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<Acou_Bass>hey guys, has anyone used windowmaker in guixSD? i see its in the repos
<rain1>i go into it by accident some times..
<rain1>since its a default
<Acou_Bass>ratpoison seems to be default but not wmaker, hmm
<Acou_Bass>reason i ask is i installed it in my desktop.scm but it doesnt appear in SLIM XD
<rain1>whats SLIM?
<rain1>If you try logging in as root it might be windowmaker
<rain1>ratpoison is really annoying
<Acou_Bass>slim as in the GUI login page when you boot it up
<rain1>I had to look up on a second computer how to exit it
<Acou_Bass>i like ratpoison actually hehe, just wanna try wmaker too :D
<rain1>im not sure how to get it in the menu, I am going to look into getting dwm set up
<rain1>so I'll try to work this out
<Acou_Bass>i mean, in non-guix distros the slim config is in /etc/slim.conf and it can also read from your .xinitrc to boot up whatevers in there
<Acou_Bass>but not sure how guix sets its slim up
<rain1>haha.. ouch
<rain1>theres 3 patch files mentioned, I guess they are the important thing
<rain1>(im trying to find them right now)
<rain1>oh nothing of interest in them
<Acou_Bass>ACTION hmmms some more
<Acou_Bass>where do guix packages usually store their configs?
<rain1>every guix package has its own place in the gnu store, which you can find by using 'guix build <package>'
<rain1>unless its something user editable it will be in there
<Acou_Bass>yepp its there
<Acou_Bass>weirdly in the 'sessions' line it has xfce4, icewm, wmaker, and blackbox
<Acou_Bass>no ratpoison
<rain1>I'm having a look at the service def. here, just trying to understand it - might be relevant
<civodul>Acou_Bass: available sessions are determined by looking at .desktop files
<Acou_Bass>civodul: yeah i know thats how slim usually does it... but where would these .desktop files go?
<rain1>oh so it's as easy as creating my own .desktop file in /run/current-system/profile/share/xsessions!
<rain1>Or I suppose my packages /share/xsessions/
<Acou_Bass>so the windowmaker package needs to have that .desktop file in it?
<rain1>I have a slightly weird use case though, the program I want to use -- you have to edit the source code to configure it
<Acou_Bass>yeah youre opening a whole new kettle o' fish with DWM to me hehe
<rain1>would I be able to install it still if I make a package.scm file?
<Acou_Bass>i suppose i need to learn the ins and outs of creating guix packages, windowmaker can be my first project
<Basstard`>So what are the reasons for having the hash before name of the package?
<rain1>Is there any way to use local source code for a package
<rain1>From this I know I can use git or http fetch:
<rain1>but i want to define a package based on files on my own computer -- is there any way?
<rain1>mybe i could run a git server and point the package to local host.. sort of a hack
<rain1>$24 = #<derivation /gnu/store/ksi6kiihb260hr6yihhk15gh6k4lzbjk-sh.drv => /gnu/store/8gll48xch4sn5xlkn4pw2h50h7wy4qps-sh 3383b90>
<rain1>I have got this with gexp->derivation
<rain1>and the .drv file exists
<rain1>but how do you get it to make the other one
<ng_>ETA: 236h woo \\o/ home connections which suck, woo.
<ng_>good night
<rain1>I'm having a struggle wit this: include/X11/Xft/Xft.h:39:22: fatal error: ft2build.h: No such file or directory: #include <ft2build.h>
<rain1>but I have given my package freetype as an input and I see that it has that header file
<rain1>I also tried adding pkgconfig but it didn't help
<rain1>How can I properly use libxft?
<rain1>I found a work around and a ML thread about it
<lin__>Hello guys.
<lin__>I've successfully ported Arrayfire to GNU Guix.
<lin__>Patch sent to guix-devel ML
<lin__>More on Arrayfire:
<lin__>And their code on Github:
<lin__>Here is the scm file:
<lin__>Current status:
<lin__>Builds the OpenCL, CPU and Unified back-ends only
<lin__>CUDA build has been disabled as it would become undistributable, and also violate the GPL licenses.
<lin__>The OpenCL back-end is based on the ocl-icd (The open source OpenCL Installable Client Driver) and on the reference Khronos OpenCL headers.
