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<sneek>Welcome back quiliro, you have 1 message.
<sneek>quiliro, bavier says: try adding "/b43" or "/b43-open" to the "PREFIX" declaration in your openfwwf-firmware package definition. that should install the firmware to the appropriate subdirectory for the firmware activator. your persistence is appreciated :)
<quiliro>hi sneek.... i didn't know you were a bot
<quiliro>bavier: i will try that
<kyamashita>Question about my recipe:
<kyamashita>In the for-each loop (starting on line 58), how do I allow the use of the version string from within the loop.
<quiliro>bavier: you mean that I replace:
<quiliro>(#:make-flags (list (string-append "PREFIX=" (assoc-ref %outputs "out")))
<quiliro>(#:make-flags (list (string-append "PREFIX=/b43-open" (assoc-ref %outputs "out")))
<bavier>quiliro: rather: (#:make-flags (list (string-append "PREFIX=" (assoc-ref %outputs "out") "/b43-open"))
<quiliro>bavier: done.. now 'guix system update' and reboot right?
<bavier>'guix system reconfigure', yes
<quiliro>guix system reconfigure desktop.scm
<bavier>you'll need a reboot, yes
<quiliro>cool bavier
<bavier>hopefully that works
<quiliro>bavier: i get:
<quiliro>is line 95
<quiliro>i get the following error:
<quiliro> /home/quiliro/desktop.scm:95:0: error: source expression failed to match any pattern
<quiliro>perhaps i should guix pull first
<bavier>quiliro: that probably won't help here
<bavier>the error indicates an issue in your desktop.scm
<bavier>check for balanced parentheses
<bavier>(if you aren't using paredit)
<efraim>ok I think I've finally fixed my connman package so it's ready to be sent to the mailinglist
<bavier>ACTION -> away
<kyamashita>ACTION is away
<quiliro>bavier: i checked al my pairs
<quiliro>they are perfect
<kyamashita>ACTION is back
<quiliro>that is my desktop.scm
<davexunit>syntax error
<davexunit>a good exercise to learn to fix these yourself
<quiliro>davexunit: ???
<quiliro>i redownloaded the pastebin
<quiliro>and got another error
<davexunit>balanced parentheses doesn't mean there isn't a syntax problem
<quiliro>am checking
<quiliro>guix system reconfigure /home/quiliro/raw.scm
<quiliro>gives a long backtrace
<quiliro>can i do :
<efraim>I had one that I had to work out with my OS template to try out connman
<quiliro>guix system reconfigure /home/quiliro/raw.scm | nc
<quiliro>so that i can report the paste?
<quiliro>guix system reconfigure /home/quiliro/raw.scm | nc 9999
<quiliro>guix system reconfigure /home/quiliro/raw.scm | nc 9999
<quiliro>is that correct?
<davexunit>how could we know?
<efraim>I would try for guix system reconfigure /home/quiliro/raw.scm &2> logfile, and then upload the logfile
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<quiliro>davexunit: i ran # guix system reconfigure /home/quiliro/raw.scm
<quiliro>and it is giving me errors
<quiliro> /home/quiliro/raw.scm is
<quiliro>this is the corrected version
<quiliro>it is working
<quiliro>is the configuration i am testing now
<quiliro>i will test it...rebooting now
<quiliro>b back\\
<quiliro>by the can i use emacs to chat in this irc channel
<kyamashita>quiliro: I use rcirc. It takes a bit of configuration.
<kyamashita>Check out or for more options.
<quiliro>thanks kyamashita
<kyamashita>wrong window :p
<quiliro>here again
<quiliro>that is the error I get when using /b43
<quiliro>and i will restart now to report dmesg when using /b43-open as in
<quiliro>that config.scm
<quiliro>will be back
<quiliro>when i reboot with the new configuration
<quiliro>i'm again
<quiliro>this is the new dmesg i get with de new config.scm (raw.scm) i wrote about before rebooting
<quiliro>please tell me about what to do
<quiliro>leave me a message if i am not in because i will be asked to disconnect from the net in a little time
<quiliro>so i get the same error about (non-Free firmware loading is disabled)
<quiliro>bavier: did you see my tests?
