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<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: I didnt' manage to get either mark's indentation fungtion or the keybinding to work
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: could you paste your emacs config?
<suitsmeveryfine>never mind: the keybinding worked
<suitsmeveryfine>the other not
<suitsmeveryfine>ok, just a sec
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: do you mean "C-M-a" works but not "C-M-q"?
<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: no "C-M-a" and "C-M-q" work fine -- they are great
<suitsmeveryfine>that's my config file
<suitsmeveryfine>I simply pasted mark's function at the bottom
<mark_weaver>suitsmeveryfine: I put (load "scheme") above it, otherwise I guess it will be overridden with the original version when scheme.el is loaded
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: oh, I think I now why it doesn't work: because scheme-mode is loaded afterwards
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: the following should work:
<mark_weaver>alternatively, alezost could probably tell you a better way, to arrange to override it after scheme.el is loaded, whenever that is.
<mark_weaver>ah, he just did
<suitsmeveryfine>Good day mark!
<alezost>I changed the name to 'my-scheme-indent-function' and added the advice to override 'scheme-indent-function' when it will be available
<suitsmeveryfine>it works! nice
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: btw moving by sexps is easy using other "C-M-" keys: C-M-f, C-M-b, C-M-d, C-M-u
<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: what do you think, ready for submission to guix-devel?
<alezost>Looks good! I think you can post it. Nitpick: press "M-q" in commentaries to refill them (I mean when the point is inside ";; At the moment" and other commentaries)
<alezost>also change the url to the official one (if it works)
<alezost>also you have a trailing space in the description: "support, "
<alezost>is the license really gpl2? perhaps it is "gpl2+"
<suitsmeveryfine>no, it's gpl-2 only
<suitsmeveryfine>M-q: nice -- I was doing that by hand before
<suitsmeveryfine>Maybe I should rephrase this: "; `check' must be disabled for this package to
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: I just use: ; no "check" target
<suitsmeveryfine>ah ok. What about `' vs " "
<alezost>I think `' is rarely used, for symbols I usually use '', sometimes ""
<alezost>but I don't think we have a policy on these things
<suitsmeveryfine>I'm using ;; instead of ; because indentation works better then
<suitsmeveryfine>oh, there is one other thing: xz is a dependency of the package
<suitsmeveryfine>but the sources file is proviced as a xz-compressed file
<suitsmeveryfine>so should it still be included?
<suitsmeveryfine>or should I use the tar.gz version even
<suitsmeveryfine>Heh, the other URLs don't even work so I get ERROR: download failed "" 307 "Temporary Redirect"
<suitsmeveryfine>I guess that I should inform upstream
<alezost>I didn't get it: the definition you pasted doesn't contain "xz" dependency, but you built it successfully. Is it a run-time dependency?
<suitsmeveryfine>xz is used for compressing saved games
<suitsmeveryfine>or actually xz's predecessor is
<suitsmeveryfine>"liblzma" is a dependency "for compression of the savegames since 1.1.0."
<suitsmeveryfine>but "liblzma" is not packaged in guixsd
<alezost>ah, so I think ("xz" ,xz) should be added to 'inputs'
<alezost>you may add a comment that "liblzma" is an optional dependency but it is not packaged yet
<alezost>aha, I get it, so: "guix download" fails but wget works
<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: that's right
<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: what do you make of this:
<suitsmeveryfine>is 'xz' perhaps a meta package that includes "liblzma"?
<alezost>sounds familiar, but I don't recall how this maybe solved
<alezost>mark_weaver: do you know anything about it? (wget works but "guix download" fails)
<alezost>oops, mark_weaver left :-(
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: anyway, you can mention this problem when you'll send the patch
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: sorry, what do you mean? "what do you make of this:"
<alezost>ah, sorry, I see
<alezost>maybe, let me check
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: indeed! I see liblzma files in "/gnu/store/…-xz-5.2.2/lib/"
<suitsmeveryfine>ah, great
<suitsmeveryfine>then the last remaining problem is liblzo2 (i.e. 'lzo') which isn't found by the openttd config file
<suitsmeveryfine>but I see that even the Nix project have had to use the --without-liblzo2 flag
<anthk_>I just wonder if some day GDM would be available as the default session manager in config.scm , so it gets easier to use Wayland
<mark_weaver>suitsmeveryfine: more likely they were just too lazy :)
<suitsmeveryfine>mark_weaver: OK, well I can't make it work anyway
<mark_weaver>it's okay, it may not be important
<suitsmeveryfine>I asked the OpenTTD people and they said that it would rather have it but they didn't insist
<suitsmeveryfine>We could fix this later
<suitsmeveryfine>the only thing that doesn't work now is loading very old scenarios and saved games
<paroneayea>hello mark_weaver !
<mark_weaver>hi paroneayea :)
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: how are you? what are you up to?
