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<mark_weaver>mthl: the 'python' package doesn't contain a program named 'python', but rather a program called 'python3'
<mthl>mark_weaver: thanks
<mark_weaver>mthl: we have a 'python-wrapper' package that includes a 'python' symlink to 'python3'.
<mark_weaver>so maybe you want that as an input, or maybe the package really wants python-2 instead.
<rain1>btw mark_weaver, I could not fixup blender to work with the new ffmpeg - it required a new python, but python does not compile (need to wait for them to fix that)
<mark_weaver>rain1: what required a new python?
<rain1>the newer version of blender, to work with newer ffmpeg
<mark_weaver>I guess we should cherry-pick / backport the changes to blender needed for the new ffmpeg.
<mark_weaver>so we get those fixes without the requirement for new python.
<mthl>mark_weaver: Thanks again for your explication, using 'python-wrapper' has fixed the issue and shorten my package definition.
<phant0mas>hello davexunit did you find the build log from avr-gcc? :-)
<phant0mas>sorry for being so persistent but I really want to find out what's wrong
<anthk_>where is the words file in guixsd?
<anthk_>that file with a sorted list of words
<anthk_>nvm, I used "aspell config"
<quiliro>will someone be my mentor on my 5th try to install guix?
<quiliro>i get an error on boot and it would not have /var
<quiliro>i have configured config.scm with grub device sdb because it is the device that is recognized when booting with guixsd live usb
<quiliro>but the hard disk is probably sda on reboot without the usb
<quiliro>hi again
<iyzsong>quiliro: hi!
<quiliro>will dd'ing the install usb to hard disk provide with a bootable system to the computer?
<quiliro>iyzsong: hi! o\\
<iyzsong>quiliro: I don't think so. could you get the dmesg from the guixsd live usb (or any booted linux, if that's easier)? also when boot guixsd failed from harddisk, the message before enter the prompt (looking for 'ata', 'scsi' and 'sd'), and the contents of '/proc/modules'.
<iyzsong>I think some kernel modules are missing or not working, so there is no '/dev/sda' when the booting phase try to mount it.
<quiliro>iyzsong: i don't understand what you ask me to do
<iyzsong>quiliro: first after you boot the guixsd live usb (or any other linux), paste the output of 'dmesg' (to etc. and send the link here)
<iyzsong>quiliro: then at the prompt when failed to boot guixsd from harddisk, use SHIFT+PageUP to scroll up the console to see if there are interesting message contains 'ahci', 'ata' and 'sd' (it should report the found disks, same as dmesg).
<iyzsong>also, at the prompt, see the contents of 'cat /proc/modules'. so we can compare it with the working one.
<quiliro>iyzsong: how to paste from guixsd live??
<iyzsong>not sure.. if you have another machine, you can copy it out. but any other working linux should be ok (for dmesg and /proc/modules).
<quiliro>i have no other live system
<quiliro>or laptop to insert the guixsd installed hd
<iyzsong>quiliro: ok, boot the guixsd live usb, then use 'cat /var/log/messages | nc 9999' to paste.
<iyzsong>you can get the 'nc' command by run 'guix environment --ad-hoc netcat' or 'guix package -i netcat''
<quiliro>if i update the live system, wil it stay updated or return to previous condition on reboot?
<quiliro>installing nc
<quiliro>iyzsong: in other words, will ncc stay installed on live usb upon reboot?
<iyzsong>yes, the live system is read-only, all changes will lost after reboot.
<quiliro>iyzsong: it takes a long time
<quiliro>to install nc
<iyzsong>it's only depends on glibc, and you need to downolad glibc anyway when install the system.
<quiliro>still installing
<iyzsong>yep, we should add a paste command to the install media.
<quiliro>an irc too
<quiliro>it is still installing
<quiliro>irc client i meant
<vekth>plop, is somebody here?
<vekth>when i try to initialze guix config' at installation, it failed to load /mnt/etc/config.scm
<vekth>it's because i copied/pasted the lines of the root partition to make a /home partition : /
<quiliro>vekth: what do you need?
<quiliro>iyzsong: it is still compiling and i am being kicked more telecommunications
<quiliro>it is 1h30m
<quiliro>i can leave it on all night and come early
<quiliro>in the morning
<vekth>quiliro, i mounted a /home partition and i'm trying to specify it in the config' file.
<quiliro>did you put it in the file-systems section?
<vekth>do i need to put it before %base-file-systems?
<iyzsong>oops, i have to go too. idealy you shouldn't compile thing..
<iyzsong>night! ;)
<quiliro>vekth: i have never done it...but check
<quiliro>iyzsong: \\o
<vekth>i had read it : )
<vekth>i will do make tries later in a VM.
<quiliro>i suppose after %base-file-systems
<quiliro>in the cons section
<quiliro>of file-systems
<vekth>i will read the wiki better later. I'm a bit tired : )
<vekth>see you later
<paroneayea>I'm very close to a working xscreensaver package
<paroneayea>except that "make install" fails :)
<paroneayea>oh well, time for bed.
<efraim>I'm currently testing the pcre2 patch, seeing if julia still builds
<rekado>efraim: thanks for making sure julia won't break :)
<efraim>we try to take special care with the bio software :), and people don't always check that their upgrade doesn't break other stuff
<efraim>i didn't check the ffmpeg update enough before pushing it
<rekado>roelj: what R stuff are you working on?
<rekado>roelj: I have a recursive CRAN/bioconductor importer patch sitting here.
<rekado>really useful for R stuff.
