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<XexonixXexillion>This might sound like a stupid question, but how can I modify config files? (i.e ones in ~/.guix-profile/etc)? UPower keeps putting my laptop to sleep when I close the lid, and I want to stop that, but I can't edit UPower.conf
<karhunguixi>Is the "notmuch" package supposed to have Emacs bindings? I installed it but Emacs says: Symbol's function definition is void: notmuch
<xentrac>does C-h a notmuch say anything interesting?
<karhunguixi>it says: No apropos matches for `notmuch`
<karhunguixi>(i'm a complete Emacs noob by the way)
<davexunit>karhunguixi: you have to add your profile to the Emacs load path
<davexunit>(add-to-list 'load-path
<davexunit> (concat (getenv "HOME") "/.guix-profile/share/emacs/site-lisp"))
<karhunguixi>oh, thank you
<rekado>bavier1: how did you find the tarball? There are no releases nor tags on Github.
<rekado>I'll update it to use this tarball, but I'm really curious to know how I could have found it.
<rekado>Trying to "guix download" I get this error: "ERROR: Bad media-type header component: .gz"
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<rekado>ACTION compiles his first realtime-patched kernel with Guix.
<rekado>I wonder what the best way is to create derivative kernel packages in Guix.
<rekado>the RT kernel really just needs very few modifications compared to the default kernel. It needs an additional phase to apply the RT patch set, and pass a couple of CONFIG_* values.
<Sleep_Walker>I'm afraid that more common may be using different tarballs and whole config files
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<bavier>rekado: it looks like sfml change its source zips when it releases a new version?
<bavier>the sfml builds have been failing on hydra since at least 09-03
<bavier>idk, it looks like they might just have a history of changing their source downloads
<bavier>the 2.3.2 release was done on August 24, but the zip has a timestamp of Sept 12
<bavier>rekado: the mars patches don't apply on the source for me, because of line-ending issues
<bavier>the premake4.lua file has DOS line-endings
<bavier>at least I think that's the issue, the patch errors were a bit jumbled; I'll try again
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<systemovich>hi guys, I have guix running but I only get low graphics quality. I installed the driver for my graphics card (xf86-video-ati) but it did not make a difference. I guess it has to be added to the configuration somewhere.
<mark_weaver>systemovich: many (all?) ati cards require non-free firmware to be uploaded to them from the host OS. Guix is a fully free distribution, and so does not include that non-free firmware.
<alezost>systemovich: search for "radeon" in dmesg - if it's DEBLOBBED, then it's the problem
<mark_weaver>if you have the means, I would encourage you to acquire hardware that can be used with a free operating system.
<systemovich>alezost, I ran dmesg | grep radeon. None of the lines returned contains DEBLOBBED. One of the lines is `radeonfb` (0000:01:05.0): ATI Radeon 5a62 "Zb"`.
<systemovich>mark_weaver: I might have to do that.
<alezost>systemovich: hm, maybe not all ati cards require non-free firmware.
<alezost>Our 'xorg-configuration-file' from (gnu services xorg) module does not contain xf86-video-ati, so it is not loaded by the default Xorg server
<alezost>you can try to run X server with this driver, and see if it works
<systemovich>alezost: thanks I wil try that.
<yrns>Should 'guix edit' bring me to an empty buffer?
<mark_weaver>yrns: no. what exact command did you type?
<yrns>mark_weaver: I hit 'e' from the package list in emacs.
<mark_weaver>which package did you select?
<yrns>st in suckless.scm
<amz3>yrns: do you use emacs daemons as editor ?
<yrns>amz3: emacsclient? Sometimes, but the server isn't running.
<amz3>try EDITOR=nano guix edit st
<amz3>try: EDITOR=nano guix edit st
<yrns>I wasn't clear. I was trying to edit from the emacs interface. From the command line it works.
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<yrns>Editing from the command line takes me to ~/.config/guix/latest/gnu/packages/suckless.scm, but hitting 'e' in emacs takes me to ~/.guix-profile/gnu/packages/suckless.scm, which doesn't exist.
<mark_weaver>alezost: ^^
<alezost>yrns: interesting, what is the output of "M-: (guix-package-location "st")"?
<alezost>and what is the value of 'guix-directory' variable?
<yrns>alezost: guix-package-location isn't defined and guix-directory is nil. Maybe I failed to read something important before starting on this journey.
<alezost>yrns: how did you install guix? or do you use guix from git repo?
<kdgt49>Hi everyone, does GuixSD is already safe to use on home desktop ?
<alezost>kdgt49: it depends on what "safe" is for you. As for me, it is very safe
<alezost>yrns: anyway guix-directory shouldn't be nil. Could you also try "M-: (guix-eval-read "%guix-dir")"
<yrns>alezost: I'm running Guix on top of Arch, binary installation. The emacs package was installed with 'guix package -i guix' and putting the site-lisp in my load-path.