<mark_weaver>paroneayea: I'm okay. rearranged some things in my private life to try to make more time available for hacking, and hope to be able to focus more on guile soon.
<mark_weaver>but at the moment, preparing to flash libreboot on my new home server, a kcma-d8
<mark_weaver>my backlog of work is just insane :-/
<mark_weaver>how are you doing?
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: cool re: time
<paroneayea>rough re: backlog!
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: my response is similar :)
<paroneayea>I'm back home from the stripe retreat but still continuing it sort of
<mark_weaver>heh :)
<paroneayea>today I'm reinstalling my backup server, which kapoot'ed, with guixsd
<paroneayea>hoping that'll give my some motivation to experiment with remote administratrion
<paroneayea>also right now I'm working on an xscreensaver package
<mark_weaver>ah yes, I vaguely remember seeing above that you got it working
<paroneayea>but it's not producing /etc/pam.d/xscreensaver which is preventing locking from working
<paroneayea>so you can use it for screensavers now
<paroneayea>but not for locking
<paroneayea>and auto-locking-after-a-time is my main motivation for switching to xscreensaver
<mark_weaver>you'll need to create a xscreensaver-service, I think
<mark_weaver>to extend the pam configuration
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: you think so?
<paroneayea>hm ok
<mark_weaver>although I can't help with the specific details, as I never got around to fully studying the recent changes to services
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: I figured it *should* be able to put things in the package's /etc/ at least but that isn't working
<mark_weaver>but see 'screen-locker-pam-services' in gnu/services/xorg.scm
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: ok, I'll look at that
<paroneayea>jwz put a bunch of hacks with complain'y comments on top of all these autotools files
<paroneayea>and now I'm *really* lost :)
<paroneayea>I already don't understand autotools
<paroneayea>and I don't understand jwz's modifications any more.
<mark_weaver>paroneayea: I don't think that we have pam configured to look in /run/current-system/profile/etc/pam.d, by design
<anthk_>xlock is a nice alternative to xscreensaver
<paroneayea>anthk_: it doesn't have a daemon based lock-after-some-time thing though does it?
<paroneayea>the xfce one doesn't
<mark_weaver>paroneayea: it might be that 'screen-locker-service' can do most of what you need.
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: heh that comment at the bottom of the file with that service breaks my font locking in emacs :)
<paroneayea>annnd I added a newline and deleted it and emacs is happy again
<mark_weaver>paroneayea: notice that there are two instances of 'screen-locker-service' in %desktop-services in gnu/services/desktop.scm
<mark_weaver>ACTION goes afk
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: aha, got it!
<paroneayea>ho ho!
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: that did it :)
<paroneayea>yay! xscreensaver!
<suitsmeveryfine>congrats paroneayea
<paroneayea>patch sent.
***exio4 is now known as n4x
***n4x is now known as exio4
<kristofer>hey ya'll! i'm investigating module (guix graph), does "$" mean in (($ <node-type> identifier label node-edges) ...)
<kristofer>what does the $ mean?
<mark_weaver>kristofer: in 'match' patterns, it means to match a record
<mark_weaver>see 'match' in the guile manual, section 7.7
<anthk_>guixsd doesn't have a 7z tool
<Daneel_Olivaw>./configure reports that GCC cannot create an executable. I think it may be LD. I have binutils. Any help?
<davexunit>phant0mas: bashed my head against the wall some more with avr-gcc. still no progress.
<Daneel_Olivaw> what's the problem here?
<Daneel_Olivaw>I seriously need help with building GuixSD
<efraim>you want gcc-toolchain, not gcc
<efraim>Daneel_Olivaw: ^
<efraim>Daneel_Olivaw: you want gcc-toolchain, not gcc for compiling
<efraim>gcc-toolchain includes the linker and other things you'll need
<efraim>np :)
<Daneel_Olivaw>Still giving same error it's appears
<efraim>:( unfortunately I can't help much today, busy day of cleaning
<Daneel_Olivaw>That's fine. I'll figure it out
<efraim>it would seem I'm on a python updating spree again
<slim_>guixsd, do i need to be root to do a guix system reconfigure?
<slim_>i've installed guixsd yesterday qnd it seems root has no special use
<efraim>yeah you have to be root to reconfigure
<slim_>efraim: thanks
<fps>hmm, my lambda must be bad
<fps>or my reading of the error
<efraim>what if you name the phase?
<efraim>(add-before 'configure 'pre-configure (lambda _ (substitute* "configure" (("libpng12") "libpng")) #t)
<efraim>also, I don't think substitute* returns anything useful
<fps>efraim: thanks, trying
<fps>efraim: the missing name was one ting :)
<fps>and not using () but _ was another :)
<fps>and returning #t. thanks a bunch
<fps>i wonder where i could find glib-mkenums hmmm
<fps>seems the glib package doesn't install it?
