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<karhunguixi>sweet, now i booted my system reconfigured using the source :)
<civodul>grr tests still failing in guix-devel snapshot
<civodul>davexunit: i'll add a workaround in package-management, but i think fails in the build env. for the same reason that tests/syscalls.scm
<civodul>which is an unknown reason :-)
<davexunit>I didn't know that one was failing
<civodul>just in case you want to brainstorm on that while i go sleeping ;-)
<davexunit>can you post the log?
<civodul>i doesn't fail because we disable it in package-management.scm
<civodul>here's how tests/containers.scm fails if we remove the disable-container-tests phase:
<civodul> fails as reported yesterday:
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<davexunit>I'm regretting ever adding this container stuff
<davexunit>./test-env guix environment --container --ad-hoc --bootstrap guile-bootstrap -- guile -c '(exit 42)'
<davexunit>this works *fine* in a container spawned with 'guix environment --container guix'
<wkarhunguixi>hm, again my screens were totally unresponsive when i came to work. This is the second time this happens. I suspect it's xlockmore having problems with being locked for several hours. I don't have problems with short-term locking.
<wkarhunguixi>Not even alt+prtscr(REISUB) helped, i had to kill it with holding the power button
<wkarhunguixi>I'll switch to slock and see if it helps
<toothbrush0>Greetings Guix!
<fps>wkarhunguixi: there was a kernel bug in 4.1 iirc
<fps>that caused lockups
<fps>wkarhunguixi: not sure if relevant to guix, but it had me stopped on nixos a few times until i downgraded the kerne
<wkarhunguixi>fps, interesting, thanks!
<fps>hmm, i wonder how i can get ragg into racket in guixsd
<toothbrush0>Hi all, quick question; how can i build the usb-install image from git?
<toothbrush0>I've looked at the documentation (System Installation and neighbouring nodes) but cannot seem to find it.
<efraim>toothbrush0: I think its under guix system
<efraim>under binary installation it says to do make guix-binary.system.tar.xz, so I bet it's a make option and not under guix system
<civodul>but there's a size issue in master currently, will fix it shortly hopefully
<davexunit>civodul: bumping the required linux-libre version to 3.19 in the manual. I forgot about an important thing that was introduced in that release.
<davexunit>some older kernels, such as Ubuntu 14.04's, have backported the patch, but I'll just mention the minimum upstream release.
<toothbrush0>efraim: civodul: okay, thanks, i missed that :(
<civodul>davexunit: good!
<davexunit>civodul: here's a patch that adds some feature test predicates for containers:
<davexunit>if you approve, I'll make a follow-up patch that uses these feature tests to print friendly error messages in 'guix environment'
<civodul>davexunit: LGTM, great!
<davexunit>civodul: thanks
<davexunit>civodul: I wasn't able to figure out why was failing. the test passes in a 'guix environment' container
<civodul>yes i tested that as well, i don't know why
<civodul>we should add some more debugging statements in linux-containers
<davexunit>maybe these new error messages will reveal something
<civodul>then we need to rebuild with, say, "make dist && guix build guix --with-source=guix-0.9.0.tar.gz -K"
<civodul>that takes time tho :-/
<civodul>we could hack the makefile so it doesn't built gnu/packages/*.scm when testing that
<davexunit>ah yeah that would shave off some time
<davexunit>civodul: here's my first stab at friendly error messages.
<davexunit>looking for suggestions to make the messages better
<civodul>could you make it two lines, like first line shows the diagnostic with 'report-error', second line gives advice with 'leave'
<davexunit>civodul: sounds good
<davexunit>civodul: better?
<civodul>mark_weaver: 4.3-gnu is out, but we'll upgrade after the release i think
<civodul>davexunit: i think you need \\n at the end of each message string
<davexunit>oh okay
<civodul>other than that LGTM
<davexunit>I forget that this thing doesn't automatically insert a newline after printing the message
<civodul>yeah, maybe a mistake
<davexunit>OK I will push these two patches sometime today
<civodul>great, thank you!
<davexunit>yw, gotta go afk and focus on the day job and whatnot
<civodul>good luck :-)
<civodul>new image for testing! + .sig
<civodul>toothbrush0: ↑
<toothbrush0>civodul: thanks!
<wingo>what is the purpose of ending a file with ";;; mail.scm ends here" ?