<yrns>That last bit returns "/home/al/.config/guix/latest"
<alezost>yrns: 'guix-package-location' was introduced on August 30, maybe your guix (installed by 'guix package -i guix') is older. Is that directory correct? (are you "al")?
<yrns>alezost: I am indeed Al. I'll check the version.
<alezost>OK, (I'm "al" too :-) ), then "e" should work after "M-: (guix-set-directory)"
<kdgt49>alezost: just want to know if i can use it as a main os on my home pc. Is it ready for that or i will have to reinstall it on every update. Is it stable for main os?
<alezost>kdgt49: it is stable for me, I don't know if it would be for you. I use it for about a year and have not reinstalled it
<kdgt49>thanks. i will try it when.
<alezost>yrns: could you check that evaluating (guix-set-directory) set guix-directory variable to the proper value?
<yrns>alezost: It does!
<alezost>yrns: the version doesn't matter for this problem; the point is: 'guix-directory' should be set after starting Guix REPL. It should happen because 'guix-after-start-repl-hook' contains 'guix-set-directory', could you check guix-after-start-repl-hook variable?
<yrns>Its value is (guix-set-directory), original value was nil.
<alezost>yes, it should be this. So I don't understand: (guix-set-directory) sets the proper value of 'guix-directory' and it is in 'guix-after-start-repl-hook', but your initial value of 'guix-directory' was nil. Do you have any guix settings in your .emacs?
<yrns>So ~/.config/guix/latest is where all the official recipes are? Installing the guix package creates that symlink? Where do I put my own packages?
<yrns>alezost: Maybe the problem is using use-package with guix?
<alezost>yrns: no it shouldn't, I also use use-package. Could you show your guix settings?
<alezost>Yes, that's a symlink with the latest guix packages. For your own packages, there is GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH env var
<alezost>see (info "(guix) Package Modules") for this env var
<rekado>bavier: that's odd. I had the same error when I copied the patch contents. It only worked when I preserved the DOS line endings. Maybe I accidentally converted the line endings when I amended the patch ...?
<yrns>So I don't actually want to edit the official st recipe, do I? I set that env variable, make a new package, and inherit the official recipe with my changes?
<mark_weaver>yrns: are you making changes that might be suitable for submission upstream (to us)? or do you expect that no one else would want your changes?
<alezost>yrns: if you mean the recipe from ~/.config/guix/latest, you even can't edit it, because it's in store (that's why I use (setq guix-directory "~/src/guix")). You can inherit your package from the official one
<mark_weaver>in order to edit the source code of guix, you must first build guix from source code (preferably from a git checkout)
<yrns>mark_weaver: I imagine I'd want to do both eventually.
<yrns>I see. So if I want to submit patches I should be running from source?
<alezost>yrns: Btw, instead of manually writing commands in use-package clause, you can just (require 'guix-autoloads) – new commands are added sometimes (for example in the latest guix there is "M-x guix-edit")
<alezost>If that's all your config, it shouldn't effect guix-directory. Could you restart emacs to make sure that it is reproducable?
<yrns>alezost: Nice, thanks! Will do.
<alezost>although the recommended way is (require 'guix-init) ← with that you will also have the autoloads of emacs packages installed via Guix
<yrns>All my packages are from melpa right now, except guix. I imagine it should be nicer to use guix, but there's only a handful available, yeah?
<alezost>yes, not much; but you can add the ones you need :-)
<yrns>Ahh, I see there's an importer for ELPA.
<efraim>I was reading the new install thread in the mailinglist, if i take an existing install and run guix reconfigure on top of it, it'll effectively switch to guixsd with baggage from the previous base distro?
<efraim>other question: if I want to run enlightenment from guix installed on debian and not enlightenment from debian, should i just link /var/guix/profiles/per-user/efraim/guix-profile to somewhere in /bin?
<efraim>as a sort of hackish way to do that
<yrns>efraim: Put ~/.guix-profile/bin at the head of your PATH? I get a reminder about this whenever I install something via guix.
<efraim>yeah but i mean when I boot up and lightdm starts enlightenment, i get 0.17.6 from debian and not 0.19.5 from guix
<yrns>Uninstall the former? Not familiar with lightdm, but surely there's a way to configure the path.
<efraim>i could change /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service from ExecStart=/usr/sbin/lightdm to /var/guix/.../lightdm
<efraim>or i could switch to TTY1 and try to launch it by hand
<rekado>evince segfaults on a password protected PDF :(
<rekado>and pdf-view-mode doesn't seem to know how to open it at all.
<bavier>rekado: it may have been my email client that changed the line endings. I'd say just make sure they're preserved before pushing the patch.
<bavier>rekado: also, did you see the note about sfml build failures?