<lin__>Fully redistributable.
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<jmarciano>I have been reading ArrayFire copyright file:
<jmarciano>There is patent SIFT that cannot be used without permission. And if there is any problem with it, in regards to free software and 4 freedoms, it shall not be included in GuixSD. Including that other licenses and references to other software have to be carefully verified as well.
<kristofer>am I using (mlet* %store-monad ...) properly?
<dannym>Hmm... how do I install both python2 and python3 in my user profile?
<sneek>Welcome back rain1, you have 1 message.
<sneek>rain1, alezost says: yes, it's possible to use a local store like this: (origin (method url-fetch) (uri "file:///tmp/foo") ...)
<rain1>I got dwm working with a similar technique
<rain1>I'll make a short info page about it because it was a bit hacky
<rain1>darn.. I was trying for 3 days to install guixsd with encrypted root but now that it finally got through the process it says 'installation is impossible' because of GRUB
<jmarciano>rain1: nothing is impossible. Go ahead and solve the problem. At least I will pay you 15 dollars once sold, because I need that feature too.
<jmarciano>I need: encrypted swap, /home /tmp, this is a must.
<ng_>jmarciano: Jookia knows more about this
<rain1>jmarciano, I think people know how to do this (people not me), I was just trying to get it working so I could put easy to follow instructions about it up
<rain1>I'll read a bit more about LUKS in case I'm doing something silly
<Jookia>yeah i have some patches for that
<ng_>there are instructions up on it and people working on it. if you have core/libreboot you can work around it.
<rain1>I don't have libreboot
<ng_>basically you can have grub2 in coreboot as payload and then load somehow a patched (not yet in master) grub of guix
<fhmgufs>Hi! How is the guix emacs frontend getting the list of packages i. e. how can I get the list of packages using guile?
<jmarciano>rain1: I remember when cryptsetup arrived, nobody had descriptions, no distribution had it, and I wrote the first public description and made my own setup, later they changed instructions and made manual pages and so on. So it does not matter, you can get it, because you have intention and you push it.
<Jookia>fwiw i have a LUKS+LVM encryption setup on my laptop
<Jookia>though if you don't have libreboot i don't know how to set up GRUB to work with encryption
<ng_>I hope to either get coreboot + patches build here or get an beaglebone soon so I can test your patches. currently I can't risk potential system damaging things and not run anything other than guixsd due to what I described yesterday ;D
<ng_>if seeds torrents, why does the seed disappear at 99%. a kingdom for a working download system :/
<rain1>does anyone know a solution for this?
<rain1>error: boost/shared_ptr.hpp: No such file or directory
<rain1>I already added boost as an input to this package
<rain1>sorry made a mistake, I had added it to a dependency only
<amz3>I'd like to ask question about guix monadic procedure, can someone explain me something about it? What makes it monadic for instance?
<kristofer>I just ran system reconfigure, now I've lost the ability to sudo shutdown
<kristofer>command not found
<kristofer>sudo reboot says /var/run/dmd/socket not found - I have /var/run/shepherd/socket though
<rain1>good morning
<rain1>libreplanet keynote just started
<davexuni`>ACTION is in the room
<rain1>davexuni`, I really enjoyed the guix talk yesterday!
<davexuni`>rain1: wait you saw it?
<rain1>yeah I watched it on the website
<davexuni`>I was under the impression that the stream didn't work
<phant0mas>davexunit: I tried to watch the stream as well, but it didn't work...
<davexunit>phant0mas: okay, so you and my mom had the same experience
<davexunit>I think I'll be able to send her the recording later
<davexunit>pretty sure they got that
<phant0mas>let's hope so :-)
<phant0mas>I still can't believe that the guys at the guile devroom at fosdem lost all the talks before 12, including mine :-(
<phant0mas>my mom really wanted to see it
<davexunit>yeah that was a real bummer ;(
<davexunit>conference recording/streaming is difficult
<phant0mas>yeah.. well maybe next year :-)
<ng_>thx for the streamlink
<ng_>sound is so low volume though
<rain1>I want to watch 2 talks in the block
<rain1>Beyond reproducible builds - Holger Levsen, Debian
<ng_>timezones. urgh
<ng_>what is boston timezone?