<civodul>wingo: good question! i think this comes from Emacs, which may depend on it for its commentary/code parsing
<civodul>and Guile sort of mimicked that
<civodul>but this last line is prolly optional
<mazde>Is the development team of Trisquel or Parabola involved at all with GuixSD ?
<civodul>i don't think so
<civodul>the projects are different anyway
<civodul>iyzsong: thanks for the GStreamer updates; from there on we should avoid big rebuilds tho
<civodul>freeze and all that :-)
<civodul>rekado: going to ?
<civodul>it's quite pricey
<taylan>is zlib somehow an implicit input of gnu-build-system?
<taylan>ah, never mind, libpng propagates it
<wingo>davexunit: tx for review on esmtp things; do you think that review is sufficient for me to push when nits are fixed? or should i wait until after some freeze?
<wingo>since nothing depends on these packages maybe it doesn't matter, but not sure how guix does these things (cc civodul)
<wingo>hoo, git-send-email is an amazing footgun
<bavier>with a hair-trigger
<fps>hmm, ok. say i want to modify a package shipped with guix[sd]
<fps>i have a clone of guix
<fps>i have yet to manage to get anything done with it though
<fps>let's say i want to try adding (lib "openssl") to the racket package
<fps>i pointed emacs to ~/src/guix [where the clone lives]
<fps>did guix-edit racket
<fps>changed the package definition
<fps>then what?
<fps>nix-build -L ~/src/guix racket?
<taylan>fps: ./pre-inst-env guix build <package>
<fps>so, make that executable?
<fps>there's only a .in for that. do i have to build guix in the clone first?
<fps>interesting. i thought i have guix installed already ;)
<taylan>oh, sure, you need to autoreconf -vif, ./configure, and make. these are best done with 'guix environment guix' if you have an existing guix installation.
<fps>ok, will see
<fps>the guix manual refers to the INSTALL file, but it seems to be absent from the git clone
<civodul>fps: right, it's only present in tarballs, or after running "autoreconf -fi"
<civodul>wingo: if both davexunit and 'guix lint' say it's fine, you can commit them
<civodul>these are leaves of the graph, so it's fine
<fps>um, is there maybe a meta package that gets me the guix build dependencies into my user profile?
<mark_weaver>civodul: regarding linux-libre-4.3, waiting until after the release sounds good.
<mark_weaver>(after the guix release, that is)
<civodul>mark_weaver: ok!
<fps>hmm, wasn't there something like guix environment guix?
<civodul>fps: 'guix environment guix' is the best way to do that, as taylan wrote
<fps>civodul: must have missed that..
<civodul>git describe says v0.8.3-1476-g7006836... and there's a NEWS file to write
<fps>civodul: right. overread it
<fps>taylan: thanks
<davexunit>wingo: yeah, agreed with civodul. *plays that salt n peppa song*
<fps>oh, salt n peppa: which song was that 'everyday, i need that shhhhht done in a special way'
<fps>i searched for it a while ago, but couldn't find it
<davexunit>pushed the 'guix environment' friendly error message stuff
<davexunit>civodul: I guess I need to also add some check to tests/ to skip the tests under the same circumstances
<civodul>davexunit: yeah
<davexunit>I'll try to take care of that but I'm getting short on time.
<davexunit>I also want to address the silly bug with 'guix container'
<davexunit>I *think* those are the last 2 nits
<civodul>yes it all seems to be in a good shape now
<_`_>other distributions using systemd have had it for a while.
<_`_>ACTION doesn't like how systemd does it anyways
<Gxsdnewb>hi all, i am editing my barebones.scm to disable substitutes via modify-services %base-services
<Gxsdnewb>I see in the manual the example where it defines (use-substitutes? #f) which i assume calls for default option, with subs enables
<Gxsdnewb>to disable subs would it be (use-substitutes? no) ??
<davexunit>#f is false
<davexunit>so (use-substitutes? #f) means to disable substitutes
<Gxsdnewb>ah ok thank you!
<Gxsdnewb>and what is a standard way to read bz2 compressed logs without running multiple commands?
<Gxsdnewb>bunzip2 log.bz2 > less
<Gxsdnewb>does that work or do others use a better solutions?
<davexunit>that I do not know
<alezost>ACTION would just open "*log.bz2" in emacs 
<Gxsdnewb>Haha ok dumb question.