<efraim>is that the one where you were going to send 7000 patches to the mailing list?
<rekado>efraim: no, that was done by scraping the CRAN package list and running the simple importer on each of them.
<rekado>the recursive importer is smarter than that.
<rekado>well, not really, but it keeps track of what packages we already have in Guix and what points in the dependency graph have already been visited.
<rekado>it produces full package definitions (define-public and all) that only need to be reviewed and built.
<rekado>I think that's better than using the importer to create 7000 packages that nobody asked for :)
<ng0>reviewing 7000 patches would be "fun" :)
<efraim>julia tests are still running
<rekado>efraim: I remember that I had to disable one of the tests because it would time out. Could be that there are other tests that need disabling.
<efraim>they're running, I just have a slow computer
<efraim>I rescued a pentium4 desktop with hyperthreading and that ran guix pull faster than my netbook does
<efraim>guix pull is ~10 minutes on this machine, it was ~7 minutes on the P4
<efraim>build phase for julia was 23 minutes and change
<ng0>I should test running guix and gentoo in parallel under gentoo xen on the desktop so I can build faster.
<efraim>Just blew the power here
<efraim>the outlet seems to have dried and no lasting damage seems to be done, which is always good
<efraim>I also realized that installing guixsd on a cloud provider over their image should be pretty easy since the store is in /gnu/store and you can cherry-pick out the parts of /etc and /var that stay behind after the switch
<efraim>so there's no pivot_root or running the installer in ram or anything wierd like that
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<petter>Is anyone else having issue with disabled external keyboard?
<petter>I haven't had this problem before. It has happened twice now with bitcoin-qt running. Turning this program off enabled my keyboard again.
<petter>Funny stuff.
<iyzsong>efraim: oh, I pushed the pcre2 update, should I revert it.. or wiil update julia to 0.4.5 help?
<efraim>iyzsong: I'd leave it for now, rekado said he had to disable a test, and I didn't check to see if it's currently building or not
<efraim>it took me 2.5 hours to get to the part where it failed, so I'm going to leave it to rekado to see if updating it takes care of it or if he's holding the test disable patch for now
<iyzsong>ok, thanks. I guess I'm safe to wait.
<quiliro>iyzsong: good morning!
<htgoebel>I'm trying to use guix to build from svn or git checkouts on e.g. `master` or `HEAD`. Is there some way to avoid he eed for updating the sha256 in the package file the each time?
<quiliro>since i do not have a /var directory o my installation, why did you need me to install nc and send thje paste to you?
<quiliro>htgoebel: i have no idea...i guess you have to ask until some one else later
<quiliro>htgoebel: can you help me with my booting issue?
<htgoebel>quilidro: Okay, will ask again later
<htgoebel>quiliro: Which bootstrap problem? I can't find it in the logs. May try to help
<quiliro>htgoebel: thank you.... it was yesterday.....i get an error about not finding sdb1
<quiliro>i rebooted with the usb live
<quiliro>and was asked to install nc to send the report via
<htgoebel>I'm afraid, this is far over what I know about GuixSD. Sorry
<quiliro>so i installed nc which took more than 3 hours so i went to sleep and i report now
<quiliro>htgoebel: have you installed guixsd?
<quiliro>htgoebel: or only guix
<htgoebel>quiliro: I'm using guix on top of my existing system. I'm trying to set up a reproducible environment for my own software
<quiliro>htgoebel: oh! nice
<quiliro>so you do not use guixsd but guix only
<quiliro>when I modify your config.scm, I don't know if I should define on the grub section the current device or the device that it becomes when I remove the live usb, when I boot with the live usb, the hard disk is sdb. and when i reboot with the hard disk, i suppose the hard disk becomes sdb
<quiliro>when I modify MY config.scm, I don't know if I should define on the grub section the current device or the device that it becomes when I remove the live usb, when I boot with the live usb, the hard disk is sdb. and when i reboot with the hard disk, i suppose the hard disk becomes sdb
<quiliro> text is wrong.please let me repost
<htgoebel>Have you tired using a disk/partition-label?
<quiliro>When I modify my config.scm, I don't know if I should define on the grub section the current device or the device that it becomes when I boot without the live usb. When I boot with the live usb, the hard disk is sdb. And when I reboot with the hard disk, I suppose the hard disk becomes sda.
<quiliro>yes...i used it
<quiliro>htgoebel: ^
<quiliro>i used it with partition
<quiliro>not with disk
<quiliro>i dont know how to define the disk with a label
<quiliro>the device asks for /dev/sdx
<quiliro>so i put sdb because the hard disk is recognized as such when i boot with the live usb
<htgoebel>quiliro: As far as I unserstand the manual, /dev/sdX should be the device wher grub is installed on. So in your case sdb. After set-up, you may need to change this into sda.
<htgoebel>quiliro: And what'S BEEN THE RESULT?
<htgoebel>\\mw is sorry for the caps
<quiliro>htgoebel: i cannot boot into the system after installation... so I cannot change it
<htgoebel>grub is not even staring up? Is there any message about grub installing itself onto /dev/sdb?
<davexunit>phant0mas: hello
<quiliro>htgoebel: the system is booted into a guile shell that reports it failed to resolve partition "raiz"
<quiliro>htgoebel: grub starts but it cannot find my root partition
<phant0mas>davexunit: hey, can you send me the build log from the last avr-gcc you built?
<quiliro>if i reboot, will i loose all the changes i made to the live usb?
