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<str1ngs>and I still cant find how to generate ./gnu/packages/bootstrap/s390x-linux/guile-2.0.9.tar.xz
<str1ngs>are those done by hand?
<str1ngs>the other arch's are downloaded. mkdir xz tar bash exist in the git tree.
<daviid>ot: how do I install libreJS on a debian system and get rid of all other js? [if what I ask makes sense?]
<Acou_Bass>libreJS is just a firefox addon, can be added to any firefox/iceweasel/icecat install through the normal method ;D
<daviid>Acou_Bass: ah thanks, I was hoping to use it with epiphany, which is my pref browser
<daviid>GNU LibreJS should be in all bowrsers really!
<rain1>I don't think it can be installed in epiphany,
<daviid>rain1: ok, i will write to the epiphany team and ask them to make this possible... thanks all
<rain1>good luck!
<rain1>that would be a nice thing
<daviid>I dont see why they wouldn't want to at least include this in their issue/request for improvment
<lfam>mark_weaver: I just rebased Savannah's fix-letsencrypt branch and tested some affected packages locally. Can you set it up to build on hydra?
<lfam>Alternatively, if you aren't available to do it, civodul said he could do it tomorrow
<rain1>lfam thank you for testing the kernel build!
<rain1>it seems like a lot of us are getting /gnu/store/n20
<str1ngs>need a ccache for guile! :P
<lfam>rain1: Yes, that's good :)
<lfam>Does it pass --check or --rounds=2 on your machine?
<lfam>Did you see it fails weirdly on one of my machines?
<rain1>I didn't use that specific command, but i'll do thaht now
<lfam>It worked on the other
<rain1>I just did --check after building it the first time
<lfam>There must be some weird interaction with my CPU, filesystem, kernel version, etc
<lfam>Un-accounted-for sources of nondeterminism
<rain1>really interesting stuff! I hope to get to the bottom of it
<lfam>I'm going to try rebuilding on the bad machine on ext4
<rain1>I'm also looking into debian repro. linux kernel
<lfam>You should hang out on #debian-reproducible and #reproducible-builds on OFTC
<lfam>Oh never mind, you're already there :p
<str1ngs>suggestion would be nice if the downloader was max 80 col
<rain1>lfam, oh my gosh!
<rain1>guix build: error: build failed: derivation `/gnu/store/5407vh3mpb69lnkd0ajx0xly6gd77gs1-linux-libre-4.5.drv' may not be deterministic: hash mismatch in output `/gnu/store/n20i0s96p29vkl07vlvxli5xql3m3hgi-linux-libre-4.5'
<rain1>that's really interesting,
<rain1>I wish I had used -K
<rain1>looking at the sources, I don't even see how rounds works
<rain1>nvm, it gets changed into build-repeat
<rain1>but that's only mentioned once in the source code, so I'm equally confused
***Digit is now known as lunacat5
<rain1>oh its' written in C! thaht's why my grep wasn't finding it
<rain1>C++ in fact
<rain1>that's a surprise
<str1ngs>that go bootstrap scripts
<rain1>ah cool
<str1ngs>will not work for binutils 2.26 though
<str1ngs>bug in go
<str1ngs>I have a branch for that. but then its not a full source bootsrap
<mark_weaver>lfam: I started hydra working on it
<rain1>./pre-inst-env guix build linux-libre --check --rounds=2
<rain1>I have used this command
<rain1>I got the may not be deterministic error
<daviid>/nick daviid
<rain1>I forgot -K :(
<rain1>becaues I tried to log all the output to a file but couldn't
<rain1>once it is done with -K, I want to compare and inspect the two different outputs
<rain1>is that something I can actually do this way?
<str1ngs>I need more CPU power!
<rain1>it's very strange to compare /tmp/guix-build-linux-libre-4.5.drv-0,1/linux-4.5 with drv-2
<rain1>they're partially empty
<str1ngs>gah why wont xz build static!
<efraim>can I install guixsd's grub to (list (device "/dev/sda") (device "/dev/sdb")) ?
<str1ngs>what do you need to do?
<str1ngs>embedding grub twice is kinda redundant.
<rekado_>since a recent "guix system reconfigure" my laptop no longer suspends on closing the lid. Has the default been changed?
<wingo>rekado_: i know nothing about that. did you reboot, or no? did it restart elogind/
<ng0>we don't happen to have an sandboxed server packaged already by any chance?
