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<fps>oh progress. a quote too much is bad as such
<Steap>fps: -L to run the linter on a locally-defined package ?
<fps>Steap: yep
<Steap>why not
<Steap>would be nice
<fps>i wondered what it could do for me :)
<fps>so i tried it
<fps>but it couldn't do anything for me ;)
<fps>i'm trying to read other packages to understand how the trivial builder works..
<fps>but progress is slow ;)
<fps>need to get tar in there somehow
<fps>and i wonder where to find info about e.g. assoc-ref
<fps>and why does emacs destroy the indentation afer #:modules?
<fps>oh, progress.. meh..
<kori>is there anything specific I do to setup nouveau + X?
<kori>besides modprobe nouveau and installing xf86-video-nouveau?
<fps>hmm, that's interesting. the git substitution download is 100megs
<fps>but the directory in the store is just 22mes
<lfam>While packaging something that only works with python-2, I see that the patch-source-shebangs selects python-3 paths as the replacements. Isn't that wrong?
<lfam>I have included python-2 as an input
<lfam>Aha, #:python. Most of my questions are answered by grep :)
<fps>ok, assoc-ref is guile specific
<fps>oh i think i kind of understand now why tar xjf doesn't find bzip2
<fps>tar is bound to a variable, so system* knows how to call it..
<fps>but tar expects bzip2 in $PATH, so of course it doesn't help that there's a variable containing its fully qualified name
<fps>soo, let's first bunzip it and then tar xf it
<fps>ugh, bunzip2 doesn't like hard links it seems
<fps>ok, this is annoying..
<fps>tar (child): lbzip2: Cannot exec: No such file or directory
<fps>there must be a simpler way than running bzcat2 and pipe to a new file, etc..
<fps>oh ok, setting PATH
<fps>yay, extracting a tarball was never simpler ;)
<fps>now, on to modify the so it installs to out and remove the leftovers..
<alezost>fps: look at freepats definition in (gnu packages audio) module: it also uses trivial build system and tar+bzip
<fps>alezost: i got the unpacking part figured out. but thanks :)
<fps>alezost: or do you mean for the other parts?
<alezost>I don't know what parts you solved and what not :-)
<fps>alezost: i got the unpacking part solved. now i'm on to sed'ing paths in the and then running it, and then deleting the source and extracted source
<fps>or should i just hardlink the renoise executabe in the extracted source to out/bin?
<fps>or symlink rather
<fps>ls /gnu/store/kkcfz22jwqj25jwcca8cvv0rzxkr69xj-renoise-demo-3.0.1
<fps>fps@potato ~/src/guix-non-free$ ls /gnu/store/kkcfz22jwqj25jwcca8cvv0rzxkr69xj-renoise-demo-3.0.1/Renoise_3_0_1_Demo_x86_64/renoise -l
<fps>-r-xr-xr-x 2 root guixbuild 26692600 Jan 1 1970 /gnu/store/kkcfz22jwqj25jwcca8cvv0rzxkr69xj-renoise-demo-3.0.1/Renoise_3_0_1_Demo_x86_64/renoise
<fps> is what i got right now..
<alezost>fps: instead of "sed" we use 'substitute*' procedure (as 'freepats' does, for example).
<alezost>However I think discussing non-free packages is not welcomed on this channel
<fps>ok, ignore the link then and let me rephrase it
<fps>nah, that's just silly, but you know what i'm getting at ;)
<fps>alezost: thanks for the tip with substitute though. will check it out
<fps>will come in handy for free packages, too
<fps>hmm, is there a way to access a definition from outside the builder inside it?
<fps>eh, symlinking doesn't work anywyas
<fps>does guix have a patchElf phase similar to nix?
<fps>ok, hf, bbiab
<efraim>how long does gcc take to compile?
