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<davexunit>paron_remote: pelican's autoreload mode doesn't seem to work
<davexunit>ah I see, pelican crashes with a permission denied error before it can do the file watching loop
<davexunit>seems to choke when copying css from the store to my blog's output directory
<davexunit>paron_remote: I had to put 'DELETE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY = True' in my in order for the auto-reloading to work correctly
<davexunit>paron_remote: I was able to successfully deploy my pelican site, so I'm going to push these patches. thanks!
<davexunit>wow, yenda got ansible packaged? that's pretty awesome.
<davexunit>rekado-: the first issue you likely ran into with haunt was the hardcoded /usr/bin/guile in scripts/haunt. that's fixed now. pull and re-run ./configure
<mark_weaver>ACTION has been doing battle with network-manager all day. it compiles, and passes tests, but still no joy.
<mark_weaver>it apparently depends on a lot of infrastructure working properly which doesn't yet work for us, like policy kit.
<mark_weaver>I have to take a break, but I will continue on this later...
<mark_weaver>ACTION goes afk
<mark_weaver>time to learn about policy kit
<remo3>Since Guix uses Guile, I thought I should familiarize myself with it. I've found that there are at least 3 related GNU technologies...Emacs Lisp, GNU Guile, and MIT/GNU Scheme. Am I correct in understanding that these are all essentially disparate projects, and that I'm OK to just focus on learning Guile if I want to make sense of Guix-specific stuff?
<adhoc>remo3: that is my understanding too. knowing emacs lisp is useful in itself, there is also a project to build emacs on the guile runtime
<remo3>I see. I was curious because MIT/GNU Scheme didn't mention anything about Guile
<adhoc>remo3: i'm not up to date on the MIT/GNU Scheme project through.
<remo3>Nor did Guile mention anything about MIT/GNU Scheme
<remo3>(though I may have missed it in the manuals; I haven't read ALL the pages...)
<adhoc>last time i talked/chatted to someone about MIT/GNU Scheme, they said to go use Racket instead
<remo3>I see. Well, I guess that means I'm fine just focusing on Guile
<remo3>Thanks for responding!
<adhoc>at least guile is under active development and has active projects driving it =)
<adhoc>remo3: no problems
<adhoc>remo3: guile has a straight forward FFI, as emacs lisp does not and i don't know about MIT/GNU Scheme.
<adhoc>foreign function interface, you know, passing data to things like C libraries...
<remo3>Ah, I see
<mark_weaver>remo3: yes, MIT/GNU Scheme is not related to Guile, except that they are both implementations of Scheme.
<remo3>Cool. Thank you for confirming that.
<mark_weaver>but MIT/GNU Scheme and Guile each extend scheme in different ways, and if you use those extensions (as almost everyone does) then you lose compatibility with the other one.
<mark_weaver>np, happy hacking!
<remo3>Good to know - I'll keep that in mind.
<rekado->sneek: later tell davexunit "clipper" is written in Python and is just named "clipper", not "python-clipper". I dropped the "python-" prefix whenever the package is not a library.
<sneek>Got it.
<rekado->sneek: later tell davexunit The hardcoded path to guile was the first thing I changed ;)
<sneek>Will do.
<adhoc>afternoon all
<adhoc>i'm installing guile via guix and its sitting at the prompt for file 5.22
<adhoc>but the URL that its headed to is refused
<adhoc>so should i find another URL where the files is and up date it in the guix repo ?
<alezost>adhoc: I don't understand: "file" wasn't fetched from hydra?
<adhoc>its trying to get it from an ftp server, AFAICT
<adhoc> IIR
<adhoc>ACTION has to AFK, BBL =)
<adhoc>alezost: its the package 'file' version 5.22
<alezost>adhoc: So you don't use substitutes, right? "guix build file" gives me "/gnu/store/4znv57lfr8j4pdhgiv98vkgk10wyidv0-file-5.22"
<alezost>apparently "" is down: "wget" failed for me
<alezost>so I think you have to enable substitutes to get the "file" package right now
<yenda>isn't it a bit problematic for reproductible builds ?
<mark_weaver>yenda: file downloads are a special category of derivations known as "fixed-output derivations", where the SHA256 hash of the result is known in advance.
<mark_weaver>as such, it doesn't matter how they are produced, because the output will always be the same.
