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<mark_weaver>codemac: you need to set the GIT_SSL_CAINFO environment variable to point to a single file with all the allowable certificates. on debian (or derivatives), it should be set to /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
<mark_weaver>this is handled automatically on GuixSD
<mark_weaver>on a GuixSD system, /etc/profile includes the following:export SSL_CERT_DIR=/etc/ssl/certs
<mark_weaver>export SSL_CERT_FILE="$SSL_CERT_DIR/ca-certificates.crt"
<mark_weaver>export GIT_SSL_CAINFO="$SSL_CERT_FILE"
<codemac>mark_weaver: you are excellent and extremely helpful. THANK YOU
<mark_weaver>you're welcome! thanks for the kind words :)
<codemac>mark_weaver: do we have a wiki or anything for guix? It'd be nice to document what I do to keep this running this way for others.
<mark_weaver>we would prefer to put everything needed in the manual instead.
<mark_weaver>see section 7.2.9 (X.509 Certificates) in the guix manual
<codemac>I need to remember the T command in info mode
<codemac>much easier to see what things are covered
<codemac>that last paragraph is exactly what I needed
<mark_weaver>codemac: btw, if you'd prefer to use the certs provided by Guix, use ~/.guix-profile/etc/ssl/certs instead
<mark_weaver>(assuming you have nss-certs installed)
<codemac>yeah I do, I'd rather point to guix so I'll do that. Though I don't know what the guix security policies will be related to cert revocation / inclusion. Following mozilla upstream is probably a solid choice for quite a while
<mark_weaver>nss-certs is directly from mozilla upstream.
<codemac>and I just fixed up my emacs install to properly check tls as well! I'm on a tls roll
<davexunit>I am now officially giving a talk about Guix in Boston in January.
<mark_weaver>cool! :)
<lfam>How's the BLUG?
<lfam>I'm sorry, the BLUUG?
<davexunit>I have not attended any of their events yet
<davexunit>I've only known about them for a few weeks
<marusich>I have noticed that in GuixSD, writing "guix envir<tab>" auto-completes to "guix environment". What magic is this?
<marusich>info to the rescue: (bash) Programmable Completion
<alezost>marusich: in emacs (M-x shell), guix commands are also completed: see (info "(guix) Emacs Completions")
<marusich>neato. I have actually read about this for bash before, but I recall that I did not read the details; I did not realize how customizable this was.
<marusich>cool stuff!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<marusich>Hello there
<civodul>efraim: did you have a chance to look at the Weechat issue?
<efraim>not yet, but I realized debian sid only has aria2 1.9.0 so I'm currently in the test phase of 1.9.1 to see if 1.9.2 is the issue and not our build sandbox
<efraim>then again arch has 1.19.2, so maybe debian is just lagging behind
<civodul>ah ok
<efraim>just passed the LpdMessage tests, so maybe it'll work this time
<efraim>ACTION goes back to washing dishes
<karhunguixi>Hi, so i've run into a tiny conflict at work because i'm using GuixSD there and was unable to unpack a .rar archive. "Just get something that works!" is what i'm told. However, what is a good archive/compression format for sharing files between windows, macs and GNU/Linux? Zip?
<karhunguixi>thought i would drag the discussion in this direction, that rar is the problem. But i should have a good alternative at hand.
<civodul>karhunguixi: zip works well for Windows people i think
<civodul>there's also a free implementation of unrar
<civodul>maybe it's an opportunity to add it to the distro? :-)
<karhunguixi>i tried the debian unrar-free in a virtual machine, but i failed to open the rar archive i had.
<karhunguixi>anyway, thanks! I'll go with zip.
<karhunguixi>Got to go
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<freeaks>hi there, i've read guix use per-package directory, for cleanly have every files related to one package being enclosed in one directory ?
<freeaks>i was wondering if guixsd distro use this too for installed systems libs and bins ?
<amz3>I'd like to use my git checkout as the source for my system package profile, how can I achieve this?
<amz3>I want to avoid git pull
<amz3>sorry, I want to avoid guix pull
<iyzsong>amz3: link the git checkout to /root/.config/guix/latest
<iyzsong>or you could run in with './pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure' if you don't always want it.
<fps>freeaks: if i understand your question right, then yes. (almost) everything is stored in an individual directory in /gnu/store
<fps>that's true for libraries, too
<fps>but then profiles get composed from these directories
<fps>so ou can have different profiles with different subsets of the installed packages.
<fps>i.e. you need libfoo.1.0.1 in one profile and libfoo.2.1.1 in another.
<fps>that works
<fps>dunno if that answers the question though
<freeaks>fps thanks for the answer
<freeaks>then if i want to access installed exes and files, for example 'gimp'
<freeaks>will it be in /gnu/store/some-long-hash-gimp-2.8/ ?
<freeaks>so everything is under /gnu/store/* on guixsd ?