<htgoebel>quiliro: So the "(bootloader (grub-configuration (device "/dev/sdX")))" part is correct: grub get onto sdb
<davexunit>phant0mas: trying to gather that
<htgoebel>quiliro: Looks like you need to tweak the "file-systems (cons (file-system" part
<quiliro>htgoebel: yes.... i understand is correct...what is my problem then?
<davexunit>phant0mas: sent
<quiliro>i used also device sda1 on file-system section
<quiliro>but no luck
<quiliro>should i reboot and tell you the message?
<quiliro>i have no /mnt/var directory on /mnt either
<quiliro>i will reboot
<htgoebel>quiliro: What is in /dev/sdb1 *prior* to reboot?
<quiliro>htgoebel: /mnt
<quiliro>i will check
<quiliro>there is var now
<quiliro>and gnu and hme
<htgoebel>quiliro: Are there other partitions for /dev/sdb?
<htgoebel>Okay, swap does not matter :-)
<quiliro>checked grub.cfg
<quiliro>it addresses /dev/sda1
<quiliro>so it is correct
<htgoebel>I'm afraid, I can not help you on this any further.
<quiliro>what files do you suggest i pastebin before rebooting
<quiliro>htgoebel: ^
<htgoebel>I don't know. sorry.
<quiliro>there is no file messages in /var/log
<quiliro>there are no files in that directory
<iyzsong>quiliro: you're on the live usb? please paste the out put of 'dmesg' and the '/proc/modules' file.
<davexunit>phant0mas: I search for avrxmega in the build log
<davexunit>the only thing that came up was a big bash expression
<davexunit>I didn't see any gcc commands that were building things with that name
<phant0mas>davexunit: yes I am looking at it now
<mark_weaver>quiliro: I have only a few minutes to help, but I will try. can you paste your OS config to a paste service (but not because they block tor users)
<phant0mas>davexunit: I will rebuild avr-gcc outside of guix and capture all the build log and compare them
<mark_weaver> is one option
<mark_weaver>ACTION goes afk
<quiliro>mark_weaver: how to use 'cat /var/log/messages | nc 9999' with ?
<quiliro>iyzsong: and grub.conf
<quiliro>iyzsong: /mnt/boot/grub/grub.conf
<quiliro>previous pastes were '/var/log/messages' and '/proc/modules'
<iyzsong>quiliro: ok, can you boot from harddisk and (at the prompt) to see '/proc/modules' have 'pata_amd' and 'sata_nv' or not?
<quiliro>iyzsong: how do i do that...i get the guile prompt
<iyzsong>quiliro: do ',bournish', then 'cat /proc/modules'.
<quiliro>do not have 'pata_amd' and 'sata_nv'
<quiliro>iyzsong: ^
<iyzsong>ok. you should add those modules to your config.scm!
<quiliro>iyzsong: why aren't those modules included by default?
<davexunit>phant0mas: thanks for helping with this
<phant0mas>davexunit: I want to be able to work with avr from my guixsd laptop ;-)
<iyzsong>quiliro: I'm not familier with kernel modules, but in your case, I think it's about missing modules for harddisk.. If you confirm it, we should add it to the default.
<quiliro>iyzsong: reboot and reinstall?
<quiliro>with live usb
<iyzsong>quiliro: yes, to add them, try add "(initrd (lambda (fs . args) (apply base-initrd fs #:extra-modules '("pata_amd" "sata_nv") args)))" to your 'operating-system'.
<htgoebel>bye. gtg
<quiliro>iyzsong: before rebooting.....
<quiliro>i pluged usb and reports as sda
<quiliro>how can i check which hdd it recognizes?
<quiliro>maybe it is sdb1 and not sda1
<iyzsong>in the live usb, you can use 'mount' or 'df'. also the 'dmesg' should tell (SCSI removable disk vs SCSI disk)
<quiliro>iyzsong: not in the live but in bournish
<quiliro>why lsls does not work
<efraim>when I installed guixsd on my pentium4 my pata drive showed up as /dev/sda1 and not as /dev/hda1
<quiliro>why ls not work
<iyzsong>quiliro: you haven't reinstall with modules right? then I think because the modules for harddisk is not loaded, it won't be recognized, so usb will be sda.
<iyzsong>quiliro: the initrd don't have them (coreutils), it only have guile, and the 'bournish' (a guile module) only emulate some commands (ls, cat, cd).
<davexunit>yeah, it's a rescue shell
<davexunit>not a full bourne-shell environment
<quiliro>iyzsong: so why does the live usb recognize my hdd?
<quiliro>it has those modeles and the default forms for config.scm don't
<quiliro>it has those modules and the default forms for config.scm don't
<quiliro>but ls does not work in bournish
<quiliro>it does not show th contents of /
<quiliro>i use ls / and it will not show what ls shows
<davexunit>does it show anything?
<quiliro>ls shows a few directories
<iyzsong>quiliro: no, the modules are same. but the initrd contains module for your usb disk (so it's sda), after the mount phase, it load services from usb, the udevd will load needed modules from usb (all linux modules are in store, but only some are in initrd), so your harddisk is recognized now (as sdb).
<quiliro>but ls / does not
<anthk_>use fdisk -l as root quiliro
<quiliro>anthk_: no such file or directory
<iyzsong>yes.. the bournish is only a basic implementation now. I think we have a GSOC project for it :-)
<quiliro>i am in bournish
<anthk_>ok :\\
<quiliro>anthk_: thanks for your support
<davexunit>it's merely a rescue shell
<davexunit>you're in an early boot environment without much available
<quiliro>pata_acpi and and isci modules are loaded
<quiliro>i see the messages at boot
<quiliro>i get:
<quiliro>fsck.ext4: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sda1
<quiliro>after those messages
<iyzsong>quiliro: yes, there're in the initrd for generic harddisk, but your need other modules.
