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<davexunit>ACTION packages KiCAD
<cehteh>davexunit: cool
<cehteh>new version got released a few days ago
<davexunit>cehteh: that's what prompted me to package it
<sneek>davexunit, you have 3 messages.
<sneek>davexunit, civodul says: pushing let's encrypt sounds good to me!
<sneek>davexunit, civodul says: i'm very grateful lfam & you have done all this work
<sneek>davexunit, a_e says: python-dialog. I think it is documented in the manual.
<davexunit>would like to try it
<cehteh>davexunit: *cough* .. i still didnt found time and hardware to install guix .. my brother in law promised me an netbook, i will install it on that, but have to pick it up first
<cehteh>eventually i would like to put it on my laptop but i need it for working so not now
<davexunit>taylan: can you remember back to february when you packaged wxwidgets?
<davexunit>I'm curious why you used the configure flag --with-regex=sys
<davexunit>I'm suspecting that this configure flag is what is causing my WIP kicad build to fail.
<codemac>question - does anyone have problems with finding themes when running guix as a user? If I run thunar or something it can never find the hicolor theme
<sneek>Welcome back codemac, you have 1 message.
<sneek>codemac, fps says: i pondered the question of truly versioned packages, before, too. there might be ways around digging stuff out from git to get a certain version
<lfam>davexunit: One thing about python2-pythondialog is that that is the upstream name. Also, it is a separate codebase from python-dialog, which is a python-3 program. They are maintained separately.
<lfam>davexunit: versus
<lfam>davexunit: And thank you! For getting it started and helping finish it.
<codemac>I got rid of the warning by symlinking my .local/share/icons folder, but it doesn't seem to actually load the icons now. hm.
<lfam>codemac: I wish I could help more than this but I've never used Thunar. However, I have noticed "hicolor" scrolling by in my profile conflict warnings in certain transactions. So perhaps you have a conflict and the wrong package has been chosen by the "conflict resolution" mechanism, which I believe does something simple like pick the first conflict.
<taylan>sneek: later tell davexunit sounds like a flag to use the system's regexp library rather than a bundled one
<sneek>Will do.
<efraim>you forgot to feed sneek! ;p
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<frendo>What's the most common pronounciation for GNU, /dʒiː en juː/ or /nuː/ or /genuː/?
<Digit>i <3 guix. ( guix sd, the only os i am currently using... not counting systemrescuecd on system with hd failure (bye voidlinux)). ) wondering if there are any fun game packages ... or perhaps even some non-game helpful low hanging fruit ... to help keep me entertained/occupied/distracted while waiting for replacement hardware to arrive. (will install guixsd on new hd (+ space for a bedrock nyla)).
<efraim>Digit: whatever game interests you. I have on my "eventually list" bambam and gcompris
<Digit>well, i've been a terrible teeworlds addict recently.
<davexunit>minetest is fun
<sneek>davexunit, you have 1 message.
<sneek>davexunit, taylan says: sounds like a flag to use the system's regexp library rather than a bundled one
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<davexunit>woo, I've officially got a server using let's encrypt!
<davexunit> is no longer using a self-signed cert
<davexunit>now to add cron jobs to regenerate these every month or something
<fps>davexunit: doesn't let's encrypt open a web service on your box, too?
<fps>i'd firewall that
<davexunit>fps: it can be used in many ways
<davexunit>I don't use it that way
<davexunit>it uses port 80
<davexunit>and I have it use my existing web server for it
<davexunit>no downtime
<fps>davexunit: ok
<fps>and it has auto updating mechanisms, etc.. hm hmmm
<fps>will take a closer look
<davexunit>I'm just going to have a cron job update the certs every month
<davexunit>it appears I've hit the cert rate limit though
<davexunit>the public beta restricts you to 5 certs
<TML>guix is a very different idea than what I am used to
<davexunit>it's a big departure from traditional package management
<efraim>last night the gcc update from 5.2.1 to 5.3.0 broke in the middle and I spent ~20 minutes manually fixing packages in aptitude
<efraim>REALLY wish when it broke it just went back to the working state it was at
<davexunit>apt-get --roll-back ;)
<efraim>don't tell me thats a real command
<TML>davexunit: Not just package management, but entire filesystem layouts and stuff
<TML>efraim: it is not
<davexunit>just joking :)
<efraim>I was goind to say, 4+ years on Debian sid, I would've killed for that before
<wingo>ACTION makes a dovecot service
<davexunit>we have it easy here in guix land
<TML>I mean, there's no /usr
<TML>that's weird
<davexunit>it would be cool to see someone produce a ready to roll GuixSD config for a mail server that anyone could use.
<davexunit>TML: yes, we do not conform to the FHS
<efraim>I'm not ready to file a bug yet, but the debian pulseaudio vs guix pulseaudio deathmatch that happens every time I use my laptop's speakers is getting annoying
<davexunit>never experienced that when I was running guix on debian
<efraim>I was thinking of picking up a RPi2 and trying to put together a ready-to-go sdcard image
<efraim>I get 1-5 minutes on mpv and then the sound cuts out until I pkill pulseaudio
<davexunit>oh lame
<efraim>then I have sound again for ~15 seconds and it repeats
<efraim>I just pulled out my headphones
<efraim>then again, I tried it with debian's mpv and it happened, so it's probably a debian bug
<efraim>I added adns to the inputs for gnupg and gnupg-2.0, so now we can query .onion sites
<davexunit>oh cool
<davexunit>good find
<efraim>need some patched version of adns to straight up use `--use-tor`
<efraim>I didn't add sqlite though, so no TOFU support
<efraim>tofu being trust on first use, with a cool name
<TML>so does guix borrow a lot of ideas from nix? That is, if I find things in guix that don't make sense to me, could I be reading nixos docs to find more info there? Or are the similiarities completely superficial?
