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<lfam>If I want to install Guix on Debian from core-updates, would I use the same method used when bootstrapping from the binary Guix tarball?
<zacts>can I install guix on top of lvm2?
<efraim>zacts: i don't remember if that is currently possible, but if it is I assume you'd have to add the lvm information to your os-config
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>happy FSF30! :-)
<davexunit>happy FSF30 civodul
<davexunit>civodul: paroneayea and I had the privilege of having a pretty long talk with Sussman last night.
<davexunit>in which at one point we mentioned Guix (I was wearing my GuixSD shirt) and he told me to email him about it.
<civodul>i wish that could happen to me :-)
<civodul>heh, nice
<civodul>so he was attending FSF30?
<davexunit>yeah he was at the party
<davexunit>as were many other board members
<davexunit>civodul: Julie Sussman was there and was in the Bulgarian folk group that was hired to sing the Free Software song as a surprise.
<civodul>ACTION .oO ( "Structure and Interpretation of OS Distros" )
<civodul>will there be videos?
<davexunit>there's a video of RMS speaking
<davexunit>and various people captured the free software song on phone cameras, but Matt Lee, former FSF campaigns manager, was there with a much nicer camera and microphone filming a lot of it
<davexunit>so I expect things to crop up
<civodul>which reminds me that some of LP's videos haven't made it online, AFAICS
<davexunit>turns out that a bunch of sysadmins aren't the best audio/video engineers. ;)
<civodul>but that's where MediaGoblin comes in! :-)
<davexunit>mark and chris and I had a nice chat about guile/guix things over dinner.
<davexunit>which was exciting.
<civodul>a Guix Hackers Meeting! :-)
<davexunit>lots of Schemers in the house yesterday
<rekado>I'm on right now to investigate the icedtea build failure. I see that the globally installed version of guix is quite old.
<rekado>am I supposed to run "guix pull" or build guix from git? I thought build slaves had to have the latest version available somewhere.
<civodul>rekado: build slaves can have any version, they just receive the .drv to build, so the version they have doesn't matter
<civodul>but yes, you can run 'guix pull' there
<civodul>or, to reproduce the issue, simply run: guix build /gnu/store/xxx.drv -K
<rekado>ah, I see. I'll do "guix build /gnu/store/xxx.drv -K".
<lfam>I'm curious what kind of x86_64 machines are favored as build slaves for Guix, especially considering that "they should be usable with exclusively free software". Does that limit the selection to Core2Duo-era machines?
<karhunguixi>Hi. I'm trying to start a vm, but it fails. Here's the output of: guix system --verbosity=4 vm /etc/config.scm
<karhunguixi>Anyone have any tips?
<karhunguixi>By the way, while trying to get this running i've had 2 system freezes, which required a hard reboot.
<karhunguixi>(it hasn't frozen after i did a guix pull though.. maybe it has been fixed)
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<rekado>the icedtea build failures seem to be caused by either a broken GCJ or (more likely I think) a broken bootstrap ECJ.
<rekado>I was able to see the same errors that were reported by Debian and OpenSUSE years ago.
<rekado>e.g. in this thread here:
<rekado>it's the same error, making me think that it's the particular ecj.jar that we use to bootstrap GCJ.
<rekado>in the OpenSUSE thread an IRC conversation is quoted, in which it's stated that ecj on 4.7 is broken.
<rekado>we currently use ecj+gcj 4.8.
<rekado>gcj builds fine, but ecj cannot be used as a compiler on mips or armhf.
<rekado>so, I think it's worth trying a later version of gcj+ecj, see if that fixes anything.
<rekado>the latest ecj is at version 4.9.