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<sandro_>I've 3 OS
<cbaines>As the comment in the file above that section says, its a label (so I have it as (device "root"))
<sandro_>1) windows 10 + Funtoo Linux + guix (i wish to be able to install it :P)
<sandro_>then an error in .scm ?
<sandro_>i've a good cpu; i can reinstall all.....
<suitsmeveryfine>This doesn't look right:
<suitsmeveryfine>                        (device "/dev/sdb5")                         (title 'label)
<sandro_>How can i do ?
<suitsmeveryfine>It should be (title 'device)
<suitsmeveryfine>(title 'label) -> (title 'device)
<sandro_>ok ... thanks
<sandro_>so i retry with Your information and aid :) :) :)
<suitsmeveryfine>Try this and I think it should work
<suitsmeveryfine>Good luck!
<suitsmeveryfine>I only looked at the scm file briefly and I'm pretty tired right now
<sandro_>Ok .... now in my town are 00:03
<suitsmeveryfine>same here
<sandro_>where are you from ?
<sandro_>Italy :)
<suitsmeveryfine>Yes I saw that
<sandro_>Pleased to meet You :)
<suitsmeveryfine>pleased to meet you too
<suitsmeveryfine>I hope you will be happy with GuixSD
<sandro_>Thanx friend :)
<sandro_>now i retry to install with your suggestion .....
<suitsmeveryfine>ok! I'm going to bed
<sandro_>tomorrow i will give to You a feedback :)
<sandro_>Good Night :)
<suitsmeveryfine>One more thing
<cbaines>sandro_, I think you can skip most of the steps
<suitsmeveryfine>do you really want your home directory to be /home/bob
<cbaines>You may just need to change config.scm, and then re-run the guix system init bit
<sandro_>cbaines: ... no.... for me will be /home/sandro
<sandro_>i will work on .scm :P
<suitsmeveryfine>sandro_: then change /home/bob to /home/sandro :)
<suitsmeveryfine>anyway, good luck
<sandro_>Yes :)
<sandro_>and "Alice" is not my sister :D :D :D
<sandro_>I want to install guix .... is not very simple ... but learning, step by step ... i'm fidoucious i think is a very good OS :)
<suitsmeveryfine>it is a very good OS
<sandro_>I'm sure ;)
<suitsmeveryfine>sandro_: Guix is just a package manager, but Guix SD is an OS
<sandro_>and i want to learn it :)
<suitsmeveryfine>You should learn scheme
<sandro_>I know ....
<suitsmeveryfine>and start contribute packages
<suitsmeveryfine>the people here will help you
<sandro_>but i'm only an herbalist .... but i like PC very much :)
<sandro_>Thanx to All :) :) :)
<sandro_>i will give to You feedbacks tomorrow :)
<suitsmeveryfine>remember to use a different paste site next time
<sandro_>now i'm usin Funtoo (i like source-based systems) :P
<suitsmeveryfine>sounds fun
<suitsmeveryfine>sandro_: you don't get any source from Windows 10
<suitsmeveryfine>good night
<sandro_>Funtoo is an OS a variant of Gentoo created by Daniel Robbins that created the "Portage" , Gentoo and now Funtoo :)
<sandro_>win10 for me is only for the family but my father prefer Linux :D
<ng0>funtoo is more like a varation from gentoo, as it varies so much from gentoo that gentoo itself decided not to give support to it, probably like archlinux and some of its deriviates.
<ng0>well, same text.
<sandro_>I've discovered my trouble: my hdd-usb gives to me errors; i try a "zero-fill" .... but i think that i must change it :|
<sandro_>Sorry :(
<janneke>morning Guix!
<rekado>Hi Guix!
<rekado>on one of my GuixSD machines the network device is disabled on boot.
<rekado>wicd doesn't seem to be able to enable it automatically so I need to run "ip link set ens2 up" manually and start dhclient for the device.
<rekado>is there a way to enable the network device automatically?
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<rekado>a new R version is out. And a new version of the bioconductor repository, so I'll update the importer to fetch from the latest version and update the individual bioconductor R packages.
