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<alezost>I think to avoid such clashes, we may choose a hard way for emacs packages: instead of propagating inputs, we can modify (require 'foo) things into (require 'foo "/gnu/store/…")
<davexunit>Unix-domain socket path "/tmp/nix-build-ruby-pg-0.18.2.drv-0/37j51qd57ycpcsncmszcn74yzwk6yzks-pg-0.18.2/tmp_test_specs/.s.PGSQL.54321" is too long (maximum 107 bytes)
<davexunit>I guess I need to change the Ruby build system to avoid including the hash in the directory name of an unpacked gem
<davexunit>ACTION makes decent progress towards getting a small rails application working with nothing but guix
<davexunit>76 needed gems, slow but steady.
<rekado->mark_weaver: hmm, all three conditions are, in fact, met (plus the recommendation of adding wicd to the system packages). I'll have to investigate this at some point.
<rekado->when executing "wicd-gtk" as a user I get "Could not connect to wicd's D-Bus interface. Check the wicd log for error messages".
<rekado->the user is a member of the "netdev" group.
<rekado->the wicd log at /var/log/wicd/wicd.log only contains one line: "2015/08/28 18:49:41 ::"
***joehillen_ is now known as joehillen
<rekado->At the very end of "guix system reconfigure" I get this error:
<rekado->ERROR: In procedure #<syntax-transformer lift1>:
<rekado->ERROR: Wrong type to apply: #<syntax-transformer lift1>
<rekado->apparently this happens during the attempt to execute this: install-grub* "/gnu/store/rkab0r07wgmhs62q2r7a8qx9vbmw3gll-grub.cfg"
<DusXMT>rekado-: same error here
<iyzsong>yeah, revert commit b6c6105c by ludo do the tricks, should we fire a bug?
<civodul>rekado-, iyzsong: actually you need a rebuild
<civodul>of the .go files
<civodul>will send a message on that
<iyzsong>civodul: ah, ok
<rekado->civodul: ah, good to know. I'll retry.
<civodul>alezost: i don't know about you, but i miss Magit's old "rewrite" mode
<rekado->I use interactive rebase now instead of rewrite.
<rekado->i.e. "r e" instead of "E ..."
<alezost>what is old "rewrite"
<civodul>you would do "r b" for "rewrite begin", and then it would display the list of pending commits, and you could apply them, commit them, etc. in the order you want
<civodul>the new thing pops up a git buffer with 50 lines of comments
<civodul>not very helpful IMO
<alezost>I never used that thing so I don't miss it :-)
<alezost>but I use interactive rebase all the time
<karhunkynsi>quick note on guixsd: when i boot up to console, i have to press Enter after a while to get the login prompt
<karhunkynsi>before that it's just waiting after printing: "[ 6.80154] random: nonblocking pool is initialized"
<davexunit>karhunkynsi: that's jut because the syslog *and* the tty are writing to the same place on tty1
<karhunkynsi>can it be fixed? It doesn't bother me but it would obviously be preferable if it got to the login prompt on its own
<DusXMT>karhunkynsi: the problem is, the login promt is already there, it's just that more text gets added over it by syslog
<karhunkynsi>ok, well i thought i'd just mention it
<davexunit>perhaps we could have syslog output somewhere else, I don't really know much about this.
<davexunit>oh boy, I've encountered an interesting GPL situation. Maybe someone here can sort it out.
<davexunit>I found a library that is only licensed under the GPL 2, and it is used as a dependency *only* for running the test suite for a library that is dual-licensed under the GPL2 and the Ruby license
<davexunit>there exists a third library that uses the second that is expat licensed.
<davexunit>this GPL library is not at all required for things to work, and in fact most users do not ever download it because it's only a "development" dependency.
<davexunit>has the GPL been violated?
<efraim>#fsf? #gnu? i have no idea
<davexunit>I'll probably have to write to
<davexunit>ACTION packaged activesupport
<davexunit>one more step towards having Rails 4.
<civodul>hey, davexunit
<efraim>I'm using some other packages as references while building tilda, I'm not understanding why I'd use pkg-config as an input and not a native-input
<efraim>and i just tried apt-get build-dep -s tilda, and the list is 75 packages
<efraim>i no longer feel bad about my growing list in native-inputs
<efraim>build-deps pulls in libwayland-dev and libx11-dev
<efraim>ran into problems with vte, vte-0.40.0 provides vte-2.91 and I need at least vte-2.90, so I may need to do that later with passing flags to configure to tell it that it does have it
<civodul>efraim: re pkg-config, it's a "native input" because of the way it's used when cross-compiling
<efraim>civodul: i'll see if i can find that package again that uses pkg-config as an input
<civodul>note that when not cross-compiling there's no difference
<rekado->there's been new lilypond unstable release. Should we just update our stable package or add a variant?
<davexunit>ACTION writes a blog post trying to sell Guix to Ruby developers
<civodul>davexunit: yay
<civodul>rekado-: i guess we can just update, no?
<zacts>hello guix
<davexunit>it's a bit, ahem, long-winded, but I wanted to cover topics in enough detail to pique someone's interest and show practical solutions:
<davexunit>(whilst also noting the need for help to make it all feasible)
<civodul>davexunit: i still need to read in detail, but that looks like a nice practical report
<civodul>oh and i like that you put 'guix graph' to good use ;-)
<davexunit>yes I wanted to show that off :)
<davexunit>it's really excellent
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<civodul>good night/day!