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<Arcanos>Hello, Whenever I use Guix I get the following Error zby49aqfbd9w9br4l52mvb3y6f9vfv22-hello-2.10
<Arcanos>warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<catonano>@Arcanos I get that too. I'm using it anyway.
<kyamashita>I have a package definition for Dillo browser, but it cannot find any fonts...
<kyamashita>According to dillorc, this should be working fine unless FLTK is built without Xft disabled.
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<Arcanos>does guix build <package> also install the package?
<kyamashita>Yes, it does.
<kyamashita>I think I may have found the problem... I'm testing it right now.
<kyamashita>Got it. FLTK needed to be compiled with Xft support. Submitting patches soon.
<kyamashita>I'm in the process of packaging Parole media player, but the build says that it cannot find gst/tag/tag.h. I know that this file is supplied by gst-plugins-base, but Parole isn't seeing it.
<jmd>What does this error mean (while doing guix build --check): guix build: error: build failed: some outputs of `/gnu/store/45pv7gaa3kaalp0cz1q79wjl79lwh319-gnubik-2.4.2.drv' are not valid, so checking is not possible
<anonkun>is there a way in which I can file a bug so that applications that are missing from the repos can be added?
<rekado>I don't understand shepherd. I'm trying to use it to start jackd and fluidsynth but fluidsynth never stays around (it just becomes <defunct>) and when stopping the jackd service jackd is not killed but becomes defunct.
<jmd>anonkun: What do you mean "missing from the repos" ?
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<alezost>Arcanos: "guix build <package>" does not install the package it only builds it (it is placed in /gnu/store); "guix package --install <package>" installs it
<alezost>Arcanos: re locales: it is not an error, it is just a warning. Look here to fix it:
<ng0>anonkun: yes, you can send a request for an application to the guix-devel list (as I assume we are not doing it like gentoo where everything missing is a bug) and either get help packaging it yourself or wait for someone to pick it up.
<ng0>also, it's not "repos" here. it's just one master currently.
<ng0>in case anyone feels like testing for core-updates, I updated the patch for libgcrypt.
<anonkun>ok, thanks ng0
<anonkun>1 request per email, or can I send a list?
<ng0>i think a list is better, then someone could check the licenses and if it's already on their todo list.. fe. i have torbrowser on the list but currently work more for gentoo, but if you feel like picking up torbrowser, you are very welcome to do so :)
<ng0>ACTION afk
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<pizzaiolo>hey civodul
<htgoebel>civodul: Hi, perfect moment to check in :-) Because I have a question :-)
<htgoebel>civodul: Assume pkg python-bbb has input python-aaa, and pkg python-ccc requires both python-aaa and python-bbb, I need to specify both python-aaa ab python-bbb as input?
<htgoebel>civodul: And what about pkg python-zzz, which has native-input python-bbb. Do I need to specify python-aaa as native-input to? (I'd assume it'll come with bbb)
<civodul>htgoebel: in general you just need to specify direct dependencies
<civodul>but see about 'propagated-inputs'
<slim404>how to change startup scripts?
<slim404>/gnu/store/76zds1samnqrcds2gj4ic4rdcphry7sm-xorg.conf.d/ is read only
<slim404>I mean what's the right way to do it in guixsd?
<civodul>oops, too late
<civodul>slim404: on GuixSD you wouldn't modify scripts directly
<civodul>instead you would customize the services in your config as documented at
<slim404>civodul: thanks
<slim404>civodul: so if I want to set my keyboard layout to french I should add (xorg-configuration-file (),(),"Option \\"XkbLayout\\" \\"fr\\"")
<civodul>good question
<slim404>civodul: does the statement seem correct at least?
<civodul>something like: (slim-service #:startx (xorg-start-command #:configuration-file (xorg-configuration-file #:extra-config "Option \\"XkbLayout\\" \\"fr\\"")))
<civodul>obviously this should be made easier
<slim404>(slim-service #:startx (xorg-start-command
<slim404> #:configuration-file (xorg-configuration-file #:extra-config "Option
<slim404>would be already cleaner
<slim404>civodul: thanks, I'll try that
<anthk_>civodul, about the slim-service, is there a way to run a script before launching X? I mean, running xrandr to set up the right resolution
<civodul>anthk_: you could do that in ~/.xsession
<jmd>Is hydra overloaded again?
<htgoebel>Are recursive imports (use module) allowed in guile? In python.scm I need a package which is defined in openstack.scm, which imports python.scm. Can I do this?
<civodul>jmd: you're using the mirror, right?
<civodul>htgoebel: yes
<htgoebel>civodul: Okay. Curious, in other languages this is at least bad style.
<jmd>htgoebel: It's find in C, and in Pascal. In which language is it bad style?
