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<suitsmeveryfine>Hi! Has anyone here managed to get thinkfan to work?
<suitsmeveryfine>I installed the program as a normal user but the program wants to read a config file from /etc/thinkfan.conf. What is the correct procedure: to just create the config file as sudo or maybe to install thinkfan itself as root?
<koosha>Excuse me , what is the free software channel ?
<koosha>Any possible way to use hurd with Guixsd ?
<koosha>I mean in the present time .
<koosha>It seems that there is no one here :)
<kristofer>koosha, I think the best way to run the hurd is to start with the debian image
<koosha>Right ,
<kristofer>koosha, I'm not sure if the guix-hurd port can be bootstrapped from there or not, it may require some hacking
<koosha>what is it exactly ?
<kristofer>a port of guix to hurd
<koosha>Was it successfull ?
<phant0mas>well guixsd hurd is work in progress
<phant0mas>you can use guix on debian/hurd for now
<koosha>Oh , you are ... , what a intresting :)
<phant0mas>if you want to use guix on debian/hurd I can help you :-)
<koosha>Thank you :) Well , I prefer to use Guixsd as my Distro :) . How can I help in the guixsd hurd project ?
<phant0mas>setup a debian hurd vm, install guix and report problems :-)
<phant0mas>that will really help me
<koosha>:) Does it really help ?
<koosha>And why not to port it directly on guixsd ?
<koosha>Oh , sorry .
<phant0mas>porting it to guixsd has a lot of work which I am currently doing
<phant0mas>it includes many things that need to be done in guix, the guix-daemon and the hurd
<phant0mas>it will be done :-)
<koosha>So you want to fix the guix problems with hurd ? right ? (by using guix on debian/hurd)
<phant0mas>developing guix on hurd will help on actually porting Guixsd to Hurd
<koosha>OK , So I try to install debian/hurd and report bugs to you :)
<phant0mas>thank you :-)
<koosha>Thank you :)
<medima>noob here, can anyone help me out?
<jlicht>medima: fellow-noob, and I can try
<medima>I'm just getting started. I've built a new Arch vm and I'm building guix on top
<medima>I've been trying to build packages, emacs etc. but I'm getting errors saying it can't build dependencies
<medima>I've been reading through the info and trying to make sure everything is set up properly
<medima>I'm getting a warning about my locales. I need glibc-locales to set them up but guix can't build the dependencies for glibc-locales
<jlicht>could you post a log of the messages you are getting?
<medima>warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<medima>I'm also getting a note: source file /usr/share/guile/2.0/sxml/ssax/input-parse.scm newer than compiled /usr/lib/guile/2.0/ccache/sxml/ssax/input-parse.go
<jlicht>medima: for me that was indeed fixed by installing glibc-locales and properly setting GUIX_LOCPATH
<jlicht>medima: are you sure there are no other errors?
<medima>I'm running 'guix package -i glibc-locales' I'll let you know what the error is. I forgot to write it down
<medima>From memory the error says cannot build dependency xyz
<jlicht>medima: depending on your level of comfort with building packages, you could try to build that specific package via `guix build --keep-failed xyz`. It should give you a less unclear error message then.
<roelj>I'm preparing for a GuixSD installation. Do I need to add the packages's modules to the use-modules when I use them in the operating-system configuration, or are package definitions found some other way?
<davexunit>roelj: they are just plain ol' guile objects, so yes.
<roelj>So I have my config file that I think is complete. Can I quickly create a VM image so that I can try it?
<roelj>Is it just 'guix system vm /path/to/my/file.scm'?
<roelj>And, does anyone have experience with something other than ext4 as the filesystem?
<medima>I've been using btrfs
<roelj>medima: That's what I was thinking about using too. How has your experience been?
<medima>Well I find btrfs to work great but I've only been using arch. I've just started getting into guix today.
<roelj>So you haven't used it with GuixSD?
<medima>I'm still running guix on top of arch I havent getting into GuixSD
<roelj>Ah ok
<medima>I'd like to get to that point eventually
<roelj>This isn't very encouraging.. Running the 'guix system vm' command starts downloading qemu, for which no substitute is found, and then the compile process fails..
<roelj>Oh great.. even when I have qemu installed in my profile it attempts to recompile it..
<davexunit>it would never use what's in your user profile
<davexunit>because that's nondeterministic
<davexunit>the derivation specifies exactly which qemu should be in the build environment for building the vm image
<roelj>And why isn't that the same version as is defined by the package definition of qemu?
<koosha>Why the Gnu Messenger isn't in hydra ?
<davexunit>roelj: the qemu in your profile could be old
<roelj>davexunit: I just installed it a minute ago
<medima>I just installed GuixSD into a VM with btrfs. Seems to have worked ok. I'll have to do some testing
<roelj>davexunit: I'm at ece6864b (which is the commit from May 20, 22:14:46)
<roelj>medima: Cool!
<roelj>medima: How did you install GuixSD in a VM?
<davexunit>roelj: I read the source code. there are no special alterations made to the qemu package.
<medima>I used the arch iso installer and than grabed the binaries for GuixSD. Then installed the binaries instead of arch
<roelj>medima: Ok. Thanks :)
<roelj>davexunit: What else could be the cause that it attempts to recompile qemu?
<roelj>davexunit: Could it have something to do with grafts?
<davexunit>you can disable grafts and check
<medima>Well now that I've got GuixSD I'm reading into shepard. What's the deal on networking though
<medima>I'm trying to figure out if there is a dhcp service etc..
<roelj>medima: There is.. I think it's called dhcp-client-service
<roelj>medima: No idea if it works though
<medima>Question: On GuixSD is sed the default means of editing text
<medima>I don't have vi or emacs on the base install
<davexunit>medima: guixsd has no defaults. you choose what you want.
<kraji>is part of base
<medima>I'm trying to get dhcp configured and I was wondering if I had to do everything with sed before I could install emacs
<medima>I'll use zile for now
<davexunit>there's a networking service that you should use
<davexunit>or just run dhclient manually
<medima>yea I'm configuring dhclient right now. I couldn't seem to get the networking service
<medima>I've been using shepherd
<davexunit>well of course you have, that's guixsd's init system.
<medima>It's time to go buy some beer. I'll figure this out later
<efraim>mark_weaver: want me to push envstore?
<medima>anyone know service for networking. I'm setting up initial network and I feel like an idiot
<alezost>medima: there are static-networking-service, dhcp-client-service, wicd-service, network-manager-service and connman-service
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