<rain1>Block 1B coming up
<ng_>sure, but I was looking at like 15:30, and then I thought, hey they possibly can't adopt timezones via script^^
<rain1>timezones are so difficult
<rain1>nice would be if it colored the current block
<ng_>setting up debian gave me for the first time another choice in my timezone then berlin.. weird.
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<davexunit>interesting bit of information about how Debian tests reproducible builds: they re-run builds with random modifications to timezone, language, umask, etc.
<davexunit>not sure if useful for us
<davexunit>I think we care more about hacking build containers to make more things constant
<davexunit>rather than varying builds randomly
<Jookia>davexunit: I think that's more to help upstream, though Guix being useful as an evironment for development might have use for this in helping upstreams
<joeyh_>trying to run the usb installer in virtualbox. It's booted, but getting a weird error from dhclient enp0s3
<Jookia>I've heard many people with virtualbox networking issues. Have you tired QEMU?
<joeyh_>weird, I've used plenty of linux in virtualbox w/o network problems
<ng_>Jookia: are there slides? it's self explanatory the talk, but slides would be great.
<davexunit>joeyh_: what's the error?
<davexunit>ACTION hasn't tried virtualbox
<joeyh_>failed to send 300 byte packet
<joeyh_>same failure in kvm
<joeyh_>could be something about the network here at MIT
<davexunit>darn, I wish I had experience installing GuixSD in a VM...
<davexunit>I feel kind of useless to help here...
<ng_>ACTION emerges virtualbox
<janneke>davexunit: what do you need beyond guix system vm FILE.scm?
<davexunit>janneke: that's a different thing.
<davexunit>joeyh_ is booting the provided installation media using a virtual machine system
<davexunit>and networking appears broken
<joeyh_>well debian works in kvm here, so not the network. Must be something in the guix kernel?
<davexunit>joeyh_: that sounds likely. I'm surprised that a network device appears available but then doesn't work
<davexunit>my initial reaction to similar problems is to think that a kernel module is missing
<davexunit>but that doesn't seem to be the case here?
<joeyh_>the device does only appear in ifconfig -a, not ifconfig
<joeyh_>kernel thinks it has link
<joeyh_>just now it worked
<davexunit>well... that's better!
<ng_>oh right I forgot that virtualbox takes long time to build, sorry I can't help yet
<ng_>well long = less than 12 minutes
<joeyh_>ok, here's the deal: It didn't work until I ran ifconfig ens3 up
<davexunit>joeyh_: oh darn! I should've mentioned that...
<joeyh_>hmm, IIRC dhclient normally ups the interface for you
<davexunit>I assumed you had done it.
<davexunit>oh really?
<joeyh_>dunno, been a few years since I ran it manually
<davexunit>me too, until I ran the guixsd installer ;)
<joeyh_>ah, I see your docs do mention this, problem is they didn't mention virtualbox so I had googled a different howto
<ng_>should we mention exceptions like VB?
<rain1>I have got guixsd working in virtualbox with internet
<rain1>i use qemu now though
<rain1>i don't know if i screnshotting the settingsn or something could be helpful? I would have to do it later though
<ng_>or like a generic description "there are applications like for example virtualbox which need this and that to run guixsd
<davexunit>joeyh_: we don't mention virtualbox because of the freedom issues, unfortunately.
<rain1>what freedom issues with virtualbox?
<joeyh_>well, it doesn't mention kvm either
<joeyh_>rain1: it contains some nonfree bios stuff
<ng_>davexunit: we don't have to advocate them to point out that there are technical issues which can be solved? Of course this is somehow enabling people to use it with virtualbox, but it would fix to provide an solution to possible questions to cover
<ng_>which don't have to be focused on virtualbox but more like "generic software"
<Jookia>if you use EFI the nonfree bios can be removed from virtualbox
<Jookia>i did it once as a poc
<joeyh_>afaik qemu has a free bios
<rain1>I didn't know it had a nonfree bios, I thought it was free software
<Jookia>qemu has free BIOS, virtualbox doesn't
<joeyh_>virtualbox's bios is free, but the compiler is not
<Jookia>qemu uses seaBIOS which libreboot also uses in some cases
<rain1>I wonder why they bother having a non free bios
<Jookia>sorry, yeah. the compiler is nonfree
<rain1>what compiler?