<foobarry>did a guix pull and got this errro
<foobarry>worked 2nd time but what was the error all about?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<cow_2001>this is why you are needed
<cow_2001>(among other reasons)
<rekado>hmm, latest R has a test failure on my system. Probably timezone related.
<rekado>on Guix R 3.3.0 this gives the wrong value:
<rekado>strptime("1941/01/01", "%Y/%m/%d", tz="CET")
<rekado>I get the time zone "CET", but it should be "CEST"
<rekado>I don't see this on another system with R 3.3.0 installed from source.
<rekado>strptime is provided by glibc, I think.
<rekado>I tried to verify that this is a problem with our strptime by using it with Guile, but Guile's strptime doesn't set the time zone.
<sneek>So noted.
<rekado>sneek forget I tried to verify that this
<sneek>Consider it forgotten.
<rekado>sneek: silly bot!
<rekado>sneek: botsnack
<civodul>rekado: in the build environment, the timezone is always the same
<civodul>but here the test relies on timezone data, right?
<rekado>I disabled the tests and created an ad-hoc environment with the new R.
<rekado>I can reproduce the behaviour there, too.
<civodul>you probably need to add tzdata as an input and set TZDIR
<civodul>i think there are a few packages that do that
<rekado>thanks for the hint. I'll try that.
<civodul>so you were at OTS yesterday?
<civodul>how did it work out?
<rekado>talked to lots of people who were curious about Guix.
<rekado>some were surprised this is a GNU project.
<rekado>seems like GNU is not generally associated with "cool" stuff.
<civodul>heh, interesting
<rekado>aside from one person who started every sentence with "yeah, but ..." (and then went on to talk about why everything we do is useless) it was very well received.
<rekado>many wanted to see it in action, so I had lots of opportunities to demo it.
<civodul>you managed to print the glorious posters?
<rekado>I actually found the plotter room the day before yesterday at 9pm.
<civodul>just in time
<rekado>I was afraid I wouldn't be able to access it; that was my only chance to actually get it printed. Yesterday it started at 8am and since it's a holiday I wouldn't have been able to get it printed anywhere else.
<rekado>very happy
<cow_2001>i still get this "failed to install locale"
<cow_2001>GUIX_LOCPATH points where it should
<civodul>rekado: well, congrats, you must have rushed quite a bit!
<civodul>we should put the PDF on the web site
<civodul>cow_2001: how did you install Guix? using the binary tarball?
<civodul>is there a locale package installed, as shown at ?
<cow_2001>yes, /gnu/store/dcqdfyal290awy1lwb6sxzs8sg0wr99h-glibc-locales-2.22
<cow_2001>it doesn't *always* show up, for now just when installing packages
<cow_2001> 555KiB/s 00:58 | 31.6MiB transferred
<cow_2001>warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<cow_2001>i don't know if it matters
<civodul>cow_2001: it's harmless
<civodul>note that this one comes from guix-daemon
<civodul>so you need to set GUIX_LOCPATH in guix-daemon's environment
<cow_2001>where is its environment variables?
<cow_2001>maybe in the guix-daemon.service systemd file?
<cow_2001>ExecStart="GUIX_LOCPATH=... /gnu/store/...-guix-.../bin/guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild" ?
<ajgrf>does anyone know the guile function i would use to transform the version "2.3.4" into "2_3_4"?
<bavier>(string-join (string-split "2.3.4" #\\.) "_")
<bavier>ajgrf: boost would be an example
<bavier>the "boost" package that is
<rekado>trying to update the bioconductor packages in place I get this error:
<rekado>guix/upstream.scm:165:4: Throw to key `match-error' with args `("match" "no matching pattern" "")'.
<rekado>guix refresh -t bioconductor -u
<lfam>Grr, most of my outbound emails from the past two days were not actually sent. Apologies if a conversation with me seemed to die unexpectedly...
<sneek>lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, civodul says: merging master into core-updates is OK :-)
<sandro_>hi :)
<lfam>Hello sandro_!
<sandro_>hello lfam
<sandro_>i'm just installed guix using the usb stick :)
<lfam>Oh, good! Everything works?