<quiliro>iyzsong: why 'dmesg' should tell (SCSI removable disk vs SCSI disk)
<quiliro>when booting with live usb can i check which modules are loaded?
<quiliro>with lsmod?
<quiliro>'pata_amd' and 'sata_nv' are in fact loaded
<quiliro>iyzsong: i will add them to bare-bones.scm
<quiliro>i want to add '(firmware "openfwwf-firmware")' too
<quiliro>may i add it before '(file-systems' ????
<quiliro>it would be nice to have more examples of config.scm on the manual or elsewhere
<bavier>quiliro: I think you'll need instead '(firmware (list openfwwf-firmware))'
<iyzsong>that won't work, the b43-openfwwf firmware haven't be packaged.
<bavier>it's a package reference, rather than a string reference
<quiliro>bavier: thank you.... you text in the same place i suggest is ok?
<bavier>iyzsong: I pasted a package
<quiliro>bavier: thank you.... your text in the same place i suggest is ok?
<bavier>quiliro: the order of fields isn't important
<iyzsong>bavier: oh, cool!
<efraim>sometimes when I'm just working on a package and want it to build I set (license #f)
<efraim>since it also covers license:foo or any other namespace
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<quiliro>ok....added to bare-bones.scm in operating-system:
<quiliro>(initrd (lambda (fs . args) (apply base-initrd fs #:extra-modules '("pata_amd" "sata_nv") args)))
<quiliro>is this correct?
<iyzsong>I think so, and if "guix system init" don't report error, it's correct.
<quiliro>herd start cow-store /mnt
<quiliro>guix system init /mnt/etc/bare-bones.scm /mnt
<bavier>quiliro: that sounds right
<bavier>the manual should be available on tty1
<quiliro>guix system init /mnt/etc/bare-bones.scm /mnt
<quiliro>gives me:
<quiliro>module-lookup: Unbound variable: openfwwf-firmware
<quiliro>should i comment that line?
<iyzsong>quiliro: yes, that haven't be packaged yet.
<bavier>quiliro: you won't get the firmware installed if you comment it
<bavier>I realize that my patch isn't as useful to you in a live-usb installation
<bavier>I assume that's where you are?
<quiliro>bavier: yes
<quiliro>so...i comment it or wait?
<bavier>what you can do instead is use GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<bavier>and put those package definitions in a local file
<quiliro>bavier: is that documented in
<quiliro>or where can i learn how to do it?
<bavier>quiliro: yes, section 7.5 I believe
<iyzsong>you're using ethernet (wired) right? you can do that later after install.
<bavier>that's true, it might be most useful right now to get the base system installed, then do a reconfigure later
<quiliro>is there a problem with the file not named /mnt/etc/config.scm but /mnt/etc/bare-bones.scm ?
<bavier>quiliro: that shouldn't be a problem
<quiliro>is there a way to measure the time invested in development and support in guix and guixsd?
<quiliro>human hours
<bavier>quiliro: there's
<quiliro>bavier: 46 years!!!
<quiliro>does that include the time spent in supporting people in this channel and the mailing list?
<bavier>quiliro: ;)
<quiliro>i assume it does not include the source code for the sources of other programs
<paroneayea>quiliro: someone's been working since the unix epoch!
<quiliro>paroneayea: :-D
<bavier>I'm not familiar with how openhub does its measurements
<pizzaiolo>anyone got around to reviewing jookia's patches?
<bavier>but yeah, it certainly doesn't include the time investment in all the lovely free software we package
<quiliro>it reports guix has a big codebase of devs and is a very active project
<quiliro>with a lot of comments
<quiliro>that is so nice
<quiliro>how many commiters?
<quiliro>101 contributors!
<bavier>quiliro: and you can be one too! :)
<quiliro>average more than 100 commits and 200 lines of code per commiter
<quiliro>bavier: absolutely!
<quiliro>i will try
<quiliro>it would be nice to have a roadmap of how to learn
<quiliro>i will ask some friend to join too
<iyzsong>welcome! and i'll go sleep now, night :)
<quiliro>iyzsong: thank you very much for myour help
<quiliro>iyzsong: thank you very much for your help
<quiliro>where can i find the video?
<paroneayea>ACTION shoots incomplete xscreensaver package to list
<quiliro>thanks paroneayea
<quiliro>i cannot find dvorak-es
<quiliro>or my country locale es_EC-utf8
<paroneayea>quiliro: you might want to see the slides too
<rain1>I recommend slock instead of xscreensaver
<paroneayea>rain1: cool... though having both is nice, I do enjoy the various hacks supplied by xscreensaver
<rain1>the visuals in it are lovely :)
<paroneayea>rain1: and it's nice that it has an auto-lock feature
<paroneayea>I don't think slock has a "lock after $X minutes" thing does it?
<rain1>llet me check
<rain1>Slock can be started after a specific period of user inactivity using xautolock
<rain1>xautolock -time 10 -locker slock
<rain1>so this separate tool can do it
<Digit>"guix has hurd" i heard in another chan. not on guixsd yet though i presume, right?
<paroneayea>Digit: hurd support is not yet complete
<quiliro>it is installed with no errors
<ng0>emails to bug-womb take some time to get notice, at least if you have western "reply within one week" expectations
<quiliro>took 1 hour for bare-bones.scm
<quiliro>should i reboot?
