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<tsyesika_>amz3: this is the package
<tsyesika_>I'm heading to bed but i'd be interesting to know if you can reproduce
<zacts>what's the main issue with the build farm?
<zacts>did it barf, or are you just hoping to get more efficient, or yeah? =)
<zacts>I want to contribute if I can
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<fps>zacts: the box the frontend sits on is horrible
<tsyesika_>morning :)
<amz3>tsyesika_: I am building your package
<tsyesika_>amz3: oh cool thanks
<tsyesika_>is there a way to search packages by file installed (similiar to yum whatprovides)
<mark_weaver>tsyesika_: sorry, we don't have that yet. it's not obvious how best to implement such a thing. i guess it would have to be done on hydra
<tsyesika_>mm yeah
<tsyesika_>well, that'd be really useful but i obviously can imagine the difficulties
<tsyesika_>hello guoruei
<guoruei>hi , I come from china
<tsyesika_>:) I live in sweden
<guoruei>o,nice to meet you
<alezost>AFAIK iyzsong is also from China
<guoruei>thank you let me know.
<alezost>guoruei: no problem; I'm not sure actually, iyzsong should know better :-)
<guoruei>so ,who try to hack guix at mips64el now ?
<guoruei>I have mipsel...but not mips64el
<alezost>guoruei: mark_weaver is an expert on "exotic" systems (AFAIK he is the person who ported Guix to ARM and MIPS)
<guoruei>alezost: Got it!
<lfam>I'm having issues with GnuTLS and downloading sources over https:
<lfam>The daemon tries to start the download and then I get an error that starts ";;; Failed to autoload make-session in (gnutls):"
<lfam>Running `make check` now
<alezost>lfam: try to change the origin url of this package from http to https
<lfam>alezost: When I do that, the only error message is "ERROR: download failed "" 404 "Not Found""
<lfam>I can download the file over http and https using curl
<lfam>That curl is from Debian, not Guix
<lfam>It doesn't work with `guix download` either. In that case, I get 404 for both http and https
<alezost>lfam: hm, are you sure it's a correct url? "wget" gives me 404
<lfam>alezost: You're right. `curl -LO` is so smart that it downloads the 404 error web page and calls it a tarball :p
<alezost>nice :-)
<lfam>It may be a tinyproxy but there is no way the tarball is that tiny! 247 bytes
<lfam>Guess I rebuilt my guix checkout and ran the tests for nothing ;)
<alezost>lfam: also why do you use 1.8.3? There is ""
<lfam>alezost: I'm going through the "problem packages" and trying to fix all the ones without working sources. I'm also upgrading most of them in the process. I got stuck on this one.
<lfam>I thought I broke my Guix somehow when I got to that one
<alezost>lfam: oh, now I see that we have tinyproxy already. I thought you are working on a new package :-)
<alezost>apparently the upstream just moved the source from 'download' to 'release' directory
<lfam>alezost: I think that upstream might have a "URL randomizer". Every 6 months they move the sources to some unpredictable permutation of the URL :p
<alezost>wow, probably they just want to make package maintainers life more exciting :)
<NiAsterisk>filter out the lazy ones^^
<amz3>tsyesika_: well, my guix install is not good; It says that it's i686 instead of x64, and a package required by pass requires x64... sorry.
<h0wl3vvd>i want to ask GuixSD arent allways dependent on gnu guix and emacs ?
<h0wl3vvd>cuz you know the best scheme/elisp, if guixsd stop development
<h0wl3vvd>or something
<h0wl3vvd>then skill with scheme isnt that usefil without that system
<h0wl3vvd>what u guys think about that ?
<h0wl3vvd>huge part of guixsd & emacs users skills in example scheme and elisp will be useless without guixsd & emacs
<h0wl3vvd>what about that ?
<NiAsterisk>your output reads like every "if you end up on an deserted island," question, or you have to be more precise what your actual issue is.
<h0wl3vvd>but world without guixsd and emacs isnt deserted island
<NiAsterisk>ACTION snips fingers, ends up on deserted island and emacs and guixsd are magically gone.
<NiAsterisk>I just assume for a second you are not trolling. It is unlikely that languages just disappear. what's your point, beside random letters in sentences?
<df_>NiAsterisk: a generous assumption
<h0wl3vvd>hmm ok
<h0wl3vvd>thanks ^^
<NiAsterisk>in addition to what I said (if you are still there, i don't see parts and quits), languages will continue to exist even without an editor to use, or even without computers if you break it down to the very basic level. the knowledge of the language is out there, and disappearing would in some scenario involve people (disappearing, dying, stop to work with it) and no one getting currious about that one particular language anymore
<NiAsterisk>ever. that's the very very very short version of a languages death.
<NiAsterisk>might even be someone discovers guix and decides it would be a fun idea to rewrite it in whatever theoretical or practical language they can come up with or an entirely new language system
<h0wl3vvd>btw anyway
<h0wl3vvd>im read on some forum that scheme is dead langage or going to be dead ;o but news implementations grows up so why someone written that, any reasons to that opinion
<h0wl3vvd>sorry question not for that channel
<h0wl3vvd>i want to ask guixsd and emacs users
<h0wl3vvd>you using emacs-nox or emacs-gui in guixsd system
<alezost>h0wl3vvd: I always use gui emacs (I believe most of people do the same)
<NiAsterisk>I prefer terminal, but emacs in any terminal does not accept the page back/forward keys I have for switching between buffers.
<h0wl3vvd>hmm i see
<h0wl3vvd>im already using emacs + urxvt + tmux its pretty comfortable for me
<h0wl3vvd>cuz im usually using only 2 things in system, conkeror and emacs
<h0wl3vvd>so hmmm
<h0wl3vvd>i see but
<h0wl3vvd>alezost: u using eshell
<h0wl3vvd>or u using regular terminal ?
<alezost>h0wl3vvd: I use both "M-x shell" and "M-x eshell", and very very rarely I use a terminal outside emacs
<h0wl3vvd>i see im too
<h0wl3vvd>im usually using eshell and term, sometimes for ncurses games im using urxvt
<h0wl3vvd>but for now im using parabola os with ratpoison wm
<h0wl3vvd>i want to try guixsd when im get new machine then maybe ill try gui-emacs
<h0wl3vvd>and some much graphics wm
<h0wl3vvd>on screens looking nice ^^ but hmm not very useful for me i think
<zacts>hi guix
<fps>mark_weaver: maybe there's a middle way: make substitute servers also serve just the directory listing of substitutes.. a "manifest" per substitute archive