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<katco>hey all, brand new to guix. i'm trying to build a package that uses trivial-build-system to run a bash script that performs the build. my understanding is that i should be using gexps? is there an example i can look at to execute the bash file, and what to do with the results? not fully grokking
<rain1>i don't think you need gexps for that
<rain1>just define the package
<katco>rain1: how does the package know how to build?
<rain1>like you said, start with trivial-build-system but then you add/modify a phase to run the bash script
<katco>rain1: i thought trivial-build-system required a builder sexp which defined how to build it?
<rain1>just a sec
<katco>rain1: np, thx for taking the time
<rain1>chehck out gnu/packages/fonts
<rain1>a lot of them use trivial-build-system
<rain1>that shows how to do the builder sexp
<katco>rain1: *awesome!* i'll tal
<efraim>bavier: while I'm quickly checking and running off, did you forget to register your patch with
<efraim>ah nvm, its a change to a patch
<rain1>wonder if anyone got around to reading my ML post and was that sort of thing nice/useful?
<katco>rain1: those examples really helped, ty! the bash script begins with "#!/usr/bin/env bash" how can i give the build environment access to that?
<mark_weaver>katco: you need to patch that shebang. gnu-build-system includes a phase that handles that automatically.
<mark_weaver>it might be best to use gnu-build-system and remove/replace the phases that are needed
<katco>mark_weaver: i'm using trivial-build-system because there's no ./configure or make, just the bash script. should i be using gnu-build-system?
<efraim>you could delete the phases you don't need
<efraim>I find it easier than than using the trivial build system
<katco>efraim: so delete all the phases and then use the same builder sexp to run the script?
<katco>sorry i'm completely new to guix
<mark_weaver>katco: I wouldn't delete all the phases. I would just delete 'configure' and replace the 'build' and 'install' phases to work as required
<mark_weaver>many of the other phases are still likely to be useful
<katco>mark_weaver: oh, i didn't realize the phase wasn't tightly coupled to how the phase was executed
<mark_weaver>I normally only use trivial-build-system when copying is all that's required
<katco>mark_weaver: ah i see. there's no install phase, just build... i think. still squishy on the store concept
<mark_weaver>use 'modify-phases'. there are many examples in gnu/packages/*.scm
<katco>mark_weaver: ta i'll tal
<mark_weaver>if the script builds and installs together, then I suppose you could just do both in the 'build' phase and remove the 'install' altogether
<katco>mark_weaver: we'll see what i end up with here :)
<katco>hm. it's telling me i don't have access to write out to a subdir of the source dir
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<janneke>hi civodul!
<rekado>I changed (guix http-client) to be more tolerant when parsing date headers by replacing "parse-rfc-822-date" in (web http).
<rekado>this works in the REPL:
<rekado>(use-modules (guix http-client))
<rekado>((@@ (web http) parse-date) "Wed, 30 Jul 2014 3:47:42 GMT")
<rekado>but even after "make clean-go && make", restarting the daemon and using pre-inst-env the actual download with Guix still fails with the old error.
<rekado>ERROR: Bad Date header: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 3:47:42 GMT
<efraim>removing gtk2 and glib from pinentry drops the closure from 700.8 to 101.2
<janneke>ACTION lets libtool gits the better of him, again Ugh
<jmd>efraim: I don't understand how a closure can have a fractional value
<efraim>those values are in MBs
<jmd>Oh I assumed it was the package count.
<efraim>pinentry-qt has a closure of 1482.9 MB
<wingo>lol that something security-related could depend on a gigabyte and a half of code
<cehteh>security made easy :D
<janneke>meanwhile... drwxr-xr-x 3 guixbuilder01 guixbuild 4096 26 apr 14:38 guix-build-cross-ncurses-6.0.drv-23/
<efraim>the most i've ever kept was foo...drv-3
<wingo>janneke: -23 :)
<janneke>and counting
<janneke>ACTION is too lazy to remove and has been bitten too often by not using --keep-failed
<rain1>github has got marked unacceptable for hosting code
<rain1>hopefully more people will switch to hosting on free github replacements
<Igel>it's wierd that sourceforge === github
<Igel>i mean.. last i checked github wasn't injecting malware release blobs..
<rain1>yeah I've sent them an email suggesting that sourceforge should be marked LOWER than F!
<rain1>I doubt they will created a new category but hopefully they will include note of the virus
<rain1>sadly for too many software is on sf, many many guix packages could not exist without sf
<rain1>at least people know about the problem and are slowly moving off it
<rain1>(and guix itself protects against malware insertion)
<df_>wow, that's pretty bad
<Igel>how does guix depend on sf projects/?
<davexunit>please don't conflate downloading tarballs from sourceforge with using sourceforge.
<Igel>i dont even know how guix determines integrity of a tarball/package so.. im no expert..
<rain1>Igel: grep sourceforge on the packages directory
<rain1>all sources are hashes and those hashes are stored in the package definition
<rain1>so sf cannot manipulate the files without guix detecting a change
<rain1>that's what I meant by 'protects'
<davexunit>ACTION thinks about how to use guix to make relocatable binary distributions of things
<janneke>davexunit: GUB does that for LilyPond
<davexunit>what's GUB?
<davexunit>I'm trying to come up with a way to make a gross binary bundle so lazy people can easily play a game
<janneke>LilyPond's mini source-based distribution for cross building binaries
<janneke>it may do what you want...but i'm working on guix hoping to replace GUB
<davexunit>I think I can scrape together something that uses guix
<davexunit>if I am successful, it will likely only apply to my particular use-case right now.
