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<lfam>Can someone recommend a representative example of a package that splits its documentation into a separate output?
<lfam>Also, is there a good way to pass options to the python test phase `python test`? For example, `python test --coverage`. Or should I just replace the test phase?
<piyo> glib:doc
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<Digit>is there somewhere i could see what packages are available when doing my initial config? xfce & ratpoison dont really do it for me.
<marusich>Anyone ever seen "make check" hang on or
<marusich>Specifically, it seems that somehow, the latest-release procedure of (guix gnu-maintenance) is hanging, but I'm not sure exactly why...
<marusich>"looking for the latest release of GNU gcc..." was the last message emitted.
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<marusich>(in ./tests/guix-package.log)
<marusich>seems to be run from this command: guix package --bootstrap -i guile gcc -p t-profile-3110 -n
<fps>hmm, i'm unsuccessful in exporting the packages-page page
<fps>i did (use-modules (www)) and (use-modules (www packages))
<fps>scheme@(guile-user)> (export-web-page issues-page "exported/issues.html")
<fps>;;; <stdin>:17:0: warning: possibly unbound variable `issues-page'
<fps>erm, and issues-page just the same
<alezost>Digit: I don't understand: all packages are available
<Digit>ok, so if i write xmonad in place of "xfce ratpoison" it'll be there? i'm fresh newbie, no idea of even the simple yet.
<alezost>Digit: xmonad comes from (gnu packages wm) module, so you should also add wm to (use-package-modules ...)
<alezost>Digit: fps wrote some code that allows to avoid adjusting package modules
<fps>everyone has issues though, as does that code.. ;)
<fps>but here goes
<fps>copy lines 6-11 to your config and check lines 38-50 for usage
<fps>Digit: also: after adding the package to your %base-packages you need to guix system reconfigure your_config.scm as root to have the change take effect
<alezost>marusich: "make check" has just finished for me successfully. Did you try it on the latest git snapshot?
<marusich>alezost, I used the v0.9.0 tagged commit
<marusich>i suspect that maybe it failed because i did not run it in the "guix environment guix" environment, so i'm tryihng again
<marusich>well, it hung, didn't fail.
<marusich>Anyway, I'll try again.
<alezost>marusich: why do you use 0.9.0 commit and not the latest one?
<marusich>I was under the impression that that was the latest release
<marusich>I had assumed it would be more stable than the latest.
<marusich>Still running. My laptop is slow!
<alezost>I don't think it is more stable; it wasn't freezed or tested specially; it was just the time for the new release, so it was tagged. I always use "git pull" to have the latest available packages and guix code
<marusich>alezost, I'll probably do that too, but I haven't even been able to build gnu hello yet
<marusich>I want to go through the process of building Guix from source and then telling it to build gnu hello, as described in the the README/manual instructions, before I do much else.
<marusich>Otherwise, if it fails (which I'm sure it will until I get the package definition right), how else can I know I was doing things the right way?
<alezost>marusich: oh, I've never tried; I always rely on hydra :-)
<marusich>Ah, I see :)
<marusich>sigh, it's hanging again.
<marusich>There was a change in the procedure I mentioned, only a few days ago.
<marusich>I'll try building again from just before that change.
<alezost>marusich: wait, do you mean you are trying to build all packages from sources (with --no-substitutes)?
<alezost>or you just want to build Guix itself?
<marusich>No, I am trying to build Guix itself.
<alezost>marusich: ah, then I do it too
<marusich>So, I've got the repo, I'm just trying to run ./bootstrap && ./configure --localstatedir=/var && make && make check
<marusich>localstatedir is /var because that's where it seems to be on GuixSD, which aligns with the GNU standards document
<alezost>yes, that's correct
<alezost>so it builds successfully for, just some test is hanging
<alezost>I would just ignore it :-)
<marusich>It bothers me...
<marusich>But yes, it's probably nothing. I guess.
<marusich>Any way to enable a debug mode for guile somehow?
<marusich>like, to see what it's hanging on?
<alezost>try with the latest commit, may be it was fixed recently
<marusich>that's also a good idea
<marusich>I take it back;the procedure wasn't modified a few days ago. It was modified a few days ago, one year ago. I can't read numbers.
<alezost>I don't know about debug mode
<alezost>btw if you are going to use guix from git, then you should use "git pull" and "make" from time to time. Otherwise you will not get the new/updated packages, so don't use v0.9.0 tag
<marusich>I'm using guix on the system by virtue of running GuixSD; I have a separate git checkout where I'm building Guix separately.
<marusich>My understanding is that the git repo used by the system's guix is separate from my own personal checkout
<marusich>Anyway, I've kicked off the process to try building again. I think I'm going to go afk for a while
<alezost>yes, but you are building guix from git to use it with "pre-inst-env", right?