<fps>oh, the bin output
<fps>the glib package says:
<fps> (outputs '("out" ; everything
<fps> "bin" ; glib-mkenums, gtester, etc.; depends on Python
<fps> "doc")) ; 20 MiB of GTK-Doc reference
<fps>so i need to set the glib bin path inside the build?
<fps>this is what i got now and need to run, maybe someone wants to take a stab at it (rapicorn is a beast/bse dependency)
<efraim>("glib" ,glib:bin)
<fps>tried that, gives me an error about an unbound variable..
<efraim>maybe ("glib" ,glib "bin")
<fps>so that in the native inputs and ust plain glib in the usual inputs? will see :)
<fps>yeah, thanks again.. let's see how far it gets ;)
<fps>ah drats, it really needs libpng12
<fps>ok, gotta run, laters..
<efraim>change ("png" ,libpng) to ("libpng12" ,libpng)
<ng0>is someone aware of summit or should i forward the email to the list if some people are interested?
<kristofer>weird question.. does guile handle downloading fetching packages, or does the nix daemon?
<kristofer>found it
<ng0>this is looped work... in summer 2015 i started to tweak the gnunet,gnunet-gtk,gnurl packages for gentoo. then I stopped working on those for a while and went on to guix, did the same. now i try to put finishing touches to the gentoo ones, only to see that move from eapi 5 to eapi 6 will be incredible hard and requires rewriting the package again, to see that I need to recycle what I did in guix
<ng0>when in trouble, scream and shout.
<ng0>but i can't even use much of the guix work, as guix build system is smarter than gentoo it seems.
<davexunit>phant0mas: more avr-gcc nightmare: the gcc cross compiler built in build/gcc/xgcc returns ".;" when passed the --print-multi-lib flag, whereas the one I one I built manually prints out all of the avr directories.
<phant0mas>davexunit: I know, same here
<davexunit>figured you knew already
<davexunit>passing --enable-multilib to configure does nothing
<davexunit>and I can't figure out how to trace the issue back further
<phant0mas>I even passed -with-multilib-list=avr25,..
<phant0mas>but that didn't work here
<phant0mas>I am really confused with all this
<phant0mas>I will write an email to the avr-gcc list
<davexunit>I saw similar bug reports for gentoo, but the resolution doesn't work for us
<phant0mas>davexunit: when you built avr-gcc with guix environment are you sure nothing leaked from the host env?
<davexunit>phant0mas: yes, I used --container
<davexunit>something *very strange* is causing this issue since it cannot be replicated with 'guix environment --container'
<phant0mas>damn I can't use --container thanks to the kernel version I run
<phant0mas>davexunit: I am currently investigating the build phases
<phant0mas>maybe guix does something that causes this
<davexunit>phant0mas: nothing stood out to me when I checked
<phant0mas>that's the problem, we don't know what we are looking for
<davexunit>phant0mas: could it have anything to do with this?
<phant0mas>davexunit: it could be
<phant0mas>can we force the second one?
<davexunit>this is in the guix environment, btw
<davexunit>which does the right thing
<janneke>/me just got mingw readline.dll linked, now rebuilding world bo bash
<janneke>ACTION just got mingw readline built, now rebuilding world bo bash
<janneke>davexunit: i am positive that in the mingw cross build, the host environment got injected (not leaked) while building e.g. readline
<phant0mas>janneke: did you push a patch at your repo?
<janneke>phant0mas: yes, a couple of `wip' patches that i'll clean-up and collapse later
<janneke>phant0mas: the only interesting change is in build-system/gnu.scm (standard-packages): that must not include host libraries when cross building "normal" packages
<ng0>i know why gnunet-svn requires python, python >=2.7 is used for some tests.
<ng0>there's no activity on the patches thread on it currently because i try to focus on pushing something to portage.
<suitsmeveryfine>Hi! I think that I've found a bug in the manual as well as a fix.
<suitsmeveryfine>To set up wireless networking in the USB installer, it is suggested that one create a wpa_supplicant configuration file that contains:
<suitsmeveryfine>network={ ssid=my-ssid key_mgmt=WPA-PSK psk="the network's secret passphrase" }
<suitsmeveryfine>This didn't work for me
<suitsmeveryfine>After having looked at the Arch wiki I found this, which did:
<suitsmeveryfine>network={ ssid="my-ssid" #key_mgmt="WPA-PSK" psk="the network's secret passphrase" }
<kyamashita>For GNOME apps, which versions are we packaging? I want to package gnome-sudoku, but there are versions 3.18, 3.19, and 3.20. The pattern seems to be packaging the version 3.18.x apps.
<kyamashita>Also, should it be defined in games.scm or gnome.scm?