<Gxsdnewb>I also have a question about encrypted / setup as presented in the manual: there is no eadditional /boot partition specified
<fps>ok, ./pre-inst-env guix build racket
<fps>fails to connect to the build-daemon
<Gxsdnewb>I see on my current install, the kernel & initrd in /gnu/store/ but there are grub files in /boot/
<davexunit>fps: ./configure --localstatedir=/var
<fps>davexunit: thanks
<Gxsdnewb>will grub be able to boot guixsd without an unencrypted /boot partition?
<fps>awesome. it didn't have to rebuild almost anything upon make after the configure call..
<_`_>Gxsdnewb: there is a bzless(1), but I think it's basically a shell script that does `bzip2 -cdfq $file | less`
<fps>it feels kind of backwards to use ./pre-inst-env when i'm on guixsd and the package manager is guix :)
<Gxsdnewb>civodul: trying to run cryptsetup luksFormat on 0.9.0pre image fails with many device-mapper errors
<Gxsdnewb>crypt: Error allocating crypto tfm
<Gxsdnewb>ioctl: error adding target to table
<Gxsdnewb>Failed to open temporary keystore device
<Gxsdnewb>It seems to create the LUKS dm but the passphrase is not stored so i cannot run luksOpen and decrypt
<fps>./pre-inst-env guix build racket 2>&1 | tail -n 100 | xclip
<fps>after adding (lib "libressl") into its package definition
<efraim>looks like you didn't reference it well
<civodul>fps: please avoid since it is inaccessible to Tor users
<civodul>another option is
<efraim>(assoc-ref inputs "libressl")
<efraim>i normally use pastee
<fps>i also have :)
<fps>oops, or i don't
<fps>since i forgot to start the service on last reboot ;)
<fps>there it is :)
<fps>oh, but i'm not sure websockets work through tor either ;)
<fps>efraim: thanks for the repaste
<fps>civodul: ok, noted..
<civodul>Steap: what's up with the PyPI updater? :-)
<civodul>it'd have been nice to have it for the release
<civodul>to show off ;-)
<Steap>civodul: you ask me more about my work than my employer
<Steap>k, pushing my OpenStack patches first
<karhunguixi>also, is known to mangle some data, so data integrity goes out the window with this service
<efraim>civodul: switching the tarball on c-ares fixed the issue with aria2 not finding c-ares, so that was a nice suprise
<alezost>fps: could you also paste your modified racket package definition?
<paroneayea>civodul: do we want to be listed on ?
<paroneayea>they have the "projects doing this" at the bottom
<Gxsdnewb>This is the error with cmake not downloading via https ^
<karhunguixi>Gxsdnewb, how did it go with your encryption attempt?
<fps>alezost: sure. one moment..
<alezost>oh, http redirects to https. ISTR it was fixed not so long ago, not sure - civodul ?
<fps>i added line 30
<fps>i'm just poking around :)
<civodul>paroneayea: we do, but we won't ask ;-)
<Gxsdnewb>civodul: so far the inability of LUKS to store my passphrase was annoying, but this https redirect for downloading cmake causes the system init to fail
<fps>oh and i just now see how that is probably totally wrong..
<civodul>Steap: i ask you more and i don't pay you, that's better! :-)
<Steap>civodul: you don't pay me ?
<civodul>alezost: could you change the CMake recipe to use https directly?
<civodul>that will fix it
<civodul>Steap: well, hmmm, send the patch and we'll discuss afterwards
<alezost>civodul: I have no idea, it was for Gxsdnewb
<fps>using the module gnu package tls and setting it libressl as build input does wonders..
<civodul>alezost: i know, but you have commit access ;-)
<civodul>i could do it otherwise, but i'm busy with NEWS
<civodul>Gxsdnewb: what's the problem with LUKS?
<civodul>ACTION has had a LUKS-encrypted /home since 0.7 or so
<karhunguixi>ACTION has LUKS-encrypted /
<rekado>civodul: I won't go to -- are you going?
<rekado>(I couldn't possibly get anyone to pay for this. The reppar thing was already considered borderline.)
<fps>i couldn't find much info on the web on how to build racket such that rado can handle ssl so i thought why not just try adding an ssl lib to the package? ;) not a serious attempt though
<alezost>civodul: sorry, I have no idea what CMake recipe you mean and what it's all about
<alezost>fps: but your attempt may actually work
<fps>the original issue was "raco pkg install ragg" giving me:
<civodul>alezost: ok, np
<civodul>rekado: no i'm not going; would have been interesting but hey
<civodul>fps: it might be that we don't link Racket against OpenSSL or something?
