodion>the package is woof
<rodion>1 or 2 days ago
<rodion>it is a python script
<ng0>200 messages ago.. okay, I'll see if I can do a bit.
<rodion>thank you :)
<civodul>ecraven: that'd be cool
<ng0>wow this is incredible sad.. good that filtering/search works.. with all the long threads this is 1000 messages from the last one I have
<civodul>rodion: hopefully it'll be picked up "real soon"!
<civodul>rodion: often it takes longer than we'd like to, but hey, we'll get there
<ng0>rodion: the version is a date string?
<rodion>yeah, it is a date string
<rodion>in the upstream packag
<ng0>okay, just checking :)
<ng0>I only see one mistake, haven't run it. the description, we separate end of the last sentence and beginning of the next sentence by 2 spaces, not 1
<rodion>oh I thought it was done automatically by the interpreter
<rodion>it did display the spaces when I did --show
<ng0>is it? If so that would be good news
<ng0>so I don't have to add 2 spaces in the code? It was corrected in past packages I did.
<rodion>I haven't seen this requirement in the doc
<ng0>i thought it was one which wasn't documented, but now I'm not sure. someone else should comment on it.
<ng0>brb, rebooting
<davexunit>has anyone ever had the screen locker in gnome work?
<davexunit>i've never seen a lock screen
<civodul>maybe an extra screen-locker-service is needed?
<davexunit>yeah maybe
<davexunit>gnome has so many pieces I can't wrap my head around them all
<janneke>davexunit we need to convert/seduce/inspire a gnome hacker
<ng0>a gnome-theme-guix would be nice, or at least wallpaper.. the default deep intense blue is not very friendly.
<davexunit>I think that's best left up to the user
<ng0>an optional wallpaper package would do it, i think
<ng0>i know about those in kde, but i don't know about gnome
<ng0>we are discussing about developing a guix publish/pull method into gnunet-fs .. theoretically at the moment, done by people with more insight into gnunet it could be easier than from inside guix project. i know it's at the end of the roadmap for guix, but maybe we can advance that in part time.
<civodul>rodion: the woof URL seems to be currently unreachable
<civodul>hmm seems to be back now, nvm
<rodion>ok. on firefox, one has to remove the extra double quote
<rodion>got the email. thank you civodul.
<rodion>(and ng0)
<rodion>(not sure who is ludo)
<davexunit>sweet, got gnome-shell-extensions packaged.
<davexunit>gotta run now, though, so patch coming later.
<ng0>rodion: ludovic civodul
<rodion>ooooh got it
<ng0>wow. I think I need a more compatible video card for the other computer.. gnome shell is okay but slow, videos are in a speed from frozen hell
<ng0>oh, there are backgrounds packaged
<ng0>included i mena
<ng0>hm. is xf86-video-ati included in some way the system is constructed, or how would I go ahead and add this driver? is it in %base-firmware?
<ng0>I am trying to add it in (firmware) see if that succeeds.
<ng0>ah, I found a solution to x being slow maybe.. been some time since I had to set anything for xorg
<paroneayea>hello, *
<bavier>hello paroneayea
<paroneayea>hey bavier
<ng0>wow. chess is very heavy on the cpu
<Pof>Hi there!
<Pof>I have a question: which is more KISS, Parabola or GuixSD?
<bavier>Pof: kinda depends on what you consider "simple"
<paroneayea>Pof: what bavier said. If you're willing to consider from the perspective of what's most probably most familiar if you came from other GNU/Linux distributions, Parabola is simpler. But if you're looking for "elegance", I'd say GuixSD.
<ng0>hm... is there a graphics card which just works with 3d acceleration without any further settings, or do I have to construct the entire xorg config file in the config.scm when I add only the card? my pitcairn ati card is a bit slow without extra settings
<Pof>paroneayea: what makes you say GuixSD is elegant?
<ng0>does someone have an config.scm with (service) xorg-configuration-file and specified drivers at hand? I'm a bit at loss for a quick start for tue system which needs it.
<bavier>Pof: Guix's functional package management paradigm extends to GuixSD system configuration, with all its features
<bavier>system rollback, package installation rollbacks, non-root package management, etc
<Pof>bavier: hmm, so it is all about the packet manager :-)
<Pof>bavier: is it very different from pacman?
