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<civodul>so, i can graft an openssl on emacs-w3m
<civodul>next step is to make it less slow :-)
<davexunit>wow, great!
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<ingegnue>i have a small improvement for the documentation. i shared it to the ml, but i don't see it in the archives.
<rain1>try reloading it in an hour or so, they take time to update
<davexunit>ingegnue: what is the title of the thread?
<davexunit>I will see if I've received it.
<ingegnue>"add wireless instructions to documentation"
<davexunit>ingegnue: I haven't received it yet. how long ago did you send?
<ingegnue>last night
<davexunit>to ?
<ingegnue>that's right
<ingegnue>i could try again :)
<davexunit>yeah, try it again.
<davexunit>I've received over mail from the list
<mark_weaver>ingegnue: if you're not subscribed to the list, then I guess maybe your first post will need to go through moderation, dunno.
<mark_weaver>oh, he already left
<davexunit>ah why didn't I think of that?
<zacts>hello guix
<zacts>I'm going to go ahead and donate my beaglebone to the Dragora gnu/linux project
<zacts>because the mailing list mentioned you guys probably wouldn't utilize it too much initially
<zacts>it's an fsf endorsed distro
<zacts>whereas dragora will utilize it heavily
<zacts>also, shipping to Europe is costly for me
<zacts>(you could likely purchase a new bbb, for the same price)
<rain1>i can't do sudo halt
<rain1>error: connect: /var/run/dmd/socket: No such file or directory
<rain1>/dmd/ isn't there
<rain1>how weird is that
<lfam>zacts: I think it's best that it goes to a project that will really make use of it
<zacts>lfam: thanks! :-)
<lfam>I'm curious — what will they use it for?
<zacts>lfam: their arm port
<zacts>to test their builds
<zacts>it's a really tiny lightweight slackware-like distro
<zacts>it uses the tiny musl libc, it's like a slackware alpine distro
<lfam>Probably a good system for the BBB
<zacts>but it is more general purpose than you might expect
<zacts>it even has icecat / libreoffice / etc... for Dragora 2
<zacts>but Dragora 3 is hopefully going to be released this year, with an arm port
<lfam>I wonder if they will be able to build libreoffice on it. I found it needed a huge amount of disk space and RAM on x86_64
<zacts>lfam: yeah, I don't know. When they use musl in Dragora 3 it might make it more difficult to build too
<zacts>for arm, I may try to help
<zacts>but I'm still learning
<zacts>my idea is to build and test arm in linaro qemu or something
<zacts>and then test on real hw after that
<zacts>build the packages in linaro qemu, and then test on real hw
<zacts>so the bbb isn't actually used for the building, only the testing really
<zacts>I wonder if guix could eventually utilize an idea like this for certain ports
<zacts>to build in qemu, and test on real hw
<zacts>virtualized builds for odd platforms, and then just test on the platforms after building (for better building speed and things like that)
<lfam>It's a good idea, I do it too
<lfam>You should check if you can reproduce builds between QEMU and the BBB
<zacts>what do you mean by 'reproduce' do you mean like sha512sum equivalence, or something like that?
<zacts>or do you mean more informally
<lfam>Well, that might be too far, I don't know
<zacts>I'll have to look into it
<lfam>It would be cool if it worked
<zacts>perhaps a cool project idea for guix too! :-D
<lfam>I might try to resurrect my A20 board
<lfam>The guix reproducibility checker uses sha256.
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<lfam>izysong: I think something is wrong with your mailer. I received 5 copies of "Don't wrap startxfce4"
<iyzsong>oops, forgive me.. I get something about 'org.freedesktop.secrets' not found and Gnus don't mark my mail as sent, so I try it mutiple times..
<iyzsong>sorry >.<
<iyzsong>I use msmtp with Emacs, the error is:
<civodul>iyzsong: (require 'smtpmail) FTW! :-)
<civodul>am i right that we span at least UTC-6 to UTC+6 here?
<iyzsong>civodul: that's the built-in smtp support in Emacs? ok, I'll look into it.
<civodul>i used it and it works fine
<iyzsong>I once do the msmtp setup for 'git send-email', and forget all the details.
<rekado>I use msmtp with Emacs, too, but I don't get this error.
<iyzsong>It happend with msmtp-1.6.3 (and without gnome-keyring, I think).
<rekado>re the broken GCJ on armhf and mips: we're on our own.
<rekado>upstream says they don't have time and access to machines to debug this.
<ngz>Hello. It seems that asymptote in Guix doesn't provide the related Emacs' "asy-mode", even though it is in the release tarball.
<ngz>Not sure what can be done about it.