<davexunit>TML: guix and nix are similar in a lot of ways, but also different in a lot of ways.
<davexunit>I'd read the guix manual
<rekado>TML: the Guix manual is self-contained. You don't need to reference nixos docs to understand Guix.
<TML>davexunit: I was hoping for some documentation that would focus more on administration of a guix box instead of being a guix developer
<rekado>that's also in the manual.
<TML>yeah, it's just all mixed in with the developer stuff :)
<rekado>the sections on the guix subcommands and system configuration are relevant.
<efraim>one of the things I'm not looking forward to is figuring out the vim patches system
<TML>ah - maybe my problem is not knowing dmd
<wingo>my guix is rebuilding python for some reason
<efraim>always fun
<davexunit>did someone update something they shouldn't have?
<TML>so I've edited /etc/config.scm to add "ssh" to use-service-modules, and (cons* (lsh-service #:port-number 22) %desktop-services) into my services section, and then did "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm", but there's still nothing listening on port 22. Where did I screw up?
<TML>It did go through lsh-make-seed, so I got at least SOMETHING right
<davexunit>TML: you have to reboot
<TML>davexunit: Thanks - I thought "reconfigure" did whatever a reboot would have
<davexunit>not currently
<davexunit>it does activate the new config
<TML>but doesn't start services, etc?
<davexunit>but the init system doesn't get reconfigured with new services
<davexunit>it's a temporary limitation
<TML>I'm fine with it, it just wasn't clear from anything I had read. The whole relationship between dmd, the init system, and the currently running "guix system" is a bit fuzzy for me
<civodul>hey ho!
<davexunit>hey civodul
<fps>quick question:
<fps>if i want to provide a default /etc/inputrc so some stuff works in bash as would be expected from a modern distro
<fps>what's the best way?
<fps>[loaded question :)]
<davexunit>fps: you would create a service that extends the etc-service-type
<fps>davexunit: ok. will check it out after hacking up this package that always fails with a timeout :)
<davexunit>I believe you can also use modify-services to alter the file list
<davexunit>that might be a better way to quickly add a file without needing to create a new service.
<fps>davexunit: well, i'd like to share it with other people
<fps>so maybe a new service might be more modular?
<davexunit>not necessarily
<fps>hmm, for my timeout fail package i still need to provide a source?
<davexunit>without source, what is there to build?
<davexunit>right, so the 'source' field of <package> must be specified
<fps>also there might be packages that just run some scheme code to actually produce some output
<fps>requiring a source might be unnecessary
<davexunit>those aren't packages
<fps>nixos doesn;t either
<davexunit>we have different data types for things like that
<davexunit>packages are specifically for building software from source code.
<fps>or more precisely: packages are specifically for building software form source code that has to be fetched from somewhere else?
<fps>*from some URI
<davexunit>that's usually true
<davexunit>sdl-union is an example of a package for which this is not true
<davexunit>it's 'source' field is #f
<davexunit>the 'source' field *must* be specified, but it need not be an <origin> record
<civodul>howdy davexunit & fps!
<fps>davexunit: oh ok.. i must have missed that
<fps>i took the hello source for this test now ;)
<davexunit>fps: you can just make source #f instead
<davexunit>also, I know it's just some throwaway code, but there's no reason to shell out to the 'sleep' command
<davexunit>guile has a built-in sleep procedure
<fps>davexunit: good to know :)
<fps>this might be useful in the future, no? systematically testing if guix behaves right for packages that time out during the build?
<fps>wil use #f for the source
<davexunit>do you think there's a bug?
<fps>davexunit: no, but i added code to handle this case differently
<fps>and thus i need a test case :)
<fps>davexunit: see bug 22078
<davexunit>ah okay
<fps>one could argue the original behaviour was not a bug
<fps>(source #f) seems to do the job as well. thanks for that tip :)
<fps>let's check the guile manual for sleep :)
<fps>that does simplify things.. thanks again
<fps>ah nice, (homepage #f) seems to work, too
<fps>before starting to test this manually
<fps>i suppose guix itself has a test suite, too?
<fps>davexunit: yeah, oops, pasted the wrong link
<fps>oops, and now i read the wrong line due to having scrolled back
<fps>nvm my noise :)
<fps>oh, someone's still fighting the good fight against top posting :)
<fps>good night..
<fps>oh, just one more random gnunet inspired idea:
<fps>things like PR's on github are so useful because forks are easy and access to the modified forks are easy, too
<fps>setting up a webserver or a gitserver or any kind of server behind a typical consumer grade DSL line or similar is hard
<fps>dynamic IP adresses, no memorable hostnames, etc..
<fps>once people can store their forks on the gnunet, this might go away..
<fps>the devil is in the details, but the morphis dev once started to host his git repo on morphis itself :)
<fps>sending patches to a ML really irks me as ancient ;)
<civodul>the question is whether the tool suits our needs
<fps>civodul: but merging a remote branch is much simpler than sending it through a mail client
<fps>given that access to the remote is simple
<civodul>yes, but merging creates a merge commit
<civodul>leading to a twisty history
<civodul>which is undesirable IMO
<fps>hmm, i'll have to ponder that a little. good point
<fps>oh, in the end getting gnunet to run seems to be simpler than expected.. :)
<fps>that's good...