<quiliro>or umount first
<rain1>you can umount
<rain1>i think the OS does it for you though
<ng0>but a notice on shutdown to remove the device when it's unmounted would be good in the future
<quiliro>it is a long toime for a base installation
<ng0>well you have an almost functional system
<ng0>try gentoo, you have the base and after that you need to compile the rest
<quiliro>ng0: :-D true
<ng0>i get a base system on gentoo in 20-30 minutes now, but for a fiunctional system I have 12-26 hours compiling :)
<ng0>but if you have ideas on how to improve the setup, take notes and share
<quiliro>ng0: i think that the live should have all the binaries to copy to disk
<quiliro>how difficult is it to generate a new live every week or so?
<ng0>more difficult than I know, with guixsd at least.
<quiliro>can it be autromatic?
<ng0>gentoo, debian and others have automatically created iso snapshots of weekly/daily builds of the iso, but they use a different system
<quiliro>This is the GNU Sytem. Welcome.
<quiliro>i am so happy....
<ng0>i don't know much about guix system for image creation, but i assume it is created with the command displayed in the manual + some make line in the git repository
<quiliro>after a year of 6 tryes installing Guixsd
<ng0>so providing binaries with the current size of hydra won't always work
<quiliro>ng0: i dont understand why....please be kind to explain
<ng0>somebody else has to, i don't know much about the image creation to be 100% certain of what I write.
<ng0>i'm still searching for the optimal new solution for my servers, and as i want to include gnunet, idk it might be possible to snapshot the cache one a month or so, move it to a directory /pub/guix/hydra-$time and recursively share this on directory in gnunet somehow, only integrating this into guix to make it pull this way is testing ground.
<quiliro>I have to combine my desktop.scm with babe-bones.scm ... what is the fastes way?
<quiliro>I have to combine my desktop.scm with babe-bones.scm ... what is the fastest way?
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<quiliro>still net initrd ( ....... in the file?
<quiliro>i have modified desktop.scm and wish to update. I have booted with the installed system (GUIXSD)....should i use: guix system init /etc/desktop.scm / ?
<davexunit>quiliro: guix system reconfigure config.scm
<quiliro>davexunit: thank you
<davexunit>changes to services may require rebooting to activate
<quiliro>davexunit: will guix system ireconfigure /etc/desktop.scm
<quiliro>davexunit: will guix system reconfigure /etc/desktop.scm
<davexunit>assuming /etc/desktop.scm is the file name where your updated configuration is stored
<quiliro>davexunit: thank you
<davexunit>naturally, this operation must be performed as root.
<quiliro>davexunit: same error as before with openfwwf
<davexunit>I don't know what openfwwf is
<davexunit>not a package as far as I can tell
<quiliro>'(firmware (list openfwwf-firmware))'
<davexunit>quiliro: there is no variable named openfwwf-firmware in the guix code base.
<davexunit>I'm very confused by what you are trying to do.
<quiliro>bavier: could you explain?
<davexunit>did you define that variable to have some value that is important? where are you using that 'firmware' field?
<davexunit>quiliro: I think you might want to review the basics of Scheme a bit more.
<quiliro>davexunit: please check
<quiliro>and the paste from bavier
<quiliro>in that log
<davexunit>quiliro: that code is clearly wrong
<davexunit>what are you trying to do?
<quiliro>davexunit: i need to load the firmware for my wireless card
<quiliro>i have confirmed in trisquel that it is free for my card and it is included in that distro
<davexunit>is "openfwwf-firmware" a valid name for a Linux kernel module?
<quiliro>firmware b43-open/ucode5.fw needs to be loaded
<quiliro>it is a package i think
<quiliro>"openfwwf-firmware" is a package
<davexunit>there is no such package in guix with that name
<davexunit>again, if this software is needed, then it needs to be packaged.
<davexunit>there is no package in guix for it.
<quiliro>davexunit: i should do without wireless for the moment?
<quiliro>what do you suggest i do to learn how to include it in guixsd
<davexunit>if it is true that the firmware in that repository is needed and not already provided by Linux itself, then you would need to write a guix package to compile it.
<davexunit>from there, I don't know. I don't know how to use firmware that isn't built-in to the kernel.
<davexunit>but I know that we have at least one other wireless firmware package in guix
<davexunit>that you could learn from
<davexunit>see ath9k-htc-firmware in (gnu packages firmware)
<davexunit>once the firmware is built properly, you can add it to your operating-system config's 'firmware' field, as you were already trying to do.
<davexunit>I learned this just now by searching the codebase for ath9k-htc-firmware
<ng0>what even is dc++ ? i remember DC in irc from around 2000..
<gour>hello, is guixsd getting ready for 'general' consumption?
<anthk_>gour pretty ready
<ng0>depends on what you need for it being ready and your definition of general :)
<jmd>gour: Yes, but consuming too much may be harmfull to your health.
<gour>anthk_: which DE is a favorite one?
<gour>well, atm i use debian (sid)...
<jmd>The favourite DE is bash.
<jmd>Closely followed by emacs.
<anthk_>if gnome-shell had something with Guile instead of JS it would be nice
<gour>i was playing in the past with Free/PC-BSD which used PBIs - concept simialr to nix pkgs and, i believe, to guix, but they abandoned it :-(
<ng0>wild. so dc++ is what i think it is. funny sigur ros provide this and ftp and gather torrents, but have no real one catches all distribution for live recordings
<gour>can it be made stable similar to debian-stable ,iow. to put it on relative's machines in order to minimize maintain. work or is still considered that one has to update it more often?
