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<cirno[9]>so confusing >_<
<cirno[9]>is there a way to get into the build environment for a package? so I can try building ti by hand
<civodul>yes, "guix environment awesome"
<civodul>or you can do "source /tmp/nix-build-awesome*/environment-variables"
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz, then holidays
<daviid>woh happy holiday, when will you be back?
<cirno[9]>has anyoen tried to package awesome (Window manager)?
<mark_weaver>cirno[9]: not that I know of, but we'd like to have it
<cirno[9]>ill try to get, I got an idea!
<cirno[9]>what shall I do if a package uses a makefile but has no ./configure?
<cirno[9]>sorry a program
<cirno[9]>I tried to make the package with gnu-build-system but it complains about no ./configure
<cirno[9]>im not sure how id do it with trivial build system
<cirno[9]>are there any examples of packages with makefiles but no ./configure I could have a look at?
<mark_weaver>cirno[9]: sure, see dosfstools in gnu/packages/disk.scm
<cirno[9]>thankyou very much
<mark_weaver>it removes the 'configure' phase by putting this within the 'arguments' list: #:phases (modify-phases %standard-phases (delete 'configure))
<mark_weaver>trivial-build-system is so minimal that we normally only use it for things like fonts where all we need to do is copy files
<mark_weaver>it's usually best to use 'gnu-build-system' and remove the configure phase.
<mark_weaver>cirno[9]: ^^
<cirno[9]>that's great it seemed to work, although the package which uses ti does not find it
<cirno[9]>so I have to experiment some more with that tomorow
<mark_weaver>ACTION works on packaging network-manager
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<cirno[9]>It looks quite hard to package lua stuff, I wonder if a new build system will be needed
<cirno[9]>lua has these two package.path package.cpath variables
<cirno[9]>of course guix puts everything into /gnu/store which it doesn't know to look
<cirno[9]>so the require test fails
<amz3>cirno[9]: what is lgi ? is in the lua stdlib ?
<rekado->bah, cannot compile llvm-3.6 locally. I always get this after 5300+ seconds of build time: collect2: error: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed]
<cirno[9]>no its a third party library that awesome usues
<cirno[9]>it can be installed with a pakage manager luarocks
<cirno[9]>but I juust made a package that tries to install it with the gnu build system
<amz3>paste the package please
<amz3>I think for ruby and python there specific packaging guilines
<amz3>so lua might require specifics
<rekado->cirno[9]: have you tried adding the store location to LUA_PATH?
<cirno[9]>im trying that just now
<cirno[9]>I kept getting dynamic libraries not enabled; check your Lua installation
<cirno[9]>so I was trying to build a lua with dynamic loading but that didnt fix that error
<cirno[9]>these are the package defs i have juust now, not really working right yet
<cirno[9]>it turns out awesome is very hard to package
<yenda->is the guix import nix command supposed to work ? I downloaded nix source from the website, untar it in ~/nix and I get this error when trying to import a package :
<tyrion-webchat>Hello, what ports does guix need to be open in order to work?
<iyzsong>yenda-: the importer need nixpkgs (packages) not nix (package manager). you can get it from
<yenda->iyzsong: it's the same content
<yenda->and same error
<iyzsong>yenda-: ah, nix need to be setup (install) properly. it use nix-instantiate.
<yenda->that's it thanks
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<nee>Hello, I just installed guixsd and it only shows a 1280x1024 resolution on my 1080p monitor. I'm trying to set another driver for xorg.conf, but I don't know how to replace the default xorg service in %desktop-services. guix systyem reconfiger gives me: "service 'xorg-server' provided more than once". My attempt:
<mthl>nee: Can't help much, but I think it's related to proprietary firmware requirement for higher resolution, which is not compatible with linux-libre and Guix policy.
<mark_weaver>iyzsong: I'm packing network-manager, and trying to enable its tests. Some of the tests fail because of a python script trying to import from the "gi.repository" python library. Do you happen to know where I can find that library?
<iyzsong>it's python-pygobject (or python2-pygobject).
<mark_weaver>ah, thanks!
<mark_weaver>nee: I believe the ATI radeon requires a non-free binary blob to be uploaded to it in order to support acceleration. We are a 100% free distribution and thus do not include that blob.
<iyzsong>nee: yeah, if your your framebuffer is not fullscreen too, chance are firmware is missing, `dmesg' may complain about it.