<iyzsong>freeaks: you can, but 'gimp' just works, because $GUIX_PROFILE/bin is in $PATH, and the profile is a symlinks tree of installed packages.
<iyzsong>freeaks: not everything, but the immutable items (packages, etc.) are in /gnu/store. while for the various configurations (/etc/xxx, /var, ...), some are managed by guix (symlinks to /gnu/store), others are not.
<davexunit>looks like we're already leading :)
<iyzsong>civodul: cool! I'm fully motivated to fix them :-)
<civodul>iyzsong: nice :-)
<civodul>this is the easy part, without the source and home-page checkers :-)
<davexunit>civodul: wow!
<civodul>it's ugly as hell, but hey
<Steap>civodul: maybe you could remove the "nothing to declare" packages
<civodul>Steap: what's the context of the twitter post?
<civodul>Steap: i wanted to keep them so that there's an anchor for each package
<civodul>then we could have an "issues" link from /packages
<Steap>civodul: there is no contexte, that is Twitter
<civodul>ah ok
<taylan>our tooling is just amazing :)
<efraim>civodul: I won't have time until tomorrow night to look at weechat, but I was thinking about wrapping weechat in something like `guix environment -C --share=$HOME weechat` but guix environment is giving me errors about kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone atm
<fps>civodul: nice :)
<fps>civodul: where do i find the code that generates this page? maybe it's worth adding some libre js to hide those packages without issues
<davexunit>efraim: you need to enable that kernel setting to use user namespaces
<civodul>fps: yes, that would be nice!
<civodul>the code is in the guix-artwork.git repo
<fps>ok, taking a look. is that on savannah, too?
<fps>yep, ty
<efraim>davexunit: I ran `sudo sysctl -w kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1` but it's still giving me trouble. It
<efraim>'ll have to wait a bit though until I can work on it
<fps>hmm, using GUILE_LOAD_PATH=/home/fps/src/guix-artwork/website guile i can (use-modules (www)) and i can even call e.g. (main-page). how do i get this thing to act as http server? :)
<fps>should i read more guile docs? ;)
<fps>oh, export-web-site maybe..
<civodul>fps: yes, export-web-site builds a bunch of HTML files, except for /packages and /packages/issues.html
<civodul>you need to use export-web-page explicitly for these
<fps>civodul: ok
<taylan>how do I clear a cached failure?
<taylan>build failure by the daemon that is
<freeaks>iyzsong: thanks for the answer, i'm trying to understand if guixsd filesystem structure complies to fhs or not, i'd like to see as much parts of the system as possible using this 'per-package directory' concept
<freeaks>is there a link where i could get information on this ? (guixsd filesystem structure)
<civodul>taylan: "guix gc --clear-failures"
<civodul>this is assuming your daemon runs with --cache-failures
<taylan>yes, thanks
<iyzsong>civodul: I adjust formatting for some packages, is this ok to commit?
<civodul>iyzsong: looks good!
<civodul>with a commit log it's OK
<iyzsong>some long comments line are http links, split those will break the click-to-browse..
<civodul>ah yeah, these cannot be broken
<davexunit>civodul: I'm going to be giving a talk about guix in january in boston.
<davexunit>(the summary wasn't written by me, so pardon the small inaccuracies)
<civodul>you should add a news entry on Savannah, maybe a week or two before the event?
<davexunit>will do
<civodul>so that's the local free software user group, right?
<davexunit>it's a "linux" user group, so not exactly free software as much as open source.
<davexunit>there's a more libre sub-group, but they aim at newcomers where such a technical talk wouldn't fit in well.
<davexunit>I want to propose an introductory Guile for that group, though.
<davexunit>but I need to come up with some examples of things that a relative beginner can do with Guile that are useful.
<civodul>Sly may be helpful from an educational viewpoint
<iyzsong>but, it's not beginner level?
<davexunit>yeah, I think it's not user friendly enough at this time to be something easy to get into.
<davexunit>but some sort of simple automation stuff as a bash replacement might be good
<civodul>the video you had done a while back seems fairly understandable for newcomers
<civodul>when it was still called "guile-2d" i think ;-)
<davexunit>I could maybe use it as an example, but not the main example.
<iyzsong>what come in my mind is HTDP from racket, and with pictures. yeah :-
<iyzsong>ACTION hide in the dark
<civodul>yes, the thing with pictures is awesome
<civodul>and Geiser supports pictures when used with Racket
<civodul>there's something waiting to be done here ;-)
<davexunit>guile needs the picture language :)
<rekado>the picture stuff is really cool. That's the only reason why I wanted to install Racket --- but then I saw that our Racket package is a little broken (dlopens libraries).
<civodul>ah yes, that rings a bell
<civodul>it's done on purpose so that people stick to Guile
<iyzsong>civodul: is this commit log ok?