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<koosha>Hello masters
<koosha>I have some problems during guixsd installation
<koosha>It seems bzip2 compressed files are correupted
<koosha>Oh , sorry . It's not about the bzip2 package
<koosha>It's about texinfo
<koosha>It says maybe it's because of networking issues and suggested me to try '--fallback'
<koosha>what should I do ?
<alezost>koosha: I think it's because hydra is slow or overloaded. I would just try again.
<alezost>I personally don't like to build things locally, so I never use "--fallback"
<koosha>so I should enter the guix system init ... command again , right ?
<alezost>ouch, it was "guix system init", I thought it's something less fundamental.
<alezost>well, if the installation failed, you have to repeat it. If you don't mind building things locally, you can try "guix system init --fallback"
<koosha>Okay , won't it install the installed packages ?
<alezost>(not installed but already placed in /gnu/store) If you have not rebooted, then the downloaded packages should stay, and the "system build" process should be continued
<koosha>Right , thank you
<alezost>koosha: no problem, at first you can try "guix system build --dry-run .../your-config.scm" to see what will be downloaded, and what would be built
<koosha>The future is for guixsd . It's really perfect
<ng0>hi. coming back to yesterday, rust, is there a possibility to extract a commit as a patch directly from github or do i have to clone the repo and create a diff/patch?
<alezost>ng0: interesting question! I've just found this: <>
<alezost>So you can add ".patch" to the commit URL and it will be downloaded as patch! Cool :-)
<ng0>thanks, i'll try
<ng0>what is prefered: drop it into the patch/ dir or just include the url to patch?
<alezost>ng0: Do you mean you are making a package recipe and this patch is required? If so, I think it's better to put it into "gnu/packages/patches" and add a comment where it comes from and why it is needed.
<ng0>no, i am packaging rust and 1.8.0 doesn't have this patch which is what we need to build it on guix
<ng0>okay, will do
<ng0>it is in rust master, but it has not made its way into 1.8 release
<alezost>got it, I would add this patch to "gnu/packages/patches" and make a comment in the package recipe that this patch should be removed in the next package update
<ng0>i understood it as this too
<ng0>i meant to say, i did understand you were trying to say this
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<kristofer>good morning!
<kristofer>I'm studying (guix graph) trying to understand how to implement a graph of my own. How are properties about nodes and edges used to search the graph? There doesn't appear to be any generic place to store properties about nodes/edges
<koosha>My guixsd installation is finished without error but I got a warning about grub-bios-setup :
<koosha>" Sector 33 is already in use by the program "FlexNet" ; avoiding it . This software may cuse boot or other problems in futer . Please ask its authors not to store data in the boot track ."
<koosha>What should I do ?
<ADFENO>Just force GRUB to be installed there....
<ADFENO>... There's a possibility that the hardware manufacturer tried to mess up with your computer's initialization proccess.
<ADFENO>... This is why GRUB complains that the section doesn't respects the worldwide standards.
<ADFENO>Because it really doesn't :D
<kristofer>i think it will work fine..
<koosha>So won't i have a problem ?
<kristofer>i dont think so. reboot and try it
<koosha>I mean in the far future
<ADFENO>If not, a friend of mine said that sometimes you could sue the manufacturer for non-conformity?
<kristofer>you could zero out your disk before formatting and installing guix, that would probably fix the warning
<ADFENO>Specially if they have a international standard certification associated with, in this case, once they get sued and it's proven that they're not conforming, then they loose the certification... And that would be delightful to see. :D
<phant0mas>while cross-building binaries for the hurd CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH and C_INCLUDE_PATH make the cross-compile use local headers
<phant0mas>unsetting them works
<koosha>kristofer : I have just installed guixsd
<phant0mas>janneke: did you have a similar issue? ^
<ADFENO>koosha: This warning displays more frequently in newer computers.
<ADFENO>... Specially those which come with some special vendor tools like the ones that allegedly promote a system restoration and so on.
<koosha>ADFENO : my system is not new
<koosha>It's old
<kristofer>koosha, right, did you write zeroes to the disk before formatting?
<kristofer>you can write zero to that sector and reinstall grub
<kristofer>but it should work fine regardless
<koosha>I rebooted but it's not reasy yet
<koosha>"random : nonblocking poll is initialized"
<kristofer>that's part of the boot process. are you running an ssh server in this configuration?
