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<amz3>héllo guix :)
<paron_remote>so I'd love to access something on a port running with "guix system vm" / davexunit's "guix deploy spawn foo.scm" command
<paron_remote>specifically, I'd love to see nginx's output
<paron_remote>but I'm not sure how I'd access it
<paron_remote>I don't think I see any port forwarding mechanisms, but maybe I'm missing it
<paron_remote>there's this: (platform (local-vm #:ip-address "")) but I'm not sure that actually means I can access things from that IP on my machine
<phant0mas>mark_weaver: the problem is, that and are not included in the rpath.
<phant0mas>If I try to run the binaries with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/gnu/store/4afx91xf7vc9vwyrvnjqfznya13rp7l3-glibc-bootstrap-0/lib ./a.out they work
<phant0mas>I think the problem lies in (library-files-linked ...) in gnu/packages/, which does not take into account those two libraries
<phant0mas>one question, what can the value of argument be in (lib (string-append "lib" (string-drop argument 2) ".so")) so that it returns the correct .so library name, to use it later?
<paron_remote> looks relevant
<amz3>paron you can boot nginx and hit the browser to see the page ?
<phant0mas>I think I got it
<paron_remote>amz3: it looks like nginx is indeed not running :)
<paron_remote>let me try running it ;)
<paron_remote>looks like I need to supply an nginx conf :)
<amz3>it can be helpful
<paron_remote>I know there's some way to define that you place a file somewhere in your stystem config right?
<paron_remote>but I can't find it
<paron_remote>for example, right now I want to place an nginx file, unsurprisingly ;p
<mark_weaver>we talked about it, but I don't think it's been implemented
<paron_remote>mark_weaver: oh really? hum
<paron_remote>mark_weaver: maybe we should mime nix's conventions?
<mark_weaver>I don't know those conventions
<mark_weaver>but there was a thread about this on guix-devel
<mark_weaver>a while back
<mark_weaver>I'm sorry, I don't have the link handy and don't have time to find it right now. gotta run...
<paron_remote>mark_weaver: no worries! good luck on whatever you're running to :)
<amz3>paron_remote: maybe try another server, for static file serving it is enough, no ?
<amz3>and for the demo
<paron_remote>amz3: I'm not sure what you mean
<paron_remote>btw I think I have port forwarding working, but not sure how to best test
<paron_remote>I guess I need something that's actually running a service or exposing a port to try against :)
<paron_remote>maybe I should use netcat.
<amz3>nginx requires a file to be a specific location, use a server that doesn't require a specific location