<rain1>so the source code is free, and the bios is - but the tool to build the bios is not
<Jookia>yes. they provide assembly that you can compile but that's from C
<rain1>maybe we should ask them to release it
<rain1>they probably wouldn't but it could be nice if they did
<davexunit>the project has been contacted
<davexunit>it's a "won't fix"
<davexunit>they do not believe that their license is nonfree
<rain1>thats a shame
<Jookia>it'd be nice to have the BIOS option build-time optional so just EFI can be built and used
<jmd>Jookia: Except that hardly any hardware works on EFI without lots of hassles.
<Jookia>don't you mean software? ;)
<jmd>Well I suppose I meant that hardly any hardware comes with firmware which works.
<rain1>I'm watching the libreplanet talk about Ring now
<davexunit>I'm trying to find ring release tarballs to package it
<rain1>I tried to package this for guix, a lot of packages done but it did not build itself
<rain1>I sent a message to their ML about the compile error
<jmd>rain1: That should be interesting. I will look at it when the videos are available.
<ng_>what am I missing when I can't lock the screen in GNOME? or is it something we need to extend in gnome?
<rain1>davexunit, oh do you want my work on this so far?
<joeyh_>hmm, surprised the installer is neeing to build dbus from source
<rain1>davexunit, do you want my work on packing ring so far? It could probably save you half an hour
<davexunit>rain1: sure!
<davexunit>I can't even find their source tarballs
<davexunit>not sure if they even have them
<rain1>yeah I pointed to the newest git commit
<rain1>but it may need to be an earlier commit, or they might do a bugfix
<davexunit>rain1: thanks!
<davexunit>what kind of problems did you run into!
<rain1>nothing other than that compile error
<rain1>which is when building the ring demon
<davexunit>wow you've done a lot of stuff here!
<rain1>lot of few dependencies :D hope it is useful
<jmd>rain1: As I understand it, ring comprises a number of packages, it is not just one package.
<davexunit>rain1's code has 5 new packages defined
<davexunit>building it right now
<rain1>yeah, this should be called ring-demon
<rain1>but I called it 'ring', It should be changed
<rain1>and then hopefully we can get the client-lib and gnome-client
<rain1>I'm really keen to get a working 'phone' program
<rain1>jitsi and ekiga and empathy do not work
<davexunit>rain1: well you've made some real nice progress towards this!
<davexunit>building opendht now
<davexunit>now yamlcpp
<Acou_Bass>ring eh?
<Acou_Bass>how does that compare to, say, tox?
<davexunit>it's not completely dysfunctional?
<Acou_Bass>i found tox to be functional just a bit unpolished XD
<davexunit>not being made by 4chan users is a plus ;)
<Jookia>i use tox but it's stagnant and doesn't work very well over tor
<jmd>wtf is tox?
<rain1>jmd, another chat/video program like jitsi and so on
<Acou_Bass>reason i asked for comparison to tox is they both claim to be decentralised/DHT-based as opposed to central servers
<Jookia>ring is probably technically superior to tox
<davexunit>Jookia: seems to be so, yes.
<Acou_Bass>does ring do video? doesnt seem t o say on their site xD
<Acou_Bass>maybe ill give it a test then - the SO flatly refuses to use anything but skype, but not for lack of trying
<rain1>Acou_Bass, you show them stallmans talk from yesterday :)
<rain1>he talked a bit about skype and the network effect
<rain1>you could*&
<Acou_Bass>weve tried just about everything to replace it... jitsi was the closest
<Acou_Bass>but one key feature which is (on the windoze version) allowing the video window to 'stay on top' which is easy enough on any GNU window manager but windows has to make it difficult
<rain1>Acou_Bass, I used jitsi a bit and it was bad but worked, now it's not working :(
<rain1>but here's hoping ring is solutioa n
<rain1>a solution*
<Jookia>I think the gold standard of IM programs is file transfers
<Acou_Bass>yeah if it actually works then it could very well be a solution ;P
<Jookia>Ever since I switched to Pidgin and used MSN I've never had consistent file transfer
<Acou_Bass>of course the correct solution would be to get her off the MS drug
<davexunit>rain1: looks like ring has patched pjproject
<davexunit>which is why the compilation fails
<rain1>nice find, I see
<davexunit>but I'm having a hard time coming up with the exact patches
<rain1>I'll dig around and see if i can find it too :)
<davexunit>this was what tipped me off
<davexunit>but in the current master it seems those patches aren't there...
