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<jin_>hi, to reconfigure gnome-shell is the same procedure to reconfigure xfce ?
<xofh>Whenever I install a package through guix, it "updates list of substitutes from '", which takes several minutes. Is there any to speed it up?
<lfam>xofh: We need a faster server for the front-end
<lfam>efraim: It looks like all those libxml2 CVEs were fixed in 2.9.3, which we updated to with git commit 821060f3f66a4
<lfam>Can't wait for the next round!
<lfam>Looks like the results of american fuzzy lop
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<jin>hi, woul like to install gnome-shell on guixsd, it's posible?
<fhmgufs>It's possible since one week.
<fhmgufs>But it needs a lot of configuration.
<fhmgufs>I would wait until more gnome components are included in GuixSD.
<jin>ok fhmgufs , i will wait to test
<fhmgufs>You can use Xfce until then.
<davexunit>jin: I used gnome-shell briefly, and while it works, certain pieces are missing and there's odd showstopper issues like my laptop entering a hibernate loop
<davexunit>where every time I wake my laptop up, it shows the desktop for a brief second, and then goes back to sleep.
<jin>davexunit , there is a procedure or guide to install gnome-shell?
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<jin>thanks davexunit, i will suscribe to ML
<davexunit>jin: yw
<davexunit>thanks for being brave ;)
<mark_weaver>davexunit: yeah, I also switched back to using xfce for now
<_`_>mark_weaver: are you involved in gnu icecat development? if so mind if I ask you some questions?
<mark_weaver>_`_: no, I'm not involved. I only maintain the icecat package for guix
<mark_weaver>the relevant mailing list is, or gmane.comp.gnu.gnuzilla on gmane
<_`_>oh okay
<jf_>hey folks, I know that GuixSD is using dmd from, but is it an aim of GuixSD to be free of systemd?
<df_>I don't know if it's an aim, it's just a fact
<jf_>Sure, I get that. I'm just wondering what'll happen if systemd should become more intrusive than it is... Maybe when it gets to that stage, it'll be more of a community question than a distro-specific question?
<df_>I'm not sure systemd could become more intrusive than it already is :)
<jf_>ok. Appreciate the answers, df_!
<alezost>I think the aim is (more or less) use as much guile as possible. It's unlikely we'll switch from dmd to systemd
<lfam_>sneek: later tell davexunit: The srt2vtt package is failing due an unreachable source URI
<sneek>Will do.
<lfam_>sneek: botsnack
<davexunit>lfam_: eek, change it to https?
<sneek>Welcome back davexunit, you have 1 message.
<sneek>davexunit, lfam_ says: The srt2vtt package is failing due an unreachable source URI
<davexunit>lfam_: oh no
<davexunit>I've somehow lost the source archive
<davexunit>lfam_: is this on hydra? I'm hoping that hydra has a cached tarball that I could use to re-upload
<jlicht>Is there any chance that I can find the guix.el package a package.el repository?
<davexunit>jlicht: no.
<davexunit>lfam_: shouldbe fixed now. thanks for letting me know.
<jlicht>davexunit: thanks for the clear answer.
<davexunit>jlicht: guix.el is very much tied to the version of guix itself. having them separated like this would cause much frustration when users use a version of guix.el that doesn't match the version of guix itself.
<tsyesika_>humph, these tests on this package I'm trying to make just seem to hang after the first test
<amz3>tsyesika_: maybe a pastebin can be helpful?
<amz3>tsyesika_: if you share the recipe I can try to reproduce the issue