<fps>civodul: that's what i was thinking, too.
<Gxsdnewb>civodul: i cannot reproduce the bug, LUKS is working since reboot
<fps>the diff that probably won\\t make it work:
<Gxsdnewb>karhunguixi: do you also have /boot dir on your encrypted / partition?
<karhunguixi>Gxsdnewb, yes
<fps>um, is there a little command line tool like xclip for pastee? so i can pipe into it and get a pastee link?
<fps>oh it does
<fps>it's not packaged though. might try that later ;)
<davexunit>civodul: 'guix publish' service!!!
<civodul>davexunit: low-hanging fruit :-)
<civodul>and i'd really want people to use it more
<davexunit>yeah. I don't use it for real yet.
<davexunit>once I can run the daemon with multiple substitute providers it will be more feasible
<davexunit>almost there
<civodul>that part works too ;-)
<Gxsdnewb>newb question: i try to add emacs to list of packages in my scm for system init but it fails:
<Gxsdnewb>(packages (cons tcpdump emacs %base-packages))
<karhunguixi>hm, trying guix publish i get: guix publish: error: open-file: No such file or directory: "/etc/guix/signing-key.sec"
<Gxsdnewb>fails with In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: emacs
<bavier>Gxsdnewb: you need to (use-modules (gnu packages emacs))
<bavier>and you'll probably want to use 'cons*' instead of 'cons'
<Gxsdnewb>hmm ok, well as a user i find the comment misleading in the template /etc/configuration/*.scm files: ;;Globally-installed packages.
<Gxsdnewb>it implies i can add package names there
<davexunit>karhunguixi: you have to create a signing key first
<davexunit>civodul: I thought you had to specify that for each usage of a 'guix' command?
<bavier>Gxsdnewb: you add package variables to the list, and then they are made available system-wide
<davexunit>I didn't realize that you start the daemon with the list you want
<Gxsdnewb>if adding a package name fails, then i dont know what the following line does actually
<karhunguixi>davexunit, is this something i just make up on my own or should guix make this for me? I don't find any documentation on this.
<davexunit>there's a command to make it but I forgot how to do it and don't have time to look now
<civodul>davexunit: no, that's also fixed:
<civodul>things are moving soooo fast! ;-)
<Steap>Just ran guix refresh -t pypi, seems to work fine
<davexunit>civodul: fast indeed. I can't even keep up!
<davexunit>a coworker and I were just having some trouble with Chef and we were going over all the ways in which Guix would avoid all of the issues.
<civodul>Steap: yay!
<civodul>davexunit: we "just" have to make it a reality now ;-)
<fps>Gxsdnewb: yeah, i stumbled over it, too, and many other new users will stumble over it in the future :)
<fps>a little function (maybe find-packages) that worked similarly like guix package -i such that one could use (packages (cons* (find-packages emacs xclip lalala) %base-packages) would be nice
<bavier>fps: there's 'specification->package' in (gnu packages)
<fps>oops, forgot a )
<Steap>civodul: sent :)
<bavier>perhaps with that you could do (append (map specification->package '("emacs" "xclip")) %base-packages)
<karhunguixi>davexunit, i'm running "guix archive --generate-key", it should be what i want
<civodul>Steap: aaaaah, excellent!
<davexunit>civodul: I need to figure out how to make guile-ssh do what I want, but I was poking at getting 'guix deploy' to manage my bare metal guixsd machines
<civodul>karhunguixi: note that it takes time because it needs to gather enough entropy
<davexunit>karhunguixi: yes, that's it!
<nully>`/win 40
<civodul>i've added a note in "Invoking guix publish" on --generate-key
<fps>bavier: my guile skills aren't sufficient to understand that point :)
<karhunguixi>i've got time :)
<fps>bavier: i'll take a look though. thanks for the hint
<bavier>fps: ;), np, I haven't personally used it that way, but perhaps we could add an example to the docs
<bavier>fps: did you see my of its use?
<fps>bavier: oh, i missed your example, cause i'm tired :)
<karhunguixi>May i suggest mentioning "guix archive --generate-key" in the manual "Invoking guix publish". Or maybe have guix ask to generate the key if key can't be found
<fps>bavier: how about (define (find-gnu-packages lst) (map specification->package lst)) or something, then it would reduce to (append (find-packages '("emacs" "xclip")) %base-packages)
<davexunit>karhunguixi: civodul just added a note about it
<fps>module my lisp suckiness
<fps>tired indeed
<karhunguixi>davexunit, oh right. I didn't see it.