<nee>mthl: mark_weaver ah okay I didn't know that the radeon driver needs binary blobs. Thanks for the quick responses.
<iyzsong>and the configuration of xorg in GuixSD is a pain now.. you have to modify the xorg.conf to get things work (either guix's source or a almost total rewrite of xorg-service.)
<iyzsong>ACTION AFK to sleep zzZ
<nee>iyzsong: Thank you, yes dmsg complains about that the deblobbed version fails. I should have carefully read that earlier.
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<paron_remote>hello #guix!
<hwpplayer1>hello paren_remote
<paron_remote>paren_remote is a better name than paron_remote :)
<paron_remote>especially in a scheme-heavy channel like #guix
<_Raiz>Does Guix package manager uses repositories or it fetch packages from it's original maintainer
<paron_remote>_Raiz: both, kind of
<paron_remote>_Raiz: the original packages are fetched from their source location
<paron_remote>_Raiz: however, prebuilt binaries can be pulled down from a hydra location
<paron_remote>_Raiz: as specified in the manual
<paron_remote>hwpplayer1: no need to apologize, I enjoyed the typo
<hwpplayer1>What is your computer ?
<paron_remote>hwpplayer1: I'm not sure what you mean
<rekado->hmm, the guitarix people have removed GuixSD from the list of supported systems again :(
<hwpplayer1>for example do you have a thinkpad ?
<hwpplayer1>i have acer aspire v3 772 g
<paron_remote>hwpplayer1: oh I have a thinkpad x220i, however it doesn't run guixsd proper but rather debian with guix on top of it
<paron_remote>hello davexunit !
<davexunit>hey paron_remote
<hwpplayer1>will you buy open hardware
<hwpplayer1>free hardware
<mark_weaver>I use the Libreboot X200
<mark_weaver>and also the Novena laptop board
<hwpplayer1>how Novena laptop is working
<tyrion-mx>Hello, today I tried to install guixsd from an usb stick, but whatever I do it always fail with "guix system: error: build failed: path `/gnu/store/...-grub.cfg' is not valid"
<tyrion-mx>any ideas what could I try?
<mark_weaver>I bought only the bare Novena board, and so far it's mostly been headless, using it to port Guix to armhf and compile software. it works well.
<mark_weaver>I plan to make it into a proper laptop at some point
<mark_weaver>in the meantime, I'm very happy with the Libreboot X200, which is my primary development machine.
<hwpplayer1>Yes it is ready to use better
<mark_weaver>tyrion-mx: that's the same error you got when trying to install from guix running on ubuntu, right?
<tyrion-mx>mark_weaver, exactly
<mark_weaver>I've never seen anyone else report that problem before. very odd.
<mark_weaver>tyrion-mx: did you completely wipe the destination partition before running "guix system init" ?
<tyrion-mx>by completely wipe do you mean rm -rf?
<davexunit>ACTION needs to get something to make it easier to use a single keyboard/mouse between my desktop and my novena.
<mark_weaver>tyrion-mx: or mkfs.ext4
<davexunit>my novena would get much more use if I could do that. or I can just use it headless.
<tyrion-mx>I did cd /mnt && rm -rf *
<mark_weaver>davexunit: you need a KVM switch:
<davexunit>need to look for the most freedom friendly one
<mark_weaver>tyrion-mx: that's not good enough, because it doesn't delete files/directories starting with ".", which includes the cow-store.
<mark_weaver>that cow-store on your target partition is likely where the problem lies.
<mark_weaver>it's probably called /.ro-store or /.rw-store
<mark_weaver>(I'm only vaguely familiar with those details)
<paron_remote>oh btw davexunit, don't want to toss too much on your plate but
<paron_remote>davexunit: if you have any time the pelican stuff has feedback from ludo
<paron_remote>davexunit: and I incorporated it
<paron_remote>davexunit: would be helpful towards my work to get up working example sites using the deployment tools :)
<paron_remote>or any other non-davexunit committers!
<davexunit>paron_remote: sure, I'll take a look at it.
<paron_remote>davexunit: thannnks :D
<davexunit>paron_remote: it was a 3 patch series, right?
<davexunit>which still need approval?
