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<dmarinoj>Has anyone been able to install GuixSD on a Mac?
<ng0>macbook 2.1 or something works iirc
<ng0>don't ask me how or specifics.
<ng0>someone here has done it
<Bobbejaantje>Shepherd works with process supervision right?
<Bobbejaantje>I can't really find in the documentation how it tracks services
<kristofer>dmarinoj, I run guixsd on a macbook 1.1
<dmarinoj>kristofer: how did you boot from USB though?
<kristofer>dmarinoj, I used refind
<kristofer>it's weird switching between emacs and the general gnome environment
<dmarinoj>Kristofer: thanks a lot, I was unable to with refit so I'll try with refind
<kristofer>I get my copy-pasta all mixed up
<kristofer>refind is super simple.
<dmarinoj>cool. I have an old iMac I want to install it on
<kristofer>dmarinoj, I outlined my installation process on the mailing list
<kristofer>an imac is a PPC right?
<dmarinoj>no, amd64
<kristofer>what's the ideal way to install gstreamer? I've been reading the mailing list, but there doesn't seem to be a concensus
<koosha>for the windowmaker packge what module should I add at the top of the operating system configuration ?
<koosha>can I add graphical mode without changing the operating system configuration ? What packages should be installed ? Thank you .
<rekado>koosha: I don't know. I think you need some services to be available and some stuff needs to be in /etc (which is created upon booting the system). Is there a reason why you would like to avoid changing the OS configuration?
<fps>interesting, i'm installing beast from my git checkout and for some reason it's pulling a whole bunch of ghc haskell packages :)
<rekado>that's because rapicorn needs pandoc.
<fps>ok, got ya
<koosha>What is the windowmaker module ?
<koosha>nothing ?
<rekado>koosha: try guix package -A windowmaker
<koosha>rekado : I don't have X yet
<rekado>koosha: you can run this command on the console.
<rekado>it tells you that the windowmaker package is defined in the gnustep module.
<koosha>I'm compeletly confused . What should I do to have a graphical mode ?
<koosha>Is it possible to help ?
<koosha>Thank you for helping
<koosha>Really no one to help ?
<davexunit>koosha: read the manual. we have an xorg service and other services for desktop setups.
<davexunit>I use the %desktop-services list, which includes the xorg service
<koosha>I wrote that in the configuration file and after that guix system reconfigure ... but no reasult .
<davexunit>then you need to debug and figure out what went wrong
<rekado>I don't like Java. To make hamcrest-core reproducible I need to patch the sources to sort an array. How hard can that be...?
<rekado>so verbose
<rekado>and imperative
<davexunit>a very kind person made a version of the Guix talk that paroneayea and I gave at libreplanet that embeds the slides
<paroneayea>davexunit: neat!
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<ajgrf>does guixsd support any method to halt/reboot without root privileges? (using shepherd, elogind, anything)
<paroneayea>gsoc projects announced!
<paroneayea>congrats to: efraim jlicht phant0mas mthl
<paroneayea>there were more that we wanted to accept this year, but couldn't
<paroneayea>limited slots
<paroneayea>nonetheless, 4 really solid projects this year
<paroneayea>I'm looking forward to it!
<phant0mas>paroneayea: :-D
<sneek>phant0mas, you have 1 message.
<sneek>phant0mas, janneke says: have you seen my
<davexunit>ajgrf: I can shut down/reboot from GNOME
<ajgrf>davexunit: i'm trying to halt from an unprivileged script though
<ajgrf>i tried an old dbus invocation but maybe it changed since a few years ago?
<davexunit>ajgrf: you need to be root
<davexunit>or otherwise talk to a daemon who is root
<ajgrf>ok, i'll try to figure out what gnome-shell is doing then
<ajgrf>in other news, i almost have gramps packaged ( there's one last issue to work out though before i can polish and submit it
<ajgrf>i'm getting runtime errors from pycairo, which in other distros would mean cairo was compiled wrong or python couldn't find gobject introspection stuff
<ajgrf>afaict neither of those are true with my package
<ajgrf>idk what to do. should i just send it to the mailing list in a broken state and see if anyone else can figure it out?
<ajgrf>it's still in a messy state, but i put the package here:
<lfam>Has anybody failed to build a GuixSD VM lately due to problems with inkscape?
<ajgrf>i spent about 10 hours on it without resolving that cairo issue, so if anyone feels like trying it out and helping that would be amazing
<lfam>Disregard my last question. I missed the part of the error message about /dev/kvm having the wrong permissions (Debian locks it down when rebooting).
<lfam>I found this example of how to set a user's shell in the OS declaration:
<lfam>It works. Is it reasonable? Should I use it to set a user's shell to git-shell, so that they can do Git over SSH without getting a full shell?
<ajgrf>lfam: i don't think that will limit a user over ssh, you should find some option in the ssh server for that
<ajgrf>i think they could just run `ssh hostname bash` to get around it
<lfam>Fair enough. I'd better do more reading
<cpjjl>Hi, I’m currently installing GuixSD, and was wondering whether guile-wm would be usable as a wm
<cpjjl>on github it seems nothing happend for 2 years
<cpjjl>does anyone have any experience with it?
<davexunit>cpjjl: I would only recommend it if you have some Guile experience and can handle using it without any support.
<davexunit>I have a couple patches in guile-wm, but I haven't used it in quite some time.
<cpjjl>well, may I ask why you don’t use it?
<davexunit>I ran into a bug I couldn't fix.
<davexunit>I think guile-wm is really neat, but I just have other things to hack on. I would love it if someone picked up the torch.
<cpjjl>it’s very attractive indeed
<davexunit>mark witmer wrote some really great stuff, but he hasn't been active in the guile community in awhile.
<cpjjl>Is there something close to guile-wm, I mean in the spirit repl-lispish-emacs-tiling
<cpjjl>(that is packaged, héhé)
<davexunit>cpjjl: stumpwm, but we don't have a package for it.
<cpjjl>ok, thanks for the infos, davexunit
<davexunit>ACTION goes afk