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<davexunit>paroneayea: I share mark_weaver's concerns regarding a hackathon, but doing *something* might be cool anyhow.
<davexunit>maybe it would be best to save a full-on hackathon for LP2016
<davexunit>but perhaps there'd be room for something guix related at fsf30
<davexunit>emacs window manager
<davexunit>intriguing :)
<codemac>dumb lisp question for guix - How do I pass a #:rest parameter to another function as a list of arguments? (define* (thefunc a #:rest args) (next-func .... args?))
<davexunit>codemac: does the procedure in question actually have a #:rest keyword argument?
<davexunit>either way, you are looking for 'apply'
<davexunit>(apply + '(1 2 3)) does (+ 1 2 3)
<codemac>well that's how I know it's the end of the day, thanks for the help davexunit
<davexunit>(apply foo #:rest '(1 2 3)) does (foo #:rest 1 2 3)
<tennix>Hi, is there a guide on how to install GuixSD on VirtualBox?
<ryouma>is #: like : in cl
<marusich>tennix, I have not seen a guide specifically for VirtualBox. I think, if you want a virtual machine, you might consider using QEMU instead, since I believe Guix comes with some builtin features that make it easy to build a QEMU image:
<marusich>If you you really need to do it in VirtualBox, then I imagine you could probably give it a whirl by downloading the GuixSD live USB image, and then booting up a fresh VM with that "plugged into" it.
<rekado->mark_weaver: re vamp: a new tarball for the given version was uploaded and the previous one was removed. The hash has changed.
<mark_weaver>what's the new URL?
<mark_weaver>rekado-: I'd like to see the diffs between the old and new
<amz3>héllo :)
<ecraven>so it's geeks, not goo-iks?
<amz3>I do myself have some trouble getting use to it ;) goo-iks is more... goo-iks that geeks.
<ecraven>well, assuming it is pronounced in a french way, it makes sense :)
<amz3>France is the new Canada, without notice you pronounce guix is as goo-iks like me ;)
<rekado->mark_weaver: the new URL is
<rekado->I no longer have the old tarball, so I cannot diff them.
<davexunit>I find it weird that when I type my password incorrectly at the slim login screen that it changes my session type from xfce to windowmaker.
<davexunit>and I have to press f1 to get back
<amz3>I like the proposition of wingo
<davexunit>I'd like to wait and hear ludo's thoughts
<rekado->another data point: my colleage was unhappy when I told him there was no "guix install name" or "guix search name", so wingo is not the only one to think that this is something that's missing.
<rekado->I would not mind to have them as aliases to "guix package -i" and "guix package -s", but I don't have strongly held opinions either way.
<DusXMT>Or herhaps hints, eg: Invalid option<br/><br/>Did you mean: guix package --install?
<yenda>Hi guix
<yenda>is there a package for a chrome fork ?
<rekado->yenda: afaik there is not.
<rekado->chromium bundles a lot of third-party libraries, so getting it packaged is a lot of work.
<yenda>firefox/icecat is totaly incapable of handling kibana :(
<davexunit>there's a chromium fork that looks promising for inclusion in guix
<davexunit>how so?
<yenda>it just hangs for a while after every action
<davexunit>sounds like kibana's fault
<DusXMT>guix isn't the first package manager to not use `argv[0] install pkg1 pkg2 pkg3', there's pacman and emerge that also have different usage, so I don't think it's a big issue
<DusXMT>But the hints could be useful, kinda like git does it when one misspells a command
<yenda>davexunit: how is it kibana's fault ?
<davexunit>wth is kibana doing to perform so horribly?
<davexunit>kibana is very js heavy, iirc.
<yenda>is js only
<davexunit>when one the most commonly used browsers with one of the fastest javascript implementations can't handle something, I am first suspicious of the application
<davexunit>before being suspicious of the browser
<yenda>just not fast enough apparently
<davexunit>people are starting to make websites that work only in chrome, much like the bad IE days.
<DusXMT>yenda: Do you have librejs enabled or disabled?
