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<alezost>sankey: I know nothing about Gnome, but if you think you found a bug, you can send a message to
<sankey>alezost sandro_ parted
<alezost>sankey: sorry :-)
<alezost>completions ...
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<jmd>has anyone tried guix on powerpc?
<mark_weaver>that's a different guix
<jmd>Wrong guix I think!
<mark_weaver>I haven't heard any noises about guix on powerpc, but it would be a good thing to have
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<nully>FYI: is now on new hardware
<nully>your pulls should be *much* faster. Kthxbai :3
<iyzsong>oh great!
<mark_weaver>oooh, thanks for the new goodies nully!
<mark_weaver>nully: is it on a KGPE-D16 box?
<mark_weaver>KGPE-D16 running Libreboot, I mean
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<ngz>I'm trying to understand the difference between #:modules and #:imported-modules in a `package' reference. The manual doesn't say anything about it (there's something in `origin' references, so I guess this also applies to `package').
<ngz>Yet, the wording is subtle. For `modules': "should be loaded [...] while running the code in the `snippet.". For `imported-modules': "for use by the `snippet'".
<ngz>So, who knows the truth? :)
<z0d>not me
<iyzsong>ngz: see the doc string of `gnu-build', `imported-modules' are for builder to know non-builtin Guile modules, while `modules' will be called as `(use-modules ,@modules)'.
<ngz>iyzsong: Thank you. However, the doc string is not very helpful: "Build from SOURCE to OUTPUTS, using INPUTS, and by running all of PHASES in order. Return #t if all the PHASES succeeded, #f otherwise."
<iyzsong>ngz: oh, I'm look at it in `guix/build-system/gnu.scm'..
<iyzsong>ACTION AFK
<ngz>For example, I need to use `emacs-generate-autoloads' in a phase. How comes I need to add (guix build emacs-utils) in both `modules' and `imported-modules'.
<iyzsong>yes, first the builder have to know the module, and then it should use it.
<ngz>So anything with (guix ...) or (gnu ...) prefix should also be added to `imported-modules' since they are not provided by Guile itself. Is that correct?
<ngz>(as long as the provide a function used in the phase)
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<ajgrf>i'm packaging an emacs plugin right now, and a couple extra directories (.../guix.d/<package-name>/...) got inserted into the final package that i don't understand. anyone know what that's about?
<ajgrf>it seems to be something the emacs build system is doing for me, and i don't know if that's why my package doesn't work or if it's something else
<ajgrf>nevermind, emacs found the plugin fine after i closed and re-opened it
<alezost>ajgrf: it is correct: emacs-build-system put emacs packages into "guix.d" subdirectories
<sandro_>hi to all
<adfeno>Hi sandro_ :D
<sandro_>Hi adfeno :)
<sandro_>hehe .... i've reinstalled guix but instead 1 partition, with the classic method ( /boot, root , swap , /home) :)
<sandro_>now i try to chroot guix (i'm using Funtoo now) cause3 i've necessity to learn contemporarely the guide (in pdf ....
<sandro_>hum no ... it doesn't run ... i'll restart in guix :P
<sandro_>justa a moment please :)
<sandro_>Ok ... now im in guix with Gnome 3.X
<sandro_>but Gnome 3.X is @work in progress .....
<sandro_>Ok ... now i'm in xfce4 :P
<lfam>Hi sandro__!
<sandro_>hi lfam.....
<sandro_>i've rebuilt guix using now not only one partition but the "classic" (/root , swap , / and /home) :)
<lfam>Excellent :)
<sandro_>lfam: to install packages in "user-level" is simple ... i must to acquire more info about the installation "global" :)
<sandro_>now i go to eat something .... then i'll open the guix guide in PDF :)
<lfam>Guix eats, nice rhyme :)
<sandro_>lfam: "The rime of the Ancient Mariner" (Iron Maiden .. do you like ? )
<lfam>I know the Coleridge version, but not the Iron Maiden version ;)
<sandro_>there are also the "rimes" of Samuel Taylor Coleridge ... :)
<sandro_>however excuse me for this off topic
<sandro_>hehe lfam so You know very well the music history :D
<lfam>15:22 ... I will know the music history in 15 minutes ;)
<sandro_>lfam: very happy that you like that :) :) :)
<lfam>A little off-topic conversation is good once in a while :)
<sandro_>20:44 in my town; there is those 2 minutes of difference ... :| mumbl mumble ......