<rain1>I think its ./contrib/src/pjproject/gnutls.patch
<rain1>there are a lot of patches in this repo actually
<rain1>for many of the deps
<rain1>in ring-demon git repo
<davexunit>rain1: oh they must have moved them out of this repo
<rain1>oh yes
<rain1>I cloned it from savoirfairelinux
<rain1>not github
<rain1>git clone
<keverets>Acou_Bass: did you try linphone as a skype replacement?
<keverets>though the UI/UX is still not the best, it's gotten better. Easy sign-up for accounts, and much more cross-platform support than the name implies
<keverets>I tried but had issues with connectivity. Messages weren't being delivered in a timely fashion, or at all
<keverets>which was disappointing, since it looked pretty good
<jmd>keverets: Any system where one has to sign up for accounts, is a non-starter for me.
<keverets>jmd: you can use any SIP provider
<keverets>or your own
<jmarciano>I have bunch of clients asking me for Skype, well we don't use proprietary software that we don't know what is doing with information and communication of our clients. That is the answer. And business is moving forward - without Skype.
<rain1>you can host your own sip server too, right?
<rain1>jmarciano, thati s an excellent answer :)
<Acou_Bass>jmarciano: and thats why i want my SO to move away from it... conversations between a man and his lady are private and should stay that way
<jmarciano>SO, abbrev. that I don't know
<Acou_Bass>sorry, 'significant other' :P
<jmarciano>you wish to talk to girl on distance?
<Acou_Bass>not necessarily distance, but we do use skype a fair bit as we dont live together
<Acou_Bass>and ive never been comfortable using skype for it
<jmarciano>I did not try it, but there is WebRTC...
<jmarciano>and linphone works just fine, I call customers all over the globe, they call me.
<jmarciano>I use phone number to get calls though. I call them back.
<jmarciano>and linphone works very simple, with camera too, I did not try, but I could see myself on camera at least.
<jmarciano>SIP is older than Skype. Skype is just a joke to bind people into one centralized proprietary system, to make further jokes with them and their families by spying on them.
<Acou_Bass>yeah webrtc is great
<rain1>I'm not sure about webrtc, doesn't it leak local ip addressse?
<jmarciano>Like this: you setup website, she clicks on the website and talks to you.
<Acou_Bass>like i said, weve tried lots of alternatives, but the only feature she moans about is being able to keep video window on top
<Acou_Bass>which of course is easy in any GNU window manger but not on the windoze
<jmarciano>and then, there is the VLC...
<rain1>I wonder if there's a 3rd party windows program to make a window stay on top
<jmarciano>on top?
<Acou_Bass>in openbox/xfce, i can right-click a window border and tell it to stay on top
<Acou_Bass>and windows wnt overlap it
<Acou_Bass>windows WM has no such functionality, but skype has it built in
<jmarciano>There is live:
<jmarciano>Acou_Bass: I get what you mean... well, Windoze is limited.
<jmarciano>Girls like presents, a nice little USB stick with live GNU with SIP (one click to go) could be a simple solution.
<rain1>that's a really nice idea
<jmarciano>today there was before one hour, talk on Libreplanet about Ring! communication, it was something I guess only, like Skype, I did not get it much, too bad connection from my place.
<rain1>jmarciano, yeah I think this Ring looks really promising
<jmarciano>Maybe it is this:
<jmarciano>it should be packaged in GuixSd
<Acou_Bass>errm... you missed that conversation i suppose about 10 minutes ago where people were talking about doing so :D
<rain1>I had a go packaging it but failed, davexunit found a fix - I think we will get it some timie!
<Acou_Bass>the build failed on arch for me too
<jmarciano>that is goo
<Acou_Bass>so maybe the code doesnt build right now
<rain1>I'm just thinking about the best way to apply the fix
<rain1>Acou_Bass, oh i'd like to know what error you get?