<yenda>disabled, it's the same on vanilla firefox
<davexunit>chromium isn't in any of the fully free distros AFAIK, so it must have some issue.
<yenda>firefox js engine is just not good enough for kibana
<davexunit>you haven't done the research to prove that.
<DusXMT>At one point, chromium came with a blob that always recorded the microphone and sent the data to google, much like what Chrome is still doing
<davexunit>there are a ton of factors that could lead to poor performance.
<DusXMT>Also, on Debian, it's only available for x86 and x86_64, so perhaps it's even architecture dependent. (debian usually has everything complied for a rather wide selection of processor archs)
<yenda>davexunit: after testing it actually works fine on firefox, it's iceweasel and icecat that are too far behind
<davexunit>icecat follows long-term support releases
<davexunit>I believe a new firefox LTS is coming soon, if not out already
<davexunit>I'd like a more bleeding edge firefox derivative, though.
<davexunit>which would be Abrowser, I guess.
<yenda>really a terrible name for web searches
<yenda>if iceweasel is just about replacing the trademark wouldn't be possible to have a script to strip the trademark from firefox source and have a more uptodate version of firefox ?
<davexunit>it does some other tweaks I think
<davexunit>for better user privacy
<davexunit>not to the extent of icecat, though.
<_`_>does abrowser get rid of all things like firefox's pocket integration, I'll switch to it right now if so…
<davexunit>no idea
<yenda>_`_: I can't even find how it's built
<_`_>It just sounds like rebranding to remove trademark restrictions.
<_`_>yenda: guess there maybe
<yenda>"So, the decision yesterday was that Trisquel 7 will ship with GNU IceCat and Abrowser will be retired but really it's the same browser with different branding. Goodbye, Abrowser - Long live Abrowser under its new name of GNU IceCat."
<yenda>Seems like Abrowser is dead ?
<yenda>Which is a good thing because pointless forks are pointless
<davexunit>it did have a point.
<davexunit>but now that the same developer maintains icecat
<davexunit>there's not much point
<_`_>icecat bases of esr right
<davexunit>I want a more bleeding-edge version
<_`_>that might be more difficult considering all the nonsense mozilla is doing lately
<_`_>need to remove all of that
<davexunit>either that or I need to start building my own firefox
<_`_>eme, pocket integration, hello, et al
<davexunit>I do web dev for a living, icecat is too old.
<_`_>I might just use icecat and iridium
<davexunit>iridium looks promising
<_`_>latter as a backup
<yenda>icecat was fine for me without librejs until I tried kibana
<_`_>I'm just too imprinted to pentadactyl to leave a firefox based browser for good.
<yenda>i was using vimperator until I switched to emacs for goood
<rekado->yenda: you use emacs as a browser?
<jcmdln>rekado-: you can run webkit in emacs if you are so inclined
<yenda>rekado-: I wish, but no just a firefox extension
<yenda>i'm also experimenting conkeror
<funrep>"GuixSD" may one ask the reasoning behind this name?
<rekado->funrep: Guix System Distribution
<davexunit>funrep: naming was a long and tiring debate, "Guix System Distribution" was a neutral, accurate name so we went with it.
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<mark_weaver>rekado-: you can get the old version from hydra, with the command "guix build -S vamp"
<mark_weaver>rekado-: using this, and your new URL, I computed the diff:
<mark_weaver>so they botched the release and then fixed it up without changing the name of the file
<DusXMT>funrep: At one point, it was called `The GNU Operating System'. However, since RMS didn't want us to discriminate against other fully-free distros, and since there could be some ambiguity and arguing about the meaning of GNU (what's a variant of GNU, if GNU is this system running guix?), we had to go for a different one. There were a bunch of suggestions, but RMS was against most of them. He suggested the nam
<DusXMT>e Guixotic, but a large number of Guix people didn't like it, and so the discussion continued. Then, Ludo came up with the idea of the `GNU System Distribution', or GSD for short. The majority of people here liked it; it was short, to the point, and even a bit punny. But RMS didn't approve, and so it eventually settled on the `Guix System Distribution', which can still be shortened to GSD, but RMS discourages
<DusXMT> it
<mark_weaver>I'm not sure what's the benefit of rehashing this particular bit of history.
