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<koz_>civodul: No - not even the *directory* does.
<koz_>(like, /usr/libexec)
<civodul>hmm sounds like a misconfiguration issue
<koz_>civodul: I'm on Parabola, so I just installed the guix package.
<civodul>i'm going to sleep, but feel free to leave more info on guix-devel, including how Guix was installed/built/configured
<koz_>civodul: OK, sure.
<civodul>might be a problem in the guix package of Parabola, dunno
<civodul>good night/day!
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<cbaines>Good morning civodul :)
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<civodul>functional-ish package manager for node.js:
<phant0mas>hey civodul, have you seen this patch?
<ng0>just a notice, I keep track of the big gnunet thread, and it will most likely finish next month as I seem to spent the rest of this month fixing laptop bios's
<ng0>*patch thread
<ng0>ie it is not forgotten
<ng0>ACTION afk again
<phant0mas>civodul: and check the updated kernel-headers patch so we can add it to this core-updates cycle
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<freedom>hi! i'm trying guixsd on virtualbox but I can't seem to configure network. I followed the instructions, dhclient gives me adress but I can't ping gnu or google or whatever.
<freedom>wired network. is this some known problem with virtualbox?
<Steap>freedom: ping does not work in some VMs
<Steap>(does not work with qemu, at least)
<freedom>@Steap thanks. I tried to install some package but it seems to hang.
<davexunit>freedom: did you 'ifconfig <device> up' first?
<freedom>i got adress from dhclient
<davexunit>okay, then something outside of guixsd is wrong, I suspect.
<freedom>but when i try to ping or install a package i get a bunch of verbose with gnu/store/... but it seems to hang
<freedom>when I ping it just says that the host is unknown
<davexunit>it hangs because it can't reach the network
<freedom>yeah that what i suspected
<freedom>i will check the vm settings and later on i will try on real hardware :)
<davexunit>good luck
<davexunit>I know that others have gotten guixsd working in virtualbox, so I don't think something is fundamentally broken there.
<davexunit>also, we recommend Qemu over virtualbox because virtualbox requires a nonfree toolchain in order to build it.
<freedom>ah ok
<freedom>i will try qemu first
<ADFENO>I've become quite familiar with QEmu in the past few years. :D
<ADFENO>Although I'm not an advanced user.... :D
<anthk_>davexunit, what is needed for virt-manager?
<anthk_>I think guixsd missed libvirt for it
<anthk_>but I won't bother anyone, because that would be need a service
<davexunit>I don't know much about virt-manager
<davexunit>or qemu in general
<davexunit>if it's not packaged then I suggest trying to find the source code for it and see if we have everything needed to build it.
<anthk_>davexunit, you will need libvirt daemon as a service
<davexunit>if you want it defined in your guixsd configuration, sure.
<davexunit>but that's not a pre-requisite for running the daemon
<davexunit>just run it manually and test it out
<rekado>libvirt and virt-manager are on my list of packages, but I haven't made much progress yet.
<freedom>i have just tried with qemu. it works :D
<ADFENO>Glad to hear it! :D
<freedom>by the way. what is the policy of updates in guixsd (rolling or stable?)
<davexunit>so far we have nothing akin to debian stable because we're in beta.
<davexunit>master keeps on rolling
<freedom>great :d
<davexunit>I think a more stable branch would be good eventually, when we can reasonably support that.
<freedom>i'm probably going to install guixsd later and use it as daily driver :)
<freedom>is it okay? or it is very unstable?
<davexunit>I use it as my daily driver
<davexunit>it's very stable in the sense that you can always roll back to the previous working system configuration if you screw something up
<davexunit>so I can apply risky configurations to experiment with and just roll back if it doesn't work for me
<freedom>yeah. that is really great
<rain1>efraim: hello
<rain1>actually may have lost it, sorry ignore that ping
<efraim>rain1: hi
<efraim>ah ok
<rain1>I implemented pipes
<rain1>thought I would share the code but I gotta find it first :)
<efraim>nice :)
<rain1>might be useful to the bournish thing so ill see if i can dig it up...
<efraim>almost ran `guix package -u` on core-updates instead of master
<efraim>that would've been a long day of compiling everything :)
<rain1> there wte go!
<rain1>managed to piece back together from an previous version
<rain1>basicalyl that does ps aux | grep ksh | grep -v grep
<rain1>what i was thinking about doing was just makivgn a DSL in guile like
<rain1>(shell `(ls) `(rm -rf ,directory))
<rain1>to write scripts in, instead of bash
<rain1>and pipes were fun thats as far as i went with it though
<rain1> wow :D
<rain1>that is awesome!
<pmal>hi everyone. Maybe someone could help me. Just installed guixsd. I want to understand how sound is working by default here. amixer, pactl or pacmd are not valid commands to configure sound, as they probably are not instaled by default, but still i have sound, becouse i can watch videos with sound in icecat. So what sound server does GuixSD ussing by default and how could I configure it?
<bavier>pmal: our icecat uses alsa AFAICT; you might just need to install amixer to your profile
<pmal>so alsa can work without alsa mixer provided?
<davexunit>applications are linked against the libraries they need to use, and the packages those libraries are in don't necessarily end up in your user profile
<davexunit>which might seem odd when you're used to thinking everything getting stuffed in /usr
<alezost>pmal: amixer, alsamixer, etc. are placed in "alsa-utils" package
<pmal>yep, thanks then.
<lfam>Any MPC / ncmpcpp users on armhf want to try building ncmpcpp with my "Remove bootstrapping inputs" patch on the mailing list? I want to make sure it still works for you before making this change.
<lfam>I mean, MPD
<lfam>Sorry, wrong window
<pmal>btw, I tryed to install cmus package and unfortunately it failled with some error. So where is appropriate place for this king of bugs?