<mark_weaver>so they are subject to fewer restrictions by the daemon, e.g. they have network access.
<mark_weaver>and of course, they need network access to download anything :)
<mark_weaver>ACTION has made good progress on Network Manager, which has so far required fixes to polkit and dbus, but has still not found joy...
<mark_weaver>time now to sleep....
<adhoc>so it looks like is still down =/
<adhoc>ah, so scrolling back; "substitues: guix substitues: warning: ACL for archive imports seems to be uninitialised, substitues may be unavailable
<mark_weaver>adhoc: to enable substitutes, run "guix archive --authorize <
<mark_weaver>see section 3.4 (Substitutes) of the guix manual
<mark_weaver>that file is in the top-level source directory of guix
<mark_weaver>and now I must sleep...
<mark_weaver>ACTION ---> zzz
<adhoc>mark_weaver: thanks,
<adhoc>i'm just doing that now after searching and going back over the docs
<rekado_>it's probably just me but I have the feeling that the download of packages like texlive-texmf slow down progressively the larger the size of the already downloaded fragment.
<rekado_>downloading texlive-texmf is an experience of punctuated equilibria -- long periods where nothing at all seems to happen and then short, quick changes, only to rest again.
<rekado_>maybe I should plot this next time.
<yenda>hydra is slow
<rekado_>well, yes, but it seems to get slower as the download progresses. Maybe I'm just trying to see a pattern where there is none.
<davexunit>morning #guix
<sneek>Welcome back davexunit, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>davexunit, rekado- says: "clipper" is written in Python and is just named "clipper", not "python-clipper". I dropped the "python-" prefix whenever the package is not a library.
<sneek>davexunit, rekado- says: The hardcoded path to guile was the first thing I changed ;)
<davexunit>hey rekado-
<davexunit>rekado-: I pushed a few more commits to haunt master last night. going to address the image serving issue now.
<davexunit>rekado-: that is fixed.
<yenda>The OVH account manager doesn't work well with IceCat (401 unauthorized), I wonder if it has something to do with IceCat fake user agent
<phant0mas>the problem I have with perl on Hurd, has actually nothing to do with perl. It's a problem with glibc's memmove (specifically line 72). Considering that I use the same perl version with debian-hurd, which works, I am certain that the problem exists in one of the missing debian patches.
<phant0mas>I am closing in to a solution
<tyrion-mx>Hello, how do you suggest wiping my partition after an unsuccessful attempt to install guix?
<rekado_>hydra is fast for me right now. Great time to finally download texlive-texmf :)
<iyzsong>tyrion-mx: you can format it using 'mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdaX'.
<tyrion-mx>iyzsong, I did it using gparted, removing the partition and recreating it
<iyzsong>ok :-)
<tyrion-mx>still same error :S
<tyrion-mx>this system is cursed
<iyzsong>that's unbelievable >_>
<Camel_>I've used Nixos for couple of weeks. Trying to switch to Guix now.
<Camel_>Where can I find different configuration options?
<Camel_>Nixos has Options Search Page:
<Camel_>For example, how do I configure nginx?
<iyzsong>it's documented in texinfo format, and for Guile I think..
<Camel_>How can I set screen resolution?
<Camel_>But every option should be described somwhere in package defintion. Am I wrong?
<Camel_>For example, how do I set SLiM to autologin user?
<iyzsong>Yes, the scheme code is documented too, but currently we don't have many things to configure yet.
<Camel_>Can you show me an example of option description in scheme code of some package?
<iyzsong>Camel_: you can use the 'gnu/system/desktop.tmpl' config template as a start point, which have '%desktop-services' (contains slim-service) in 'services' field.
<iyzsong>Camel_: ah, sorry, here it is:
<iyzsong>the services is the mainly customizable things, while packages don't.
<Camel_>Thank you.
<iyzsong>sure, there still have a lot things to do :-)
<iyzsong>ACTION AFK to sleep
<rekado_>davexunit: thanks, I'll check out the latest commits to haunt soon. (Personal wishlist: reader for skribolo-like sxml; I don't like that I have to use string literals in sxml.)
<davexunit>rekado_: implement it! :)
<davexunit>rekado_: I think I'm going to add a naive auto-rebuild feature to 'haunt serve' and release 0.1, barring any blocker bugs from you.