<DusXMT>just some info for the curious
<tennix>thanks for explaining this history
<mark_weaver>well, fwiw, in retrospect, I think GSD was a poor name choice. I'm glad not to think of BSD every time the name is used.
<mark_weaver>RMS is usually right about these things, and I think he was right this time also.
<mark_weaver>and I think it's not helpful to open old wounds and try to make RMS look bad to some new person who comes along and asks about the name GuixSD.
<DusXMT>I did not intend that, I just wanted to enlighten them about what happened, nothing more. I myself am a curious being, and like reading about things like these
<DusXMT>RMS is a wise person. Sometimes he's a bit strange, and sometimes it's hard with him, but one can't deny that he's wise and knows what he's talking about
<mark_weaver>I understand that it can be entertaining to hear about the dirty laundry or internal bickering of any group working for social change. but eagerly volunteering the information to someone who comes along and asks about the group is another matter.
<ph4n70m4s>problem with m4 when linked to the intermediate glibc on hurd, test-sigprocmask fails, something wrong with the glibc again :-/
<daviid>GuixSD is just perfect! thanks all
<mark_weaver>thanks, daviid :)
<mark_weaver>phant0mas: thanks for working on it
<davexunit>dmd, despite being rough around the edges, makes me very happy. being able to programmatically define services is awesome.
<davexunit>avoided a lot of repitition in my user dmd config by writing procedures that return service objects.
<paroneayea>davexunit: along the dmd side of things
<paroneayea>and guix services
<paroneayea>conversations elsewhere about me saying I would love to drop sqlite have pointed out that sqlite has a reduced cognitive load compared to postgres
<paroneayea>but I feel like if we get this deployment stuff right
<paroneayea>that won't be true really, since users should be able to use recipes
<davexunit>sqlite is nice in that you don't need to run a server
<davexunit>but it's just not meant to be used in place of something like postgres
<amz3>paroneayea: do you mean that getting postgres up and running with guix will be so much simple that using sqlite would not be of much benefit?
<paroneayea>amz3: not quite, but I think that a proper deployment system built on top of guixsd could reduce pain there
<paroneayea>and in the long run, most deployments, sqlite or otherwise, are pretty painful.
<davexunit>we do have a postgresql service :)
<davexunit>just include (postgresql-service) in your list of system services and you've got a running db
<paroneayea>I still have plans, once we get beyond having guixops in place, of adding a recipe system
<paroneayea>with a UI
<paroneayea>so people who don't even want to write sexps can build up a system definition
<paroneayea>my original plan was to work on something like that in an ansible-style system built with guile before I realized it made much more sense to just work on top of guix
<davexunit>paroneayea: I think some simplified tool like that could be useful for commong things
<paroneayea>davexunit: yeah, and I agree that advanced hackers are gonna use advanced setups, but no worries, you can drop down to sexps for that
<davexunit>though we do want to empower folks to hack the system :)
<davexunit>so designing a tool that could hold their hand a bit but also empower them to hack the lisps would be beat.
<davexunit>can't type
<ryouma>just curious, but why guix SYSTEM distro instead of guix distro?
<DusXMT>ryouma: Because it's the "System Distribution" managed by guix. a "Guix Distribution" could also mean a source tarball of guix
<DusXMT>It's specifically a system
<ryouma>DusXMT: that makes sense
<ryouma>ACTION guesses everybody already rejected guixos
<davexunit>we could have done that, but to me it seemed too much like copy-catting Nix
<paroneayea>well and
<paroneayea>might have made the dialogue with rms even trickier than it was to call guix an os ;)
<davexunit>ACTION packages redis because I need it for work
<davexunit>yay it works
<davexunit>but no tests for now