<rain1>if its hassle like you have to re-run stuff, dont worry about it
<Jookia>I don't think giving someone a pre-alpha OS stick would be that good a gift ;)
<Acou_Bass>dont think of it as a pre-alpha OS gift
<Acou_Bass>think of it as the gift os losing crappy windoze
<jmarciano>if I understand well -- ring can be also self-hosted?
<rain1>jmarciano, I think so - seems like you run a demon to become part of ring network - then a client to actually use it
<rain1>I don't know the details yet though
<Acou_Bass>i dont think theres any 'hosting' involved as it claims to be server-free like tox
<jmarciano>I am just running it...
<jmarciano>it says boostrap: -- so I guess that is a server to connect people together.
<jmarciano>there is ip2ip, I guess that could be direct. And there is with they probably relay something
<jmarciano>Everyone gets ring ID, looks nice.
<Acou_Bass>rain1: did you say you were tracking down the pjobject patch too?
<rain1>I found it but I'm not sure how to apply it
<rain1>Maybe we would make two pjobject packages, one a pjobject:ring version?
<rain1>but then the patch needs to be either downloaded somehow or extracted from the git repo - it's difficult
<Acou_Bass>the AUR package doesnt actually use a seperate pjobject package... i guess its sort ob bundled in with ring itself
<rain1>yeah they have a script to dowload the deps and it must also apply all their patches
<rain1>I'm not really keen on that
<efraim>Ring is also available on f-droid
<rain1>Acou_Bass - I got dwm working btw
<Acou_Bass>i gavae up on windowmaker for now
<rain1>if you like there is a really heplful example package to look at=
<Acou_Bass>i need to actually figure out how to, y'know, create guix packages to start actually hacking on one :P
<efraim>I started by updating some of the ones already packaged
<Acou_Bass>the bit i was rather stupidly confused about though is
<Acou_Bass>what do i do with the .scm file... do i just do guix package -f ratpoison.scm and let it do its magic?
<Acou_Bass>ahh ok
<rain1>you nede to change it a tiny bit to use -f but basically
<Acou_Bass>i dunno why i got lost on that... but i did
<efraim>you want GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH, I have a git repo with a couple of packages I haven't submitted yet or customized for myself
<rain1>efraim - is that public?
<efraim>I push it to github every now and then
<efraim>I'll see if I can find a link in the manual for GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<efraim> references GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<rain1>can I link to that from wiki page?
<rain1>it is really useful to have a directory of peoples extra guix packages
<efraim>a search for guix on github lists a couple
<rain1>oh cool, if you PM me them I can add them? or you can add them if you like
<rain1>(I don't have search ability on github they removed it from non-registered users)
<efraim>wow really?
<efraim>sounds as bad as when I tried to search pintrest
<rain1>pintrest is mean haha
<jmarciano>I have removed github recently... will not host there anymore.
<efraim> worked for me when I copied the url to a private browsing window
<rain1>oh that works great
<rain1>that's a useful trick, ty
<efraim>as did `!gh guix` in duckduckgo
<jmarciano>yes that works efraim
<jmarciano>search was the only reason to keep account open, closing it.
<nursejunka>you did good, I hear github is proprietary
<rain1>nursejunka, when i suggest people use something else than github they look at me like im crazy!
<nursejunka>rain1: you have my vote of confidence
<CompanionCube>you can still do it
<CompanionCube>it's just not linked
<rain1>I guess they take it away gradually to make dissent quieter
<ng_>rain1: really? last time I checked i could still search
<ng_>which was this week
<rain1>try today ^^
<ng_>github,com/search <- still works
<Acou_Bass>huhh weird
<Acou_Bass>rain1: ring worked for me that tme
<Acou_Bass>(compiling that is)
<rain1>that's great to hear
<Acou_Bass>i should note its on arch not guix..
<davexunit>rain1: pjproject bundles a bunch of libraries...
<davexunit>hard to make it not use them
<rain1>davexunit, what do you think the best thing to do about the patches is?