<iyzsong>ngz: the *.el files are installed to '$guix-profile/share/asymptote', it need to be added the 'load-path' manually.
<ngz>OK. Thank you. Would it make sense to make it automatic somehow? In other distributions I don't remerber having added this to my load-path.
<iyzsong>I agree ;)
<ngz>Note that the difficulty, on my side is to understand the "somehow" ;)
<Acou_Bass>heey folks, i asked in here last night regarding getting guix to boot off a LUKS encrypted drive, unfortunately it doesnt seem to be working, it doesnt at any point prompt me for my decryption password and because of that grub fails to find my linux kernel
<Acou_Bass>grub.cfg looks like this: - obviously with 'random numbers' replaced with the actual numbers ;D does anyone have this setup working?
<civodul>Acou_Bass: there were posts this month on guix-devel about this topic
<civodul>basically it's not fully supported yet, but some managed to hack their way
<civodul>Acou_Bass: has some info from petter
<civodul>interesting article on systemd vs. Docker:
<civodul>re CVE-2015-7547, maybe we could run nscd in a container where it can only access the network and its Unix-domain socket?
<davexunit>civodul: that's an interesting idea.
<davexunit>we need to build a nice wrapper on top of the container code to make stuff like this easy.
<davexunit>"some day"(tm) when I get the motivation to provide a cgroups interface, we could also arbitrarily restrict system resources for processes, too.
<civodul>paroneayea: BTW, mission complete regarding MediaGoblin packaging? :-)
<phant0mas>hey everyone, what's our policy for console emulators? can I send a patch for the gpl2 desmume?
<phant0mas>it's a nintendo ds emulator
<davexunit>phant0mas: they are OK, provided they are indeed fully free.
<phant0mas>davexunit: ok
<davexunit>an example of emulator that is *not* OK is PCSX, a playstation emulator.
<davexunit>because it requires that the user install a binary blob of firmware extracted from a playstation in order to function.
<davexunit>I have a package recipe for Dolphin, the gamecube and wii emulator, hanging around in a separate repo, awaiting the day a new Dolphin stable release comes out.
<phant0mas>I love Dolphin :-)
<phant0mas>looking forward
<davexunit>AFAIK there are no nonfree components of Dolphin, but I'm not positive.
<davexunit>it's GPLv2 licensed
<phant0mas>AFAIK is the same for Desmume but I will make sure before I send it to the list
<davexunit>phant0mas: awesome, thanks. I love desmume.
<rain1>hello, i have a problem booting my system was hoping to ask about it here
<davexunit>phant0mas: I packaged an emulator frontend called "emulation station" awhile ago that is pretty fun.
<davexunit>I've been wanting to setup an arcade computer that runs guixsd with emulation station and all the emulators that people have packaged for guix.
<wingo>are there VM hosting services on which you can install guixsd?
<davexunit>none that I know of. :(
<davexunit>I want that.
<wingo>that would be nice.
<phant0mas>davexunit: it's exatly what I want to do as well!!
<phant0mas>I just bought a rasbperry pi 2
<phant0mas>and I built guix on it
<phant0mas>and wanted to run emulators on it
<phant0mas>and play some pokemon :P
<davexunit>I have a living room computer that runs xbmc
<davexunit>I'd like to find a way to be able to switch back and forth between xbmc and emulation station.
<davexunit>I was thinking of using guile-wm for this
<davexunit>and use my game engine to make a fun application switcher menu
<wingo>apparently indicates that linode can install a custom distro
<wingo>needs a lot of machinery tho
<davexunit>yeah, you can hack linode to do that.
<davexunit>I want to try, once GuixSD has all of the software and services I need to migrate my debian server.
<davexunit>getting there.
<phant0mas>davexunit: :-)
<rekado>is anyone still working on packaging prosody? I thought someone did and was almost finished.
<davexunit>rekado: I think the issue they ran into was getting prosody to find the lua libraries it depends on when it runs.
<davexunit>there was something weird going on there that I didn't fully understand.
<rain1>is it ok to do sudo guix system reconfigure while in guix? or must that be done when booted off the usb
<davexunit>rain1: yes, it's fine.