<bavier>Pof: I can't say personally; I've not worked with pacman before
<ng0>from what I remember: yes
<ng0>and pacman does not do what guix in guixsd does, for example system reconfigure
<ng0>pacman also leaves you with a broken system when something breaks. the only thing we absolutely pay attention to not breaking in guixsd is grub.
<ng0>breaking, when you compile/test something yourself and not use the binary substitutes.
<ng0>hell is slow 2d graphics... >.< damn video card.
<Pof>bavier: so GuixSD is rolling releas I understand
<ng0>I recommend watching one of the videos explaining the system, from fosdem this year or some other talk, linked at the guix homepage
<bavier>Pof: essentially. You can use 'guix pull' or maintain a local git checkout
<bavier>we create new installers and tarballs for each official release
<bavier>for security updates esp, you'll want the latest guix
<ng0>also more features, like new system services
<Pof>what does mean "transactional upgrades"?
<bavier>Pof: it either works, or it does nothing at all
<random-nick>Pof: it means that upgrades are transactions
<bavier>it doesn't leave your system in a nonfunctional intermediate state
<Pof>how can it know if the system is functional or not?
<Pof>how can it know that on next reboot I won't get a kernel panik?
<bavier>Pof: reboot?
<Pof>reboot of my computer
<bavier>Pof: with GuixSD, you can select previous system states from the grub boot menu
<bavier>if something doesn't work
<Pof>very nice
<Pof>so the system is never really broken
<random-nick>does guix protect from rm -rf /gnu ?
<bavier>random-nick: you'd need to be root for that to be harmful
<random-nick>yeah, as root
<ecraven>hm.. fish shell has released version 2.3, guix has 2.2, in cases like these, is it just a question of actually providing a patch? or may there be reasons to *not* update a package in guix?
<ecraven>davexunit: did you ever work on getting authorized ssl keys support for guixsd config.scm?
<ecraven>hey kori
<kori>I just installed guix but it won't boot, I keep getting a kernel panic
<ecraven>did you install guix or guixsd?
<kori> config.scm
<ecraven>is /dev/sdb(1) definitely correct?
<kori>that's where it's installed
<kori>the other partitions don't have anything on them
<kori>for sdb
<ecraven>ok, just because on many systems it would be sda, not sdb, but it might well be right for yours :)
<kori>ecraven: aye, I have another system on sda
<kori>sdb is this other hdd i installed guix on
<ecraven>do you happen to have a screenshot of your kernel panic?
<kori>guixsd, sorry
<kori>ecraven: I don't, actually
<ecraven>can you remember what it said?
<kori>this is a new install
<kori>the previous one which used this same config.scm
<kori>said at the very top "no such file or directory", so I'm assuming it can't find init
<kori>but... erm...
<kori>am I doing something wrong?
<kori>will the title affect it
<ecraven>your config seems fine to me (but then I've only been using guixsd for a few days), as far as I can tell, it *should* work
<kori>I changed 'label to 'Guix
<ecraven>ah, that might be it, a minute
<ecraven>I don't think "title" means the label you give it
<ecraven>I think "title" is there to explain what the thing you write in "device" actually means
<ecraven>whether it is a label, a device, a uuid, whatever
<ecraven>but I might be totally wrong :-/
<kori>it should be that, yeah
<kori>well, okay, how do I trigger a rebuild?
<ecraven>this seems to agree with what I think:
<kori>do I just boot the iso again and guix system init?
<kori>same for this
<kori>might be that, yeah
<ecraven>that would work. you could try to boot with a usb key, and provide your system at the kernel init line
<ecraven>the system should be ok, probably just grub wasn't installed correctly
<kori>alright I'll try
<ecraven>good luck!
<kori>if all goes well I'll be back in a few mins~hrs here
<kori>ecraven: I was looking for device :)
<kori>This try should work
<ecraven>kori: cool
<ng0>I bricked my computer.. then I fixed it and gnome being slow by replacing the older ATI cards which require blobs with an even older card of Nvidia which does not require a blob... nvidia isn't that bad :D
<kori>well... I couldn't figure it out
<kori>it still panics