<sandro_>2 minutes to midnight :D
<sandro_>Now i return to make a conversation about guix; and after i've eated "pizza"
<lfam>No, the 15:22 is the length of the Youtube video
<sandro_>Ah ... ok
<sandro_>excuse me
<sandro_>lfam: however, it seems not possible to chroot guix "under" another system (live or not) .... I use that "tecnique" to have under my eyes a new system and have all the possibility about communication using other software ... :|
<lfam>What are you trying, and how does it fail?
<sandro_>i make for example:
<sandro_>mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt/guix (the root)
<sandro_>mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/guix/boot
<sandro_>mount /dev/sdb6 /mnt/home
<sandro_>swapon /dev/sdb5
<sandro_>excuse me ... swapon /dev/sda5 (is in an ssd so much faster then in hdd)
<sandro_>cd /mnt/guix
<sandro_>mount -t proc none proc/
<sandro_>mount -o bind /dev /dev/
<sandro_>mount -o bind /sys /sys sys/
<sandro_>chroot . /bin/bash
<sandro_>the error is that there is not present /bin/bash on guix
<sandro_>or it seems
<pxc>sandro_: does GuixSD put a link to bash under /bin/bash? shouldn't the link be to the gnu store
<pxc>sandro_: yeah, try /gnu/current-system/sw/bin/bash instead
<lfam>On GuixSD, there is /bin/sh. Otherwise, you have to do something like what pxc suggests.
<sandro_>pxc: thanx ... i've used the "classic" tecnique" to chroot a new OS;
<pxc>on NixOS it's /nix/current-system/sw/bin/bash or something like that. there's also an additional bootstrapping quirk having to do with the init process, for chrooting into NixOS. maybe GuixSD doesn't share the issue thanks to dmd
<sandro_>ok ... i go to eat my little "pizza" ... then i can tell You about positive news :)
<lfam>You might also find the `guix system vm` and `guix system vm-image` commands useful. They make it easy to create and run GuixSD QEMU images
<sandro_>I can also reboot guix and use hexchat ... but since my Funtoo has ~1800 ebuilds, i've the possibility to give a simpler feedback using various instructions.
<sandro_>however ... ok few minutes .. and i will restart in guix :P
<sandro_>ok ... now i reboot
<sandro_>ok ... now i-m on guix with gnome
<sandro_>i go to eat
<sandro_>write You later >(
<suitsmeveryfine1>Hi sandro_: How did you installation go?
<sandro_>not very well
<sandro_>i've trouble to install softwares "globally" for all users :| (excuse mey ifnorance) :'(
<suitsmeveryfine1>No? It didn't help to replace label with device?
<suitsmeveryfine1>sandro_: You can add such software to the OS definition and then reconfigure. But why would you want to install programs globally?
<sandro_>i've reformatted and now instead only one "/" (root partition" i've the "classic style" with /home , / , /home
<sandro_>for me some software may be used globally ... others not globally
<suitsmeveryfine1>I don't understand your use case exactly
<sandro_>for example /bin/bash is at user level
<sandro_>insted i'd like to have it globally
<sandro_>i'm not able to chroot the system ... but just a moment ... i reboot in guix
<sandro_>Ok now I-m an my new guix with one user (sandro)
<sandro_>for example:
<sandro_>sandro@ci74771ht ~$ su -
<sandro_>root@ci74771ht ~# /bin/bash
<sandro_>-bash: /bin/bash: File o directory non esistente
<sandro_>another example ...
<sandro_>root@ci74771ht ~# hexchat
<sandro_>-bash: hexchat: comando non trovato
<adfeno>/bin/bash doesn't exist.
<sandro_>hexchat is only at user level (user: sandro)
<adfeno>and hexchat wasn't fonund.
<sandro_>exactly ....
<adfeno>I once had this problem also...
<sandro_>exchat launched in terminal with my user session runs correctly; but not in root
<adfeno>... It seems we have to learn how Guix mounts the system in order to chroot to it by following the same mounting procedures.
<pxc>sandro_: bsh lives under /gnu/current-system/sw/bin/bash , remember? if you've successfully used 'su' you should be able to check it with `which bash`
<sandro_>i wanted to chroot the guix ; but it doesn't found the /bin/bash or /bin/sh
<adfeno>I'm not sure, but I have a theory that almost all the paths are actually symbolic links, to somewhere else.
