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<jlicht>guix newbie here, just installed guix 0.9 on top of an ubuntu derivative.
<jlicht>Unless I am mistaken, guix package -i transmission does not generate a transmission-gtk executable anywhere.
<mthl>you need to ‘guix install -i transmission:gui’
<jlicht>mthl: that seems like something I missed in my admittedly shallow reading of the documentation. How do you guys refer to this namespacing/subpackage concept?
<mthl>there is concept of different outputs from the same package
<mthl>when you ‘guix package -i foo’ you implicitly refer to the output 'out'
<mthl>with ‘guix package -s transmission’ you can see in the the “outputs:” field that there are 2 outputs.
<jlicht> that makes a lot of sense. Is this the standard approach to use when packaging potential 'extensions' on a piece of software?
<mthl>if you speak of extensions distributed in the tarball yes
<mthl>*in the “same” tarball
<Digit>some of the points raised in this talk about functional programming, the feelings, are relevant to my experience in guix so far too.
<Digit>ACTION wonders if he already linked that video with similar sentiments while he watched it, ~ just had the guix joy feelings this time without watching, n thought of the vid.
<Digit>i ♥ guix
<Digit>guix pull failing for me. is that just because my connection is choked buffering a guix video? seems to be a recurring feature for me. some way to insist it keep trying n be more patient with a slow connection under heavy load?
<lantw44>I want to package guix 0.9.0 for Fedora. I found tests/ fails if it is run on tmpfs.
<lantw44>Is this expected or it should be fixed?
<lantw44>$mount_test_code ignores tmpfs so `wc -l < $tmpdir/mounts` is 0
<alezost>lantw44: fails should be fixed eventually; I don't know if it is a known failure, but there is:
<lantw44>alezost: I think that issue is caused by different things. The result of `wc -l` is 4 because / is showed.
<lantw44>I got 0 because guix and guix/test-tmp/store are on tmpfs.
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<alezost>lantw44: then you may report at
<jchmrt>I'm trying to build a project of mine which uses autotools mannually on guixSD, but when I run ./configure it says "error: C compiler cannot create executables". Do any of you know which packages I need to install to get a working C compiler?
<jchmrt>i have installed both gcc and gcc-toolchain, but the error is still there
<jchmrt>also, when I try to manually compile a hello world file using gcc, it crashes in ld with "cannot find crt1.o" and "cannot find crti.o"
<jchmrt>Oh, nevermind, I solved it. I needed to add some environment variables for the include and lib directories. I missed that the first time, because I installed gcc using the emacs interface
<alezost>jchmrt: you don't need gcc, leave only gcc-toolchain
<fps>everytime i want to tell rtgk to get an irc bouncer he's just offline
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<efraim>I'm thinking of picking up one of these
<efraim>arm64, A53, 2Gb ram, hdmi out, sdcard slot & 2 usb slots
<efraim>~$130 shipped
<efraim>looks like they're working with linaro for their linux images
<civodul>i was looking at packaging Munin, but it depends on a lot of Perl
<jchmrt>I'm trying to upgrade my guixSD distro to 0.9, and so I have run sudo guix pull and rebooted, but the /run/current-system/profile/bin/guix still refers to the 0.8.3 version of guix. Am I missing a step here?
<civodul>jchmrt: 'guix pull' doesn't upgrade the system, see
<civodul>you need to do 'sudo guix system reconfigure your-config.scm' as well
<jchmrt>oh, I misread that. Will I lose all my installed packages when I do that?
<jchmrt>I'll just save the list of all installed packages to a file in case i lose them, thanks for your help civodul :)
<civodul>jchmrt: no you won't lose anything
<civodul>it'll just reconfigure the system to use the latest (after 'guix pull') set of packages
<civodul>it something goes wrong when you reboot, you can always choose the previous entry in the boot menu
<civodul>no risk! :-)
<Digit>fps: is rtgk registered? you could advise with /msg memoserv send rtgk i suggest you get an irc bouncer so you dont miss all that lovely helpful content while offline.
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