<rain1>it's weird because dmd seemed to go missing and I wasn't able to shut down because of it
<rain1>and now I can't boot back into my encrypted guix system after fixing up the grub config
<rain1>(using sudo halt, i had to hold the power button to force it off)
<bavier>rain1: you might have been upgrading from a guix prior to the dmd->shepherd switch
<rain1>oh that makes sense, I did notice something called shepherd in top
<bavier>there is a /run/booted-system/profile/sbin/halt
<bavier>for future reference
<rain1>I wonder what I should do to repair my system so that I can boot it again
<rain1>maybe the shepherd switch has made invalidated the crypto setup
<rain1>This is how I edited the grub config and it accepts the first password but seems to freeze before taking the second password
<rain1>I've tried a few times but nothing seems to make it boot, maybe i should get shepherd + crypto working in qemu and see if that tells me anything new
<rain1>that's weird I can't do guix pull
<rain1>I can ping but it says it cannot connect when i try guix pull
<rain1>seems like the site is under too heavy load or something
<efraim>linode looks a bit complicated, I bet you could use switch_root on most hosting sites to replace the distro on most hosting places
<efraim>although I'm quite sure on digital ocean you'd need to use kexec to switch to the linux libre kernel
<paroneayea>is anyone running GuixSD on a VPS provider yet?
<davexunit>wingo asked the same question earlier, and the answer is "no", unfortunately.
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<petter>paroneayea: serveraptor asked for help with GuixSD earlier today - i'll let you know how this turns out
<petter>when i asked about it last week they responded: No, not yet. They don't provide bootable ISO and I don't have resources to prepare template with GuixSD. Sorry. :(
<Jookia>can't they just dd the guixsd disk image and let you reconfigure
<Jookia>or is that not meant to be the case
<petter>i have no idea. You have all the information i have about this now
<davexunit>yeah, they could have a base image that they use to create initial bootable system and then the user can run 'guix pull' and update.
<paroneayea>petter: cool, I'm interested to hear!
<paroneayea><civodul> so, i can graft an openssl on emacs-w3m
<paroneayea><civodul> next step is to make it less slow :-)
<paroneayea>hey nice!
<bavier>suspend starting working on my netbook with the last guixsd upgrade :)
<janneke>is this latest version?
<rain1>i noticed that 8sync link is gone from the GNU page
<rain1>if you click 8sync it goes to 404
<paroneayea>rain1: oh
<paroneayea>I need to finish some steps :P
<paroneayea>I've been caught up in the next mediagoblin release
<paroneayea>sorry :(
<rain1>mediagoblin rules :)
<janneke>paroneayea that's the latest git there?
<janneke>I had to do a texinfo-all-menus-update to make a guix package...
<paroneayea>janneke: huh?
<paroneayea>what is?
<janneke>yes is it at:
<janneke>the doc/8sync.texi there needs a texinfo-all-menus-update
<paroneayea>janneke: ah... I'm not very familiar with texinfo!
<paroneayea>could you submit a patch?
<paroneayea>\\o/ :)
<rain1>I'm trying guix with crypto in vbox
<rain1>i can't boot my current install after updating
<rain1>might just copy stuff off and reinstall without encryption
<Jookia>rain1: what's the error
<rain1>there's no error it just freezes during boot
<rain1>before i would enter a password at grub then it would start booting and i'd enter it a second time
<rain1>now, after putting in the first password it boots a bit then freezes
<rain1>(I'm also wondering about if it'll be possible to set up guix to work without having to decrypt twice)
<Jookia>rain1: That's next on my list ;) Well, second next. Actually, third next.
<Jookia>rain1: Are yo on a libreboot machine?
<rain1>no i was just using grub
<rain1>i have separate hard disks so maybe i should try libreboot out
<rain1>oh no it's below grub
<rain1>wow 2G is not enough space for guix barebones install :((
<rain1>i guessi have to make it bigger and start agian
<rain1>maybe give up for now-
<mark_weaver>hmm. I used 'wget' on Hydra to locally fetch the intel nars for texlive-texmf from the security-updates branch. both of the downloads returns far fewer bytes than they should (1.5G and 383M), and in the end the files are not in the nginx cache.
<mark_weaver>trying again...
<mark_weaver>the nars should be about 2.1G
<mark_weaver>oh, actually, i see that although 'wget' exited without error after retrieving short files, the nar generation I started before is still happening...
<civodul>rain1: it takes 822 MiB according to: guix size $(guix system build gnu/system/examples/bare-bones.tmpl)
<rain1>that's weird my disk is 2GB I think if I used 4GB it would work out
<rain1>anyway I was just messing around in a VM becausee my real install broke
<civodul>mark_weaver: :-(
<paroneayea>hey civodul, just wanted to cheer on this:
<paroneayea><civodul> so, i can graft an openssl on emacs-w3m
<paroneayea><civodul> next step is to make it less slow :-)
<civodul>ACTION just made it less slow \\o/
<paroneayea>civodul: double yay! :D
<paroneayea>you are doing the ${deity}'s work here!
