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<codemac>oh wow
<codemac>the test is actually failing on gcc *compiling* the file
<codemac>Here's the file it's compiling, it's a bit nuts:
<civodul>codemac: Nix and Guix can share the same store in theory; also there's an importer for Nix packages, see
<civodul>codemac: so are you saying that GCC takes too long to compile this file?
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<civodul>feel free to email to keep track of your progress on this
<codemac> << for a view instead of download
<codemac>yeah, gcc takes up ~200MiB of ram and sits there.
<codemac>I'll email bug-guix so we can track it
<codemac>could be upstream anyways :)
<codemac>you have a good night!
<lfam>codemac: What happened when gcc failed to compile that C code that was generated by the Chicken compiler?
<Digit>anyone running guix hurd?
<piyo>sounds like guix hard
<piyo>hahahahha uh do you play video games?
<Digit>just some before-bed dreamings.
<piyo>I'll be going now, don't forget to pre-order the day one dlc and tip your robot waitress.
<lfam>Can someone with more Python knowledge than me help me figure out how to run the tests for this software?
<lfam>There are tests in src/icalendar/tests
<fps>heh, that's instructive. there are more failures that aren't cached..
<fps>downloading sources that timeout, too :)
<fps>if you do --max-silent-time=120
<fps>Starting download of /gnu/store/fzj5j9wrrxca3hya10983inz68sr3lmx-nss-3.19.2.tar.gz
<fps>this times out over and over..
<amz3>héllo fps
<fps>going for breakfast. bbl
<fhmgufs>Hello, I'm almost ready with GNU XaoS now, it took a very long time (it's my first attempt :) ). But there is still one problem: the build process works fine, but the installation doesn't work because of some missing .mo-files for i18n. Is that related to the missing locales message I see every time I invoke guix? I followed the instructions in the manual to install the locales.
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<fps>sneek: ask fhmgufs later: maybe add intltool to the native inputs? no idea. just guessing
<fps>sneek: later ask fhmgufs: maybe add intltool to the native inputs? no idea. just guessing
<pirfle>Hello, does anybody know, which is the best solution for running guix as the default system on the Raspberry Pi 2 B? Should I install the basic rasbian system (e. g. with or just install firmware and so on and then guix from another machine?
<jmd>pirfle: Are you trying to install Guix (the system) or Guix (the package manager) ?
<pirfle>I know that there's no GuixSd for ARN.
<pirfle>So I want to install guix on top of sth.
<fps>now here's an interesting question.. let's say i have built almost all of 0.9.0 packages and some for some other git revisions...
<fps>is there a way to gc everything but the 0.9.0 packages and the ones i built for the latest master?
<fps>i suppose i could find out the input hashs for the package derivations i'm interested in keeping
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<swedebugia>anyone here?
<fhmgufs>Yes, and I have a question: My package needs to know the localedir ($GUIX_LOCPATH). I pass the configure option --localedir=$GUIX_LOCPATH, but then the config script fails. If I run it outside from guix it works.
<sneek>fhmgufs, you have 1 message.
<sneek>fhmgufs, fps says: maybe add intltool to the native inputs? no idea. just guessing
<fhmgufs>sneek: Yes, I read it in the log, but it didn't work. I know the reason now: It has the wrong locale path.
<fhmgufs>How can I make it using the right path?
<fhmgufs>Maybe I have to add glib-utf8-locales to the inputs?
<apa512_>any xmonad users here? i'm unable to configure it and some old logs indicated it was either impossible or tricky. is this still the case?
<efraim>is it a qt program?
<swedebugia>I have troubles testing my package def of slurm and if it builds correctly.
<swedebugia>I have a Q: is it a prerequisite to compile guix from source to be able to test my build?
<efraim>swedebugia: I believe there's a guix build --file option
<swedebugia>I did this: downloaded the source. added my definition to /gnu/packages and from there ran
<swedebugia>guix build -f slurm.scm --dry-run
<swedebugia>which resulted in guix build: error: failed to load 'slurm.scm': + two lines more
<alezost>ACTION wonders why sneek ignores "/me" messages
<alezost>sneek: tell me something
<sneek>Welcome back alezost, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>alezost, fps says: guile --listen=/tmp/foo -> socat STDIN UNIX-CONNECT:/tmp/foo -> awesomeness
<sneek>alezost, rekado says: Thank you for answering the question. "guix-devel-mode" doesn't seem to work in my Emacs here at work, but it's probably my own fault.
<sneek>me, alezost says: something
<alezost>swedebugia: when you use "guix build -f" the last expression of the file should be a package, so if you file ends with (define ...) you'll get an error I think
<fhmgufs>swedebugia: what do the two lines more say?
<swedebugia>the definition is this:
<alezost>swedebugia: just add slurm after (define-public slurm ...)