<sandro_>uhm Gnome doesn't work very well; but i must install more software.
<sandro_>how can i do to install new softwares ? (excuse me but i'm very noob about guix)
<lfam>Yes, GNOME is a work in progress. Can you be more specific about what's not working?
<sandro_>lfam: now i'm not in guix but with funtoo; but with guix i've some "random crash"
<lfam>Usually crashes aren't random ;)
<sandro_>now i'd like to install hexchat in guix rebooting the system.
<sandro_>how can i do to install software ?
<sandro_>i've installed it 10 minutes ago :D
<lfam>To install new software just for your current user, you'll want to use `guix package --install hexchat`. If you want to make hexchat available to all users, then you should add it to (packages) in your operating system configuration.
<sandro_>i must learn more & more about guix ... excuse me if 'm noob :(
<lfam>I recommend reading section 3 of the manual, Package Management:
<lfam>And also doing `guix package --help`
<sandro_>perfect... i go to eat something; then i will reboot in guix using hexchat so i can be more precise about bug reports :)
<lfam>Yes, precise bug reports are welcome :)
<sandro_>:) ..... 45 minutes ... cause i go to eat (20:26 in Saronnno , near Milan , IT) :)
<sandro_>write you later :)
<lfam>I wish I was near Milan, IT :)
<lfam>Although it's good where I am, too
<sandro_>lfam: where are You from ?
<lfam>sandro_: Northeast USA
<sandro_>Ah ok
<sandro_>what timew is in your country ?
<lfam>15 hrs
<sandro_>ugh :D
<sandro_>here 21:07
<sandro_>now i reboot in guix to learn more about :)
<lfam>Oh, it's 15:02 here. Where did those 5 minutes come from? ;)
<sandro_>lfam: now 21:06:45
<sandro_>boh ... :|
<sandro_>Ok .. now i'm with my new guix using xfce and hexchat installed at "user level":)
<lfam>sandro_: Hooray!
<sandro_>thanx lfam :)
<sandro_>i've downloaded the pdf about the instructions for guix ... i must learn :)
<adfeno>sandro_: Your name raminds me of Brazilians named Sandro" .:D
<sandro_>Sandro is "contraction" of Alessandro , Alexander :)
<sandro_>I'm reading the handbook in PDF; and now i know how to install packages at "user level"; but to make possible 1 installation for all users, how must be the procedure ?
<lfam>sandro_: In the file you use to configure the system (often called "config.scm"), you must add the package to the (package) field, and add the package's module to the (use-package-modules) field.
<mark_weaver>sandro_: to add system-wide packages, add them to the 'packages' field of your OS configuration and rerun "guix system reconfigure"
<lfam>And then do the reconfigure, as mark_weaver said :)
<sandro_>uhm ... i've not understood; there is an example "step-by-step" ?
<lfam>sandro_: I don't think there is a "step-by-step" guide anywhere. I recommend you read 7.2.1 Using the Configuration System:
<lfam>Look for the fields we mentioned in the examples there. If you are still unsure, please ask again
<sandro_>but i must reconfigure the config.scm or which file ?
<lfam>sandro: Once you have made the changes in config.scm, do something like this: `guix system reconfigure /path/to/config.scm`
<lfam>I also recommend you do `guix system --help`
<lfam>You must do that as root
<lfam>That is, you must reconfigure as root. You can read the help without root.
<sandro_>for example, is correct the syntax (to have gloabal hexchat and evince ?
<sandro_>;; This is where we specify system-wide packages.
<sandro_> (packages (cons* nss-certs hexchat evince ;for HTTPS access
<sandro_> %base-packages))
<lfam>sandro_: Yes, that's right. But, you also need to add the package modules that contain hexchat and evince to the (use-package-modules) field. You can find out what module a package is in by doing `guix package --show=hexchat`
<lfam>Look for the "location"
<lfam>Hexchat is in gnu/packages/messaging.scm, so in (use-package-modules), you will do something like this: (use-package-modules messaging)
<lfam>To also add evince, it will be like this: (use-package-modules gnome messaging)
<random-nick>are runlevels planned for shepherd?
