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<jroh>is there a way to install guixsd without having access to the network?
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<fps>hmm, no ssh-copy-id?
<fps>openssh ships with it
<fps>btw: question about build publishing and substitute servers in general with respect to the email i sent about the build failure representation in store:
<fps>let's assume a machine running the guix publish service has tried building package foo
<fps>but the build failed. this is now marked in the guix db
<fps>a client now uses that machine to retrieve substitutes and it asks for package foo
<fps>what happens?
<fps>will the builds publisher communicate the build failure? or will it just not have the substitute available?
<fps>thus the client will retry building package foo from source
<fps>bringing the universe again closer to the heat death
<fps>if the build failure was explicitly represented in the store and could be shipped as archive just as any other build result this problem would go away immediately
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<rekado_>fps: ssh-copy-id is in the contrib/ directory and is not installed by default. I'll amend our openssh recipe to install it too.
<rekado_>I'm thinking about rewriting the CRAN importer. Parsing the HTML is ugly and not reusable for other R packages hosted elsewhere.
<rekado_>I'd like to download the package instead and parse the contained DESCRIPTION file instead.
<rekado_>then we could use the CRAN importer with bioconductor packages as well.
<rekado_>(that's a very popular R repository for bioinfo packages.)
<rekado>phew, 30 new Haskell packages added; the last one is Pandoc
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<iyzsong>hi :o
<civodul>i haven't tested NM yet, will do later today hopefully!
<rekado>these package importers are great. They really simplify packaging work.
<rekado>Once I'm done with the CRAN importer rewrite I'll try to recursively package the latest bioconductor release.
<civodul>oh you're rewriting it?
<rekado>yeah, I don't like that it parses HTML.
<rekado>each R package contains a DESCRIPTION file with all information we need.
<rekado>as we're downloading the package anyway to determine the hash we might as well parse the DESCRIPTION file.
<rekado>this would make the CRAN importer also work for bioconductor and other R package repositories.
<rekado>right now it's limited to just CRAN.
<civodul>oh, i see
<civodul>for the updater itself, the ideal thing would be to download a single manifest, if that exists
<civodul>as is done for ELPA
<civodul>that makes things very efficient
<rekado>for CRAN I only know of a list of all packages (with links to the individual package pages), but no single manifest.
<civodul>the list of all packages is what i'd call a "manifest"
<civodul>if it contains the list of all the latest packages + versions + URLs, that's enough
<rekado>yeah, sadly no version is included, so it's not that useful.
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<yvm>Can't even bootstrap from USB HDD: black screen, no output.
<yvm>Any other way to install guixsd?
<civodul>yvm: you've been following the instructions at ?
<yvm>Yep, and I tried both: x86_64 and i686 distribution.
<yvm>There is no difference between USB stick and ordinary HDD, isn't it? Can I dd image to SATA HDD and boot with it?
<avoine>yvm: it should be the same
<fps>rekado: thanks :_)
<fps>rekado: and regarding CPAN
<fps>i still see things like this for cpan downloads:
<fps>Starting download of /gnu/store/vaxzkcx9jnxflxchp3j95805lp244v8i-Test-Deep-0.114.tar.gz
<fps>following redirection to `'...
<fps>;;; Failed to autoload make-session in (gnutls):
<fps>;;; ERROR: missing interface for module (gnutls)
<fps>ERROR: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: make-session
<fps>and this doesn't look good either if it down't produce any output for ages:
<fps>Starting download of /gnu/store/ky41c5jh9ra1p4ayivnys8sq8k8i703a-Test-MockObject-1.20140408.tar.gz
<fps>the download of the file doesn't seem to start at all
<civodul>ACTION tries network-manager, is disappointed
<civodul>wtf am i supposed to do to make it work? :-)
<civodul>"nmcli radio wifi on" has no effect
<civodul>"nmcli con up" says "Connection activation failed: No suitable device found for this connection."
<civodul>what's a "connection" anyway?
<keverets>civodul: I've never had any luck with nmcli
<keverets>it seems that nm-applet is the preferred method of interaction and gets all of the love
<lfam>re: NetworkManager: Is there really no reliable way to use it from the command line? That would be disappointing.
<lfam>I have been thinking of trying to package connman. Once I finish some of the other things I have started, I will try it.
<lfam>I use it on my laptop and it works well.
<avoine>I'm suprised that there is not services associated with NetworkManager, nm-dispatcher needs to be running no?
<lfam>avoine: I'm not sure, but perhaps it just needs someone to write the service.