<ng0>has anyone tried to not update for 1 year and see if guix breaks?
<ng0>if not someone should do that.
<ng0>I assume it doesn't
<anthk_>gour, with Guix , stability ala Debian has no sense, you have "guix system reconfigure" and if something crashes, you can go back
<gour>besides using guile vs nix's dsl and not using non-free software, any other important difference with nixos?
<anthk_>gour, totally free software
<gour>anthk_: well, ability to easily rollback is something i'm looking means there are no firmwares for wifi stuf etc.?
<anthk_>gour, there are only the free fw, and nowadays, cheap wifi USB devices with free drivers do exists
<anthk_>and often they work better than the builtin NICs
<gour>anthk_: well, problem is often with laptops/netbooks...moreover, i'm living in place where there are not always too many options to choose from
<gour>it probably means no place for things like debian's firmware-realtek, right?
<jmd>we don't have non-free blobs. Right.
<gour>ok. fair-enough
***kelsoo1 is now known as kelsoo
<bavier>davexunit: sorry for the confusion. I had packaged openfwwf-firmware for quiliro, and pasted it at
<davexunit>bavier: ohhhhhhhhhh
<davexunit>well now things make a whole lot more sense
<davexunit>missed that part of the backlog -_-
<davexunit>I thought it was a symbol/string mixup or something
<davexunit>but then realized that it was supposed to be a list of packages
<davexunit>and then was very confused
<bavier>well, the patch is there, but I don't think quiliro has a git checkout to apply it to yet
<quiliro>davexunit, bavier: does that mean i get openfwwf-firmware??
<quiliro>if you tell me how, i will do it
<davexunit>bavier: for now, he can just dump the package recipes in his config file
<davexunit>and import the right guile modules
<quiliro>i have updated with desktop.scm
<quiliro>i rebooted but no destop service has run
<quiliro>what is there to do now?
<davexunit>quiliro: you have to be more specific. what is the exact config file you are using?
<quiliro>the same as in /etc/configure/desktop.scm
<davexunit>I don't know what that file is
<davexunit>it's on your system only
<quiliro>it is in the live usb
<davexunit>what is in its 'services' field?
<alezost>quiliro: re dvorak-es: do you get "cannot open include file euro"?
<quiliro>alezost: yes
<alezost>apparently this is an upstream bug. I see that Arch and Debian fix it with the same patch: <> and <>
<alezost>on GuixSD we can use the same fix for "kbd" package
<quiliro>davexunit: gnome-desktop-service, xfce-desktop-service, %desktop-services
<quiliro>how can I use paste to a web erver from the ccommand line? dpaste?
<quiliro>'cat /var/log/messages | nc 9999'
<quiliro>is that correct?
<ng0>possibly.. i use for that
<ng0>my_pb() { gnurl -F "c=@${1:--}" } you want to replace gnurl with curl if you don't use gnurl. then you can do: comman | my_pb
<ng0>or for files, just my_pb file
<quiliro>never use curl or gnurl, which do you suggest?
<ng0>i use gnurl because I use gnunet. you can use curl if you have no preference.
<quiliro>ng0: ^
<quiliro>ng0: is pb installable via guix package?
<davexunit>quiliro: then you're good, that will start a Slim login screen and let you choose between XFCE or GNOME
<davexunit>if not, it means that you haven't instantiated the correct system. what do you see?
<quiliro>davexunit: it didnt start slim
<quiliro>davexunit: login:
<davexunit>did you 'guix system reconfigure' and then reboot?
<quiliro>entered root user
<davexunit>did 'guix system reconfigure' completel successfully?
<quiliro>davexunit: yes
<davexunit>there's got to be more to the story
<davexunit>quiliro: sudo herd status
<davexunit>does "xorg-server" appear anywhere in the output?
<quiliro>davexunit: no
<davexunit>quiliro: then you did not install the system with xfce and gnome
<quiliro>herd status | grep xorg-server gives nothing
<davexunit>you didn't install what you think you installed
<quiliro>should i update again recheccking the desktop.scm file?
<davexunit>did you run the command as root?
<davexunit>only root can modify the system
<davexunit>I recommend running the following:
<davexunit>sudo -i
<davexunit>guix pull
<davexunit>guix system reconfigure config.scm
<quiliro>davexunit: that i did
<quiliro>and i have checked desktop.scm to contain the destop services
<davexunit>I don't know what you did, but you must have done something wrong.
<quiliro>gnome-desktop-service, xfce-desktop-service, %desktop-services
<davexunit>there's no other way your new system wouldn't have X running
<davexunit>I have to go now
<quiliro>davexunit: thank you...i have learned a lot...i will keep studying
<quiliro>and testing
<alezost>quiliro: good news: when our 'kbd' package will be updated to 2.0.3, this dvorak-es problem will be solved. See
<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: the link is broken
<alezost>oops, it's a problem of, this link is referenced by <> (the top message "[PATCH 0/2] gnu: kbd: Update to 2.0.3")
<ng0>quiliro: no, not yet. see bottom of the page -> github -> npm these days
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: ha-ha, AFAICS all links are broken on that page :-)
<alezost>quiliro: I meant this message:
<davexunit>quiliro: thanks for perservering
<davexunit>phant0mas: any luck with avr-gcc?
<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: it would be interesting to see if this fixes another strange bug
<jmd>Is anyone working on a gui front-end to the package manager?
<ng0>quiliro: ah, also pb is server software.
<suitsmeveryfine>loadkeys se-fi-ir209 refuses to load properly
<davexunit>jmd: there's some interest, but not much has been done yet.