<rain1>I renamed linux-libre to linux-libre-rep
<rain1>./pre-inst-env guix build linux-libre-rep --rounds=3 --check
<rain1>and then this succeeded
<rain1>so I have a feeling the fail with --rounds before was related to having an already installed different version by the same name?
<ng0>this server (further down my priority list now) needs its datafiles (default in /opt/ to be writeable.
<ng0>so if there's a similiar software packaged already, this would help.
<rekado_>wingo: yes, I rebooted (a couple of times). elogind is started.
<rekado_>also, now the screen is locked when I close and reopen the lid. Didn't happen before, but I like it.
<rekado_>also, now the screen is locked when I close and reopen the lid. Didn't happen before, but I like it.
<wingo>rekado_: could be a change related to gnome, dunno if there was an upgrade that broke something
<rekado_>I'm still using XFCE.
<rekado_>not a problem. I'll try overwriting the elogind service settings later.
<efraim>on a fresh guixsd 0.10.0 install I tried `guix pull` and got error:mkstemp!: permission denied, with /tmp mounted on a different hard drive
<efraim>on my debian system /tmp has attributes 777, but I may have done that myself
<junkatown>how can i view tx-power with iw?
<rekado_>efraim: my /tmp on Fedora has 1777 (with the t flag set).
<efraim>I set go+w on guixsd and guix pull worked (as expected)
<hinton>does anyone have a successful recent installation of python2.7 using substitutes?
<hinton>if I guix package -i python@2.7.1 I get 'bzip2: Compressed file ends unexpectedly;' for the substitute
<hinton>hm the nar file is incomplete so I guess something went wrong in the build process
<alezost>hinton: usually it happens because hydra is slow, try again
<hinton>alezost: tried again - I will have a look at hydra and see what length it thinks the file ought to be
<alezost>"guix build python@2.7.1" has just completed succesfully for me
<hinton>could you tell me the hash it came up with, for comparison?
<alezost>the result was: /gnu/store/kcc3cxnx9l2hbg7pjhxsa0r5yq2j2f38-python-2.7.10
<hinton>I guess something is wrong with my network as I'm trying for the same hash and getting a bad result.
<hinton>thank you
<jmarciano>I wish to get in guile the description of the package, is it possible? I can load modules guix, and guix packages.
<alezost>jmarciano: at first use (guix packages) module, then you can do (package-description <foo>)
<jmarciano>I guess I am missing something, maybe I need to load package definitions first?
<alezost>jmarciano: for example:
<alezost>,use(guix packages)
<alezost>,use(gnu packages emacs)
<alezost>(package-description emacs)
<alezost>try this in the repl ^^
<jmarciano>yes very nice. And is there a way to load all packages together?
<jmarciano>or at least to get list of it
<alezost>for a list of all packages: (fold-packages cons '())
<alezost>I have to go
<jmarciano>what way it there to list installed guix packages in guile? Could not find anything in info.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jmd>What is the status of the "containers" feature?
<rain1>hello civodul
<rain1>jmd, I tried it out a couple days ago it seems to work good!
<rain1>oh wait i used environment --container
<rain1>I guess thats a different thing
<davexunit>jmd: 'guix environment --container' works quite nicely, 'guix system container' is a "tech preview". it works but isn't particularly pratical yet.
<davexunit>we need a Scheme interface to Linux cgroups and networking
<davexunit>help wanted here!
<wingo>i guess we need a cgroup manager eventually, probably as part of shepherd
<wingo>cgroups v2 has a unified hierarchy of cgroups, which probably needs to be managed just by a central daemon of some kind
<wingo>possibly we can use cgmanager, dunno
<kensington>what's the correct way to launch elogind (outside of guix)?
<wingo>kensington: good q...
<rekado_>jmarciano: "installed" packages depends on what profile you are looking at.