<mark_weaver>kyamashita: we normally try to use the latest stable release version
<mark_weaver>so 3.20
<mark_weaver>the choice is module is less clear, but I'd say probably games.scm
<kristofer>I'm in the repl scheme@(guix build download)> (close-connection connection)
<kristofer>I get Unbound variable: close-connection
<kristofer>I'm looking at (guix build download) right now, the definition for close-connection exists, and is exported in the module definition.. what am I doing wrong?
<mark_weaver>kristofer: 'close-connection' is exported by the (guix store) module. you need to use-modules it
<kristofer>aha mark_weaver thank you
<kyamashita>Did anyone see my previous question?
<fps>efraim: that just changes the string with which one can refer to the variable lateron
<fps>[re "libpng12" ,libpng
<mark_weaver>kyamashita: currently, our master branch has GNOME 3.18, so I guess that means we should have gnome-sudoku 3.18 as well. but note that there's a 'gnome-updates' branch in our git repo that is updated to GNOME 3.20
<mark_weaver>the choice of module is less clear, but I'd say probably games.scm
<efraim>fps: I know, but I figured if it really wanted libpng12 then that might give it what it wants
<mark_weaver>on the other hand, if gnome-sudoku follows the version numbe of GNOME and normally should be updated in lock step with the other gnome modules, then perhaps gnome.scm is a better place for it
<fps>efraim: i guess i should inherit libpng and just use it locally in a let or would it make sense to also define that package publically?
<kyamashita>mark_weaver: It certainly seems like it. There's a gnome-sudoku version corresponding to each GNOME release.
<efraim>if it's only for that one package than i'd go with locally
<mark_weaver>kyamashita: okay, then forget what I said before. please put it in gnome.scm :)
<mark_weaver>what do you think?
<efraim>i'd stick it in gnome with the other gnome- games
<kyamashita>mark_weaver: Me? I'm thinking gnome.scm. Looking at the GNOME sudoku source download pages it makes more sense to put it in gnome.scm
<fps>hmm, my scheme still sucks..
<fps>guix build: error: rapicorn: unknown package
<fps>hmm, define-public in a let seems to be the wrong way, with a define it seems to go
<fps>(define libpng12 .... ) that is
<efraim>I attacked python and the propagated inputs, hopefully I didn't break anything
<slim404>yesterday I asked how to setup a french keyboard in gnome guixsd
<slim404>I solved it
<fps>hmm, any cython users here?
<efraim>but its time to go to bed, so massive push incoming
<slim404>it turns out the ui to setup a keyboard is just awkward
<fps>strict type checking is to blame ;) no idea where to attack this though
<fps> that's the package that fails
<slim404>to setup a keyboard you just open the settings > input source gui in gnome
<ngz>Hello. I have a question about package editing under Emacs. When I open an "scm" file, I accept a ton of variables as safe. So far so good. Yet, Emacs isn't able to properly indent sexps (e.g., indentation under `origin' has 2 columns instead of 1)
<fps>[added to gtk.scm]
<slim404>which appears to be empty, but you have to click on "others" to see county specific settings of keyboards appear
<kyamashita>Be back soon.
<slim404>just click the appropriate keyboard setting
<ngz>So the question is: how do you get proper indentation using Emacs?
<fps>ngz: like this?
<fps>(define-public gtk-engines
<fps> (package
<fps>or more spaces?
<ngz>fps: `define-public' is indented correctly. However, it isn't true under `package'. Guix expects `name' to be aligned with the "p" of package. Emacs insists on aligning it with the "a".
<ijp>try (put 'package 'scheme-indent-function 0)
<ngz>ijp: Shouldn't it be already done as .dir-local is guix, along with the other local variables?
<ijp>I'd have thought so
<ijp>in any case, that's the property to tweak
<fps>in most sources i see the n of name aligned with c of package
<ngz>ijp: Actually, this is done in guix... so my Emacs is right and most packages are wrong?
<ngz>fps: but what should be the correct indentation, "(" under "p" or under "a"?
<ijp>could be
<fps>the manual refers to this coding style
<ng0>is someone around with knowledge of decisions on gnurl?
<ng0>i wonder if it would theoretically work with other options passed.. the README says "socially enforced options"
<ng0>i don't want to fix a thing, i just need information so i know if i am done with this awful 7-8 months hacking and tweaking on gnunet on gentoo
<ngz>fps: Unfortunately (or fortunately, maybe) the coding style seems to accept both variants.
<suitsmeveryfine>We talked about indentation in Emacs yesterday
<suitsmeveryfine>You need to add a hack to your .emacs file. See the log for yesterday.
<suitsmeveryfine>ngz: add this to your Emacs config:
<suitsmeveryfine>(c) Mark Weaver and Alex Kost
<ngz>suitsmeveryfine: thank you for the link. However, IIUC, it solves a different problem.
<suitsmeveryfine>ngz: I see. I didn't properly read your discussion but just assumed it was this problem.