<sandro_>my user is in "wheel" group
<pxc>they are. Does GuixSD use a chroot during its installation procedure?
<sandro_>i've use the "usb-stick" then i think in a "sort of chroot"
<pxc>someone added a hook to nixos-install for dropping interactively into the chroot, so you can easily chroot into nixos using the nixos-install script:
<pxc>maybe one can be added to the tool the GuixSD installation procedure uses
<pxc>sandro_: you can see which profile hexchat is coming from by using the command:
<pxc>ls -lh $(readlink `which hexchat`)
<pxc>or just ls -lh `which hexchat`
<pxc>depending on how far down the chain of symbolic links you want to go
<pxc>no need to run it as root to find out if it's in the system profile ☺
<adfeno>The ` character is the same as doing $( comand )
<adfeno>Like: ls -al $(which hexchat)
<pxc>adfeno: yeah. I just wanted to nest them so I alternated to avoid escaping and any other possible funkiness
<pxc>I normally use fish, which is non-POSIX, so I didn't want to bet on my memory about nesting subshells in bash being correct :-)
<sandro__>pxc: caould you taka look abou my config.scm ?
<sandro__>adfeno ... yes :) in this irc i've learned to use lisp instead pastebin :)
<pxc>sandro__: I'm afraid I don't know Guix all that well because I'm not currently running it on any of my systems. Most of what I know about Guix I know through Nix, a sister project which was once the basis for Guix
<pxc>Nix and Guix are still superficially compatible (the nix daemon and the guix daemon are compatible, and they put things in the same locations except under Nix the store paths begin with /nix and under Guix they begin with /gnu)
<pxc>I plan to start using Guix when I can get it to share a store with my Nix install, but I haven't gotten around to it yet
<sandro__>pxc: Thanks To You for answers :) .... My first system for now is Funtoo (a Gentoo variant) but i'm very very interesting about guix :)
<sandro__>cause it seems an incredible system and can have a great future :P
<sandro__>now i go ....
<sandro__>write you next time .... step by step i will learn about guix :)
<adfeno>sandro__: As pxc pointed out earlier, most things live in "/gnu/current-system/sw/".
<sandro__>but is more different related other Os's (comprised *BSD systems) :)
<sandro__>adfeno : thanx for suggestion :) :)
<pxc>sandro__: I agree. I think Guix represents a wonderful way forward for package management, configuration management and more
<classieur>hello from guix SD
<classieur>first time
<classieur>thanks men
<adfeno>classieur: You're welcome.
<pxc>is there an ARM hydra channel for Guix? I want to run GuixSD on my Pi
<roelj>pxc: I'm running Guix on a Pi3
<efraim>currently there's no port of guixsd to any arm board
<roelj>pxc: I use Raspbian though.
<efraim>the whole lack of free firmware and bootcode and such
<adfeno>There was a publication in the GNU Planet that evidences someone using a Novena-related board to build Guix packages.
<adfeno>Although I don't know if that board has ARM archtecture.
<efraim>yeah the novena has the arm A9
<galex-713>Are there already plans for integrating guix into gnunet and vice versa?
<efraim>sneek: later tell civodul I was reading the manual for cloog and it says it is lgpl2.1+ unless built against polylib. since we build against isl the license should probably be changed
<sneek>Will do.
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<efraim>galex-713: that was one of the accepted GSoC proposals last year
<galex-713>oh and did that was implemented?
<efraim>I heard they ran into technical difficulties in the end
<galex-713>Why? for what?
<efraim>I wasn't following it too closely at the end
<efraim>s/the end/that point/
<galex-713>asking on #gnunet
<efraim>sneek: later tell civodul also says isl is MIT licensed, not lgpl2.1+ like we have listed
<sneek>Got it.
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<kyamashita>Does anyone else get "No space left on device" errors a lot?
<kyamashita>My root partition is only reported as having about 8.5 gigabytes of free space.
<kyamashita>But I still get these errors. Running "guix gc" doesn't seem to help.
<roelj>kyamashita: I encountered this once when my /tmp was full. It was a separate mountpoint.
<roelj>kyamashita: And I was building a package..
<kyamashita>roelj: I don't have /tmp on a separate mountpoint.