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<efraim>cve against git:, fixed in git 2.6.1
<efraim>so we're good
<efraim>10.25 hours to build basically from bootstrap binaries to gettext
<efraim>with the extra phase in gnu-build-system, I should `guix challenge` gcc-4.9 and perl before it gets merged into master
<efraim>update to man-pages
<efraim>ok, thats a non-event, its a leaf package
<efraim>from guix import pypi setuptools, python-setuptools wants python-setuptools as an input
<jubalh>is it hard to bring golang to guix?
<taylan>jubalh: it uses a self-hosting compiler, right?
<rekado>someone was working on packaging Go. There had been a couple of unresolved linker problems.
<rekado>not sure what the current status is.
<jubalh>I see
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>ACTION fell badly on the ground this morning
<civodul>my knee hurts
<jubalh>icy road, civodul ?
<civodul>just at home, silly thing
<civodul>but i'm fine, it's just that i walk slowly
<wingo>bummer. get well soon!
<wingo>and go to the doctor or physical therapist as needed :)
<civodul>yeah i may need to do that :-)
<efraim>jubalh: I was working on packaging go, the plan was to use gcc5 to build go-1.5, but mulitple 6 hour build failures later i'm using gcc4.9 to build go-1.4 to build go-1.5 as an interm step
<jubalh>efraim: do you know what what was the problem with the builds?
<efraim>hopefully I can get started on that again next week, first I wanted to finish python for core-updates, and I think I'm nearly done with connman
<efraim>I kept notes :)
<efraim>/gnu/store/yz1gpp326fwmjgg03ii464k9l94zyc5h-gccgo-5.3.0/bin/go: error: depends on '', which cannot be found in RUNPATH ("/gnu/store/qv7bk62c22ms9i11dhfl71hnivyc82k2-glibc-2.22/lib")
<efraim>/gnu/store/yz1gpp326fwmjgg03ii464k9l94zyc5h-gccgo-5.3.0/bin/gofmt: error: depends on '', which cannot be found in RUNPATH ("/gnu/store/qv7bk62c22ms9i11dhfl71hnivyc82k2-glibc-2.22/lib")
<efraim>and this one: /gnu/store/yz1gpp326fwmjgg03ii464k9l94zyc5h-gccgo-5.3.0/libexec/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/5.3.0/cgo: error: depends on '', which cannot be found in RUNPATH ("/gnu/store/qv7bk62c22ms9i11dhfl71hnivyc82k2-glibc-2.22/lib")
<efraim>so it's going to take some more playing, I don't think I've tried making glibc a propagated input yet
<efraim>once I get gccgo4.9 to build go-1.4 I'll switch the inputs and use go-1.4 to build go-1.5, and then the great hunt continues for a standalone hello world program written in go
<jubalh>why does "guix package -i glibc-locales" need to download linux libre?
<jubalh>ACTION is using guix ontop of a foreign distro for now
<efraim>hmm, I'm not getting substitutes on core-updates from hydra
<efraim>glibc-locales inherits from glibc, and there's a note in glibc's formula: Glibc's <limits.h> refers to <linux/limit.h>, for instance, so glibc users should automatically pull Linux headers as well.
<efraim>oooh, guile is a 5 hour build on arm. I might need to find a new package for testing
<civodul>efraim: is it just gccgo 5.3 that fails, or also 4.9?
<efraim>gccgo4.9 builds fine
<efraim>I belive gccgo4.8 builds fine on all architectures, so 4.9 should also
<civodul>another big chunk of GCC under a non-copyleft license, bah...
<efraim>that build process was really just s/4.8/4.9/
<civodul>efraim: i wonder if this would help:
<civodul>for 5.3
<efraim>I haven't looked at the makefile yet for go inside gcc
<civodul>i suspect "-L $(libgodir)/.libs" might cause libtool to ignore, and then to not set -Wl,-rpath
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<jubalh>can somebody tell me whats making problems with having lvm on guixSD?
<mark_weaver>there's no problem, it's just that no one has done the necessary work
<mark_weaver>so it's waiting for someone who (1) wants to use LVM, and (2) is willing to do the work.
<rekado>zacts: do I remember right that you were playing with LVM on GuixSD?
<jubalh>zacts is here again? i meet this guy in all the channels i go ;)
<efraim>python-sphinx failed to build with just python-setuptools upgraded
<efraim>with the freeze coming up I might have to work on python on a separate branch
<Steap>efraim: what is the issue with python-sphinx ?
<efraim>not sure yet
<efraim>I just left the build running and went about my day, takes me a long time to build everything from source
<Steap>oh yeah, it is a pain indeed
<efraim>python2- built fine, I'm rerunning python-
<civodul>jubalh: Sleep_Walker did some initial work on LVM support that needs to be polished
<koosha>I have a problem with guix pull
<rekado>koosha: hi, what's the problem?