<rain1>I can't really think of a good solution
<rain1>oh you just got mentioned in room 155 :P
<rain1>web applications talk
<davexunit>rain1: yup :)
<davexunit>I'm in the room
<davexunit>I just asked some questions
<efraim>I saw
<davexunit>signing off for now :)
<lfam>sneek: later tell rain1: I noticed you linked to my development mirror of Guix on your guix-wiki. That's cool! But I think it would be better if you linked to my private packages repo, which is called 'pkgs' and not 'guix'
<davexunit>guix should have a freedombox equivalent
<efraim>freedombox is really cool
<Acou_Bass>looks it
<Acou_Bass>i like that it hasnt tried re-inventing all these things *cough owncloud* and instead is more or less just a barrel of already-existing tech ready to open up
<davexunit>it can run owncloud
<Acou_Bass>oh wait, yeah just saw that hehe
<ng_>hrm. if freedombox was not the thing which was supposed to be a "secure" home torrelay running on cheap hardware slowing down the tor network, what is it?
<ng_>that's waht I have in mind thinking of freedombox and the discussions around it. but could be that I just confuse names
<efraim>did he show this link?
<efraim>it's been there for a few years, I've used it when looking for cheap arm boards
<ng_>i have zero clue because i don't follow the conference.
<ng_>tor trac had a discussion on some device like this, so this might be the reason which throws me off
<ng_>"some device like this" in this case being something like the raspberry pi, suited to provide bridges, relays and whatever you want to add.
<ng_>found to be unsuitable because of reasons I forgot but can be looked up. I also would like to be wrong about what I just said.
<ng_>regarding things which can run on a toaster and are .onion or whatever addressable: for legacy reasons I package the psyced chatserver (psyc0.99/1), psyc clients and system service definitions for it for guixsd. I say legacy because there's still work happening on psyc1, but the focus is on psyc2 now. it's still something which can be useful for low-power guix based mini server
<ng_>*later this year
<wingo>did anyone figure out the gnome-keyring / ssh agent issue?
<efraim>note to self: custom tar definition, with bzip2=pbzip2, gzip=pigz, xz=pixz
<janneke>wingo: i looked at networkmanager and found it does not see any wifi networks/essids, while command line tools work
<ng_>will there be a point where gnome account services in settings can be integrated, or is this more of a thing a potential Guix in-system graphical settings dialogue would do (I know the system configuration file can handle this, but graphical (gtk/qt/whatever) tools for this would be nice
<jmarciano>how do I get config.scm instead of in /gnu/store/..-guix-latest?
<jmarciano>I did guix pull, but I cannot load (use-modules (guix)) as it complains, it cannot find config.scm, as it is not prepared
<efraim>my parallel-tar package :)
<efraim>ACTION goes off to bed
<fhmgufs>How can I get a package by its name in scheme code?
<fhmgufs>I mean to get the scheme variable representing the package.
<jmarciano>fhmgufs: that is why I am now trying to do...
<jmarciano>I guess that is in guix module
<jmarciano>only guessing, but I cannot use it for some reason
<fhmgufs>What are you now trying to do?
<jmarciano>trying to load guix module
<jmarciano>with purpose to quickly inspect guix packages
<jmarciano>I am learning Guile:
<jmarciano>I wish to avoid system calls, but rather use guix module, but is not working
<fhmgufs>I'm learning Guile, too. :)
<jmarciano>yes, when did you start?
<fhmgufs>I started about one week ago, but really started :) just now.
<ng_>lfam or whoever wants to read some lines, does this sound okay as a description change: POWWOW is a client software which can be used for telnet as well as for @dfn{Multi-User Dungeon} (MUD). Additionally it can be used with chat servers like psyced if you keep in mind that everytime you enter ; the line will break as ; is the default command separator character. To work around this, you need to either use a
<ng_>patched version of this package or locally rewrite this package to include a change for CMDSEP ; to whatever character you prefer and is available. The location can give you an idea for the patch.
<ng_>sorry for textflood
<fhmgufs>Not a big flood ... I think nobody will die.
<ng_>not a good version.. but I am welcome to additional input so I can send the patch
<jmarciano>fhmgufs: I have started on 7th March
<jmarciano>first time in 1999, I did not go to buy "Linux", but to buy "GNU" CD, I was thinking it is some kind of Unix, licensed, proprietary and very expensive. Later I have discovered I did get the "GNU".
<jmarciano>and before few weeks, I noticed, people don't know what is GNU, I could not believe it -- I was living in my own world.