<ng0>wat I pasted was a line to interact with the server
<suitsmeveryfine>it only works if you load a different keymap first
<davexunit>I wrote a prototype web interface with only a couple features, but I want to flesh it out more some time.
<jmd>Why a web interface?
<suitsmeveryfine>oh, it was just a little fix I see
<davexunit>jmd: it was a "I wonder how easy this would be?" thing
<davexunit>and I'm a web developer by trade
<davexunit>turns out it was pretty easy to make a web UI
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: isn't it intended? look at "" file: it is very small. I don't really know how all this stuff works, but to me it looks like it should be loaded after se-ir209
<alezost>anyway, what I like with loadkeys, is that you can make your own map file and just use it
<phant0mas>davexunit: guess who's not sleeping tonight
<davexunit>phant0mas: oh dear
<davexunit>get some sleep!
<quiliro>alezost: great!
<phant0mas>davexunit: I think I am close
<davexunit>phant0mas: really!? :)
<phant0mas>the problems appears during the build
<davexunit>any hints at what's going on?
<phant0mas>but I need to crosscheck everything with the normal build log
<quiliro>davexunit: i have stayed in the place where there is internet for 2 nights now
<quiliro>perseverance is my second name!
<suitsmeveryfine>Hi! I'm trying to build a package from a git checkout, inside the guix environment, but the build command results in everything being downloaded, including an old version of linux-libre.
<suitsmeveryfine>What did I do wrong?
<davexunit>suitsmeveryfine: what do you mean by "build command"?
<quiliro>guix system reconfigure ....seem very itchy when it comes to seconds of network failure
<suitsmeveryfine>./pre-inst-env guix build openttd --keep-failed
<quiliro>it gives a tls error
<quiliro>hich is attributed to network failure
<quiliro>which is attributed to network failure
<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: I see, so it is actually meant to be loaded after se-ir209?
<davexunit>suitsmeveryfine: did you run ./configure --localstatedir=/var
<davexunit>if not, you are going to clobber your install
<davexunit>or have two guix state directories
<davexunit>well, nvm. this couldn't be the issue.
<suitsmeveryfine>davexunit: I must have done that before, because this started to happen only today.
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: well, I don't know, probably; where did you learn about this keymap?
<davexunit>suitsmeveryfine: did you build the latest master?
<davexunit>did you pull before this?
<davexunit>did it ever work?
<suitsmeveryfine>I did run "git pull" before. Do I need to run ./configure --localstatedir=/var more than once?
<davexunit>suitsmeveryfine: have you not updated in awhile?
<davexunit>guix isn't just going to download stuff for the hell of it
<suitsmeveryfine>davexunit: not in a few days
<davexunit>then you should be fine.
<davexunit>a local change of yours could have changed the hash of some things if its trying to rebuild everything
<suitsmeveryfine>daveexunit: oh, I did one thing actually
<suitsmeveryfine>I modified guix-build-evironment by adding a ";"
<davexunit>I don't know what that is
<suitsmeveryfine>but then I removed it again and saved
<suitsmeveryfine>the definition for how gnu packages shall be built
<davexunit>searching for "guix-build-environment" in the codebase returns no results
<suitsmeveryfine>configure, make, etc.
<suitsmeveryfine>sorry: (build-system gnu-build-system)
<davexunit>suitsmeveryfine: changing anything in the gnu build system will change the hashes for everything
<davexunit>and you will rebuild the world
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: check with "git diff" what changes you made
<suitsmeveryfine>ah, interesting, the change is still there:
<suitsmeveryfine>even though I reverted it
<alezost>apparently you didn't :-)
<suitsmeveryfine>but I never commited the change
<alezost>it doesn't matter: the source is changed, and when you run "./pre-inst-env guix ..." this modified source is used
<davexunit>yeah git has nothing to do with it
<suitsmeveryfine>wow! I must have forgot to save
<suitsmeveryfine>Thansk for the help!
<suitsmeveryfine>I've recovered :)
<suitsmeveryfine>I'm not that used to edit in Emacs where Ctrl+S means search and not save
<davexunit>emacs has been around since before C-s meant save
<suitsmeveryfine>Sure, but unfortunately I didn't start with the right tools as a kid
<davexunit>just giving the historical information
<davexunit>not judging your muscle memory :)
<suitsmeveryfine>I'm working on retraining my muscles
<suitsmeveryfine>not at the gym though ;)
<rain1>you can reconfigure it
<rain1>i have set F12 to save
<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: regarding the keymap -- I learned about it when I installed GuixSD and Parabola
<suitsmeveryfine>I tried different Swedish keymaps and se-fi-ir209 happened to be the one that corresponded to the physical keys
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: but where is it mentioned, and why did you think it is suitable for you?
<alezost>ah, ok
<alezost>well, I think it is intended to work as it is
<alezost>*as it does
<suitsmeveryfine>alezost: I chose it because otherwise I would either get danish letters or the punctuation keys in the wrong places
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: what did you use on other distros?
<suitsmeveryfine>again, the issue is not guixsd-specific because it was the same in Parabola
<suitsmeveryfine>GuixSD and Parabola are the only distros I've installed from the command line.
<alezost>yes, surely, the keymap itself is the same everywhere
<alezost>ah, so you didn't use "loadkeys" before, got it
<suitsmeveryfine>Before it has always been Debian, Trisquel, etc.