<iyzsong>I only make an seperate between formatting and synopsis/description change
<civodul>iyzsong: yes, looks good
<iyzsong>pushed! I gain patience points :-)
<iyzsong>I have get gnome-shell started with a wallpaper, but gnome-session won't, complaining about no hardware accelerate. will look it in next day, bye guix!
<davexunit>great stuff iyzsong
<davexunit>I have my own graphics acceleration issues to work out
<davexunit>I can't run certain opengl-using applications on my guixsd desktop because it thinks that opengl 3.0 is unsupported.
<mark_weaver>iyzsong: wow, very exciting. thanks so much for all the work on gnome! :)
<iyzsong>sure, my pleasure. but I dunno why GNOME is so heavy, gnome-shell is powered by javascripts which use a lot of gi bindings through typelib..
<davexunit>gnome makes some very questionable choices
<davexunit>their push for xdg-app is the most concerning to me right now.
<taylan>"apps" a la contemporary mobile OSs but for GNU/Linux? great... (not)
<davexunit>they are working on application sandboxing, which is a good thing in general.
<davexunit>but their implementation is bad because now they have introduced a new package manager
<davexunit>and they call them "xdg-app bundles"
<davexunit>the applications bundle all the needed software together.
<davexunit>and we all know that sucks
<robsyme>Hi all. I'm having some trouble with the locale - all commands still include the 'warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument' error.
<robsyme>I've exported the GUIX_LOCPATH variable as described here:
<robsyme>$ export GUIX_LOCPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale
<davexunit>robsyme: do you use GuixSD or GUix on top of another distro?
<davexunit>and which version of guix are you using?
<robsyme>$ guix --version warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument guix (GNU Guix) 0.9.0
<davexunit>is LOCPATH set as well?
<robsyme>davexunit: on top of Ubuntu
<robsyme>echo $LOCPATH #-> /home/robsyme/.guix-profile/lib/locale
<davexunit>hmm, I use guix on ubuntu as well and I don't have such an issue.
<davexunit>I only have GUIX_LOCPATH set
<davexunit>robsyme: have you installed locales to your profile?
<robsyme>Should the variables be set for the user running guix or the 'guixbuilder' users?
<davexunit>the user running guix
<davexunit>the guixbuilder users are used exclusively by the build daemon and aren't important here.
<davexunit>I installed the glibc-utf8-locales package
<robsyme>$ tree $LOCPATH -L 2
<robsyme>`-- 2.22
<robsyme> |-- de_DE.UTF-8 -> de_DE.utf8
<robsyme> |-- de_DE.utf8
<robsyme> |-- el_GR.UTF-8 -> el_GR.utf8
<robsyme> |-- el_GR.utf8
<robsyme> |-- en_US.UTF-8 -> en_US.utf8
<robsyme> |-- en_US.utf8
<robsyme> |-- fr_FR.UTF-8 -> fr_FR.utf8
<robsyme> |-- fr_FR.utf8
<robsyme> |-- tr_TR.UTF-8 -> tr_TR.utf8
<robsyme> `-- tr_TR.utf8
<robsyme>Ah, I think I know
<robsyme>$ echo $LC_NAME
<davexunit>was about to ask
<davexunit>I have LANG set to en_US.UTF-8
<davexunit>there's another locales package
<robsyme>$ echo $LANG
<davexunit>yeah try installing glibc-locales instead
<robsyme>Will do. Thanks!!!
<civodul>robsyme: also note that the canonical name is "en_US.utf8"; see "normalized codeset" at
<robsyme>civodul: Thanks, I'll fix up mine. I assume I change the values in /etc/default/locale
<robsyme>I'll change them to en_AU.utf-8
<civodul>without the hyphen :-)
<davexunit>civodul is our resident locale expert
<robsyme>aha. I got as far as downcase and then stopped reading ;). Thanks for the pointer!
<civodul>i've suffered enough that i don't want others to experience that ;-)
<robsyme>We appreciate the sacrifice ;)
<rekado>R uses a couple of tools like "uname", "sed", and "which". Running R on GuixSD doesn't show any problems, but once you run it with "guix environment --container" (thanks davexunit!) you see errors.
<rekado>Should R retain a reference to "coreutils" and "which"?
<davexunit>rekado: I guess we need to find the references and substitute* them with the absolute paths?
<paroneayea>davexunit: for your amusement
<davexunit>I wrote such a tool, it always returns "yes, it's vulnerable"
<davexunit>I wonder how this tool actually works
<Digit>:/ too exhausted to restart my lightning-power-out paused previous guixsd install, ugh. i /will/ have guixsd. just, maybe not today. *sets post-it note reminder for himself "guixsd on this laptop for fun and freedom"*
<jlicht>What would be the most idiomatic ways to handle installing and updating spacemacs, using Guix?
<davexunit>jlicht: spacemacs is an elisp extension right?
<davexunit>gnu/packages/emacs.scm should provide some useful package recipes to snarf from.
<jlicht>davexunit: thanks for the pointer, it does look a nice starting point.