<wingo>kensington: ELOGIND_CONF_FILE=/path/to/logind.conf elogind
<wingo>should just make the config passable via a command-line arg
<wingo>oh wells
<wingo>you can also hook it up to be bus-activated
<davexunit>wingo: oh bummer
<davexunit>cgroups seem kind of terrible, but need to use them to limit resources
<davexunit>was hoping to not need some other manager for them
<wingo>you can just echo things to the file system still
<davexunit>because it will mean that guixsd containers will only work on guixsd
<rekado_>jmarciano: you can, for example, return a manifest for a given profile path:
<rekado_>,use (guix profiles) (profile-manifest "/gnu/store/wwiw04ggzrsip6914qd2y5m4vpdzb3az-profile")
<wingo>but really you need some kind of central idea of what the tree should look like
<rain1>What I found was quite odd, as lfam mentioned using --rounds=2 the linux kernel build is not reproducible complains about a nondeterminism fail. but I made a new package that's the same called linux-libre-rep and tried --rounds=2 and --rounds=3 and they were reproducible
<alirio>civodul: re bad onion reference: last paragraph of suggests "onion services" in a context of censorship resistance, not hiding location; there are several posts with both tags but the last with "hidden services" tag is from 2015/11/15 and the last with "onion services" is from 2016/2/24
<rain1>so my guess is that maybe it's checking the new kernel against the old currently-installed one?
<kensington>wingo: launching it like that should come up with boot, right? and bus activate by swapping out /bin/false from the service file?
<wingo>davexunit: the issue that you have right now is to choose between cgroups v1 and cgroups v2. elogind just does v1 right now.
<wingo>kensington: yes, swap in the correct binary location into the service file and set the ELOGIND_CONF_FILE env var and you should be good; that's what guix does
<wingo>guix configures elogind to be bus-activated, i mean
<wingo>seems to work ok
<kensington>wingo: great, thanks for the info
<wingo>good luck, feel free to poke if you have more questions
<wingo>patches welcome too :)
<civodul>alirio: interesting, thanks!
<jmd>davexunit: It would be good if we could have multiple containers available inthe check phase
<davexunit>rekado_: snap looks great!
<davexunit>jmd: the container stuff I'm talking about is entirely separate from 'guix build' stuff
<jmd>But it could be used there?
<civodul>the implementation is separate (for now...), but the idea is similar
<davexunit>the talk by paroneayea and I is up
<davexunit>it's really hard to watch a video of yourself speak.
<davexunit>the video doesn't show the slides, though
<davexunit>so you can follow along manually with these!
<rekado_>davexunit: woo!
<mark_weaver>davexunit: ah, nice!
<mark_weaver>ACTION goes afk
<civodul>davexunit: woohoo!
<bavier>davexunit: thanks
<rain1>is this acceptable?
<rain1>as root delete the symlink ~/.config/guix/latest and point it to a git checkout of guix
<rain1>so that i can reconfigure my system and build a new kernel
<rain1>I'm not sure if reconfigure will reset those links or something
<rain1>looks like guix pull replaces the symillkn...
<rekado_>rain1: you don't need root to delete the symlink
<rekado_>yes, "guix pull" replaces the link
<rekado_>that's by design.
<civodul>davexunit: i like that you were wearing a Mediagoblin t-shirt and paroneayea was wearing a GuixSD t-shirt :-)
<rekado_>if you want to use the git checkout then don't use "guix pull"
<civodul>you folks rock
<davexunit>civodul: and the day after we switched
<davexunit>he wore his megiagoblin shirt and I wore my guixsd shirt
<iyzsong>I have setup mediagoblin on my guixsd vps in the wrong way :-)
<rain1>guix system reconfigure doesn't bother to do anything
<rain1>I thought it would recompile linux-libre since i pointed it to the git package tree
<civodul>iyzsong: you've written a service?!
<iyzsong>civodul: no, now i just run it manually in tmux with uwsgi
<iyzsong>actually, I don't how to package mediagoblin. it looks to me that it need to be run in source..
<jmarciano>there can be multiple locations for mediagoblin, many people put it on variety of directories. If packaged, it has to be copied to some directory with correct permissions
<davexunit>we could install it to $prefix/share/mediagoblin or something
<jmarciano>there is httpd package. If this package stores in /var/www (I did not see what are defaults in GuixSD), than mediagoblin shall be in /var/www/mediagoblin, because httpd usually configures correct permissions for itself.
<iyzsong>it store user uploaded media files under user_dev in the source directory, well I guess that can be customized to a writable location.
<davexunit>jmarciano: it wouldn't be stored in /var/www, it would be in /gnu/store
<davexunit>and /var/www is just a convention anyhow
<jmarciano>ok then there must be solution to add plugins, to change the config.php and for media
<jmarciano>does hash in /gnu/store ever changes with new version? What will that mean for apache, that user need to change the configured directory?
<davexunit>any change to a package's build script, version, name, etc. will change the hash
<davexunit>web application configuration will use the service interface
<rekado_>jmarciano: we would have the httpd configuration in Guix as well.