<civodul>i can graft openssl on things like git, which is interesting because it has several incoming edges on openssl
<civodul>heh :-)
<civodul>we have yet to see how well it works in practice
<civodul>but it's better than what we have anyway :-)
<Jookia>So it's correct but slow?
<paroneayea>civodul: I look forward to using a grafted git for doing my git grafting!
<civodul>heh :-)
<Jookia>civodul: btw Guile doesn't have HTTPS proxying yet which is troubling, so I have to 'torify guix download' :P
<civodul>we should implement SOCKS
<lfam>paroneayea: Did you read my recent message about pillow? Should we just remove python2-pil from the distribution? Is it still used commonly?
<davexunit>if nothing is using it I say yank it.
<lfam>It hasn't been updated since 2009
<lfam>And pillow seems to have replaced it in our package tree
<paroneayea>lfam: yank it I guess!
<Jookia>civodul: Not sure that'd be helpful without a HTTP<->SOCKS proxy, lots of applications don't have SOCKS support. It's a bit hard
<paroneayea>we have python2-pillow right?
<paroneayea>ACTION looks
<Jookia>civodul: ie, SVN doesn't support SOCKS
<davexunit>I really want a new freedom friendly motherboard to use for a living room media computer, running GuixSD of course, but nothing really fits the bill. :/
<lfam>paroneayea: If removal is appropriate, can you send a patch?
<paroneayea>lfam: yeah I can send one
<paroneayea>and we can remove it I think
<paroneayea>not needed for mediagoblin
<Jookia>davexunit: Maybe an i.MX6 if I get bootloader support added? :P
<davexunit>Jookia: the problem with the i.MX6 currently is the lack of free drivers for the graphics chip.
<davexunit>I know there's one in the works
<davexunit>but I'm not sure its usable yet.
<lfam>I remember reading about free graphics drivers for some ARM SOC being completed recently
<rain1>is there a way i could help or contribute to the crypto side of guix?
<davexunit>lfam: was it the etnaviv drivers perhaps?
<davexunit>that's the name of i.MX6 project, AFAIK.
<lfam>Yes, that's it. Is that not a good solution for you?
<rain1>what about the gluglug/minifree laptops? i just saw that when I checked out libreboot
<davexunit>lfam: if it's ready to roll, then yes!
<davexunit>yes, it's good, that is.
<Jookia>davexunit: It is usable
<Jookia>davexunit: I used etnaviv the other day to play 720p video
<davexunit>I'd like to know if it performs well enough to decode 1080p video
<davexunit>Jookia: well that's promising!
<Jookia>The video driver won't decode video ever
<Jookia>At this point it's CPU-bound
<davexunit>but it helps to have not slow rendering so you can tell if the bad playback is the fault of the CPU or not ;)
<davexunit>Jookia: dual or quad core i.MX6?
<lfam>Which board?
<davexunit>I should figure out how to get that driver on my Novena
<Jookia>I think that's the case with the Novena, but if you go ask in you could get some more updates
<rain1>I think I'll just copy my stuff off and do a fresh unencrypted guix install because that is less likely to break and i want to continue using it..
<Jookia>You can install xobs-beta repo and install the drivers explicitly
<Jookia>lfam: Novena
<davexunit>Jookia: cool. we should get Guix packages for whatever is in there :)
<davexunit>thank you, though. I didn't realize the driver was usable.
<davexunit>I'm going to try it out sometime. maybe tonight if I get a chance.
<Jookia>No problem. The only caveat is that right now you'll probably have to explicitly install the beta packages unless xobs changed it
<davexunit>I think that a wandboard might make for a nice media center board.
<davexunit>Jookia: that's fine.
<davexunit>deb packages, yes/
<davexunit>that's totally fine.
<davexunit>then I'll try to play some 1080p video and see what happens.
<davexunit>and then run Kodi on it. ;)
<lfam>In keeping with the name of the project, your videos will have inverted color and play backwards
<Jookia>Sounds like a good test
<davexunit>lfam: darn!
<lfam>A minor bug
<davexunit>are there i.MX6 boards besides the wandboard that are good?
<rain1>why did dmd change to shepherd?
<Jookia>Not sure how well Kodi would run, I've been using mpv- The only graphics bug I've gotten is a hard crash, through latest graphics put the crash in userspace
<lfam>rain1: Name collision with the D language compiler
<Jookia>davexunit: SolidRun is a good bet I think
<rain1>oh alright but didnt it change some features too?
<davexunit>Jookia: ooh what's that...
<davexunit>ACTION searches
<Jookia>The CuBox
<lfam>Can you run the mainline kernel on the SolidRun stuff?