<davexunit>gotta run
<karhunguixi>dave does a lot of running. He must be quite fit.
<fps>does guile have variable number of arguments for functions without resorting to an extra list?
<bavier>fps: guile has optional and keyword arguments
<fps>ok, so we can't get away without quoting the list ;)
<bavier>fps: oh, that's work too: (define (find-packages . packages) ...)
<fps>a pair?
<fps>ah, packages then can be a list.
<alezost>fps: you call it like this (find-packages emacs vim foo)
<bavier>it's "rest" notation; the variable after the "." is a list containing the rest of the function arguments
<fps>and it's similar to how (a . b) when b is a list (c . d) is the same as (a . (c . d))
<fps>makes sense..
<fps>or rather (a . (c . (d . null))) ;)
<alezost>yeah, except in scheme an empty list is written as '()
<fps>cool :)
<fps>ok, drats. now i need another guixsd install on my laptop so i can play with this.. ;)
<karhunguixi>fps, are you familiar with guix environment?
<bavier>fps: you can easily create vms for toying with different system configs.
<fps>karhunguixi: no, unless you call having used it once in my guixsd vm on my desktop machine
<bavier>fps: `guix system vm /path/to/toy/config.scm`
<fps>yeah, i'm just in bed now without a guixsd installation at all here ;)
<fps>ok, why not try qemu for a change. brb
<bavier>ah, ok
<karhunguixi>oh, listen do bavier instead. It's just that a second installation is most likely unnecessary
<fps>karhunguixi: oh you mean i could install guix on this nixos machine and still get a vm with guix system vm config.scm?
<karhunguixi>asch, sorry. I'm assuming a lot of things. I haven't followed your discussion :/
<bavier>I wonder if you could create a vm from guix running inside a vm...
<fps>there even is a guix package on nixos :) does a user installed guix support creating vms?
<bavier>only one way to know :)
<bavier>I'd assume yes
<fps>guix: system: command not found
<bavier>what's the version of the guix packaged on nixos?
<fps>oh, 0.3
<fps>the download was suspiciously small to begin with ;)
<fps>i'll setup a qemu
<paroneayea>Steap: btw, what's the chances that you could publish a blogpost demo'ing deploying guixsd to an openstack provider?
<fps>bavier: there was a log message about kvm: nested virtualization enabled
<bavier>fps: cool, good to know
<Steap>paroneayea: have you tried doing that ?
<paroneayea>Steap: no, but I have no idea where to start :)
<paroneayea>and you seem to!
<paroneayea>or alternately
<paroneayea>Steap: if you can point me to resources on where I should start
<paroneayea>I'd also be really interested in that
<Steap>paroneayea: haha
<Steap>as if I had any idea
<Steap>well, you need an OpenStack provider
<Steap>We still do not have any ISO images, do we ?
<Gxsdnewb>got disconnected, did anyone reply about the cmake gnutls error?
<karhunguixi>Gxsdnewb, i don't think so. But if you check the topic you can go check the log yourself.
<Gxsdnewb>the log does not update that fast
<karhunguixi>my prior experience have been that it was very quick to update, but yeah, currently it's quite behind
<karhunguixi>it's not updating at all it seems. It may have derailed.
<fps>oh interesting. in qemu i get a super slow printout of:
<fps>system-error("primitive-fork" "~A" "cannot allocate...
<fps>not enough ram i suppose ;)
<Steap>ACTION pushed the PyPI updater \\o/
<Steap>paroneayea: so, why exactly are you interested in OpenStack ?
<fps>is there a simple way to set the vga mode for the kernel console in guix?
<paroneayea>Steap: I'm interested in improving deployability for free software generally
<paroneayea>and in Guix as well
<paroneayea>and I think also there's another angle: we can more likely get Hydra / substitute hosting donations from orgs
<paroneayea>if we can prove that Guix can run on their systems
<Steap>well, OpenStack just requires a bootable fs iirc
<paroneayea>hm interesting
<Steap>the OS then runs in qemu or some other hypervisor
<Steap>(basically, the 'VM' part of OpenStack is just a wrapper around various hypervisors)
<fps>you can run an openstack cloud in a vm
<Steap>fps: yeah, but OpenStack is hard to setup