<swedebugia>see for the error
<fhmgufs>swedebugia: there is a missing bracket after "ncurses)"
<swedebugia>how did you find the missing bracket? :)
<alezost>even 2 missing paretheses, and even then I think you'll get an error
<swedebugia>after adding 2 )) -> guix build: error: slurm: unknown package
<swedebugia>ran guix build -f slurm.scm slurm --keep-failed --dry-run
<swedebugia>my Q at ^19:55 is still unanswered. this could be the cause of these errors I guess.
<efraim>try it after adding the `))` on the inputs line
<alezost>swedebugia: hm, I would say there is a mess with parentheses
<alezost>define-module is also not closed with )
<fhmgufs>swedebugia: no, you can do a binary installation.
<swedebugia>ok. I thought it would complain clearly if the parentheses was all of.
<fhmgufs>swedebugia: Now I know that you live in the same time zone :)
<alezost>swedebugia: try this:
<alezost>swedebugia: building guix from source is not prerequisite to test/use your own packages
<swedebugia>ok thanks alezost
<fhmgufs>Back to my problem: I tried it with glibc-utf8-locales as an input and without --localedir=$GUIX_LOCPATH (that was really silly). Now it works, but only until it reaches the locales which aren't included in that package. Do I really have to add the huge package glibc-locales to the inputs or is there another option?
<alezost>swedebugia: but if you are going to send a patch to guix-devel, you'll need to work guix from git eventually
<swedebugia>alezost: trying your paste. I got past the error and it is working on trying to find a substitute now... --no-substitutes might be wise to add to skip that step
<efraim>fhmgufs: sounds like you might need all the locales then
<efraim>hmm, I take that back, currently nothing is dependant on glibc-locales
<alezost>swedebugia: with --no-substitutes you'll end up building things locally. Try --dry-run at first and look how many things would be downloaded
<efraim>so there should be another option
<alezost>swedebugia: I never use --no-substitutes
<swedebugia>alezost: I already downloaded the source. Just did not compile it. I therefore do not have a working ./pre-inst-env
<efraim>swedebugia: I do sometimes when hydra is slow and I'm working on python packaging :)
<swedebugia>as detailed in the packg. guidelines (link above)
<alezost>swedebugia: you are not forced to use pre-inst-env, just try "guix build --file=/tmp/slurm.scm"
<swedebugia>i'm glad I did'nt add no-substitutes. 15 downloads from hydra :)
<swedebugia>Thanks for all the help here! <3 to you all. Going afk now. See ya
<efraim>fhmgufs: how about intltool? maybe that'll take care of it
<alezost>swedebugia: even if you'd use --no-substitutes, you can interrupt the process any time, it will do no harm
<fhmgufs>efraim: You could take a look at the Makefile (, I already tried intltool.
<fhmgufs>It's just the important one.
<fhmgufs>target is install
<efraim>so you have to dump the translations somewhere
<efraim>(string-append %output "/share/locale") might take care of it
<efraim>with substitute*
<efraim>sorry, i gotta go afk for a bit, dishes need washing
<SkyPig>Heyyall, my friend and I have a graphical install of Guix, but have no info program (and therefore no easy access to the Guix manual). How can we get info installed?
<SkyPig>Heyyall, we resolved our issue! We were looking for an 'info' package but should have looked for 'texinfo'
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<Guest81061>hey, I decided to take a whack at installing guix, but I'm having trouble getting a few things set up
<Guest81061>I managed to get a web browser and an IRC client, but I can't compile code with gcc
<Guest81061>specifically, I have no "as" program
<Guest81061>at least according to gcc
<Guest81061>what's the best way to get together a working development environment?
<efraim>you might need gcc-toolchain instead of just gcc
<Guest81061>that worked, thanks
<fps>apa512: still the case
<fps>patches welcome
<fps>SkyPig: good job. i was too late to answer ;)
<fps>i wonder: is it generally safe to just drop * from FailedPaths; ? :)
<fps>delete * from FailedPaths;
<fps>oh ok, i was confused from the output of the build daemon. subgoals are treated differently than the derivation itself
<fps>tsk tsk tsk
<fps>ok, that will be too much to figure out tonight..
<roelj>I'm stuck at a package definition: I don't see what's wrong..
<fps>roelj: do you get an error?
<fps>the formatting is broken, too ;)
<fps>oops, my bad
<roelj>"source expression failed to match any pattern in form"
<fps>roelj: can you paste the package definition itself with formatting, too?
<roelj>Yes, ofcourse, sorry
<fps>(inputs ( '(("foo" ,foo) ("bar" ,bar"))))
<fps>oh, hold on..
<fps>not '
<roelj>Yes, that's it! Thanks
<roelj>How could I have overlooked this..
<roelj>Thanks a lot!
<fps>yw :)