<pmal>*to repport this kind of bugs
<ADFENO>Hi jgay :D
<ADFENO>Hi pmal :D
<jgay>hiya ADFENO
<pmal>hi, adfeno ;)
<ADFENO>jgay: I didn't have the time to finish the formatting of the "raw dump" yet, but I plan to do so shortly after this week-of-class-tests passes through.
<jgay>ADFENO, I thought the format you had was fine :-)
<ADFENO>Wow! Well... I might reconsider the "plain" format next time I deal with it. :D
<ADFENO>Thanks. :D
<janneke>ACTION found why guile.exe segfaults (well, found the first segfault...)
<janneke>guile cannot translate CP1250 to unicode and then segfaults while constructing an execption
<janneke>now seeing if adding libiconv to libunistring helps...
<civodul>ACTION adds --free-space option to 'guix gc'
<civodul>so you can do 'guix gc --free-space=1G' when you want 1G in the store
<civodul>long overdue
<davexunit>civodul: awesome!
<bavier>civodul: how does that differ from the optional argument of --collect-garbage?
<davexunit>civodul: how does it choose what to reclaim to meet that goal?
<civodul>bavier: it simply computes the difference between the target and the currently available space (as per 'df' aka. statfs)
<efraim>also, I broke python2-pysnptools in my fight against propagated inputs
<civodul>davexunit: the GC itself is unmodified, it's just a convenience interface
<davexunit>civodul: hmm, I guess I don't understand the feature then.
<davexunit>probably just need to read the commit
<slim404>the manual says that there is no xorg-service procedure
<slim404>but when I try to guix system reconfigure I get an error "guix system: error: service 'xorg-server' provided more than once"
<davexunit>slim404: xorg-server is the name of a shepherd service that has been generated, not the name of a Scheme procedure.
<slim404>davexunit: I added a (slim-service) statement to my (service) declaration
<slim404>davexunit: could it be that (slim-service) started xorg-server ?
<davexunit>slim404: slim-service creates a shepherd service that provides xorg-server, yes
<davexunit>the error means that your configuration specifies it more than once
<slim404>davexunit: is it conflicting with %desktop-services ?
<davexunit>%desktop-service already provides slim-service
<slim404>davexunit: can I remove some services from %desktop-services to declare them separately?
<davexunit>look into 'modify-services'
<davexunit>or, don't user %desktop-services at all
<slim404>davexunit: how to look into 'modify-services' ? I'm new to guix :)
<slim404>davexunit: I don't know what it provides exactly
<davexunit>slim404: read the manual
<slim404>davexunit: I'm afraid if I don't use it my system will lack essantial services to run gnome
<davexunit>slim404: you can copy the code for %desktop-services and then tweak it as needed
<davexunit>but that's not as elegant as using modify-services
<civodul>slim404: gives an overview
<slim404>davexunit: that's what I hoped. Where is the code for %desktop-services ?
<slim404>civodul: thanks
<davexunit>slim404: search for it.
<civodul>slim404: see :-)
<davexunit>if you learn to grep the guix source code you can answer many questions
<slim404>davexunit: you mean like grep -r %desktop-services / ?
<slim404>civodul: thanks :)
<davexunit>slim404: where "/" is the path to a copy of the guix source code
<davexunit>use the source, luke.
<slim404>davexunit: do I have the source somewhere in my guix sd system? or do I have to install it? (sorry if I'm bothering you)
<rain1>slim404: here
<davexunit>slim404: can't say for sure. it depends.
<rain1>grep -r 'cmake' ~/.config/guix/latest/ --include='*.scm'
<davexunit>if you've ever run 'guix pull' then the source is in ~/.config/guix/latest
<rain1>on guixsd
<slim404>davexunit: thanks, I got it
<slim404>rain1: thanks
<mark_weaver>civodul: what do you make of this?
<civodul>mark_weaver: i fix it, of course :-)
<civodul>though i admit i don't understand why EINVAL
<civodul>EINVAL = "Invalid command parameter." per tty_ioctl(4)
<civodul>(why section 4?)
<mark_weaver>civodul: I don't know, but this reminds me of the problem jmd was having, where 'fold-packages' was apparently messing up curses
<civodul>got it:
<mark_weaver>fold-packages loads all package modules, and many package modules import (gnu packages) which imports (guix ui) which calls 'terminal-columns' at module load time iiuc, because of: (define %text-width (make-parameter (terminal-columns)))
<mark_weaver>ah, good find
<civodul>mark_weaver: ah yes, you must be right
<mark_weaver>although I don't know why 'terminal-columns' would mess up curses, now that I look more closely
<civodul>maybe it's just that an exception was thrown and left uncaught?
<mark_weaver>jmd said the program ran to completion but there was no output to the curses display
<mark_weaver>but only when curses was initialized before calling 'fold-packages'
<mark_weaver>my guess is that something is happening at module load time that breaks curses
<mark_weaver>well, your idea is worth looking into as well
<civodul>yeah, dunno
<mark_weaver>(initialize-guix) also caught my eye, and I wondered if it might be called when these modules are loaded
<mark_weaver>what do you think?
<civodul>normally there's no reason for it to be called at module load time
<civodul>since it's not used at the top level
<mark_weaver>yeah, I guess not
<civodul>pushed the terminal-columns fix
<janneke>woot, cross-built guile.exe runs
<mark_weaver>it might well fix jmd's problem as well
<mark_weaver>oooh, nice!
<roelj>I have a problem with building binutils-cross-boot0-2.25.1. It fails with "cannot find -lstdc++". How did you bootstrap Guix?
<mark_weaver>I bootstrap guix from source code regularly, and I have not encountered that issue
<mark_weaver>can you email with the details?
<roelj>mark_weaver: Yes. Thanks.