<davexunit>sneek: later tell Camel_ we do not yet have an nginx system service, though we do have a package. writing the service has been on my TODO list for awhile and I would be very happy if someone beat me to writing it. :)
<davexunit>yo cirno[9]
<davexunit>shouldn't you be shooting elaborate, colorful bullet patterns at someone?
<cirno[9]>haha :D
<cirno[9]>I'm on my break
***atrapa is now known as atrapado
<cirno[9]>I've added two packages to gnu/packages/suckless.scm
<cirno[9]>which adds xscreenshot and imagefile from
<cirno[9]>now it's easy to install those tools and take a screenshot this way: xscreenshot | if2png > screen.png
<davexunit>cirno[9]: awesome!
<davexunit>would you like to clean those up a bit and submit a separate patch for each to
<cirno[9]>yeah i'd love to, how should i clean it up?
<davexunit>they're both pretty good as-is, I just have some minor style nitpicks
<cirno[9]>oops I did have one typo
<davexunit>the git commit SHAs can be shortened to the first 7 characters
<davexunit>is that the typo?
<cirno[9]>yeah i just fixed it
<davexunit>synopses should be short, start with a capital letter, and have no period at the end.
<davexunit>try running 'guix lint xscreenshot'
<davexunit>it should tell you some things
<davexunit>same for imagefile
<cirno[9]>would this be a good synopsis: Utilities to convert imagefile format
<davexunit>also, I think the suckless module is the wrong place, no?
<davexunit>these aren't suckless tools
<cirno[9]>I could make a separate file 2f30 - it's the same people though, it's like a branch of suckless
<cirno[9]>whatever you think is best :)
<davexunit>oh, then the suckless module is fine.
<davexunit>thanks for explaining.
<davexunit>an additional bit of lisp style advice: don't add newlines before closing parens
<davexunit>now, if you can make 2 commits that use GNU ChangeLog style commit logs (see the commit log for tons of examples) and send them as patch files generated by 'git format-patch' to, that would be great.
<davexunit>cirno[9]: also, do the 2f30 people not make tarball releases?
<davexunit>those would be preferred over using git checkouts
<cirno[9]>i think the gitweb thing also provides tars, ill switch to them
<davexunit>they're auto-generated
<davexunit>best to not switch, actually.
<cirno[9]>ah yeah
<davexunit>they could very well be non-deterministic
<davexunit>ACTION learns how to make a .deb package
<davexunit>boy do I have it easy writing guix packages in my free time
<davexunit>I think I'm going to write a little tool to bridge a gap for using Guix to package Ruby applications
<davexunit>it will take a Bundler-generated Gemfile.lock file and spit out some quick-and-dirty Guix packages for all of the dependencies
<mark_weaver>bah, there's a code execution vulnerability in expat, and gettext depends on it so it's basically like a core-updates rebuild.
<mark_weaver>we really need working grafts
<rekado->davexunit: re haunt: I find myself copying most of haunt/builder/blog.scm because I want to make changes to the "blog" procedure (e.g. do not generate the file name from the title, but keep the original file name).
<rekado->re .deb packages: when I packaged my applications for Debian derivates I'd generate them with fpm, because I found that life is too short to learn how to deb.
<davexunit>ACTION searches
<rekado->that's a ruby application to generate deb and rpm from something simpler.
<davexunit>I was looking at pkgr, now I will check this out.
<davexunit>rekado-: about the haunt thing, want to discuss more in #guile
<amz3>I just remember that a friend has an application that convert pypi projects to debian packages, remind be to ask him the url if it sound interesting
<cjbarnes18>Hi all, is there a guix wiki?
<davexunit>cjbarnes18: hey there. no, there's not.
<davexunit>looks like I disappointed them.
<cjbarnes18>sorry, emacs just died on me, lost any rplies to my Q about wiki...
<amz3>cjbarnes18: there is no wiki, sorry
<davexunit>cjbarnes18: hello again. we don't have a wiki.
<davexunit>we have a page or to on the wiki, though
<cjbarnes18>I spotted the wish list.
<amz3>cjbarnes18: what are you looking for in the wiki?
<amz3>maybe we can answer the questions you have
<davexunit>cjbarnes18: for documentation, the manual is the canonical place for it.