<ng0>things can be unlearned and relearned. i find myself hitting c-x-s in all kinds of editors now and c-x-c
<rain1>I think a lot of emacs defaults are harmful to human anatomy
<davexunit>bind caps lock as an additional control key
<davexunit>every serious emacs user I know does this
<davexunit>much more ergonomic. the keyboards in use at the time emacs was originally created had a control key in a similar position.
<suitsmeveryfine>I've done that. That's also useful when using a web browser
<davexunit>yeah it's easier for everything that wants you to press control
<ng0>i have the imaginative goal to try neo2 once more, and that needs capslock for key levels.. but last time was so hard to switch away from decades of qwertz..
<ng0>i can do qwerty, qwertz and some others
<suitsmeveryfine>I read a blog post where somebody suggested that one should rebind the right shift key instead, that it would be more ergonomical
<ng0>but neo2 was radical different
<Jookia>i'm considering trying spacemacs
<Jookia>with vi keybinds
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: I think this is done so because you can specify several keymaps: "loadkeys se-ir209 se-fi-ir209"
<paroneayea>davexunit: I keep trying to convince Morgan to bind caps lock to ctrl but
<paroneayea>she does data entry for her school sometimes
<paroneayea>and actually uses capslock
<Jookia>capslock is useful for HEADER_MACROS
<suitsmeveryfine>alexost: I didn't know one can do that
<alezost>suitsmeveryfine: I also have just learnt it from "man loadkeys" :-)
<alezost>our console-keymap-service should be adjusted accordingly (for multiple files)
<suitsmeveryfine>I need to read `man RTFM` first :)
<davexunit>paroneayea: hmm, I guess the key should be optimized for whichever is used most commonly
<quiliro>what does grafting mean?
<quiliro>Grafting or graftage is a horticultural technique whereby tissues from one plant are inserted into those of another so that the two sets of vascular tissues may join
<quiliro>what does that have to do with guix?
<ng0>we should put that in the manual
<bavier>quiliro: replacing references to dependencies in a package's output
<quiliro>Grafting refers to a surgical procedure to move tissue from one site to another on the body, or from another person, without bringing its own blood supply with it.
<bavier>in place, without rebuilding
<Jookia>i have mumble running on guix!
<davexunit>Jookia: that's great news!
<davexunit>I never got it working
<Jookia>it wasn't too hard
<quiliro>i have xfce and gnome running!
<davexunit>I had some issues and gave up
<Jookia>quiliro: woo!
<davexunit>glad you had better luck
<davexunit>quiliro: there we go!
<davexunit>Jookia: mumble is the missing piece for my gaming setup :)
<quiliro>thank all of you for your support!
<davexunit>quiliro: thanks for hanging in there.
<Jookia>davexunit: i've been compiling/testing doom source ports and other gaming stuff. i think the only thing left is to compile EDGE, package them all then think about how to handle soundfonts
<quiliro>now it now is it possible to have openfwwf?
<bavier>quiliro: I would do what davexunit suggested and put the package definitions in your system config
<bavier>quiliro: at this point, it easy simple to play with your system configuration, since you can always rollback to a previous good configuration
<quiliro>ok, isave the log and analize to study what davexunit proposes
<paroneayea>oh hey is quite nice as far as GNU-themed desktop
<paroneayea>though uh... not sure about it appearing from a "Linux Master Race" subreddit as its source.
<Jookia>paroneayea: I prefer
<ng0>quiliro: the log is also in the topic
<ng0>or did you mean ypou system log?
<quiliro>ng0: log
<quiliro>i save 3 days of logs to take home
<phant0mas>davexunit: that's the difference that creates the problem, still can't find why
<quiliro>now i can take a shower!
<paroneayea>so, I have a package in my profile (vlc) which is now failing to build (on hydra too)
<paroneayea>which seems to mean that guix package --upgrade won't work. I guess there's no "exclude just this one from upgrade" in guix
<paroneayea>I could do it maybe via dropping to lisp
<ng0>what if you just--fallback -i vlc to build vlc from source?
<civodul>paroneayea: there's --do-not-upgrade
<quiliro>how can i make usb memory automount on plugin in?
<civodul>it's embarrassing that vlc doesn't build, though
<paroneayea>civodul: I'm git bisecting guix to find out when vlc stopped building
<civodul>paroneayea: i think it's the ffmpeg upgrade in c5e1fcd0aea87e841a8484ce28679d11d602f137
<paroneayea>civodul: oh that's probably it :)
<quiliro>why won't usb memory automount in xfce?
<paroneayea>quiliro: does xfce have that functionality?
<paroneayea>quiliro: you might get it to work by running the gnome-settings-daemon or something. There's probably something gnome'y that does it.
<quiliro>gnome does not automount it either
<quiliro>paroneayea: ^
<ng0>that might be becuase our gnome is not complete yet
<ng0>basic things work, but some things are missing
<quiliro>gnome will not let user log out.... only reboot or shutdown
<quiliro>paroneayea: how to get the gnome-settings-daemon up?
<paroneayea>quiliro: I don't have it running here, so I'm not sure
<paroneayea>that's a guess based on previous experiences
<quiliro>paroneayea: i will to do it?
<quiliro>first install with guix package -i gnome-settings-daemon
<quiliro>and then?
<paroneayea>quiliro: probably add it to the auto-run things in xfce
<paroneayea>on startup
<paroneayea>ACTION shrugs though
<quiliro>thank you everyone...will keep on testing
<quiliro>and then report
<quiliro>possibly will come tomorrow to connect
<quiliro>going home
<bavier>quiliro: good luck
<quiliro>bavier: thks
<anthk_>about automounting... I think is gvfs