<efraim>I feel like I've been compiling for hours
<kori>efraim: it takes a while
<kori>especially if you're on a not-so-great processor
<kori>then it takes longer than long
<efraim>i'm definately not on a great processor
<efraim>probably should've set it as an overnight job
<kori>aye :)
<efraim>looking at gccgo-4.8 from hydra, ~48 minutes on x86_64 and ~6 hours on mips64el
<sirgazil>For some reason this Debian with Mate desktop is not using my .profile file.
<sirgazil>In Debian with GNOME I could add my .guix-profile/bin to PATH and the applications installed with Guix became available in Alt+F2...
<sirgazil>Which component in the system is responsible for using the .profile file?
<efraim>bash_profile is supposed to call .profile I thought
<sirgazil>I tried creating .bash_profile, and it doesn't work here either.
<sirgazil>Modifying my .xsession to add .guix-profile/bin to PATH worked, though. But I don't know if one's supposed to do that.
<sirgazil>I can run Guix apps using Alt+F2
<sirgazil>Now I need to find an env variable to add .guix-profile/share/applications so that they become available from desktop menus.
<sirgazil>efraim: are you using GuixSD or Guix on a foreign distro?
<efraim>guix on debian
<efraim>i ended up putting a bunch of stuff in my .bashrc
<sirgazil>But .bashrc only works to run apps from text-terminals. You're running/starting from a terminal graphical applications installed with Guix?
<efraim>i pretty much start everything from the terminal for guix stuff so I haven't installed too much graphical stuff
<sirgazil>Ah, I see :)
<sirgazil>Salut, civodul :)
<civodul>¡hola sirgazil! :-)
<civodul>what's up?
<sirgazil>I installed Guix 0.9.0 and now I'm trying to configure stuff to make applications easier to start from desktop menus and other graphical tools
<civodul>sirgazil: nice!
<civodul>i'm not the best person to help with that
<civodul>i think it should work better if both the desktop environment and the applications are installed from Guix
<sirgazil>That's another thing I can try
<efraim>I didn't try hard, but I couldn't figure out how to launch enlightenment from guix on a debian base
<civodul>i'm not familiar with Enlightenment so i can't really tell
<efraim>cli start is supposed to just be enlightenment_start, but I think I was missing guix's xorg or something
<civodul>you shouldn't need Guix's Xorg server
<chrmod>Hello everyone. I've just installed guix on top of ubuntu using those guides: - it seems to work as I could `guix package -i guile`
<chrmod>but then interesting thing happened. Guix started to download a lot of dependencies (linux kernel included), which seems a little odd. Can you please confirm that is a proper behavior?
<efraim>chrmod: did you enable substitutes?
<civodul>also, it was probably "linux-kernel-headers", which contains just the header files, not the kernel
<chrmod>just realized that I did not. doing it now
<chrmod>and it worked. thank you
<efraim>2 hours on building octave 4.0.0
<catern>so I see that with guix, you can have a different profile for every user
<catern>would it be a good use of this to allow users to install packages on a shared shell server without the users having privileges?
<ArneBab_>catern: I think that would simplify administration a lot: You only need to make sure that the build daemons run
<ArneBab_>catern: no more users asking you to install strange package X for them
<catern>but say further, I am a user who has control over some large directory
<catern>but not root
<catern>could I set things up so that users could install and use packages out of that directory
<catern>(i.e. i don't have privileges on the shell server)
<catern>what if it was possible to send commands to the guix daemon of the network? is that possible?
<amz3>catern: I don't know how it works in distributed settings
<amz3>but if you use guix on a single machine, you can install custom recipes
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<catern>with a network-mounted guix store
<catern>does that make sense? maybe not, but it's all i have to work with
<marusich>I really want to help the guix project, but I'm a lisp newbie, and I'm still ramping up on Guile.
<marusich>I feel like I could spend ages reading through the Guile/Guix manual and related resources, but I worry that I might be missing out on easy way to contribute while I do that.
<marusich>What is an easy way that I can get started with helping this project?
<efraim>marusich: packaging programs you use isn't too bad
<davexunit>marusich: most people start by writing package recipes. that's how I started.