<jmarciano>like in scheme?
<davexunit>I have a good idea of how to do all this stuff, just haven't got there yet.
<jmarciano>well apache configuration shall be configurable by users
<jmarciano>only once user configures the directory like /gnu/store/hash, the website will break upon change of the hash
<davexunit>that's not how it would work.
<jmarciano>you mean, mediagoblin shall install itself in the apache, like sites-available, or something
<jmarciano>it should not turn on itself automatically of course
<davexunit>I recommend exploring the GuixSD service documentation and the existing services.
<jmarciano>but then on update, media shall not be deleted
<davexunit>uploaded media is stateful, managed outside of guix
<davexunit>but the software and configuration, the stateless stuff, would be managed with guix
<jmarciano>to make configuration of http stateless is not good thing. It limits the user, some people have 100 websites.
<civodul>iyzsong, davexunit: i think paroneayea was mostly done packaging it, no?
<jmarciano>configuration has to be edited by hand, as people have domains...
<davexunit>jmarciano: I think we're miscommunicating.
<alirio>jmarciano: did you try installing packages with a manifest?
<iyzsong>civodul: yes, it have a good guix-env.scm, that's what I use to launch an environment to run it manually. I haven't try to install it though.
<civodul>oh i see
<davexunit>jmarciano: have you configured a GuixSD system before? you hand write your configuration, but you take advantage of all of Guix's automation.
<alirio>jmarciano: a manifest list all packages you want, instead of "what is in the system+this one", you still edit by hand, but is stateless
<davexunit>hand-maintaining 100 web server configurations doesn't work.
<davexunit>you need automation tools to handle this scale.
<iyzsong>services is more hard to write than packages, every time test it you need to reconfigure the whole system (it feel dangerous)
<davexunit>iyzsong: we need ways to reduce that feedback loop, agreed. I use a VM for now.
<davexunit>so I don't reconfigure my actual system
<iyzsong>davexunit: yes, that's a good idea. thanks!
<davexunit>'guix system container' is lighter, but limited in what services it can handle.
<civodul>rain1: could you make a package for your zenity bindings? :-)
<civodul>(and a release?)
<rain1>civodul, I don't know how but I would like to!
<rain1>I'll look into it
<civodul> :-)
<civodul>i'm glad Jonathan Tuttle is fighting this fight!
<bavier>sounds like a silly suite
<rain1>haha! good on stallman for refusing 1 million
<davexunit>civodul: fun fact: Jonathan Tuttle is the fake FSF employee that all sales calls are directed to at the FSF office.
<rain1>aahh.... got me
<civodul>so it's a real fake employee, is what you're saying?
<davexunit>civodul: heh, I guess so. this fictional character has a long history!
<davexunit>he even has business cards!
<rekado_>Is Jonathan related to Harry Tuttle?,
<daviid>April Fools
<davexunit>as an april fools joke, I was going to submit a patch that adds a Steam package, but I didn't have time. ;)
<civodul>heheh :-)
<alirio>it says 31/3/2016, march fools? :P
<davexunit>... using Docker.
<rain1>I'm a little frustrated at moxie for his constant anti-gpg smearing...
<davexunit>so no, it's not really reproducible in any significant way. the bootstrap binaries are an entire distro, er, frozen pizza.
<rain1>I think he's just doing it for 'points', checkboxes..
<Jookia>doesn't signal require proprietary google services
<df_>yep, last I checked
<df_>for the push notifications
<Jookia>i'm pretty bad when it comes to ignoring projects thati don't care about because they use proprietary software
<Jookia>i guess it's good you can reproduce the builds in some way
<davexunit>Jookia: the F-Droid folks have been able to make their own version with google play services removed, I think.
<df_>my (compromising) position re: phones atm is "no non-free software in userspace"
<Jookia>tbh i don't really care about applications that don't have desktop versions
<df_>it's not great but it's a start
<df_>davexunit: hmm, I wonder how they made that work
<davexunit>83 comments for "ubuntu on windows" on lwn, 0 for guix release announcement :(
<mog>ACTION hugs davexunit
<mog>its gets better
<df_>can't find signal in fdroid on my phone
<df_>that "ubuntu on windows" thing is inane
<davexunit>mog: ;)
<rain1>making it reproducible inside docker is still a little step, better than nothing
<rain1>didn't he demand it be removed from F-Droid? and they complied?