<lfam>Since evince is in gnu/packages/gnome.scm
<sandro_>ugh ....
<sandro_>i've not used shepherd
<sandro_>i'm a bit confused
<sandro_>root@ci74771ht ~# guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm
<sandro_>guix system: error: failed to load '/etc/config.scm':
<lfam>Does that file exist?
<lfam>random-nick: I'm not sure. I haven't heard of anybody working on it recently.
<sandro_>what site you like to paste my config.scm ?
<sandro_>ok ... just a moment and thank You very much Master :)
<lfam>Heh, I am quite far from a master. I just happen to have a little more experience with Guix than you :)
<lfam>See this line near the top? (use-package-modules certs)
<lfam>You need to add the modules that contain hexchat and evince to that
<lfam>`guix package --show=hexchat` will tell you what module hexchat is in (messaging)
<lfam>Also, I believe there is a typo here: (title 'de4vice)
<sandro_>but All in /etc/config.scm ?
<lfam>Yes, all in the same file
<sandro_>Thanx ... and these operations are similar to "declaring the use flags" in *too systems ?
<lfam>I'm not familiar with Gentoo, so I don't know
<sandro_>Ah ... ok .... excuse me and thanx :)
<lfam>In Guix (and GuixSD), packages are generally installed by a user, and only available to that user. When you add packages to config.scm, then those packages are available to all the users.
<lfam>That's what you are doing now. I don't know how that relates to Gentoo's use flags
<sandro_>fantastic :P :P :P
<sandro_>very intelligent tecnique :) very very good :)
<sandro_>it is difficult, but really "unique" :)
<lfam>I hope it's not too difficult once :)
<lfam>*once you learn it
<lfam>Are you familiar to with Debian / Ubuntu package management?
<sandro_>eh ... i'm not expert; but i love this world :)
<lfam>I ask because I want to make sure you understand the "per-user" thing, because it's very different from Debian (apt-get), Red Hat (yum), etc.
<lfam>With apt-get, you use `apt-get update` to update your list of packages. In Guix, you use `guix pull`. But, since Guix is per-user, `guix pull` is also per-user. So, when you do `guix pull`, you will probably want to do it once for root, and again for your user.
<lfam>Does that make sense?
<sandro_>uhm i've troubles ....
<lfam>What happened?
<lfam>sandro_ ^
<sandro_>i've installed as root htop; but it doesn't run with my user ... now i paste my new /etc/config.scm ....
<lfam>htop is in the 'admin' module, but you didn't add 'admin'
<lfam> to (use-package-modules)
<sandro_>what can i do ?
<lfam>Add 'admin' to (use-packages-modules)
<lfam>I mean, (use-package-modules). There was a typo in my last message
<lfam>But, does it really work with (title 'de4vice)? That's a typo
<lfam>Shouldn't it be 'device?
<sandro_>cause i don't use disk-label but the "absolute path for the device
<alezost>ACTION thinks sandro_ didn't run "guix system reconfigure"
<sandro_>guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm
<sandro_>guix system: error: failed to load '/etc/config.scm':
<sandro_>ice-9/boot-9.scm:2867:6: In procedure resolve-interface:
<sandro_>ice-9/boot-9.scm:2867:6: no code for module (gnu packages dbus)
<sandro_>it give to me error :(
<lfam>sandro_: Why did you put dbus in (use-package-modules)?
<lfam>You shouldn't need to do that for the packages you have in (packages)
<lfam>I have the same question about several of those modules you listed
<sandro_>guix package --show=htop
<sandro_>no .. htop wants ncurses
<alezost>sandro_: you just need: (use-package-modules certs messaging gnome admin)
<lfam>Also xfce, right?
<lfam>Oh, no, I'm wrong about that
<sandro_>about xfce i've do nothing; the system is reconfiguring itself :P
<sandro_>ok .... Great lfam: now htop starts for root & users
<lfam>Good :)
<sandro_>but i'm confused... this new system is difficult... i must to learn it :P
<lfam>I too found it difficult, at first, But soon I found it easy. Everything is difficult at the beginning :)
<sandro_>hehehe it's true :)
<sandro_>and ... to compile a software from sources .....?