<htgoebel>jmd: In C (and AFIK in pascal) you have separate header-files, so circular imports are no problem. Eg.. in Python it is bad style, since the first module is not fully initialized when the second one is importing it. If the second module tries to access elements in the first, these may not yet exist.
<htgoebel>jmd: And in guile there is no "header file", so i thought it may be bad style, too. But OTOH, everything is functional :-)
<jmd>I thought Python is *about* bad style.
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<janneke>I think Python is an experiment in how far you can straightjacket a programmer to force her into a uniform style, before cutting into expressiveness or creativity
<sneek>Welcome back janneke, you have 1 message.
<sneek>janneke, phant0mas says: hey can you help us understand why CPATH works instead of C_INCLUDE_PATH?
<phant0mas>hey janneke this was an old message :P
<janneke>sneek: thanks, botsnack
<janneke>phant0mas: yes, guess you read the thread on that ;-)
<phant0mas>actually we don't need cpath at all
<janneke>I've been off-line for the weekend
<janneke>I just sent a new patch set to -devel
<phant0mas>gotta test it
<mthl>In GuixSD when using wicd-service, is there any special thing to do in order to make wicd detect a USB wireless device?
<janneke>phant0mas: i didn't rebase it to wip-hurd yet...
<janneke>just so you know
<phant0mas>ok :-)
<phant0mas>I will do it this time
<ng0>mthl: just that it should be supported by the linux-libre kernel
<mthl>ng0: it is supported ;)
<htgoebel>ACTION is a python programmer and has not the feeling of being welcome here
<mthl>it appears when I do 'ifconfig -a'
<janneke>phant0mas: thanks!
<mthl>wired networking is automatically detected by wicd, but wireless is not event when adding the interface manually in the settings
<civodul>mthl: what does "iwconfig" show?
<mthl>civodul: I can't do it right now, I am on Debian. I will reboot to GuixSD and tell you
<mthl>civodul: wlp0s29u1u2 IEEE 802.11bgn ESSID:off/any
<mthl> Mode:Managed Access Point: Not-Associated Tx-Power=off
<mthl> Retry short limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
<mthl> Power Management:off
<mthl>civodul: any idea?
<civodul>mthl: so the wifi device is found, so far so good
<civodul>can you run wicd-client?
<civodul>does it show available wireless networks?
<mthl>nope only the wired connection
<civodul>what about "iwlist wlp0s29u1u2 scan"?
<mthl>wlp0s29u1u2 Failed to read scan data : Network is down
<civodul>ah, you need to "ifconfig wlp0s29u1u2 up" before
<mthl>civodul: when I try 'sudo ifconfig wlp0s29u1u2 up' I get ifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS failed: Operation not possible due to RF-kill
<civodul>what does "rfkill list" say?
<mthl>0: phy0: Wireless LAN
<mthl> Soft blocked: yes
<mthl> Hard blocked: no
<civodul>maybe "rfkill unblock phy0"?
<mthl>civodul: Thanks it works now with 'rfkill unblock 0'
<mthl`>civodul: I suppose that each time I reboot the wifi will be blocked by rfkill again?
<mthl`>civodul: I have problems with tramp /sudo:root@localhost:...
<mthl`>I have the error 'byte-code: Couldn't find a proper `ls' command'
<mthl`>does it remember something to you?
<civodul>mthl`: dunno, i've never had that rfkill issue
<civodul>/sudo: (Tramp) works for me
<civodul>could you check what's in the "*tramp/sudo ...*" buffer?
<htgoebel>Buh, I just had a hard time tracking down an build problem. The cause has been my python2-package py2-bbb was derived from a package py-bbb which hat an input py-aaa not setting "python2-variant".
<htgoebel>Thus py2-bbb tried to build based on a new derivation of py-aaa, while py2-aaa should have been used.
<htgoebel>IMHO some automatism would be very helpful, since we ought to set "python2-variant" for *all* "package-with-python2" packages.
<htgoebel>At least this should be documented.
<htgoebel>I've spend two hours on this :-((
<quiliro_>finally, after 15 hours of compilation, libreoffice was installed
<quiliro_>but it will no run
<quiliro_>how to start libreoffice
<rekado>have you tried the "soffice" executable?
<quiliro>rekado: how did you know?
<rekado>I used it a couple of years ago.
<quiliro>rekado: how can a person know based upon the package description or some other thing
<quiliro>and besides that, how to make the programs go into the menus of desktop managers
<quiliro>i have noticed that libreoffice-es-es is not included in guixsd
<quiliro> the problem with b43-open/ucode5.fw not found by the kernel solved yet?
<quiliro>rekado: i saw your talk....pretty good!
<anthk_> quiliro I miss the Spanish language in Libreoffice too
<quiliro>anthk_: i would like to learn enough to create the configuration files for the packages i need
<quiliro>anthk_: de donde eres?
<quiliro>it would be nice to have lyx and that usb memories automounted