<rain1>something about fast security updates
<Jookia>so it's not 100% reproducible
<davexunit>it's not real reproducibility.
<rain1>it seems like a dumb app anyway, you have to put your phone number in
<Jookia>they have their own tool to compare the apks and ignore some changes in it
<davexunit>rekado_: "Reproducible builds for Java are simple"
<davexunit>rekado_: so what's all the fuss about from you? :P
<Jookia>"Reproducible builds for Java are simple, but the Signal Android codebase includes some native shared libraries that we employ for voice calls" if only we had cross-language dependencies
<ng0>how do I test system services? same as packages, or is ./pre-inst-env herd not possible? I am almost done planing the gnunet service.
<davexunit>I think Moxie might not be aware of the issues of java libraries often including pre-built jars.
<davexunit>or if he is, he might be OK with that.
<rain1>There are a lot of problems with GPG but he isn't helping but insulting its users
<df_>what's he complaining about, lack of forward secrecy?
<rain1>that's a real issue and he probably did bring it up but mostly he just likes to make vague insults
<rain1>might be related to him implementing a competitor ^^
<df_>well sort of
<df_>his stuff is more for realtime use
<df_>well, gpg has a lot of uses obviously
<df_>it's probably used more for signing than encryption
<rekado_>df_: my position re: phones is: I don't like them, I don't use them.
<rekado_>it's one of the 12 steps to becoming a recluse
<df_>it's a reasonable position
<Jookia>dont diss reclusiveness till you've tired it, it's cool having most your social life in email
<rekado_>Jookia: diss? Me?
<df_>mostly I guess I find it convenient when I'm lost somewhere to either call/text someone or use openstreetmap
<df_>email? most of my social life is in irc
<rekado_>my social life is scattered across email, IRC, and some face to face interactions.
<rekado_>and frankly it's already a little too much for me.
<Jookia>IRC is a bit too much for me
<Jookia>though i sometimes read it
<rekado_>I really want to switch to GuixSD on my workstation in the office.
<rekado_>but I don't know if it's going to be able to join the domain and everything.
<rekado_>and it's on one of these MacPro machines.
<rekado_>don't know if UEFI is going to cause problems.
<rekado_>has someone here successfully used "net ads join" on GuixSD?
<jmarciano>simple question in regards to apache configuration, will I be able to change configuration by hand or not?
<rain1>oh i got a compile error building guix
<ng0>ACTION has send something about sandboxed server applications to the list
<ng0>i hope we have something like this already to compare and i just fail to find it
<df_>watched the libreplanet talk, great stuff
<df_>"turns out not everyone uses emacs"?
<ng0>the gnome webbrowser does not support html5 media?
<ng0>apparently not.
<jgay>does guixsd package MAME?
<Jookia>i dont think so yet, theres ongoing discussion over whether it's appropriate
<jgay>(I assume no and don't see it listed on the package list -- but I have a person who emailed me a question and in their question they say it does)
<df_>paroneayea: am I right in thinking you did a fosdem talk? and if so was it one of the lost videos?
<jgay>Jookia, OK thanks.
<ng0>df_: iirc yes
<ng0>at least i've seen the talk when I was there
<df_>yeah I think I was there but I was hungover and trying to treat the condition with chimay, so it's hard to be sure
<df_>I wanted to send some people the video of that talk anyway but I think that libreplanet one makes the important points just as well
<ng0>can someone `dig mx` and see if it gives back an valid answer at some domain at .ovh ? I want to see if it's me or if I need to contact support.
<df_>gives me nothing
<ng0>hm. thanks
<paroneayea>iyzsong: davexunit: the docs are bad, it doesn't need to run in the source checkout
<paroneayea>the "user_dev" in source is not a requirement
<paroneayea>call it "history" :x
<paroneayea>davexunit: oh we were supposed to send the slide link to georgia. whoops!
<davexunit>paroneayea: oops :(
<davexunit>jgay: all that has happened was someone showed a patch for a MAME package, which sparked lengthy threads on guix-devel and gnu-linux-libre mailing lists.
<jgay>davexunit, cool. yeah I am active on gnu-linux-libre
<jgay>on that thread
<jgay>just wanted confirmation though before I replied to the email I got. THanks!
<davexunit>jgay: oh great. I'm reading the archives now. (I'm not subscribed)
<davexunit>jgay: thanks for your responses. it definitely settles the matter.