<janneke>that's a good start ;-)
<davexunit>I basically need to distribute a few SDL shared objects + a few compiled guile libraries
<davexunit>and use a wrapper script to set GUILE_LOAD_PATH, GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH before booting the game
<davexunit>of course, the shared objects produced by the existing SDL packages won't do, because they have /gnu/store references in them
<davexunit>so the build system I make needs to compile them from source in its own way.
<janneke>that seems easy enough...still puzzles me that sometimes we're all writing and rewriting almost the same thing
<janneke>it feels that guix could be putting an end to that, distribution-wise
<davexunit>well with guix we have a chance to converge on something
<civodul>davexunit: do you allow yourself to ask the user to use chroot(1) or user namespaces?
<wingo>or maybe you just use patchelf and dynamic search paths? :)
<wingo>hackety hackkkkk
<davexunit>civodul: I'm trying to avoid that.
<davexunit>civodul: my current idea is *not* to provide a complete closure, but only bundle what I cannot reasonably expect to be on a user's machine.
<davexunit>and build all of those dependencies from source with custom scripts that don't do the guixy stuff.
<davexunit>not exactly something that scales, but I don't have all that many dependencies.
<davexunit>civodul: I think we need better statistics about how our users use Guix. what do you think about adding Google Analytics tracking? users could opt-out with an environment variable.
<shymega>davexunit: imho opt-in for statistics would be better, personally i'd rather i didn't have to explictly opt-out of analytics tracking
<shymega>it's april fools again? man, my calendar is going backwards
<shymega>hello hade
<davexunit>shymega: it's a bit of a subtle joke
<davexunit>Homebrew, a package manager for OS X, has just added Google Analytics tracking that users are automatically opted into.
<davexunit>which is just terrible.
<davexunit>apparently everyone is supposed to be okay with it because it's anonymous tracking
<civodul>FSVO "anonymous"
<davexunit>hacker news has a fun thread about this
<rain1>firefox opts you into various tracking things that you have to disable every single time you reinstall it, it's really disrespectful
<davexunit>yeah firefox isn't great in that regard
<davexunit>the justification from HN users is "every website already uses Google Analytics, so why shouldn't Homebrew?"
<df_>well apple are probably tracking everything they do anyway...
<davexunit>but does that justify Homebrew opting users into their own tracking?
<davexunit>imagine if we did this to Guix!
<df_>it doesn't justify it no, but we're talking about people who have already opted in to a proprietary OS
<rain1>I think every bit of freedom is valuable
<civodul>i agree with df_, it's already an osx/github/open-source culture
<civodul>that's stereotypical, but not far from reality i'm afraid
<civodul>roelj: the filevercmp commit seems to have weird indentation around 'origin'
<civodul>no big deal, but i thought i'd mention it for future commits ;-)
<rofiquzzaki>is it really 100% free?
<rekado>civodul: oh, I pushed the filevercmp patch :-/ Sorry!
<rekado>rofiquzzaki: do you mean Guix? It is free software. We provide linux-libre and our packages are stripped of proprietary stuff if necessary.
<ADFENO>rofiquzzaki: If you mean Guix and GuixSD: GuixSD is one of the fewer free system distributions, that means, it's one of the fewer that follows the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines. See the following pages for a list of the free system distributions:
<ADFENO>And also, see the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG):
<janneke>how do I collect all dependencies for a cross-built package?
<janneke>I would like to use guix environment --ad-hoc
<janneke>but that has no --target option?
<davexunit>janneke: --system
<bavier>civodul: what's the intended difference between (@ (guix http-client) http-fetch) and (@ (guix build download) http-fetch)?
<civodul>bavier: well...
<civodul>bavier: both are in part about providing fixes to Guile's HTTP client
<civodul>and handling redirects and all
<bavier>civodul: could they be merged?
<bavier>I noticed that they behave differently for some uri's
<civodul>i think we should merge them yes
<civodul>first thing would be to remove workarounds for Guile < 2.0.7
<bavier>specifically, I was trying to rewrite some of the importers to use http-client's http-fetch, so that we can avoid the whole stdout/stderr-to-/dev/null business
<bavier>but ran into some difficulties with pypi urls
<civodul>like what?
<janneke>davexunit: thanks...still stuck in a wierd compile problem while trying
<bavier>civodul: I don't have the error in front of me, and I hadn't pinpointed the issue; but I think it was something with the http headers
<janneke>ACTION discovers the wonders of make clean ;-)
<civodul>bavier: ok, we'll see later then
<lfam>I just had nscd flake out on me in the 0.10.0 installation image
<rain1>what about package signing?
<davexunit>rain1: binaries are already signed from the substitute server
<bavier>rain1: do you mean commit signing?
<davexunit>when people talk about "package signing" in other distros, they mean binaries.
<bavier>yay! another scheme for Guix!
<rain1>that's great!
<bavier>it seems it suffers from the bootstrapping issue
<rain1>yeah I'm having trouble building it for openbsd
<davexunit>bavier: yup
<rain1>getting it to bootstrap off a different scheme (e.g. guile) would be great!
<lumidragon>Hey guys is it possible to get the dhclient in GuixSD to send the hostname to the dhcp server? I found that debian has a config that has this already, so I'm wondering how I could replicate this on Guix.
<bavier>the "nanopass" software is funny; the dissertations went from "a nanopass infrastructure for compiler education" to "a nanopass compiler for commercial compiler development"
<rain1>yeah turned out the idea was really good :)
<bavier>not much different from guile's current compiler tower it seems
<rain1>did you try bootstrapping it?
<bavier>not yet
<rain1>there is a difference in time it takes
<rekado>efraim: <efraim> [22:27:27] also, I broke python2-pysnptools in my fight against propagated inputs
<rekado>efraim: what does this mean?
<rekado>what's your plan to get rid of propagated inputs?
<zacts>hi guix
<zacts>how is any recent progress towards full disk encryption + LVM?