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<arianvp>If there are any guix'ers at CCC. please PM me! perhaps we can drink some tea
<alezost>arianvp: I'm probably not at CCC, but what is it?
<NiAsterisk>chaos computer club congress
<NiAsterisk>sold out early this year :/
<NiAsterisk>I was too slow with buying ticket and deciding to help
<alezost>thanks for the info, I've never heard about this thing
<NiAsterisk>there's livestreaming
<NiAsterisk>somewhere at you should find more
<fps>all the twitter hits pollute the search results..
<fps>ah, nice :)
<NiAsterisk>it's 32c3 this year, or 34?
<fps>32 i think
<fps>yep, 32c3
<NiAsterisk>yes. also possible via rtmp etc
<NiAsterisk>or https:// , they don't redirect to https automatically, don't know which subpages are tls enabled
<fps>SD streams are perfectly fine btw
<arianvp>The talk about x86 hardware is really good
<arianvp>(im sitting at it currently)
<arianvp>(Hall 2)
<fps>tuned in just now :)
<NiAsterisk>EDN and GNUnet have a room for sessions, where I wanted to go. well.. next year.
<NiAsterisk>arianvp: should be on the fahrplan if you search for it, interesting work :) I can never meet up with them in person because they meet in berlin and dresden mostly (and the internet)
<piyo>hello #guix and emacs users, does this code pass for you?
<piyo>(repost) even though I add the tzinfo package, "America/Los_Angeles" still fails INSIDE emacs.
<alezost>piyo: it works for me: "Ran 1 tests, 1 results as expected"
<piyo>alezost: is this on a foreign distro?
<alezost>piyo: on GuixSD
<piyo>Are you in the same timezone as UTC?
<alezost>no, my timezone is "Europe/Moscow"
<alezost>piyo: So I run 'date' and get "Sun Dec 27 17:26:12 MSK 2015", then I run 'TZ="America/Los_Angeles" date' and get "Sun Dec 27 06:27:09 PST 2015"
<piyo>I'm going to install coreutils on this foreign distro and see way /gnu/store/.../bin/date says
<piyo>I suspect something weird with Emacs and format-time-string<f>
<piyo>here is what I get:
<piyo>env TZ="America/New_York" /home/piyo/.guix-profile/bin/date -> Sun Dec 27 14:31:57 America 2015
<piyo>env TZ="America/Los_Angeles" /home/piyo/.guix-profile/bin/date -> Sun Dec 27 14:31:57 America 2015
<piyo>env TZ="Europe/Moscow" /home/piyo/.guix-profile/bin/date -> Sun Dec 27 14:33:54 Europe 2015
<piyo>Its not Emacs...
<piyo>will strace tell me anything?
<piyo>ooh a hint: open("/gnu/store/qv7bk62c22ms9i11dhfl71hnivyc82k2-glibc-2.22/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Moscow", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
<alezost>piyo: Perhaps the problem in TZDIR variable. In GuixSD it is set to "/gnu/store/…-tzdata-2015c/share/zoneinfo"
<piyo>woo! that works
<alezost>I mean not the problem, but the answer: in GuixSD it is set, but on foreign distros it is not, so this problem appears
<piyo>I can't remember if there was a hint about setting TZDIR
<alezost>I think not
<piyo>Well now that I know I need to set that... still emacs is failing. I tried (setenv "TZDIR" "/home/piyo/.guix-profile/share/zoneinfo") then M-x display-time-world. Maybe I need to restart emacs.
<piyo>Thanks for the help, alezost
<moyamo>Have you ever considered a decentralized/distrubuted buildsystem?
<moyamo>Particularly: people build packages, sign it and upload it to the swarm. Anyone can verify the package and sign it if they want. Users will download packages signed by people they trust, or signed by the most people.
<moyamo>This way people wouldn't have to trust a single build server.
<paroneayea>moyamo: yes
<paroneayea>moyamo: there was a gsoc project this last year for a gnunet based system of such a thing
<paroneayea>moyamo: the whole system did not get built, but bindings of guile to gnunet got pretty well along iirc
<moyamo>paroneayea: Cool, is there a write-up of the project somewhere?