<rain1>nobdy replied to me on the ML lol
<jmarciano>I have started that discussion, and not from sole view point of Freedom 0, rather from free software distribution guidelines, on what to do for future.
<Jookia>What are some good free software MAME ROMs?
<jmarciano>however, while that matter is discussed, one more important thing is inclusion of various trademarks in the distribution, such as Nintendo® and MAME®.
<jmarciano>If it is "ROM" it cannot be free.
<davexunit>that's not true. ROM, of course, stands for "read-only memory", but it's become a coloquial term for "thing I run in an emulator"
<Jookia>or thing you put on your BIOS chip
<jmarciano>free software must have the source code, not just be "free of charge" or "free for distribution"
<davexunit>the point is that there are indeed many "ROMs" for which the corresponding source code is freely available.
<jmarciano>I don't object to inclusion of MAME to distribution, but that is not my personal preference. As I obviously fall into not liberal in regards to that matter.
<jmarciano>are there?
<jmarciano>OK there can be. But look, in the software definition there is homepage to MAME website. And what is there on MAME website distributed to people but non-free ROMs.
<jmarciano>so it is fine with me, that I understand that GuixSD is more "liberal" in regards to what to include, while I am myself, more conservative in that regards, fine with me.
<greymoondriver>I'm getting errors in installing the binary
<greymoondriver>root@i:~# guix archive --authorize < ~root/.guix-profile/share/guix/ warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<greymoondriver>Can someone help please?
<jmarciano>did you start reading installation process?
<greymoondriver>Yes, I'm on #7 To use substitutes from or one of its mirrors (see Substitutes), authorize them: # guix archive --authorize < ~root/.guix-profile/share/guix/
<greymoondriver>then I ran into the error
<jmarciano>guix package -i glibc-locales
<jmarciano>export GUIX_LOCPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale
<jmarciano>although I am on foreign distro, I see that error message by each installation of any package
<jmarciano>because builder users don't have locales installed
<greymoondriver>i@i:~$ guix package -i glibc-locales warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument guix package: error: failed to connect to `/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket': Connection refused
<jmarciano>daemon runs?
<greymoondriver>root@i:~# start guix-daemon start: Job is already running: guix-daemon
<jmarciano>and you have? /var/guix/daemon-socket/socket ?
<greymoondriver>I've followed the instructions but I'm running into errors
<jmarciano>and you are on foreign distro?
<greymoondriver>yes trisquel gnu/linux
<jmarciano>socket exists?
<greymoondriver>how could I check? Sorry still not that of an expert
<janneke>if one patch unfortunately already is using patch-flags -p0
<janneke>must i then make subsequent patches to also apply with -p0
<janneke>or can i set the flag per patch?
<bavier>janneke: the flag applies to all patches for an origin
<janneke>thanxs bavier
<greymoondriver>guix package: error: failed to connect to `/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket': Connection refused
<janneke>ACTION removes the directory part from his patch
<jmarciano>I check for file: ls -l /var/guix/daemon-socket/socket
<jmarciano>I see it exists
<greymoondriver>I got srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 Apr 2 00:50 /var/guix/daemon-socket/socket
<janneke>ACTION adds a patch to readline :-(
<jmarciano>ok it is there
<jmarciano>when you do: ps ax |grep guix-daemon, what does it show?
<bavier>greymoondriver: you set up build users?
<janneke>ACTION wants GUB's target-diversication support in guix
<Jookia>target diversification?
<janneke>Jookia: GUB defines packages as python classes (similar to guix)
<janneke>you'd have class Readline (): // some stuff
<janneke>and you could add: class Readline__mingw32 (): some changes, ie, add a patch
<Jookia>yes i'd like to see how to do that too for say, using another libc or compiler
<janneke>and the GUB build system would first look for a more speficic class for your target
<Jookia>i know you can already use another compiler to build inputs but i dont know if it recursively modifies dependencies to do that too (probably doesn't)
<janneke>and `fall back' to the generic if there is none
<greymoondriver>Apologies but I just followed the instructions for the Binary. Not sure if build users were included
<janneke>* class Readline__mingw32 (Readline): // inherit from generic, of course
<Jookia>you can inherit packages in guix
<jmarciano>greymoondriver: you had to do:
<janneke>yeah, but try patching readline...
<Jookia>patch readline? why?