<rekado_>if you're curious to see what's going on in the background you could attach strace to the process.
<rekado_>what exactly is freezing for you?
<ennoausberlin>Hello. Right now I do a fresh install of guix 0.9, but occasionally I get a host name lookup error. Is it save to restart guix system init at this point or will I get problems in the future?
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<alezost>ennoausberlin: restarting "guix system init" should probably be save, but I don't actually know. What error is it; do you mean you forgot to specify 'host-name' field in 'operating-system' declaration?
<ennoausberlin>alezost No, it appears only occasionally during install. Sounds like a network problem. I had to redo guix system init around 15 times. He was claiming about missing derivatives, related to the former lookup problem
<ennoausberlin>Network is fine otherwise
<ennoausberlin>ADFENO Hi
<ADFENO>Hey, hi :D
<alezost>ennoausberlin: ok, tell if it will fail again
<alezost>ADFENO: hello
<ennoausberlin>alezost By the way, how do I change the systems locale AFTER installation. Before guix did not accept de_DE.utf
<rekado_>ennoausberlin: you change the configuration file and tell guix to reconfigure the system.
<alezost>ennoausberlin: ^^^ yes; in the system config add (locale "de_DE.utf8")
<ennoausberlin>alezost I did before guix system init, maybe it was not yet available at that stage. Reconfig will do the job hopefully
<ennoausberlin>rekado_ alezost Thank you. Great community
<ADFENO>.. I'm trying to install GuixSD on a i686 machine, and I have sucessfully written GuixSD to a USB thumb drive with Dd, but when I get to install the "cow-store" (I guess this is what is called), it isn't installed in the target partition, that is, it's simply not done (no "/root" is made). Also I would like to know if there is a way to tell GuixSD to install prebuilt packages from the repositories (like the ones that come from "", I guess this is
<alezost>ennoausberlin: perhaps you also need to specify 'locale-definitions' field, so: <>
<amz3>my urxvt console doesn't acccept backspace anymore
<amz3>I just did an update, and the bug is still there
<ADFENO>I'll redownload GuixSD and try again today. :D
<amz3>it's not .XDefaults
<amz3>it's not .Xdefaults (lowcase d)
<fps>ennoausberlin: i have the same issues with host lookup failures
<fps>ennoausberlin: yes, it's safe to restart init. it even won't download packages twice
<fps>assuming you have started the cow-store on the target fs
<amz3>installing adwaita-icon-theme fix epiphany
<amz3>missing icons
<amz3>also it fix the first page display
<QuiGonVim>when installing guixsd, extra packages that i want to be installed globally by default, should be added in config.scm like this: (packages (cons* ... certs %base-packages)) ?
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<kakeboi>Hey, i'm configuring the desktop config file for GuixSD installation. How woudl i go about putting /home on a separate hard drive? I have stuff on it i'd rather not loose.
<kakeboi>Do i just put the stuff from the file systems documenation (file-system ...) into the config file?
<paroneayea>got permission to use some resources rackspace has donated to our local LUG to hack guixops
<mthl>paroneayea: cool!
<paroneayea>glad to see skepticism of magic this morning on HN
<ennoausberlin>fps I think so. At the end he copied the packages and populated the target filesystem. Everything should be fine now
<civodul>mark_weaver: it seems krb5-update is ready to be merged no?
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<rgrau>hi guixers
<rgrau>where can I find guix.el? I don't see it in the usual elpa repos...
<taylan>rgrau: under the guix source tree in emacs/
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<rgrau>ahh, thanks!
<taylan>ugh, I've forgot to add the terminating #t in all the build phases of mupen64plus and nestopia, and that after having pondered extensively on that problem O_o
<taylan>I wonder if the build phase procedures shouldn't be just expected to raise errors instead of return #f on failure
<davexunit>I like that there is a game framework called "love" so I can run 'guix build love' :)
<marusich_>you don't "love" it?
<davexunit>it's interesting that "love" depends on "devil"
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<davexunit>multiple buffer overflows in libpng
<davexunit>not good
<efraim>oh my thats a lot of rebuilds for updating libpng
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<efraim>the link on the side for the 4 mailing lists brings you to a page with 5 mailing lists
<lfam>This happens when trying to download from sourceforge with curl: We're sorry -- the Sourceforge site is currently in Disaster Recovery mode, and currently requires the use of javascript to function. Please check back later.
<lfam>And I assume that is the reason that unpack phase of libpng is failing
<lfam>Oof, there will be a lot of rebuilding: Building the following 294 packages would ensure 608 dependent packages are rebuilt...