<koosha>I get this error : " error : failed to download up-to-date source , existing "
<koosha>I'm trying to install it
<koosha>What do you think ?
<rekado>is this the actual message? Is there anything before or after that you could send us, e.g. by posting to
<koosha>Ok , let me post the whole message
<koosha>Also , I have some problems when I run this command : "guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt"
<rekado>what kind of problems?
<rekado>koosha: ^
<koosha>I write it . But It's a bit hard . Because I should type it
<koosha>the errors , I mean
<rekado>oh, I thought you can just copy it.
<rekado>do you not have network on the machine?
<koosha>well , it's text mode
<keverets>GNU screen can be useful for copy & paste in text mode
<koosha>How ?
<keverets>"C-a [" will start copy mode
<keverets>cursor around to the text you want
<keverets>space to mark the start, cursor to the end, space to mark the end
<keverets>"C-a ]" to paste
<rekado>"C-a [" means "press 'Ctrl' and 'a', then '['."
<keverets>right... sorry if that was confusing
<koosha>for the last error line of "guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt" command : ' guix system : error:build failed: build of '/gnu/store/64gkjcn7k43fn824f8wbzizn1jj1a6pz-system.drv' failed
<koosha>No , I will try it
<koosha>Well , I got what you said , but there is still problem to copy that hier . I'm not on irc on that system .
<koosha>What do you think about the error ?
<keverets>could you paste it into a file, then from there copy it to the machine running IRC? Or alternatively ssh from the machine running IRC to the one with the error
<keverets>Is there more information about why the build failed? I'm not sure where logging for that would go
<koosha_>sorry there were some problems with irc
<koosha_>screen is not installed as default
<koosha_>so I can't copy
<efraim>does it have network access?
<koosha_>of course
<efraim>iirc there's a bug with the nameserver configuration or something, thought that might have something to do with the message
<koosha_>so what should I do ?
<efraim>you're using the install image or installing from an existing system?
<koosha_>I'm using the usb installer
<efraim>normally a "failed to download" error is hydra overloaded or no network access
<koosha_>no there is network access
<koosha_>It has downloaded many files
<rekado>koosha_: have you retried it?
<rekado>or is there always the same error?
<koosha_>I have tried it manz times since morning , and yes , It's the same error
<efraim>which file was it trying to download?
<koosha_>manz files
<efraim>which file specifically when it failed
<koosha_>okay , let me see
<jubalh>i am going for test install of guixsd. created a qemu disk and wanted to boot the usb image but qemu sais "no bootable device" anything i am doing wrong? qemu-system-x86_64 -m 1024 -hda guixsd.img -cdrom guixsd-usb-install-0.9.0.x86_64-linux
<efraim>jubalh: hard disk boot is the default for qemu
<civodul>jubalh: might be useful
<efraim>so you should pass it -boot once=d
<civodul>someone should turn it into a section in the manual
<jubalh>argh, right i always forget that
<jubalh>oh that is a helpful site!
<koosha_>I got new errors
<koosha_>'guix substitute: warning: failed to look up host ' ' (Name or service not known) , substituter disabled '
<koosha_>and :
<koosha_>'guix system : error: build failed: unexpected EOF reading a line'
<koosha_>What is your idea ?
<rekado>this might be related to the nscd bug.
<rekado>koosha_: try as root: "deco restart nscd" and then retry.
<rekado>ACTION has to leave in a moment
<koosha_>okay , thank you , now I try it
<jubalh>so i followed and at the point where i run 'guix system init /mnt/config.scm /mnt' it ends with: errow hile setting up the build environment: getting attributes of path: no such file or directory /etc/resolv.conf
<jubalh>maybe a -net nic and -net user is needed to have qemu network adress
<jubalh>nope. still. btw this happens with /gnu/store/hash-base-initrd.drv
<jubalh>well there just doesnt exist an /etc/resolv.conf file
<civodul>you have to run dhclient or similar, see
<zacts>rekado: I wanted to test LVM + Luks full disk encryption on GuixSD, but I've been busy lately
<koosha>Oh , my god . I got the same reasult when I ran 'guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt' but the error of 'guix pull' didn't appear
<koosha>What do you think , friends ?
<koosha>How can I fix it ?
<koosha>nothing ?
<bavier>koosha: is your config.scm mal-formed? i.e. are you still seeing the "EOF reading a line" error?
<koosha>First I got it from ''
<koosha>then I changed device '/dev/sdx' , device 'root' to my hard device and to device '/dev/sdax' my partition . also I changed user .
<alezost>koosha: could you paste your config?