<janneke>and then want to build guile.exe :-)
<janneke>because mingw does not have SIGHUP
<greymoondriver>jmarciano: yes It shows for i in `seq -w 1 10`; do useradd -g guixbuild -G guixbuild \\ -d /var/empty -s `which nologin` \\ -c "Guix build user $i" --system \\ guixbuilder$i; done
<Jookia>are you running guile in wine?
<janneke>and somehow the mingw patch hasn't been included/offerred even? upstream
<greymoondriver>groupadd: group 'guixbuild' already exists
<janneke>Jookia: i am adding i686-w64-mingw32 cross target
<Jookia>you can just add the mingw patch to the patches field of your package
<Jookia>you'd use wine for that?
<janneke>Jookia: no
<janneke>Well, only to verify that hello.exe works after i built it
<greymoondriver> @jmarciano: yes the builders already exists
<janneke>And later, hopefully somewhere this weekend, that guile.exe runs :-)
<Jookia>ah i see
<Jookia>I wonder if I could use your work to accomplish what I want to do
<janneke>Oh? What do you want to do?
<Jookia>Well I want to build packages with another libc
<Jookia>statically linked
<jmarciano>greymoondriver: ok and ps ax |grep guix-daemon ?
<Jookia>The problem is I'd have to find all the dependencies and build them too
<janneke>That has similarities
<jmarciano>greymoondriver: as you mentioned command: start guix-daemon start, which I don't know...
<janneke>phant0mas has been helping me greatly, he is porting to HURD
<Jookia>I wonder how Guix gets packages to build with whatever architecture's bootstrap binaries without re-specifying it in every architecture
<greymoondriver>@jmarciano: I got 4385 ? Ss 0:00 /gnu/store/wclb2sgjhkv404x2dvywxfqj73mimw71-guix-0.10.0/bin/guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild 5520 pts/9 S+ 0:00 grep --color=auto guix-daemon
<janneke>Hmm. I am cross-compiling, so i'm not using bootstrap binaries...
<bavier>Jookia: look in gnu/packages/bootstrap.scm and gnu/packages/commencement.scm
<phant0mas>hey janneke :-D
<phant0mas>Jookia in order to crossbuild something for another platform you only need a cross toolchain to produce binaries for that platform
<phant0mas>the bootstrap binaries are needed when you want to actually run guix on that platform
<jmarciano>greymoondriver: and now you try to use guix package -i as root or as user?
<Jookia>Oh, I see! package-with-bootstrap-guile does exactly what I would've done
<greymoondriver>@jmarciano: as root
<jmarciano>did you install any packages at all?
<Jookia>bavier: thanks so much
<bavier>np, happy hacking
<janneke>phant0mas: i've pushed some stuff, now i've got a full-fledged g++ compiler :-)
<janneke>you've been of great help!
<jmarciano>greymoondriver: on your first message, you say you are doing it still as user as line begins with $ guix, not # guix
<janneke>phant0mas: i'm wondering about our hurd/mingw patch sets
<jmarciano>try as root: guix package -A to see list of packages at least
<janneke>maintaining plain patches and rebased on hurd branch now...
<greymoondriver>@jmarciano: yes as stated on
<jmarciano>try installing like: guix package -i hello
<greymoondriver>I got the same error guix package: error: failed to connect to `/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket': Connection refused
<greymoondriver>@jmarciano: It's ok. Maybe I'll just wait for the next verison of Guix. Thanks for the help!
<jmarciano>daemon runs, your socket is there correctly, and you cannot connect as user to daemon
<jmarciano>it works on my side, and I can install it on each remote server
<jmarciano>did you do the last step of number 6?
<jmarciano>for i in...
<jmarciano>oh that is for manual
<davexunit>sounds like their daemon wasn't running
<phant0mas>janneke: nice :-D
<phant0mas>ideally we could first merge wip-hurd on master and then apply your patches on top of mine
<phant0mas>I need to work more on simplifying wip-hurd so it will be easier for Ludo to review it
<janneke>phant0mas: all right
<janneke>that would be nice
<janneke>i will probably need some time to get mingw really usable anyway
<janneke>we'll see
<rain1>anyone good with guile?
<rain1>i was trying to package a pure scheme guile lib for guix
<rain1>I'm a bit confused about stuff like (%global-site-dir)
<rain1>they all point to the gnu store
<rain1>my installer copied the .scm and .go into ~/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.0/ though
<rain1>it's not finding them
<rain1>that's not exactly correct
<rain1>it put them into /gnu/store/...-myfoo/share/guile/site/2.0/
<rain1>and there are symlinks in ~/.guix-profile that point back to that
<alezost>rain1: do you have "~/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.0" in your GUILE_LOAD_PATH?
