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<efraim>its in ncurses
<notadrop>oh thank God
<notadrop>that is so much better
<notadrop>I can't stand a "dirty" terminal
<marusich>you can also type C-L if you're using readline, which you probably are
<marusich>that will clear the screen also.
<notadrop>oh cool
<notadrop>yeah it works.
<marusich>Also, what I said earlier about vfat being an extension of fat32 may not be true; reading a little more closely I guess maybe it's the other way around. Anyway, vfat is there for mounting, probably, if you want to try it.
<notadrop>this has to be compatible with Android
<notadrop>it's for a USB OTG drive
<marusich>notadrop, do you know the significance of the "partition type" in fdisk?
<marusich>My understanding is that you can create a file system on any block device, regardless of what "kind" of partition it's on.
<marusich>So, my understanding is that the type is more of a best-effort hint to other programs as to what is in the partition. Am I wrong?
<marusich>Well, now I'll never know :(
<marusich>Given that I just created an MSDOS partition table with a single partition of random type "Golden Bow" (id 56) on a USB stick and then created an ext4 file system on that partition and am able to mount it...I don't think I was wrong.
<davexunit>mark_weaver: here's a quick attempt at a script->package procedure
<davexunit>not really sure what's appropriate to put in metadata fields, but this does the main task well enough.
<ifur>omg, geant4:data wound up being 3.2GB installed
<ifur>want to build this on hydra eventually? :P
<notadrop>that's a big package! what is it?
<ifur>monte carlo physics package
<notadrop>uh... what is monte carlo physcis? haha
<notadrop>sounds cool.
<ifur> its the data files that really blows it up
<notadrop>"Geant4 is a toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter. Its areas of application include high energy, nuclear and accelerator physics, as well as studies in medical and space science." cool!
<ifur>monte carlo is a simulation method (comes from the casino actually, since you are "gambling") there is youtube videos of how to calculate pi using shot guns and monte carlo
<notadrop>that's... cool
<notadrop>good luck with your research :)
<notadrop>or homework, or whatever it is.
<ifur>not sure what to call it, im not a physicist :)
<ifur>just do computing atm
<notadrop>nothing wrong with that!
<notadrop>computing and physics are both just applications of mathematics
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<defanor>i think it'd be nice to use scheme for user configs, roughly as guixsd uses them for system-wide ones (providing scheme APIs to generate those); can guixsd assist with (or be used for) that?
<alezost>defanor: yes, you can use scheme for user config, search the manual for "guix package --manifest"
<defanor>alezost: thanks, searching
<defanor>oh, i even had that section opened
<defanor>looks nice, left to figure how to add configs there
<kete>I had a typo in my config, and the installation said check system clock. I corrected config, but installation still says check clock.
<kete>can't build geiser, guix, profile, or system
<efraim>what does `date +%s' say?
<efraim>it should be about 1465123330
<efraim>kete: ^
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<kete>efraim, 'date +%s' does not say 146512330. It says 69296! This would explain why '2015-10-13' is '144697204 in the future'
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<janneke>ACTION just sent cry^H^H^H call for help to -devel list
<ng0>someone wanted to try libressl. You might find the libressl overlay in addition to *bsd portage useful. qtcore-4.x runs into walls with new libressl (>=2.3.x) and most likely soon with newer openssl, as they drop sslv3 support:
<ng0>I have now 3 running systems with libressl and some test vms with it, I'd say there are not that many problems, just a few version bumps or specific patches needed
<efraim>it'll be nice to have another reason to drop qt-4
<ng0>some application rely on for example pyqt4.. I contacted upstream of the one application I need for it to, so they make either pyqt4 optional and use the qt5 bindings or just switch to qt5
<ng0>*some applications
<ng0>I understand to little of pyqt to just patch it away
<ng0>ah.. maybe it's doable
<phant0mas>janneke: can you send me the failed build log of make-boot0?
<efraim>phant0mas: janneke: are you guys working against master or core-updates? I might try again to build aarch64 tarballs
<phant0mas>efraim: I have to push a couple of glibc/hurd patches but nothing that can affect other packages
<efraim>i might take another dive into cloog/isl to see if I can get those updated
<efraim>although I wonder if I go the debian route and run autoreconf against everything before building it if it'd help
<phant0mas>yeah I remember trying to build them for aarch64 and it was a mess
<efraim>or just add to the bootstrap process
<efraim>I have 2 arm64 boards next to me and 1 at the post office, all waiting
<janneke>phant0mas: sure...there's not much more than what i sent...
<janneke>fails @ unpack
<janneke>efraim: I'm working against master
<kete>does anyone set the system time?
<kete>how do I set it?
<OriansJ>dammit, I read the spec wrong >.<
<OriansJ>Looks like I am going to have to refactor the 1OPI and 0OPI classes in the bootstrap VM, bootstrap assembler and bootstrap disassembler
<OriansJ>Finished fixing the VM, disassembler, and assembler. Pushing changes to github now.
<OriansJ>Also, I should get the preserve source feature of the assembler complete before the end of the weekend.
<nee`>I have installed ghc 7.10.2 in a foreign distro and it always fails to link any program with the message '/usr/bin/ld: cannot find crt1.o: No such file or directory'. Is there anything special I have to do apart from setting the PATH and GHC_PACKAGE_PATH variables?
<OriansJ>Early draft of the preserve source feature of the assembler is now up on github. The assembler still has some rough edges but now it spits out commented hex that preserves not only the assembly source but also any comments it might have had. Now we don't need to trust the assembler binary :D
<janneke>back, on 4.6.1 now!...but still no synclient/ loaded in xorg
<janneke>oh well, who needs a mouse anyway
<marusich>kete, you can set the system time with date (check the options), and you can set the hardware clock with hwclock (check the options)
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<kete>ok thanks
<lfam>efraim: I'm curious, what boards are you using to test aarch64?
<efraim>I have a pine64, odroid-c2 and the 2GB hikey
<efraim>after my experiences trying to get guix on another armhf board I made sure they all can boot from sdcard so I can change out the kernel more easily
<lfam>I hope you'll let us know how it goes for each board :)
<efraim>that's definately the plan
<kete>Grub won't install. I might need to add a (mapped-devices) and change my (file-systems). did anybody document how to do full disk encryption?
<marusich>The Guix manual discusses encryption of your home partition, but not full disk encryption
<marusich>I think it's possible; some people have apparently done it with some bumps along the way. Check the guix-devel@ email list archive.
<ng0>or the #guix channel logs
<ng0>there were links pasted along the way
<ng0>some libreboot fde wip
<marusich>There's also a bug tracker for this issue, I think:
<marusich>kete, FWIW, encrypting your home works well (I do it myself and it's easy), so for now you might consider just using that
<marusich>but you can watch/contribute to the bug report
<kete>thanks, I was considering some sort of compromise.
<marusich>I just make sure not to leave secrets outside of my encrypted home.
<kete>I might keep hacking on it just in case
<marusich>Some software, like wicd, might store secrets outside of your home partition, so you need to be aware of that, but for me having my home wifi password on the root partition unencrypted is not a big deal, since that password is unrelated to any of my important passwords, and if somebody has physical access to my hardware, they probably can do a lot worse than hack my wifi, anyway.
<kete>going to yoga :P
<marusich>have fun :)
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