<koosha>It's hard
<koosha>I just changed those which I said
<koosha>nothing else
<efraim>double check all of your parenthesies
<koosha>Is it wrong ? (device "/dev/sda2")
<koosha_>Sorry I wasn't here
<koosha_>any new solution ?
<bavier>koosha_: if you're speaking of the grub-configuration, you need to specify the unpartitioned device, so "/dev/sda"
<koosha_>no , filesystem
<alezost>koosha_: then it's ok. what exact error do you get?
<bavier>koosha_: ok, did you then also change (title 'label) to (title 'device)?
<koosha_>is it wrong ?
<koosha_>I didn't chane the label
<bavier>koosha_: see the "File Systems" section in the manual
<bavier>if you want "/dev/sda2" in the 'device' field, you'll need to use (title 'device), or put the partition label in 'device with (title 'label)
<ebisu>Guix looks cool. Is there anything in particular that is does well? Is it intended to be a general use machine, a modular dowhateverthefuckyowant box, a server? Are there any really cool things about it I should know about? (Slackware user here)
<user5252>zacts: is LVM working in guixsd?
<df_>ebisu: er, I'm sure there's better propaganda online but: declarative system configuration, transactional system modifications, per-user setup without redundancy, a nice high-level systems language, reproducible builds and (for guixsd at least) an emphasis on software freedom
<bavier>the software freedom bit applies equally to Guix and GuixSD
<df_>well guix itself is free software but I don't think in itself it particularly does anything to promote or demote free software
<ebisu>It looks cool in comparison to a lot of the other completely free distros
<ebisu>Trisquel was a huge turd too
<ebisu>I dont know what I expected from Ubuntu though
<bavier>df_: the Guix project as a whole has made a strong commitment to supporting free software, and only including free software packages. Others are free to write recipes for non-free packages, but they will never be made a part of Guix proper
<df_>fair enough
<df_>I'm probably not quite clear where the line is drawn between guix and guixsd
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<efraim>guix can coexist with/exist on a host distro, guixsd is "guix, the distro version"
<df_>ok so the available packages are considered "guix"?
<efraim>guix and guixsd use the same set of packages
<efraim>guix I suppose could be considered like a package repository, with guixsd the distro built around it
<user5252>There's a 404 error on the server that provides libev package when installing with --no-substitutes
<user5252>s/package/source tar
<efraim>it's not the most recent version, so it got moved
<efraim>it was fixed on dec 25th
<efraim>you can download it with `guix download`
<user5252>efraim: thanks. Should a guix refresh fix that?
<efraim>guix pull will update the package definitions
<user5252>thank you
<efraim>np :)
<zacts>user5252: I don't think so yet
<zacts>but I'm not totally sure
<efraim>this is at least the 3rd or 4th time I'm compiling perl-5.22 today
<civodul> efraim: oh :-) why is that?
<efraim>i just updated libffi, which triggered a 3 hour build cycle, and now I'm building xev and it seems to want to rebuild a lot of the things I just built
<efraim>I might have to look more at LFS to see how the system is built, that might explain why it seems I'm building and rebuilding the same packages
<efraim>I meant to install guixsd today on a pentium4 I have in the corner, might have to do that tomorrow
<efraim>oh civodul: during your vacation someone was looking at dmd on arm, and the test that fails is one that you wrote
<civodul>efraim: yes, mark_weaver opened a bug for that one
<civodul>i haven't investigated yet
<civodul>to understand the rebuilds, you can also look at, say, guix graph -e '(@@ (gnu packages commencement) coreutils-final)'
<civodul>with "-t bag" it's a bit more concise
<bavier>civodul: I wasn't thinking of directly supporting the "rebuild graph" idea with 'guix graph'
<bavier>i.e. producing the graph implicit in `guix refresh -l`
<bavier>might be useful
<civodul>bavier: ah sure, but efraim was wondering why things get rebuilt; sometimes viewing the graph can help
<civodul>sometimes not because it's too big ;-)
<jubalh>i wonder if the file is corrupted. now that i created /etc/resolv.conf just by hand i get the next error
<rekado>jubalh: you shouldn't need to create resolv.conf manually when you can just start dhclient as suggested in the manual.
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<pecg>Hello. Does guix let the user write declarations for building packages from source?
<pecg>fps: I almost cry of happiness right now
<pecg>These are the best news someone could have ever recieved
<pecg>I'm exagerating. But really good news for me
<civodul>mark_weaver: Boost has a 140 dependents; should we move to separate branch?
<bavier>civodul: also, some are pretty big builds, e.g. libreoffice and dealii
<civodul>bavier: yeah; i've emailed mark_weaver & you
<civodul>probably best to create a separate branch and have hydra build it
<davexunit>civodul: thanks for fixing up that dmd patch. I'm incredibly behind in all things guix right now.
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<civodul>good night/day!