<ng0>once you touched GuixSD you complaint about $other-system not having guix things
<lfam>ng0 is right!
<ng0>ACTION currently back on Gentoo and missing some GuixSD features
<lfam>At least I hope you have Guix on Gentoo ;)
<ng0>not yet
<sandro_>I've Funtoo & guix now :)
<sandro_>But *too is very simple with portage
<sandro_>portage is a "formidable" package-manager for me
<ng0>i'll just move guixsd into a vm on it once I have time, but i have an work in progress (read: works but needs debugging) ebuild for guix on gentoo
<sandro_>ng0 ugh ... You're "a monster" :o
<sandro_>(in good sense)
<lfam>sandro_: About building from source, you should read 3.3 Substitutes and 6.1 Invoking guix build
<sandro_>i chatted with Daniel Robbins .... for me a very great man :)
<sandro_>ok lfam .....
<ng0>afaik it's either in the "official" location of ybti-overlay or my working (syncing between both) overlay
<lfam>In Guix, the difference between building from source and downloading binaries is "transparent".
<sandro_>You're very very very kind ... thanx for your suggestions.
<lfam>If there are binary "substitutes" available, and you've chosen to use substitutes (default in GuixSD), then you will download the substitutes. Otherwise, you'll build from source.
<sandro_>but i must "enter" in the guix "philosophy" :)
<lfam>Yes :) The manual will help
<lfam>Also, `guix --help`
<sandro_>now i want to try another installation for the "global system";
<lfam>And from there, `guix $command --help`
<sandro_>thunderbird is in the repository ?
<ng0>that's or git://cheettyiapsyciew.onion/youbroketheinternet-overlay , for the guix / guix-bin ebuilds. but it's currentlybehaving weird and you need a guile from this exact overlay or your gentoo system will be sad (before we had this it broke the complete system for me once)
<lfam>sandro_: Check for yourself, with `guix package --search thunderbird`
<ng0>thunderbird is not available on guix.
<ng0>last time i checked at least
<lfam>Or, --search=thunderbird
<lfam>Try reading the help text, and the manual. I promise you will learn more quickly :)
<sandro_>lfan: thunderbird: unknown package
<lfam>Sounds like we don't have thunderbird, yet
<sandro_>and evolution ?
<ng0>claws should be there
<ng0>ACTION has too much space occupied by unnecessary info like this
<sandro_>mumble mumble: now it seems that guix is recompiling the system :o
<sandro_>but ... in this case, how to add the flags "-march=native -O3 -ftree-vectorize" ?
<lfam>Guix doesn't have a user-facing method to set compiler flags globally
<sandro_>ah ... ok ....
<sandro_>thx lfam for all your aids :)
<lfam>I'm not familiar with the part of Guix that calls GCC. It's possible that we already set some of those flags. I'm not sure
<sandro_>but it is better to learn "step by step" about guix :)
<lfam>That's how I learned :)
<sandro_>the mine was only just a curiosity :)
<ng0>there might/could be a place where guix has set this, like other systems make.conf .. but i don't know it for guix
<lfam>Slightly relevant discussion:
<lfam>AFAICT, that work has not been merged yet
<ng0>app-portage/pfl is a nice toolset. includes e-file, which can locate which package provides which file. it's not that it's necessary due to the nature of guix, but something similar could be useful.
<sandro_>ng0: i've made a little test; in some case the -march=native can emprove performances :)
<ng0>i only use --march=native.
<sandro_>ng0 ... and how can i do to add that flag in guix ?
<ng0>see above, idk
<sandro_>boh ...
<sandro_>there is a guix forum and a guix bug-report site ?
<alezost>sandro_: our guix forums are: and; for bug reports:
<sandro_>ok thanx. however, in Gnome 3.X when i try to add a program to the "left bar for preferred apllication" , Gnome return to a "primitive state" ...
<sandro_>so i, for now i'll use xfce
<sandro_>but i will take a look about Gnome everyday.