<paroneayea>moyamo: I think there were some posts to the mailing list
<paroneayea>moyamo: but I don't have time to find them... sorry
<fps>i think i have them bookmarked
<fps>hold on
<fps>i'm interested in the subject myself and hope to find some more time for it next year
<fps>moyamo: those were for you
<moyamo>fps: Thanks :)
<efraim>efl is failing to build
<efraim>I don't know what to say, I just double-checked
<rgrau>hi, I'm trying guix lint for the first time, and after I got some linting errors and having them fixed, I still have this trace which I don't know how to interpret. . It seems it tries to connect to the guix-daemon but it can't. I have it running though. :/.
<efraim>do you have /usr/local/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket as a symlink to, say, /var/guix/daemon-socket/socket
<efraim>are you using a git checkout?
<rgrau>I'm using a git checkout (running ./pre-inst-env) because I just wrote a new definition, and put it in the checkout directory. Then ran 'guix environment guix' and ./pre-inst-env guix lint xmlstarlet. and got the error. I don't have the symlink probably. Should I manually create it?
<rgrau>the guix daemon is running outside the guix environment. that could be a fuckup also (if there's some 'jailing' inside guix environment)
<rgrau>ACTION tries the symlink
<efraim>i don't think you need `guix environment guix` for linting or building, just for running make
<rgrau>without 'guix environment' it also tries to connect to /usr/local/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket
<rgrau>which is strange, cause I have nothing guix related pointing to /usr/local. The socket itself is in /var/guix/daemon-socket/socket,
<rgrau>will make clean and ./config with --prefix=/ and see
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<mark_weaver>rgrau: use --localstatedir=/var or --prefix= (empty string)
<mark_weaver>rgrau: --prefix=/ might lead to a store directory of //gnu/store which would mean you lose substitutes
<mark_weaver>oh wait, I'm wrong about that, sorry.
<mark_weaver>thinko :)
<swedebugia> fps thanks for tipping about the x86 talk!
<swedebugia>i'm building all packages on a x86 system (it has 2 cores with ~3Ghz so it will probably compile for two weeks)
<swedebugia>I'm planning to provide a substitution mirror as does fps for x86-64 systems
<rgrau>mark_weaver: it seems --localstatedir=/var did the trick :). I'm not stuck somewhere else.
<rgrau> , just in case anyone wants to chip in. I'm adding (format ...) here and there :)
<mark_weaver>rgrau: looks like you didn't run "make". the relevant error is: could not find bootstrap binary 'guile-2.0.9.tar.xz'
<mark_weaver>gnu/packages/bootstrap/x86_64-linux/guile-2.0.9.tar.xz should exist, and is downloaded by "make"
<swedebugia>I just found and thought it might be of interest to others here. (cache servers and installing onto clusters/multiple machines)
<amz3>how can I make sure that my installation of *guix* is i686 or amd64
<amz3>ok found the answer myself ;)
<amz3>file /gnu/store/3qi1adw2fq9qns8j7hph97zyyp51pq7l-guix-0.9.0/bin/guix-daemon
<amz3>32bits :/
<amz3>that's a bummer, I'm wondering how I made that silly mistake
<amz3>ACTION trying to switch to 64bit via git checkout
<amz3>guix build: error: failed to connect to `/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket'
<amz3>but I did a: ./configure --localstatedir=/var
<amz3>any idea what wrong?
<rgrau>amz3: are you running the guix daemon process?
<amz3>yeah i've run the daemon with: ./pre-inst-env guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild
<amz3>as root
<rgrau>and you have the socket there (/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket) , right?
<rgrau>and your current user belong to guixbuild group?
<rgrau>if so, I don't see any obvious way why it's failing to connect to the socket
<rgrau>let me double check I'm not telling nonsense
<amz3>I used to install thing without being in the guixbuild group
<amz3>maybe it's new
<rgrau>nono, then I must be mixing things up
<amz3>I added my user to guixbuild group, no change
<lfam>I don't think your self should be a member of the guix builder group, although someone who knows more could correct me.
<amz3>ok... got it.
<amz3>I don't need to be in the guixbuild group
<rgrau>I just checked, and I was wrong. no needto be in that group
<amz3>I recompiled guix git with no options at all
<amz3>and now it works
<amz3>--localstatedir is an old thing
<rgrau>I thought that maybe you couldnt get to that socket because of permissions, and remembered there was something with those users, but all was quite fuzzy
<amz3>thans for trying :)
<lfam>This is a good guide to setting up the daemon and build users and the build group:
<amz3>That i already done previously but I used a i686 binary tarball, instead of amd64, I'm trying to switch
<amz3>now i have over a hundred package to build/download
<amz3>it would be nice if we had a gnu/system/examples/gnome.tmpl