<sneek>Welcome back davexunit, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>davexunit, amz3 says: there is a bug in (ice-9 json) regarding UTF-16 decoding, if I'm not mistaken UTF-16 is variable length? I can provide a test json if you need.
<sneek>davexunit, amz3 says: I could also make patch but I need to sort the spec first, why not use libunistring?
<efraim>and there are plenty of examples to copy from
<marusich>I've thought of that. Is there a list of programs that need packaging?
<davexunit>the list is whatever software we haven't packaged yet that you want.
<efraim>not really, people generally package what they're looking for
<marusich>I see. I guess I can probably think of a few that might not be there.
<daviid>marusich: g-wrap, guile-cairo, guile-gnome and guile-clutter would be a must because I have had no time yet to play with guix and build them myself
<davexunit>ACTION has guix installed on his Novena finally
<efraim>guix or guixsd?
<davexunit>guixsd doesn't work yet
<efraim>its been months and months and still no progress on getting guix on my marsboard
<marusich>Thanks for the suggestions.
<davexunit>hmm never heard of the marsboard
<efraim>rockchip makes a couple of boards
<efraim>they have a nice starting image, but the kernel is 3.0.8 or so, and it's been driving me crazy
<efraim>since it doesn't upgrade nicely and their manuals are more set for flashing existing images on the boards
<paroneayea>hello #guix!
<civodul>rekado, davexunit: i may demo guix-web tomorrow
<civodul>in the "Generations" page, would it be possible to fold generations?
<davexunit>civodul: I haven't hacked on that in ages. does it still work?
<davexunit>what do you mean by folding? showing/hiding individual items?
<civodul>and it appears to work! :-)
<davexunit>I need to dust it off sometime
<davexunit>I'd like to re-do some of the javascript
<davexunit>and turn it into a wip-web branch in the guix repo
<paroneayea>if only we didn't have the javascript deps problem :(
<davexunit>I'd bundle the libs in the repo.
<davexunit>underscore, mithril, and something for FRP.
<davexunit>that's it.
<fps>yo, i setup a channe #guix-non-free for non-free discussion. i won't mention it again, too :)
<davexunit>I don't think many of us will go to such a channel.
<fps>that's ok :)
<fps>btw: i looked around a little bit at free wikis and collaboration platforms that could make life a little easier than archane stuff like MLs
<fps>there are some options..
<civodul>fps: no need to advertise it here, it's really not the spirit of the project
<civodul> <- $200,000 for reproducible builds
<fps>i won't mention it again. like i said.. let's not talk about it anymore
<lfam>If a Python project is releasing tarballs on both Github and PyPi, is there a guideline for which to choose? I find that for a specific version release, the contents of these tarballs are often different.
<efraim>github releases are sometimes just tarballs of the repo at the point in time of the tag
<efraim> also pypi maps nicely with `guix refresh -t pypi`
<lfam>efraim: That makes sense (tarballs of repo). For example, I just packaged python-configobj. The github tarball included the tests in the repo. PyPi tarball did not, but it did have a PKG-INFO file
<civodul>sneek: later tell lfam re PyPi vs. Github, it is best to choose the most complete tarball (the one that includes test, for instance)
<marusich>Should I install geiser using ELPA, or using Guix?
<civodul>Guix of course ;-)
<civodul>M-x guix-search-by-name, specifically
<civodul>it's like package.el, but integrated with the rest, which means you can also roll back, etc.
<marusich>So if I install with guix (regardless of whether I use the command line or M-x guix-search-by-name), emacs will find geiser correctly? That's nice. Does emacs look in some predefined locations, and one of those is a place that Guix will install (symlinks to) the actual geiser stuff?
<civodul>marusich: yes, but see
<civodul>requiring 'guix-init' is what tells Emacs where to look for Guix-installed Emacs modes
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<paroneayea>civodul: yeah I really ought to move my emacs clinfig stuff over to guix
<paroneayea>I've had some bad experiences with doing an el-get upgrade and all my tweaks breaking...!
<marusich>civodul, I see. Thanks for the info!
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