<koosha>I used the barebones
<koosha>I think I contains ssh
<koosha>*it contains
<kristofer>if you didn't specify a private key it will generate one every reboot. You may have to type on the keyboard for key entropy before you can login
<sneek>Welcome back quiliro, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>quiliro, alezost says: sorry, I didn't follow your "wifi quest" but I see that you use (firmware openfwwf-firmware) in your config. This is not correct as it should be a list, so either use (firmware (list openfwwf-firmware)) or (firmware (cons openfwwf-firmware %base-firmware))
<sneek>quiliro, alezost says: nevermind, I see that you corrected it in the next paste :-)
<quiliro>sneek: tell alezost: thank you very much for your care
<sneek>alezost:, quiliro says: thank you very much for your care
<quiliro>sneek: tell alezost thank you very much for you
<sneek>alezost, quiliro says: thank you very much for you
<quiliro>sneek: tell alezost Thank you very much for your care.
<sneek>alezost, quiliro says: Thank you very much for your care.
<quiliro>that is better
<koosha>which desktop do you use friends (or wm) ?
<koosha>Do you use it at all ?
<pizzaiolo>koosha: gnome
<pizzaiolo>koosha: actually, on guixSD I use xfce
<ajgrf>is there a way to set an environment variable in a package definition, without otherwise modifying any build phases?
<rekado>ajgrf: the usual way is to add a build phase that sets the environment variable.
<ajgrf>so it remains set in subsequent phases if i do that?
<rekado>ajgrf: unless it is possible to set the value as a make flag.
<ajgrf>ok, that will be pretty easy for now then
<koosha>I want to install i3 , any problem ?
<ajgrf>i tried initially to use #:configure-flags instead of an env var, but the python-build-system only passes the flags during " install", not "build" or "test" or any other phase
<ajgrf>so i'm wondering if that's correct behavior or if the more appropriate fix is to patch the python build system
<rekado>ajgrf: I just hit the same problem, actually!
<rekado>packaging python-tables right now, and I need to pass something to "build"
<rekado>I think the python-build-system should be changed.
<ajgrf>ok! i'm not sure i'm the best person to do that, but if nobody gets to it first i'll look into it. i'm gonna try to finish packaging gramps now though
<quiliro>bavier: did you get my error?
<quiliro>i want to have a reproducible environment for the installation of gnu for newbies
<quiliro>but i cannot manage to learn to hack guixsd
<quiliro>i am trying...but i feel i am lost still
<quiliro>besides, i do not have wireless working yet
<quiliro>and that is a big limitant
<quiliro>because i can only connect about osce or tweice a week
<quiliro>once or twice
<quiliro>ajgrf: you are packaging gramps..... nice!
<ADFENO>Hi quiliro :D
<quiliro>i am still struggling with installing my wireless
<quiliro>hi ADFENO
<quiliro>what's up
<ADFENO>I'm fine. :D
<ADFENO>And you?
<quiliro>ADFENO: what are you doing now?
<quiliro>ADFENO: i am learning
<ADFENO>Right now, I'm exploring Internet for non-functional data (texts, images, audios, videos) that can, at least, be shared (with a proper license, that is). :D
<ADFENO>I'm planning to install GuixSD alongside my copy of Trisquel.
<ADFENO>... It'll probably take some time, though. :(
<quiliro>ADFENO: why don't you install guixsd in a virtual machine
<quiliro>i have to go....
<quiliro>bavier: please check my messages... i still cannot use wireless card
<kristofer>is there an ngircd service?
<kristofer>ACTION greps guix/gnu/services/
<kristofer>apparently not
<bavier>sneek: later tell quiliro I fear I might not but of much more help in debugging your wireless firmware; perhaps some at the openfwwf project might be able to give suggestions?
<janneke>sneek: tell phant0mas: have you seen my gcc-cross-environment-variables.patch ? Without that patch, I had to unset C_INCLUDE_PATH for cross builds, yes.
<sneek>phant0mas:, janneke says: have you seen my gcc-cross-environment-variables.patch ? Without that patch, I had to unset C_INCLUDE_PATH for cross builds, yes.
<koosha>For having the graphical mode I just have to install xinit , right ?
