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<taylanub>sneek: later tell civodul it seems 'C' works on hunks only, and not on whole files, whether new or modified.
<sneek>Got it.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, taylanub says: it seems 'C' works on hunks only, and not on whole files, whether new or modified.
<civodul>sneek: later tell mthl cron/systemd vs. mcron/dmd ->
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<civodul>good stuff at
<civodul>i hope we can get a devroom
<civodul>sneek: seen mark_weaver
<sneek>mark_weaver was here Aug 29 at 12:33 pm UTC, saying: I also recommend adding 'wicd' to the system-wide 'packages'..
<civodul>howdy, mark_weaver!
<mark_weaver>hi civodul!
<paroneayea>hello, *!
<paroneayea>civodul: how was your break btw? refreshing, I hope? :)
<civodul>paroneayea: definitely! :-)
<civodul>a long refreshing break, far away from keyboard ;-)
<civodul>& you?
<civodul>you were at OSCON a while back, right?
<paroneayea>civodul: yes! I got the O'Reilly award, in fact
<paroneayea>I'm about to put up a blogpost about it, even though it's a month late.
<amz3>O'Reilly award of what?
<paroneayea>amz3: the O'Reilly Open Source Award
<paroneayea>the description gave on stage was for my free software advocacy and for gnu mediagoblin
<amz3>now you are a legend
<paroneayea>though GNU was pronounced by each letter, G! N! U!, like a university chant :)
<civodul>paroneayea: nice, congrats!
<civodul>now you should ask them to change the name to "free software award" ;-)
<paroneayea>civodul: I don't think I have that kind of authority ;)
<paroneayea>civodul: I was glad that, at least, they said free software when giving it to me
<civodul>that's already an improvement :-)
<civodul>anyway i look forward to reading your blog post
<civodul>ACTION has to go
<jchmrt>Hey, I'm having some issues installing guixSD on my thinkpad X200 running libreboot. After I've run "ifconfig enp0s25 up && dhclient enp0s25" to initialize the ethernet, I get "Network is unreachable" everytime I try to ping something. Does anyone have some idea of what I've done wrong, or any tips on how to further diagnose the problem?
<jchmrt>Also: if I go ahead anyway and run guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt, it fails because it can't download the dependecies
<amz3>jchmrt: if nobody answer try to look the mailling list and the irc log, if did not already do so. A few people use x200 with guix
<jchmrt>Yeah, I haven't found anything on the mailing list yet, but I will keep looking
<amz3>does the interface appear after ifconfig ... up ?
<jchmrt>What do you mean exactly? after running ifconfig enp0s25 up, it shows enp0s25 as up in ifconfig -a
<amz3>ah ok
<amz3>does dmesg says anything useful ?
<jchmrt>"IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): enp0s25: link is not ready
<jchmrt>hmm, that seems relevant
<jchmrt>amz3: thanks for your help! I have gotten wifi to work in the installer, so I don't need ethernet anymore.
<lfam>Why are some licenses specified like (license asl2.0) and others like (license license:expat)?
<alezost>lfam: it depends on how (guix licenses) module is used: with or without "#:prefix license:" (look at the beginning of package files)
<lfam>alezost: But is there a reason for the variety? Is one of them deprecated?
<paroneayea>sneek: later tell civodul got the blogpost up about receiving the O'Reilly Open Source Award
<alezost>I think none is deprecated, but I prefer to use a prefix for license. The reason is: several modules may export symbols with the same name, so you need to distinguish them somehow. For this purpose, you use a prefix for symbols from some module. There are symbols from (guix licenses) that often conflicts with other modules (I don't remember what exactly)
<alezost>lfam: ^^^
<lfam>That makes sense.
<rekado->xml2po of gnome-doc-utils appears to be broken. I get this error: "ImportError: No module named xml2po"
<rekado->trying to package shotwell right now and I see hundreds of these messages during the build.
<Steap>rekado-: maybe PYTHONPATH is not set properly
<Steap>does "find ~/.guix-profile xml2po" return anything ?
<rekado->I don't have it installed. It does seem like bin/xml2po would need to be wrapped such that PYTHONPATH includes the lib/python2.7/site-packages directory.
<rekado->currently, that's not the case.
<rekado->I have added "gnome-doc-utils" as an input.
<rekado->as a temp fix I could set the PYTHONPATH in a separate build phase, but it seems to me that the script itself needs wrapping so that it always works, no matter if installed or not.
<Steap>bin/xml2po probably imports something that is not in the PYTHONPATH
<rekado->well, yes: its own lib directory.
<Steap>this is not done
<rekado->and: it seems that libxml2 needs to be propagated by gnome-doc-utils.
<Steap>so the definition of gnome-doc-utils should be tweaked
<rekado->because just adding the site-packages path to PYTHONPATH (in a package using xml2po at build time) is not sufficient.
<Steap>libxslt as well, probably
<karhunkynsi>I'm having problems in GuixSD, with "guix system reconfigure FILE"
<karhunkynsi>It stops with: guix system: error: build failed: build of `/gnu/store/..-system.drv` failed
<alezost>karhunkynsi: could you show the full backtrace?
<karhunkynsi>ok, wait
<Steap>do we have "--container" ?
<Steap>Not sure what happened to this feature
<alezost>Steap: not yet
<amz3>I think there is an issue Django people have that can be solve in a nice way with containers
<amz3>guix container
<amz3>there test suite takes around 500 second to complete with in memory sqlite. Since python has no threads, they investigate how to use multiprocessing module. IIUC this can be done with guix containers
<amz3>and it's in memory sqlite, which means that for real dbs they need even more code
<amz3>this is discussed on django developper mailling list
<karhunkynsi>before reconfiguring i did a "guix package --upgrade", not sure if this had anything to do with it. I've reconfigured before.
<karhunkynsi>i'm basically using the "desktop" configuration from the manual
<alezost>karhunkynsi: "no code for module (guix build syscalls)" — I don't know how this could happen but you are not alone: <>, <>. Perhaps yenda knows how to figure it out.
<alezost>karhunkynsi: maybe this is the answer: <>
<karhunkynsi>i'm pretty sure this is my first reconfigure after switching to desktop, i started with console
<karhunkynsi>i'll try that
<civodul>Steap: it's just wip-container, but we must push davexunit to get that merged :-)
<civodul>karhunkynsi: make sure to run 'guix pull' as root before reconfigure
<karhunkynsi>ok, perhaps it should be mentioned here:
<civodul>it's mentioned at but perhaps not prominently enough?
<karhunkynsi>it's not where i went for help at least
<karhunkynsi>i see there's a link there which i didn't think to follow
<civodul>apparently other people have had the same problem, so something must be done about it™
<karhunkynsi>perhaps it even makes sense to have reconfigure do a git pull at the beginning?
<karhunkynsi>eh, guix pull
<civodul>not sure, i'd prefer something explicit
<civodul>because sometimes, you don't want to update Guix
<karhunkynsi>in that case you could opt out of it, --don't-update-guix
<civodul>yeah, right
<karhunkynsi>now it's blasting along on it's merry way to reconfigure (guix pull took 20 mins here). I thank you for your help, alezost and civodul :)
<civodul>yeah 'guix pull' needs love
<civodul>it's on my to-do list
<davexunit>civodul: I would like to re-enable the container tests for the guix-devel package
<davexunit>and then get the rest of the patches in shape to merge
<davexunit>the one remaining issue is that I need to do something such that /bin/sh is available in 'guix environment --container'