<paron_remote>davexunit: python-blinker and python-pelican
<davexunit>paron_remote: okay thanks
<paron_remote>davexunit: thank *you* :)
<davexunit>paron_remote: going to make a couple minor tweaks and push them.
<davexunit>updating my desktop to the latest master
<paron_remote>davexunit: bd
<paron_remote>sounds good
<rekado->davexunit: please make sure you have e727ed6 after updating. I just pushed it.
<rekado->(it fixes a missing import that resulted from a last minute change)
<davexunit>rekado-: was about to fix that ;)
<rekado->sorry about that.
<rekado->davexunit: BTW: I'm switching from Hakyll to Haunt :) It's fun!
<rekado->(packaging Hakyll is too much work and I don't want to wait for so long to publish blog posts again.)
<davexunit>rekado-: have you tried haunt yet? it's rather unpolished.
<davexunit>I need to port my blog to really get the kinks worked out and release it
<rekado->davexunit: yes, I'm still converting things.
<rekado->seems that "haunt serve" doesn't serve images properly.
<rekado->the documentation is rather sparse, too, but the code is easy enough to understand it quickly.
<rekado->(e.g. documentation for assets is non-existent)
<davexunit>rekado-: there's really no documentation yet at all, yeah.
<davexunit>(unreleased! didn't expect others to try to use it so quickly ;)
<rekado->if you don't mind I just might send you some patches.
<davexunit>I haven't had time to hack on it
<davexunit>patches would be very appreciated
<davexunit>my current site is blocked on needing a guile markdown library
<paron_remote>new signature: happy yakking
<rekado->I can recommend peg-markdown. It's relatively easy to hack on the grammar.
<davexunit>this is a guile library?
<rekado->no, it's written in C.
<rekado->I used it with a ruby wrapper for a web project once.
<davexunit>I was going to use the hoedown library
<davexunit>until someone writes a pure guile markdown parser
<davexunit>ultimately I want to convert markdown to sexps, not html
<davexunit>but for now I can deal with html
<rekado->what I like about peg-markdown is that most of it its features are defined in the PEG grammar.
<rekado->very little C hacking required.
<rekado->maybe this could be ported from peg to the guile-internal parser generator.
<rekado->ACTION --> zzZZ
<paron_remote>would it be useful for me to ask eventually for commit access to guix?
<paron_remote>or am I not quite there yet :)
<davexunit> paron_remote: I was just thinking about that. :)
<paron_remote>I guess I'll ask on-list
<davexunit>rekado-: for programs that happen to be implemented in python, do we still want to prefix them with python-
<davexunit>for instance, "python-pelican" could be "pelican"
<paron_remote>davexunit: rekado-: yes I debated that when writing this
<paron_remote>davexunit: rekado-: I chose python-pelican because that's the debian name
<paron_remote>davexunit: rekado-: but eg for mediagoblin, I think a python-mediagoblin would be silly
<davexunit>I'm going to go with 'pelican', because one doesn't generally care about the implementation language
<davexunit>'guix' isn't 'guile-guix'
<paron_remote>davexunit: I approve.
<davexunit>paron_remote: ah I see this has no markdown support yet
<paron_remote>davexunit: yes that needs to be contributed as a separate package. It isn't "required"
<davexunit>I'm going to give this a try with my blog and see how it goes
<davexunit>the package builds just fine
<davexunit>'guix environment --ad-hoc pelican' :)
<davexunit>(I'll surely need a few more inputs'
<paron_remote>yeah it worked okay for me here....
<paron_remote>davexunit: I have a local patch to add port forwarding to the VM stuff but I need to test it, heh! I just verified that it passed the options to qemu
<paron_remote>davexunit: I need something to forward :P
<davexunit>paron_remote: looks like one also has to have python installed for some stuff to work
<davexunit>like the dev server
<davexunit>I have a makefile that I run 'make devserver' from
<paron_remote>davexunit: I have "make serve" on one of my repos likewise :)
<paron_remote>davexunit: I also have currently "make env" which spawns a virtualenv for local hacking, useful for new contributors.. but spawning a guix environment would be even better :)
<paron_remote>ok bbiab
<davexunit>I think these python libraries need to be propagated
<davexunit>it can't load python-blinker
<davexunit>paron_remote: with propagated-inputs my site now builds :)
<davexunit>'guix environment --ad-hoc pelican python make' and bam! instant blog. :)