<jmarciano>Then I discovered that Debian is not endorsed, and free distributions, and realized how easy it is to deviate.
<ng_>the patch instruction thing can be a bit shorter or completely ommited? I only want to point out that you will have ";" as a cmdsep and need to patch it. I will later add a guix .scm to the lavachat location and also to my own domain once it is moved again.
<jmarciano>I have built nice business system, in Perl... I hope to rewrite it in Guile, it will take some time (years?)
<fhmgufs>jmarciano: I did not know GNU, too ... until less than one year ago.
<jmarciano>what did you use else?
<fhmgufs>I thought I'm using Linux.
<fhmgufs>But that was for a half year only.
<fhmgufs>Before I used a strange operating system by Microsoft.
<jmarciano>viruses are always strange
<jmarciano>I cannot condemn people by using anything... I don't care what they use.
<jmarciano>But if someone asks me to help him with the installation, there is USB stick with free software and nothing else.
<ng_>there were gnu linux distribution cds being sold in 99? I got it by downloads.
<jmarciano>yes? In 99, if I would download a CD, I would pay in Germany more money than if I buy it.
<jmarciano>I remember 2-3 days of full downloading, costed me over 500 German marks. Never paid that bill.
<ng_>idk.. in 99 i just had connections to people
<fhmgufs>If they already had had the Euro it would have been much more expensive :)
<fhmgufs>* I mean we
<jmarciano>I must admit, I have always hated "licensed software". Even for GNU, I was thinking what a sh... license, I don't even want to read it, I will copy it as I want.
<jmarciano>I was thinking for "Linux" on CD to be proprietary. Of course I would copy it, without taking care...
<civodul>sneek: later tell alezost would be if package-info buffers showed "coreutils 8.24" instead of "coreutils@8.24" in the heading
<jmarciano>but then after 1-2 months, nightly reading and understanding all the new commands, bash, gawk, k this k that, and reading the GNU GPL license, I have realized it, it is good thing
<jmarciano>actually I am still not satisfied that I did not buy the original GNU CD
<jmarciano>the Deluxe GNU distribution (binaries), back in 1998, was $5,000.
<ng_>this is weird to read. around 98/99 I tried SuSe or whatever it was named then, some other bigger distros and the Zenwalk. what is "the oiginal GNU CD"?
<ng_>*then T
<jmarciano>GNU from GNU
<ng_>oh. I thought in distro terms already. sorry
<jmarciano>well, I never bought it...
<jmarciano>SuSe of course used GNU to make their own distribution.
<ng_>i know..
<jmarciano>through packaging, centralizing, inclusion of non-free software, customer binding to particular company, we have got society, running Linux not knowing that they run GNU.
<ng_>i just did not go into detail because I dislike talking about 98 to now..
<ng_>*to now in detail
<jmarciano>yes, why you dislike?
<ng_>well.. much happens in 17-18 years and it's like posting a CV or like talking about your life, so offtopic that I occasionally talk about it when it's okay, but the entire span of this and that distro and experience etc, okay it's part of what lead me to where I am now, but that's all.
<ng_>only to mention why. don't feel discomfort seeing / listening to others talking about it.
<jmarciano>to switch, if you know where I can find some guile scripts, searchable, like database, ~ github or something
<ng_>hm. github and notabug, definitely. that's all I know atm.
<jmarciano>so few people use: with-readline-completion-function...
<fhmgufs>ACTION goes to bed
<wingo>ACTION just found out a couple things
<wingo>one, apparently there is a library call, openlog()
<wingo>gnome-keyring calls it
<wingo>it is to send logs to syslog
<wingo>but there is some option in which those logs are sent actually to tty1
<wingo>which is where gnome-keyring's logs go? not sure. maybe those logs are just the logs from gnome-shell and its keyring prompter.
<wingo>but, there is a JS backtrace when any password prompt is made from gnome-shell, which i think can happen from polkit or gnome-keyring
<wingo>which is what makes gnome-keyring not work, apparently
<janneke>paroneayea: your logo! =<3
<ng_>sneek: later tell lfam I rephrased the powwow description and send it to the -devel list. I hope this version makes more sense.
<sneek>Will do.
<ng_>was this correct format?
<ng_>anyway, goodnight