<janneke>sneek: later tell phant0mas have you seen my
<janneke> gcc-cross-environment-variables.patch ? Without that patch, I had
<janneke> to unset C_INCLUDE_PATH for cross builds, yes.
<sneek>Will do.
<koosha>any suggestion ?
<kristofer>koosha, I'm really enjoying gnome 3
<kristofer>xfce is lighter on the system resources
<koosha>kristofer : I mean to have the graphical mode what should I do , the xinit package instalation is the solution , yes ?
<kristofer>koosha, you need to edit the system configuration and include the desktop stuff you're interested in, then guix system reconfigure
<kristofer>see Using the Configuration System in the manual
<kristofer>you can also find some example configs floating around the interwebs
<koosha>Okay , thanks
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<bavier>davexunit: have you seen
<htgoebel>bavier: short-sighted, seams to mention neither nix nor guix
<anthk_gnu>I have a question. How I delete previous generations of "Guix system reconfigure"?
<ajgrf>anthk_gnu: there's no interface for that yet. i think you can just manually delete the symlinks under /var/guix/profiles and run `guix gc`, but maybe you should wait for someone else to confirm that before you try it
<bavier>anthk_gnu: I'll confirm what ajgrf says
<kristofer>is anybody running ngircd?
<kristofer>anthk_gnu, read Invoking guix gc
<lumidragon>Hi everyone, I was just trying out GuixSD in vm. The install wasn't too bad had to make use of some Gentoo documentation though. What I wanted to ask is there a way to start ssh on the usb image, during/before the installation of GuixSD? Thanks in advance.
<ng0>ssh or sshd?
<lumidragon>yes the daemon, sorry should have clarrfied that.
<ng0>currently not that i am personally aware of it.
<ng0>but others might have more info, however if it's not in the manual it's not there afaik.
<lumidragon>ah see, that's unfortunate. Was hopping to automate the image creation with packer or zsh script :(
<ng0>would be a useful function though, once we can have an .iso, make it start with sshd on choice like gentoo or some alternative to sshd
<lumidragon>actually would be great if there was an iso, then I could use packer to automate the whole process.
<lumidragon>atm I wrote script using libvirt download and boot the usb image. started learning from there.
<lumidragon>ok thanks, I'll hang around in case anyone else has more info to add.
<ng0>lumidragon: at some point i will look into this for something gentoo related, i have no idea why there's no iso for guix but I guess our process is just different.
<ng0>"it's difficult to realize" iirc
<lumidragon>that would be great. I found it strange at first. But after trying guix on debian, I just had to try an install :)
<lumidragon>oh one more question, how do you get into creating/submitting packages for guix. I created one for entr, might need cleaning up though.
<ng0>did you create it inside git checkout of guix and test build it? i don't have much time currently, but you can always send it to the guix-devel list for someone to help you
<lumidragon>it's not in a repo atm. And yes I built and installed it with guix. Guess I'll have to check that mailing leist then. thanks.
<ng0>there should be a part about contributing in the manual, but i see to start putting my notes of the last months on my weblog soon.
<ng0>basically: checkout a copy of guix.git, do your changes (maybe in a new local branch), do the make clean-recursive(or recursively?); ./configure --localstatedir=/var; make , do a ./pre-inst-env guix build $packagename ; rebase against a current master if anything changed since then; create the patch (git format-patch for example) and send it to the list
<ng0>for intendation it helps if you use emacs, though you can recreate the rules in vim aswell.
<ng0>ACTION afk
<lumidragon>Emacs is not problem I use it a lot, just so much new stuff to get used in Guix.
<lumidragon>kk I will check that out a bit later. Thanks so for your time :)
<efraim_>laptop surgery done!
<efraim_>fan replaced, wifi card replaced with libre one
<efraim_>only have 1 extra screw :/
<ng0>if it's an old thinkpad, 1 extra screw is okay
<ng0>i had 4 extra screws and its not fallen apart
<efraim>x120e, already had the hacked bios so I could change out the wireless card
<ng0>ACTION has to take this one apart tomorrow again. and another one as soon as i can start investigating coreboot + some special luks things where there is literally 0 documented attempts of it in combination of the specific things i want to do with coreboot.