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<kete>This is interesting. " You do not need to install GRUB at all, since in libreboot you are using the GRUB payload (for libreboot) to boot your system directly."
<davexunit>hmm, I can't change any themes with gnome-tweak-tool
<davexunit>the program prints no error messages either
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<koosha>Hi everyone
<koosha>What language do I need to be closer to guix ? Guile or Scheme ?
<koosha>I mean for more confortavble for hacking
<koosha>Any comment ? : )
<koosha> /ping phant0mas
<rekado_>koosha: Guile is an implementation of Scheme.
<phant0mas>I found the problem
<phant0mas>with libpthread
<phant0mas>and I solved it in a hacky way so I can continue working
<phant0mas>the problem was that in libpthread's makefile, is declared with the libraries to link against
<civodul>ok, sounds like a reasonable strategy :-)
<phant0mas>but for some reason
<phant0mas>when it gets back to the top makefile
<phant0mas>that variable is no longer declared
<civodul>it would be worth sending the diagnostic (+ build log) along with your analysis to bug-hurd
<civodul>so people can investigate at some point
<phant0mas>yes yes I will
<civodul>and before you forget the details ;-)
<jlicht>Greetings Guixers
<civodul>hello jlicht!
<efraim>civodul: sorry I haven't replied to the email yet, kids got me sick and I've been pretty dizzy all day
<civodul>efraim: heh, i can understand!
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<civodul>mark_weaver: i'm considering postponing the GCC 5 upgrade, re
<civodul>i've done the best i could, but i'm running out of ideas
<civodul>the ARM folks have helped a bit, but i suspect they'll drop the ball now since they cannot reproduce it
<civodul>ACTION embarks on a trip to package Elm...
<civodul>(for work!)
<davexunit>if I had to guess, I bet it will be non-trivial to do
<civodul>it's all Haskell, and the importer works great
<civodul>but i'm not done...
<civodul>in fact, aside from Elm, ClojureScript, and Hop, i don't really know what "nice" options are available
<davexunit>be careful of minified javascript
<davexunit>the elm runtime is written in javascript
<civodul>oh, right
<civodul>i haven't reached Elm itself yet ;-)
<davexunit>hopefully you don't need a node toolchain that we don't yet have
<davexunit>I really want a guile js runtime :)
<bavier>this might be a fun target for our ARM port:
<davexunit>bavier: unfortunately it requires proprietary blobs in order to work
<bavier>davexunit: only for the graphics, no?
<davexunit>probably wifi and/or bluetooth, too
<davexunit>also it says it has LTE and GPS
<davexunit>which surely require blobs
<bavier>probably, but those are optional I think
<efraim>speaking of a custom kernel, would it be easy to create a derivative of our linux-libre that uses -march=native ? seems like a good leaf package to customize
<civodul>davexunit: yeah i'd prefer to use Guile, but we're not there yet
<davexunit>civodul: yeah, I know.
<davexunit>we can dream...
<bavier>efraim: you should be able to create a custom linux-libre package, and then use it it your os configuration
<ng0>hm.. where do I find info on running/installing guix inside/with qemu, in the handbook?
<ng0>i know it's maybe there but I never bothered to look
<ng0>well not the how to, but more getting the image of 0.10 ready for qemu usage
<bavier>ng0: have you looked in the qemu manual?
<bavier>the I think you should just be able to tell qemu to boot from the image
<ng0>no special rules apply for guixsd image? if so, sorry for asking, been a while since I used qemu but IÄm reading it
<bavier>nothing special that I recall
<ng0>the manual changed in how it looks in html.. a bit more nice.. or I just haven't looked at it for some months
<roelj>I've been getting this error for a week now when running Guix: ERROR: no code for module (build-aux build-self)
<ng0>do I resize the image like with fedora qemu?
<ng0>I'll just experiment for a while
<roelj>I resetted my Guix repo with git reset --hard HEAD, but no luck.
<civodul>roelj: what's the value of GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH?
<roelj>civodul: It's a bunch of my places where my packages live: /home/roel/sources/guix:/home/roel/sources/umcu-guix:/home/roel/sources/roel-guix-packages
<roelj>Shouldn't the module in buid-aux/build-self.scm be called (build-aux build-self)?
<civodul>remove your source tree from there :-)
<roelj>civodul: That works, but that way I cannot work on my package recipes easily..
<roelj>Oh well, the problem is on my part obviously. I just don't know how to fix it anymore.
<roelj>Thanks for your help :)
<civodul>roelj: for recipes that are in the Guix repo, you could/should use ./pre-inst-env
<civodul>for recipes that are outside, GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH is fine
<roelj>civodul: Ok. Thanks for that knowledge. Let's see how that goes :)
<ng0>it works. just need to figure out bridging now.
<ng0>on the host i mean
<ng0>thanks. good night!
<lfam>ifur: I saw in the logs that you had a very large package output. You should search the Guix manual for the 'substitutable?' option
<civodul>hey, lfam
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<civodul>night shift starting now ;-)