<davexunit>a lot of these things involve custom kernels
<Jookia>lfam: Perhaps, not sure about free GPU drivers. AFAIK the stuff not upstreamed in the Novena is to do with being a laptop, so I'd say so for SolidRun
<davexunit>novena included
<davexunit>luckily, it's easy to use a different kernel with guixsd
<davexunit>Jookia: is there a "just the board" version of the CuBox?
<lfam>I'm not recommending these to you, but I do think it's nice that mainline Linux supports a lot of Allwinner stuff now. The community did the work.
<davexunit>GPL violators :(
<Jookia>I don't know, though I'm not sure if you'd really need that. It's just a small box.
<Jookia>Linux-Libre will wipe out the VPU accel blobs which do non-CPU decoding I think
<lfam>davexunit: Yes, the community of users had to do all the work. Allwinner didn't help them.
<davexunit>the attractive part of the cubox is the 4GiB of RAM
<davexunit>lfam: I'd buy something second hand, maybe.
<lfam>davexunit: You're probably better off with the imx6
<davexunit>Jookia: have you used the hummingboard? it looks cool.
<lfam>Although Olimex make open source hardware using Allwinner stuff. If that's valuable to you it's a good value
<Jookia>davexunit: I have not, though if I were to get another board I'd probably look at it
<davexunit>one of my fantasy projects is making a handheld computer using something small like a hummingboard
<Jookia>The latest I've heard is that etnaviv can run 1080p Sintel video at 15FPS, which is software decode
<Jookia>I've heard libvpx works mostly in software since h264 owns the hardware market so if there's possibilities to optimize, it's probably there
<Jookia>I've also heard Debian didn't build libvpx with NEON support, so there's still loose ends
<davexunit>oh that's a bummer. I wonder if ours is built with that...
<mark_weaver>davexunit: for a home media computer, I vaguely recall that the Libreboot T400 might have been suitable?
<davexunit>mark_weaver: hmm, maybe.
<davexunit>I could look into gutting one for that purpose
<Jookia>I think the T400 can run 1080p video since it has hardware decoding (I think)
<davexunit>t400s are cheap.
<mark_weaver>the main question is whether it has video output that can be easily converted to HDMI, and I vaguely recall francis saying that the T400 had a port that fit the bill, but you should probably verify that.
<davexunit>so maybe that's a good bet. :)
<lfam>I'm trying to add #:allowed-references to openssl, but it the procedure canonicalize-reference fails with "guix/build-system/gnu.scm:318:4: Throw to key `match-error' with args `("match" "no matching pattern" list)'."
<davexunit>mark_weaver: thanks for the suggestion. :)
<davexunit>gotta run! happy hacking
<Jookia>Thinking of bootloaders, it might be time soon to try GRUB on the Novena again soon since the latest beta supports relocatable GRUB
<lfam>I'm trying to add the code suggested by civodul here:
<mark_weaver>lfam: looks to me like you need a comma before "(list"
<mark_weaver>i.e. #:allowed-references ,(list ...)
<mark_weaver>that argument needs to actually be a list of package specs, and not a scheme expression
<paroneayea>lfam: patch to remove python2-pil sent to list. If it looks good (it's pretty simple) I'm happy to push and close the bug.
<civodul>mark_weaver, lfam: are you planning to take care of the OpenSSL update tomorrow?
<lfam>civodul, mark_weaver: I'm planning to be on IRC starting at 1300 UTC (when the update window opens) to help however I can
<lfam>I'm currently trying to figure out the openssl / perl issue
<paroneayea>ACTION looks at his inbox
<civodul>i'm going to solicit you for graft testing while you're at it :-)
<paroneayea>ACTION fetches git master
<paroneayea>Guix's community blows me away :)
<Jookia>paroneayea: It's pretty neat
<lfam>civodul: Okay sure!
<lfam>paroneayea: I'd move the explanation into a separate paragraph. I also don't know if it makes sense to refer to particular CVE IDs. Who knows what other bugs have been uncovered since 2009? But if you do want to refer to CVE IDs, I would use all 3 that were in that DSA
<paroneayea>lfam: I originally had the explaination in the summary before the * gnu/package/foo stuff
<paroneayea>but then I worried it wasn't the right styl
<lfam>I'm not sure of the "correct" style, but I like having explanatory stuff between the title and the changelog
<paroneayea>checked the logs, saw someone else put it on the line with the reference of the variable removed
<paroneayea>that was my first instinct (and draft!)
<lfam>For example in d120b1d433fc2094c56f2c2ecafc4150c2c06348
<paroneayea>so I guess I'll do that
<paroneayea>lfam: so adjust that then push?