<cjbarnes18>I'm having troubles finding my feet with guix, and think a wiki would be really usefull. Am on my second lap through th emanual ;)
<amz3>cjbarnes18: did you have a look at
<amz3>it present guix concepts, in a different way than the manual does
<cjbarnes18>there are a few config related things, like setting my keyboard layout globally, changing window manager, etc
<amz3>I don't have personnaly answers, directly, I read the code to learn how to do stuff..
<amz3>(anyway the above link is a good read I recommend it ;)
<cjbarnes18>I am new to scheme, come from Debian background, finding I have a lot to learn...
<cjbarnes18>would there be any interest in gettin a wiki going do you think?
<amz3>scheme is easy, jump to #guile and ask away
<amz3>I started scheme with guix
<amz3>around guix
<cjbarnes18>at this point i'm just tarting to get over the bracket swallowing phase.
<cjbarnes18>have been studying python to date
<amz3>there is logic to brackets, I understand that now
<amz3>let is the most difficult bracket I had to understand
<amz3>python is my mother tongue ;)
<amz3>scheme is more powerful, than python, it has more construct, even if it may be bad pratice you can write code that looks like python code
<davexunit>cjbarnes18: you'll come to love the parens.
<davexunit>cjbarnes18: regarding the wiki, I'm not opposed to it, but there's just the typical concerns of hosting and maintenance.
<davexunit>we'll see what happens.
<davexunit>I don't find wiki's to be ideal for documentation or using without javascript enabled web browsers, but it could still be useful.
<cjbarnes18>I may jsut start one myself, and if it gains traction, woud hapily hand it over to the project.
<jerry5>cjbarnes18: The parens can help you visualize code as a tree of functions
<davexunit>maybe is where it should be for now
<mark_weaver>cjbarnes18: to configure the keymap for the text consoles, use the 'console-keymap-service' to the 'services' field of your OS config, e.g. something like (console-keymap-service "dvorak")
<mark_weaver>where the string is passed to 'loadkeys'
<cjbarnes18>Hmm, wikimedia ... not my choice, will they mind a bunch of guix related pages?
<mark_weaver>it can also be used to pass a keymap file, although I don't remember off hand how to do that.
<mark_weaver>in X, best to use 'setxkbmap', or in XFCE you can configure the keymap in the keyboard settings.
<cjbarnes18>thaks mark_weaver will check those out.
<cjbarnes18>how do I install and use alterate window managers to start with slim?
<cjbarnes18>am assuming I need to configure through guix system cnad config.scm
<jerry5>check this out:
<amz3>cjbarnes18: I use .xsession
<cjbarnes18>so in guix I configure services under /etc/ as with other distros.
<amz3>you configure services in config.scm
<cjbarnes18>incuding what would usualy go into /etc/slim.conf?
<yenda>if someone is willing to help admin a wiki I can provide the server
<yenda>cjbarnes18: regarding window manager which one do you want ? I'm using i3 and I think I'll add the package soon
<cjbarnes18>I hope to add qtile at some point, but wanted to ty out enlightement on the eee I have guixsd installed.
<cjbarnes18>excuce my poor typing, (fat fingers, tiny keyboard)
<yenda>things like how to change window manager are what makes archlinux wiki popular
<cjbarnes18>yenda: I would be happy to help admin a wiki, though I am still early learning stages with guix.
<yenda>it would be nice to have the same approach for people who just want to get things done first before they dig deeper in the manual and code
<cjbarnes18>its nt to replace a manual, just a brain dump of usefull stuff
<mark_weaver>let's wait until Ludovic returns from vacation to decide about a wiki.
<davexunit>cjbarnes18: Ludovic is the Guix maintainer, and he's on vacation. could you ask about the possibility of a wiki by writing to the guix-devel mailing list?
<davexunit>he'll see it when he gets back and catches up on email.
<cjbarnes18>cool. What wiki would you choose? I can start maing notes as I learn in an approriate format.
<davexunit>I don't know. I've only really used mediawiki.
<cjbarnes18>will do
<davexunit>they all seem to be written in PHP, which makes me not eager to maintain one.
<cjbarnes18>I am of the same mind o this
<yenda>just write in org for now on if you use emacs so it will be easy to export when needed
<yenda>or markdown
<cjbarnes18>org it is
<yenda>is guix system reconfigure broken on master ?