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<davexunit>GNUtoo-irssi: packages can be altered to split up installed files in various ways
<davexunit>if you want to reduce their size
<davexunit>the sky's the limit, pretty much, since packages are first-class Scheme objects that you can programmatically manipulate however you want.
<davexunit>we do not have a direct equivalent to Gentoo's global "use flag" system.
<davexunit>ACTION dusts off the wip-deploy branch
<davexunit>hmm, does anyone know how to connect to a QEMU VM from the host machine?
<davexunit>the IP of the VM is an address that I have no routes for.
<davexunit>paroneayea: I'm taking a look at how we can eliminate the need for a state file in 'guix deploy', and it seems that Ansible is a good role model in this regard:
<davexunit>rather than keeping a local list of hosts, which is bound to go out-of-sync when dealing with virtualized environments (especially those that "auto-scale"), Ansible provides a way to talk to a "dynamic inventory."
<davexunit>the dynamic inventory could be a OpenStack service or something.
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<yrns>When I try to install a package: substitute: error: executing `/usr/local/libexec/guix/substitute': No such file or directory
<yrns>It's like my localstatedir is wrong
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<davexunit>yrns: I'm guessing you are using Guix on top of another non-GuixSD distro, yes?
<davexunit>how did you install Guix?
<yrns>davexunit: Originally the binary install, but now from github.
<yrns>Er, git.
<yrns>On top of Arch.
<yrns>It was working, but stopped after a git pull a few days ago.
<davexunit>what is your local state dir?
<davexunit>for example, on my machine, it's /var/guix
<davexunit>run the configure script with --localstatedir=/var if you haven't done that
<yrns>I tried that, thought maybe I forgot. Tried again with make clean too.
<davexunit>but did you restart the daemon?
<davexunit>is the running daemon from when you did the binary install or from when you did a 'make install' from the git repo?
<davexunit>btw, the binary install does *not* do the equivalent of 'make install'
<davexunit>so I imagine that something is wrong with the way you've mixed things.
<yrns>I restarted with the new daemon after building. I never actually did make install. I just run guix and the daemon out of the git directory.
<yrns>I rebuilt yesterday I think.
<davexunit>do you run the daemon with the pre-inst-env script?
<yrns>No, should I be?
<davexunit>the daemon is trying to find the substituter in a place where it hasn't been installed.
<davexunit>yrns: if you're running out of the git repo, yes.
<davexunit>otherwise you are running a different daemon
<yrns>That works!
<davexunit>hello paulo
<lfam>This Makefile wants me to comment out some lines as a means of configuring the compilation:
<lfam>How should I do that from the Guix package definition?
<efraim>lfam: maybe. another guess could be substitute*, but that's unlikely
<efraim>more mplayer fun: the test command is `make tests`, but then it failed when compiled against the shared ffmpeg
<efraim>coming soon: patching the bundled libraries that aren't in guix to call the native-input replacements of the libraries that are in guix
<efraim>from `guix lint mplayer`: gnu/packages/video.scm:586:2: mplayer-1.2: line 627: parentheses feel lonely, move to the previous or next line
<efraim>that is an awesome response
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<GNUtoo-irssi>davexunit: ok, thanks
<lfam>I can't figure out how to get luasec to build. It says that it can't find the openssl libraries, even though they are on LIBRARY_PATH.
<lfam>Here is the WIP package def:
<lfam>Here is the build log:
<lfam>Here is a way to view the source tree of luasec online:
<lfam>It seems to fail on line 214 of the build log, when it calls ld to link the openssl crypto libraries, and ld can't find them.
<wingo>do you have the openssl lib dirs specified via -L
<lfam>Don't paths specified by -L complement the paths in LIBRARY_PATH? Because Guix is putting the openssl /lib dir on LIBRARY_PATH
<wingo>i don't know, you might be right. i don't have guix issues paged in right now, please disregard me :)
<lfam>When I read the GCC manual sections "Environment Variables" and "Directory Options", that is my understanding. But I'm definitely not an expert. Not sure I'm even competent ;)
<lfam>I'm going to try it anyways, thanks for the input!
<wingo>ACTION tries to get his head around the new service stuff