<lfam>When packaging software that works with both python2 and python3, is it normal to have to add python2-setuptools as an input for the python2 variant?
<jroh>just tried an install and now seeing kernel panic when I try to boot. I did init with --no-grub and installed the entry from the ubuntu install on the same machine
<jroh>but I've checked the label for the partition and tried to check that all the files/dirs referenced from the grub entry are there
<jroh>the liveusb boots w/o trouble but it seems to install a different kernel/initrd
<lfam>jroh: Sorry I can't help but I just use Guix, not GuixSD. You should get some help here after a while, although many of the USA people are "offline" due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
<lfam>jroh: It definitely can work — many #guix regulars are running GuixSD
<lfam>jroh: If you follow the instructions exactly and it still doesn't work, I would send a bug report to
<civodul>keverets: but nm-applet wamts a GNOMish window manager it seems :-/
<keverets>really? I run it with i3wm
<civodul>with ratpoison nothing gets displayes
<keverets>ah, you need some kind of panel
<keverets>i3status might do that for you
<keverets>or xfce4-panel, but that seems heavy
<desiderantes>hello, i'm pretty new to sending patches to a mailing list, who reviews them in guix-devel?
<civodul>desiderantes: anyone who feels confident
<civodul>we try to be reactive, but sometimes it takes time
<desiderantes>civodul, oh ok
<desiderantes>i just wanted t know
<davexunit>dmd service objects need a way to specify additional actions besides start/stop
<civodul>davexunit: agreed, that's been on the to-do list since the first time you complained about it ;-)
<davexunit>I desire a 'reload' action for some things
<civodul>you're thinking of nginx?
<davexunit>nginx and others
<davexunit>I'm writing a Transmission service now
<davexunit>the 'reload' action will signal to the daemon that it should reload its config file
<jroh>any idea if i install guixsd from the 0.8.3 media if it'll still upgrade to the same kernel/initrd that it fetches from the 0.9.0 media?
<civodul>so for nginx it would be "deco reload nginx /path/to/config", right?
<davexunit>civodul: well, on guixsd I guess 'reload' is pointless ;)
<civodul>exactly :-)
<davexunit>since normally it would reload the same config
<jroh>trying to figure out a way to debug if this kernel panic is related the specific kernel or something with my machine or install
<davexunit>but in general, allowing additional actions for dmd services is good
<civodul>jroh: it's best to install directly from 0.9.0
<jroh>i get a panic if I try to install into virtualbox too, but that process seems weird so I'm less surprised by that
<jroh>but booting from 0.9.0 usb media works
<davexunit>civodul: I guess the nginx reloading is part of a bigger project to remove the need for rebooting after updating services
<civodul>davexunit: i wonder how much degrees of liberty we should leave; like should we have a fixed reload/restart action field
<davexunit>civodul: he's a valid action for nginx: 'reopen'
<davexunit>nginx can be sent a signal to reopen logs
<civodul>for that i was thinking we could have an "upgrade" protocol
<davexunit>which is useful when using log rotation
<civodul>like the class upgrade protocol in the MOP
<jroh>perfect would be if I could force it to use the kernel that matches the usb
<davexunit>civodul: I'm not familiar with the meta-object protocol
<civodul>jroh: that's what it does; you installed from 0.9.0?
<jroh>yeah, it seems to download new versions tho. the hashes don't match
<civodul>davexunit: is the crazy part i had in mind
<civodul>jroh: anything special in the OS config, or is it just the desktop.scm example?
<jroh>i used the barebones and turned down the services
<civodul>and the kernel panic is on the bare metal or in a VM?
<jroh>both, but i don't trust the VM one particularly. i could have made a mistake in virtualbox there easily
<jroh>i did install grub from my other OS partition, but copied the entry straight from the file generated by guixsd
<civodul>what are the last messages that you see before the panic?
<jroh>acpi bits
<civodul>so you did 'guix system init --no-grub'?
<jroh>i should have thought to take a picture of the screen, since it's hard to capture
<jroh>mabye I'll do that later
<civodul>does your root partition have label "root", as specified in the config?
<civodul>per e2label
<jroh>it does
<jroh>added to gist
<civodul>hmm running out of ideas
<civodul>we'd need to see more of the boot log
<jroh>i'll see what I can do there
<jroh>maybe i'll try to see if the same thing happens in qemu
<davexunit>ah, the eternal struggle of deciding how to generate a config file for a new daemon
<davexunit>the config file is JSON formatted, and there are 67 possible options.
<davexunit>I suppose I'll just accept a file-like object and move on with life