<alezost>rain1: look at ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile. Does it set GUILE_LOAD_PATH?
<rain1>no mention of GUILE in there
<rain1>I have it set to a custom dir with my stuff in it
<rain1>but what I want to do is make it so that a default guix install with nothing special will be able to use this library just by installing it
<rain1>Ihad a look at other guile libraries packaged in guix and copied them but it's not working out
<alezost>rain1: try to install guile in your profile, I think GUILE_LOAD_PATH will appear in etc/profile
<rain1>that's interesting! I think II have to log out and back in to confirm
<rain1>but I see it now, you have to explicitly install guile - even thought it is already an input
<rain1>maybe i could make it a propagated output
<davexunit>ACTION wants to package 0 A.D.
<rain1>wow that looks incredible
<rain1>it would be great to show off in a guix demo
<ng0>if someone wants an extra challenge, i heard xnonotic is one to package. that's on my list but not so high in priority.
<petter>ACTION played 0 A.D. a few years ago but was a bit let down
<davexunit>xonotic looked difficult
<davexunit>I looked into it
<davexunit>0 A.D. seems easy enough
<ng0>i still can't decide on rent vs buy+colocation dedicated server... all systems other than guixsd annoy me and I want to test with features I plan to write which other distros won't come close to.
<ng0>or something
<ng0>gnunet node testing, distribution sorts testing
<ng0>writing gnunet-service is now just "learning a bit more guile" to understand tor-service away.
<civodul>davexunit, paroneayea: awesome talk!
<civodul>ACTION just listened to it
<civodul>there were interesting questions, too
<civodul>even a user! :-)
<janneke>davexunit, paroneayea: finally just listened, great!
<civodul>so, "the emacs of distros"... ;-)
<janneke>yeah, that only "works" for people who like emacs
<rain1>there's so much that is great about guix :D
<bavier>its a wonderful analogy, but lost on many
<janneke>and there's so much that just begs to be improved/added
<rain1>I love the way it has a store and builds a profile by symlinking into it
<janneke>guix is a wonderful creation!
<rekado_>sneek: later tell phant0mas Do you have any recommendation for the arm-none-eabi cross compiler here: ?
<rekado_>sneek: botsnack cake!
<civodul>janneke, bavier: yeah i'm happy that paroneayea opened my eyes on the shortcomings of this analogy :-)
<rain1>drat, my package broke when I moved from pointing to a git source to a release tarball
<rain1>it cannot find the makefile anymore
<rain1>has anyone seen something like this before?
<rain1>this is just gnu-build-system
<bavier>rain1: looks like you've got a tarbomb there
<rain1>I've never heard that term before
<rain1>maybe I should move to github, seems like the release tarballs notabug creates are tarbombs :)
<bavier>rain1: simple fix might be to use url-fetch/tarbomb
<mark_weaver>davexunit, paroneayea: just finished watching your libreplanet talk. you guys are awesome :)
***lunacat5 is now known as Digit
<mark_weaver>rain1: making ~/.config/guix/latest a symlink to a built git checkout is fine. I've had that symlink there approximately forever :)
<mark_weaver>rain1: but note that you'll also need a corresponding symlink from ~root/.config/guix/latest if you want "guix system reconfigure" (or any other guix command run as root) to use the git checkout
<rain1>url-fetch/tarbomb is magic thanks!
<rain1>mark_weaver, i was a little confused when I set this up and tried to reconfigure my system like that but it didn't rebuild my linux kernel despite the package definiotn having changed
<mark_weaver>rain1: if ~root/.config/guix/latest wasn't a symlink to your git repo, that would explain it
<mark_weaver>rain1: also, certain changes to a package description won't change the resulting derivation (.drv file) and thus not requite a rebuild
<rain1>I see
<mark_weaver>e.g. changing the package description or synopsis, changing/adding comments, etc.
<bavier>rain1: is that a general issue on notabug/gogs?
<rain1>It was for debugging the reproducible kernel thing, I think it might be a mixup between the currently installed one of the same name as the new one
<rain1>it seemed to be reproducible when I renamed it and use --rounds=2 and =3
<rain1>bavier, this is the first time I made a release on any such system, so I'm not sure it's a gogs thing
<rain1>ok I sent a package of guile-zenity :)